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Obamamania fades in Kenya

kenya migration cartoon

kenya migration

Obamamania is finally fading across the world as Mr Obama comes to terms with the magnitude of the mess he has landed in. He has a lot on his plate and mostly back on home ground – from the dire financial crisis and Iraq to health care – there is no shortage of challenges. Still, […]

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Sarah Palin on Oprah

Sarah Palin on Oprah cartoon

Sarah Palin on Oprah

The grapevine has it that the Republicans are considering Sarah Palin as their presidential candidate for 2012. Hopefully she will have travelled outside the USA at least once by then. According to the Telegraph in the UK she has “repeatedly stated, often on conservative talk radio, that she would be more aggressive in making the […]

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Bush’s Secret WMD

Bushs-Secret-weapon cartoon


In a confidential meeting on national security, George Bush unveils to Barack Obama the most highly classified US Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) – Chuck Norris. Also see the earlier post for the Whole Truth behind George Bush and Gordon Brown’s first meeting.

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Barack Obama’s initiation cartoon

Obamas Initiation cartoon

Obamas Initiation

Skipped a day yesterday so thought we’d come back with a double-barrel cartoon for a lazy Sunday. While many are familiar with Reagan’s history as an actor and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s terminator background, few realise that George Bush was actually Head Cheerleader while attending Phillips Academy in Andover (close to Boston). Check out Matt Littman’s article […]

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Media experiences post-US election blues

Post-election cartoon


The media frenzy around the elections came to a peak yesterday as one of the most popular reality TV shows of the year came to a close. For a recap of all the election antics and some nostalgic laughs check out the Wonkie US election cartoons archive.

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