lonmin marikana violence cartoon

lonmin marikana violence

Lonmin Marikana Tragedy – Little sympathy for stupidity

Make no mistake, what happened in Marikana last week was tragic. There is no better way of describing the brutal killing of 44 people, 34 of whom were shot dead by the police. What irks Wonkie however is the stupidity around the entire situation. This stupidity includes the behaviour of inept Unions, the mindset of the illegal strikers, the unscrupulous, opportunistic behaviour of politicians, and moronic media comparisons to apartheid-era massacres.

Leaving aside the already established low value of life in South Africa, a summary of the situation is as follows. Despite having a two-year, union-negotiated wage agreement in place, some frustrated Lonmin mine workers decided to strike illegally in a bid to increase their wages outside the formal negotiation structures. Perfectly in line with South Africa’s acute fondness for peace and love, the protestors were armed to the nostrils with machetes and other traditional weapons. Regardless of how peaceful the protest was intended to be, only an idiot would have predicted a different outcome given the ingredients of that equation.

To aggravate matters, there are 2 conflicting unions involved: the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM); and Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU). AMCU is the more militant of the two unions and has largely bolstered its growth by gaining the support of workers frustrated by the lack of progress made by NUM. The bottom-line is that besides the clear evidence demonstrated by many South African Unions around not having the faintest clue about basic economics, the Unions also appear to be completely inept at their main job: organising and representing the workers. Not only that, the Unions have been consistently pathetic at controlling their members when it comes to violence. One need only to look at the COSATU violence against the DA earlier this year for more evidence of Union incompetence.

Lonmin Marikana Violence photoSo thus far, we have conflicting, incompetent unions + frustrated workers on an illegal strike + weapons. Even the idiot above would be leaning towards an unpleasant outcome of some sort. Now, add to that equation a heavily armed police force with very limited training in crowd control and the AMCU president, Joseph Mathunjwa insisting that his members were prepared to “die here” if necessary. Probably said with his passionate heart in the right place and his brain swimming in the toilet.

As if the fire needed any more fuel, enter the crude oil component of South African politics: ANCYL reject, Mr Julius Malema. He lustily grabbed the opportunity to squirm himself back into the limelight, much like how a skanky transvestite would an opportunity to appear on Jerry Springer. Needless to say, Julius selflessly took the opportunity to convince the frustrated, armed workers it was well worth their while to die for a measly R12,000.

In an encore act of selflessness, Malema went on to make some well-received, but incredibly stupid remarks about why Jacob Zuma should step down as president as a result of the Lonmin mine violence. Since ANC NEC member, Cyril Ramaphosa was involved in Malema’s suspension from ANC, he of course also got poetically roped into the fray. And nicely so at that, given that Mr Ramaphosa is a board member of Lonmin.

The government scrambled in response, with Jacob Zuma assigning Collins Chabane to take a holiday from his efforts in measuring the performance of the Education department to head up an inquiry on the Marikana massacre. Mr Zuma also declared a week of national mourning in South Africa. Mining Minister, Susan Shabangu blubbered some useless rhetoric about engaging all stakeholders and setting up something important that will probably cost a lot and achieve nothing. No mention by the accountability-free Minister about the Bench Marks Foundation and making efforts to see how Lonmin and other mining companies are violating their commitments to workers in the mining charter. If stupidity doesn’t, then laziness certainly forbids anything that might add real value by government.

Local media of course, is too concerned about drawing parallels between this incident and Sharpville to report on anything of real consequence. Apartheid and anything to do with Julius Malema sells. Exposing the drudge and exploitation of the South African mining industry, the increasing incompetence of the Unions and the like would hardly raise an eyebrow in the numb masses. Now isn’t that sad?

This, Wonkie readers, is how a tragic equation of stupidity plays out. Whilst the workers that sadly lost their lives deserve respect and much sympathy, the responsible stakeholders and self-serving contributors involved deserve nothing less than a solid kick up the backside.

Leave YOUR COMMENT on the South African mining industry and the Marikana tragedy.

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COMMENT on the South African mining industry, Lonmin and the Marikana massacre.

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  1. Wonkie,you have said it all, this dear country of ours now has the complete package of idiots ,it’s enough to make a monkey bite it’s mother!

  2. All this stupid hoo-haa! Imagine a group of armed men charging the police in the USA – they would’ve shot and killed the bloody lot of them! And of course Zuma is too worried about his political future to do the right thing – instead he sucks up to the rioters, while police throughout the country are gunned down daily. Shame on you Zuma – go back to stickfighting and leave important matters to people who are educated enough to handle it!

  3. This will most probably be a 2nd Sharpville if those political assholes decide.Talk about stoking the dumb public into something they do not understand,sheep to the slaughter

  4. And to really stoke things up u place a pic of a white cop with bodies lying around.not clever for thoughtless retribution

  5. COLLITJIES says

    They only see money, money however are not prepared to up the mine output to justify the salary increases. Then to attack an armed police force is sheer madness, just what did they hope to achieve by this act, what they asked for is exactly what they got and armed conflict where the miners were the loosers. There are now also families without bread winners. The SACP are behind all this unrest in industry. SACP are just a bunch of uneducated morons.

  6. How do you yell “BANZAI” in Southern Sutu?

  7. I mourn the lost of the police men and other people killed by the mine workers during their week of violence. I cannot mourn for a group of people who have no regard for the lives of others.

  8. The Start of the Black Civil war between the Factions and the Defense and Police services are also made up out of these different Factions whom are surely going to take sides of there own Factions and then start killing amongst themselves thus making a Police and Defense Service Non existent. What a Fiasco and us Whites and other NON Negroid Races can sit back and ENJOY. Cant Wait.!!!!!

  9. Powerful stuff you write!!
    You put the problems in perspective; placing them in context, for me at least. Misuse (abuse) of money, power and greed ,are our biggest drawbacks and screw it all up for us all. This awful Lonmin massacre shoud never have happened. The police ‘lost’ their nerve, according to TV footage. (there were police shooting from the backfoot, while retreating.) But one can’t blame the average policeman. Who was in command? What agendas were playing out? Ordinary people are simply ‘canon-fodder’…unknowinlgy…

  10. Juliass Dilemma says

    If you think a broken mirror brings misfortune just take a look at Malema and consider what greater misfortune a bust condom does

  11. Good analysis Wonkie – unfortunately stupidity seems to reign supreme in South Africa… everybody will be too busy passing the buck in Zuma’s inquiry for it to add any value (and you can bet money that nobody will wind up being accountable for this mess… it’s a sure thing!)

    @Boerkie – nice pic of the baboon in your profile… I think it actually explains a lot about your comment!

  12. Mina my worry is that out of those people who are dead non of them are white so whatch out African dont fool by divide and rule like before

  13. Fatboy’s appearance at Marikana was a publicity stunt by an unintelligent baboon, trying to cash in on the massacre. Shame on you Juju.

  14. Alas! The mineworkers are gravely exploited when one considers the shameful bonuses counted in millions awarded to directors and Execs; the E12,000 is a measly drop in the ocean. I wont even waste ink on the Super Idiot Malema I will decry the silly and stupid belief in muti that led to so many unnecessary deaths. Bathung! Muthi ga o tlo fetola lejwe lebe ke borotho!!Ka bjalo kolo elebile go wena e tlo go bolaya!!(Africans muthi cannot change a stone into bread!A bullet aimed at you will kill you!)

  15. JZ has been asking the international business community to invest in South Africa. Lonmin investors have just seen 85% wiped off their shares they will never come back and neither will many of their friends. Add to that stupid fatboy’s comments about nationalisation and the unions unwillingness to negotiate productivity and the workers themselves not adhering to negotiated agreements. Given that there is violent division among the unions and the ANC, and the sheer incompetence of our government, how does anybody expect anybody to invest in our mining or for that matter anything.

  16. My type of man, Sammie, if Muti could change stones into bread, no one would go Hungry but i Bet there would not be much left of Earth, just a Ball of Human excrement.

  17. bandiswa jordan says

    eish feel so bad for they fmls this is just anther rept of sharpvill

  18. pietpompies says

    Must be really stupid ‘bussiness’ men who afforded Malema an opportunity to speak to them – if it is true that he had meetings with so called bussiness men! “Malema, please tell us who for your stay in London – nice joy ride you had! Wonkie – congratulations on what you wrote here, no one else could have said it better!!

  19. The stink of “rent-a-mob” lies heavily over that place. I heard a guy from Solidarity, one of the more sane Trade Unions on the radio this morning. It appears that most of these rioters did not even work for Lonmin. The police are using sophisticated facial recognition software to scan the video of the event. He also said most of the drillers are earning at least R10K with a performance bonus of up to R6K. The R4000 is their minimum entrance wage, for rank beginners.
    Also guys, please don’t call it a massacre. This is a term used by eTV in their biased and slanted news broadcasts. A massacre is when a heavily armed group attacks a peaceful party and kills them all, such as we see in KZN every now and then. These rioters were definately NOT an unamer peaceful group.

  20. Wait till the Authauroties start asking for all the Videos taken from the Bunch of Helicopters flying around the action. The Helicopters being SA Police, Mine security `s (2 or 3). Big white Helicopter (UN)??? seeing that they are in the Country. The different news Paper Helicopters and a few other interested Organisations, so the Inquiry should be concluded within 2 or 3 weeks. More than enough video Footage on hand to declare this as a declaration of war on Mines and Private Enterprise and of Course Whites as E TV found it sensational to publish one photo of a White Police officer near the bodies. If there were 10 White Cops as part of the 423 Cops, I would be very surprised as the Contingency of Cops were all Black and under the Command of a BLACK Cop. Now it is the Whites and Apartheid to blame. What a Typical black Failure. They should have killed more of those Trouble Makers that were not even Mine Employees as someone above commented as this person is surely in the Employ of the Mines. Anyway, the Black on Black Civil War has started to my delight.

  21. C’mon JZ blame Hendrik for this one or is it too difficult to blame racist whites for the strange belief in muti.

  22. Fellow South Africans we need to stop ranting about “whites this!” “whites that!” what are we doing to improve ourselves? If you sit and cry blaming apartheid and whites and do nothing for yourself no one will feed your children. A man will live by the sweat of his brow! We need to get rid of our cries in demand for jobs and fear of work and love of money!Work for it ! It does not grow on trees!

  23. Thankyou Sammie. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  24. I Like your Philosophy and sense of responsibility. Good for you Sammie old Friend.

  25. Where is Mzu, come to think of it where is Corny. Do I have to stir this pot alone. People who believe in mumbo jumbo and muti that will stop bullets are as stupid as those who believe a person can turn water into wine and walk on water.

  26. Don’t you just love the drivel some people are posting on this serious blot on the history of the Rainbow Democracy? And you thought apartheid was bad?!! Where is dork?

  27. “Rainbow Democracy”???????? Looks more like serious Segregation and Apartheid. The “Rainbow” excludes the Black People completely as there is NO Black color in a Rainbow.

  28. Careful there Garth, those people would like to ignore and berate the wine as evil and stand fully behind the walk on water – confuses the likes of me. Eishh!! They believe they can choose for us. Sadly they are all very quiet at this tragic moment. Our Democracy will work if and only if WE make it work. No one will come on a winged horse from heaven to make it work.When we stop bickering about it and stand up as responsible citizen grasp the nettle democracy will work and remember people Democracy is colour blind. Let us throw out the colour legacy and be people under the sun for pity’s sake. The children of Apartheid are singing Black this! White that! Just be a South African and that’s enough.

  29. Well done Sammie the simple truth is that nothing is for free, if you want to live a comfortable lifestyle you have to work for it. The uneducated masses are growing in numbers because they believe the promise that the ANCYL and unions will look after them and the government will feed and cloth them, shame, one can only feel sorry for them. If only we could show them what it is actually like to have lived in war torn countries as our northern neighbors have done and maybe they will realize that nothing , absolutely nothing comes for free.

  30. Wonder for how Long FREE HOUSING is going to continue, and when you go past these Shanty`s (Squatter/Refugee) you see the Latest brand new Cars and 4×4 Double cabs parked there in the evenings and it just makes you wonder…???????????? and Wonder????????????and,,,,,,,,,,,

  31. As a citizen of this country, I condemn the killing of any human being as our constitution gives no one the right to kill. But everyone has the right to defend his life.

    What happened at the Marikana mine last week was very sad indeed, but unfortunately, I stand by the police this time. We sometimes tend to forget that cops are human as well. We forgot that two of their own were brutally murdered at the mine a few days before the shooting. Now, everyone is talking about the 34 killed by the cops. What about the 10 people killed by the miners? The police are real people with hearts and families. They are sons, daughters, wives and husbands.

    I don’t always condone their use of violence, but the situation at the mine was different. If they had not reacted, they would have been killed by the striking mine hooligans. And yes, they did try to use teargas and water cannons to disperse the protesters, but it didn’t work. They charged straight at the police and were firing shots of live ammunition. It was only then that the police returned fire and all hell broke loose.

    If you want to blame someone, blame the union leaders who could not control these thugs and the sangoma who lied to them and said he could make them invisible. Talk about police not being properly trained-these people have been trained to kill, and none of them have been trained to resist bullets, especially when some of their own have been murdered.

  32. As for Malema, his visit to Marikana shows how desperate politicians are to get our support. What is he doing there? That is low of him. Politicians using the plight of the destitute people is sickening. Only “Foolius people will mistake his crap for solidarity. I feel for the miners because every Tom, Dick and Harry is going to show empathy, which they failed to do before. Juju is a political factory fault. Whenever he gets a microphone, he demeans JZ. His handlers will benefit and then discard him.

  33. OutofAfrica says

    When are you guys going to see that Democracy is a misnomer in ZA? You need to realise that the ANC ideologies, aims and objects are communistic, so that you won’t be taken by such surprise when the truth unfolds, as is happening right now. Comrade Malema is strengthening his position to grab leadership, no matter how many dead bodies he has to walk over. Enlighten yourselves by reading at anc.org.za

  34. This has nothing to do with Wages. This is a UNION TURF WAR and a few Muti intoxicated with Superstition fools were killed and that after they Chopped up 2 Policeman with Pangas and Machetes and thus far no one has said a Good or a Bad word about there MURDERS in the execution of there duties.
    ZUMA, You are a Disgusting human playing President of South Africa. And another thing, Malema has publiccally INCITED WAR,Mayhem and TREASON against the Government of the day, the same way Malema incited War in Botswana and got expelled for that. In this case he has to be Arrested and Charged with Sedition and incitement of a WAR against the Government which Carries the DEATH Sentence in a Military Court. Now let us see If ZUMA and the Government has the B@LLS to do there duty.

  35. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Good morning Garth – and anyone else who missed me !!!
    Unfortunately I have been very ill for almost a week now and this has left me quite weak – both in body and in spirit.
    I must confess to having sympathy for the conspiracy theory that an outside force (not necessarily Lonmin) “bussing-in” a mob to produce violence and feel quite sure that the “Sangoma’s” spell of invisibility and invulnerability was also ‘procured’ thus giving the mob the necessary “Dutch courage”.
    As to the actions of the Police – in modern day SA I fear that it was too little, too late.
    The only hope that this nation has left, if we are to get back onto the path of democratic freedom and reform, is to get Zuma and his cronies out of power and replace them with people who think firstly of the national good, then secondly of the national good, and thirdly of the national good.
    I can only agree with OutofAfrica when it comes to communism and quote Ronald Reagan (NOT my favourite US President) when he said “Communism has worked in only two places – Heaven, where it isn’t needed, and Hell, where it is working very well.”

  36. Welcome Corny, its about time, I hope you are somewhat better. I hate to do this but I must agree with Boerkie, the behaviour and speeches of the salad dodger

  37. Hi Garth Whats a “salad dodger”? Is this the same rubbish as a julyarse madbucket?

  38. Oh he’ll, I hit the button before I was finished. As I was saying the actions of the salad dodger are treasonous and he must be charged accordingly.
    Does Fatboy know the consequences of war and violence, the worst of it besides death and impoverishment is that it rarely heals and if it does it can take longer than our lifetimes sometimes even centuries and nobody is unaffected.

  39. Tarava. Call juju what you want, julyarse mad bucket, Fatboy, salad dodger, fatarse, fatmouth, mealie muncher whatever, he is still a fat pig trying take advantage of I’ll educated miners who believed in witchcraft and muti without any basis whatsoever. This doughnut is going to lead many people to an early grave just like Hitler and his Nazis. Zumba must go but is there anyone in the ANC with a bigger spear.

  40. Sorry Zumba is a dance exercise that you or Fatboy should do at the gym. I meant JZ our much married president.

  41. The South African tragedy
    1 We won’t take responsibility for our actions
    2 We are driven by a culture of entitlement
    3 We can get our way if we burn, break and destroy
    4 We can’t choose our leaders. The party (ANC) does to their benefit.
    5 We can’t do simple arithmetic. One man benefitting to the tune of R100 000 a year from tax payers. That’s before we get to the cost of “Political Tourism” which must be about R1 billion a year. If he didn’t travel the world would hardly notice his absence.

    We need a leader with more between his ears and less between his……

  42. That R100 000 should have had more 000. One hundred million.

  43. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ madoba – “with more between his ears” – “his” ? – why not “her” ?

  44. OutofAfrica says

    @Corny; sorry to hear you have been ill. To strengthen your spirit may I suggest a ‘stywe dop’ of your favourite libation……..

  45. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ OutofArica – thanks for your concern, but with the double-barrelled loss of fluids that has plagued me this whole week, the “sterk” stuff just might blow my last remaining gasket!! For the time being, I’ll stick to milder sorts of regeneration. Then, when the cylinder head is properly back in place, back to the 98-octane !!!

  46. OutofAfrica says

    @Corny; I fully understand. Then may I suggest good old “rooibos tee”. It does the trick in rehydrating without loss.

  47. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ OutofAfrica – maybe so in the old days – but look again at the cartoon and see who is wearing the red bush on his head !!!
    I’m not sure that THAT ‘muti’ would help anyone recover from ANY ailment – medical, economic OR political.
    As to “without loss” – if you come into contact with that sort of red bush, be sure to count your fingers and toes afterwards.
    My mother was not Jewish, so no chicken soup for me: tomato soup, granadilla juice and weak black coffee are doing well so far.

  48. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    I overheard a little bird telling another little bird that a certain red bush had been asking a (Sha) BANG-UP minister about a Foundation – must be a stone or something – that is supposed to be marking all the benches. He wanted to know which act of Parliament had authorised the marking of benches, where these benches were located and were the markings to stop “the people” from sitting on them. Apartheid! Apartheid! Verwoerd! Apartheid!

  49. I hear that someone is blaming a rabbit. The strikers were told that if they killed a rabbit the muti would not work, it would not stop the police bullets. These ignoramii killed one and cooked it, and presumably ate it. This what is claimed in one of the newspapers. All and sundry are trying to find out why the police opened fire. They did so because they were attacked by murderous thugs, not because they ate a rabbit.

  50. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Leaving aside, for the moment, the 10 killed by the miners/(possibly)bussed in rent-a-mob, the death of 34 “miners” was, indeed, tragic. What is even more tragic is that those who ignored the law and deliberately forced the Police to open fire, having been charged with the offences, which, under an admittedly dated and probably originally prejudiced (hear the various news agencies calling it “an Apartheid-era law”) statute, which, in nearly TWENTY years of “reform”, the ANC has failed to repeal because it may, one day, suit them to use it, are now reaping the benefit of (probably) political pressure in that the charges have been “provisionally” dropped.
    With all the fawning of “Ministers” at the funerals and with Mangaung firmly in sight, there can be no doubt that JZ and his running-***s are trying to curry the favour o the un-educated hoi-polloi (otherwise known as “grass-root cadres”)
    Where is the justice for the Police officers and others who were the original victims in this tragic train of events?

  51. Welcome to the MENTALITY of Africa.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Shame! Somebody bring the clowns the circus has started! The race is on for political kudos. So we are buying pepper spray and shields as a tribute to hooligans. If the Zumanites do not catch a wake up the country is going up in flames! Put the blame where it belongs and lets move on with our lives. Will somebody please put The July Ass in his proper place before more people get killed! O reng go ema pele ga setchaba etswa matsogo a gagwe a se hlweke?

  53. The head “executive” of num just voted himself a R44000 increase. Makes you realise why the wekkas want another union instead

  54. Sammie, you are right, but the only choices we have is between tweedle dum and tweedle dee. With of course the incumbent Humpty Dumpty or as an outsider for the time being, Fatty Arbuckle.

  55. I am shocked by the arrogance and refusal of the Lonmin mining boss to give R12 000 to miners. It is a disgrace that we are still influenced by capitalist who have no remorse when civilians are killed for wages.

  56. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Lefanzo – you are getting your knickers in a knot! – un-knot them and think back to the BEGINNING of this whole tragedy. The “miners” (or maybe the “rent-a-mob”) – so-called “civilians” WITH “traditional” WEAPONS – first killed eight other “civilians” and two Police officers – “for wages of R 12 000” The killing of opponents can never be a legitimate “negotiating tool”. GET REAL !!! The disgrace lies not with Lonmin but with the arrogant idea of the Unions using violence being acceptable – even up to killing.

  57. Lefanzo. At last an apologist for the murderous thugs that were going to kill the police. I do agree that workers wages in South Africa are appallingly low. There should be no such thing as working poor. But given the situation in the mining business I wonder why Lonmin don’t close Marikana thereby losing many jobs. We can blame the whole thing on Fatboy who has effectively stopped any investment in the mining industry and the agricultural sector. We can in the future expect more violence and more killings due worker behaviour. Or is that what you want?

  58. Aye! Aye! Garth, will Fat boy give the miners jobs? He is just a silly windbag with no sense of the suffering he is putting the poor ignorant miners who cannot think for themselves!Everybody catch a wake up Mpa ke ngwana / (the stomach is like a child). The miners deserve to survive and much without fools like juliass egging them on to job losses. If the mine/s closes juliass wins sic! and then how do the miners feed themselves and families? Blaming whites etc will not feed their families jobs will. A fair shake of the dice and fair wages is what we need not destructive greedy politics.

  59. Aye Sammie, you are correct, Tum Tum cannot and will not give them jobs, neither will he help the situation, he is an ignorant, stupid, opportunist and populist who is out for his own ends. Unfortunately his taking advantage of rural uneducated miners will bring him back into political contention maybe even the presidency. This would be a catastrophe for South Africa. We would then become another Uganda or Zimbabwe.

  60. We do not need the rhetoric of nationalisation of the mines. Or idiots that tell the mines that they underpay their employees, we know that, but what are we doing to fix it? There is a balance between what the private sector does and what the government does. We need to forget those grandiose items like nuclear power and look for our own energy sources that can create work. We need to nationalise all public transport, build railways both heavy rail and light rail to get our people to work quickly and safely. We need to take the huge behemoths off the road. Our education, health services, police, justice are all a mess and corruption is now a way of life. Maybe we need prison camps where offenders can break rocks, fix and make roads, lay rail and build houses and schools. Our people must work even the crooks. As for the current workforce what we have is working poor and we expect more productivity from them on almost starvation wages. We need to restrict luxury imports, we need to control imports that take away jobs, we really need a new vision. South Africa needs new leaders who are capable and speak sense. Two immediately come to mind,Fikile Mbalula who as minister of sport has demonstrated his ability and Buti Manamela the leader of the YCL who is an intelligent young man who talks sense.

  61. Garth; your comment makes me see that Humpty Dumpty has already fallen off the wall! You know how the rest goes……….

  62. Really! Lamola is yattering on about the lack of whites at the tragedy. Is it bloodthirst or the continuing stupidity? Are whites expected to be sacrificial lambs now. Thumbs up to Sdumo for his sensible caution. What has being white got to do with the miners grievances. More and more the sinister motives behind this organisation are coming to the fore. Whites have been sensible enough to avoid these vicious nests of reverse racism and xenophobic madness. The mines may become ungovernable and maybe medusas hair will unravel and the hounds will feed on the poor ignorant masses(sic)

  63. At last we have someone who has turned Marikana into a race issue. The only whites I saw on television were a small handful of cops. That’s enough to blame all white South Africans for the murderous rampage of the miners.

  64. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    And those “white” cops were under the orders of more senior “black” cops

  65. The only tragedy is that they didn’t shoot more of these baboons.

  66. Just fire all the striking monkeys. Problem solved

  67. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Manfred – Anglo-American Platinum Mines DID – now watch for more problems.

    All these strikes are going to bear fruit at Mangaung – the only question is: who will get the grapefruit and who will get the peaches.

    Oh, yes! I’m forgetting – it’s a CONGRESS – so they’ll all get bananas.

  68. Well if there were prizes for stupidity we would really enjoy that ceremony. It would be a real who’s who of a princely collection of idiots. When South Africans learn the power of the vote and forget the killing and violence real change will come to pass. Some still vote ANC forgetting that its your vote that will bring change out of choice not blind loyalty to a failing behemoth. South Africans wake up!!! Vote for change you cannot kill for change; that is murder!!!


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