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kenya migration

Obamamania fades in Kenya

Obamamania is finally fading across the world as Mr Obama comes to terms with the magnitude of the mess he has landed in. He has a lot on his plate and mostly back on home ground – from the dire financial crisis and Iraq to health care – there is no shortage of challenges.

Still, surprisingly, Mr Obama has made some foreign policy committment to Africa – e.g. assistance with funding for ARV for HIV patients. Something for Africans to be optimistic about though it’s not quite the equivalent of visa-free travel to the US that many were secretly hoping for in Kenya.

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  1. Well it had to come to an end eventually – suprised it lasted more than a week actually! The reality of the situation is that the world is facing a major recession and it’s unlikely Obama’s priorities will reflect anything more than his home-based issues… lol.. poor Kenyans!

  2. priceless!…I expect that all who identify with Obama on the basis of creed and race are in for a rude awakening…he is an american ..and a politician…in that order folks!

  3. Now now.. let’s not get too cynical about our global saviour on a Friday afternoon! LOL! Now say after me…. ‘YES we can, YES we can…!!’

  4. a heavy dose of cynicism and a nice rum and coke!…sounds like ideal Friday afternoon entertainment!!! Obamabashing is the new black!


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