Post-election cartoon


Media experiences post-US election blues

The media frenzy around the elections came to a peak yesterday as one of the most popular reality TV shows of the year came to a close.

For a recap of all the election antics and some nostalgic laughs check out the Wonkie US election cartoons archive.

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  1. Bakenshark says

    this is just the eye the this space for the spectacular republican party implosion!!! plenty of media fodder to come !

  2. Lol great.. at least it will make for entertaining cartoons. Heard yesterday about the guys that were arrested trying to take Obama ‘out’ – I assume it wasn’t out to the annual skinhead charity dinner.. geez, and I thought stuff like that was South African territory only!

    Sarah Palin’s speech when she returned to Alaska was awful – she is as inarticulate as… well… Bush! The fact that she has alleged support from her state to run for President in 2012 is scary!

  3. HAHA!! I suggest the next election they schedule it to be more like Big Brother – every month a candidate has to drop out and the last one left stays in the White House.. LOL!

    I suggest you get the rights before endemol does!

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