Happy New Year catoon

Happy New Year

Are you optimistic about 2009?

The year is off to a cracking start for many South Africans with an expected drop in the petrol price from R7.18 to R6.01 (about US$ 0.60) per litre due this week. Not to mention the fantastic cricket result against Australia last week and the recent cut in interest rates. The Christmas season did not appear as bad as expected for retailers so it looks like the general sentiment is quite positive for the New Year – well ignoring the minor matter of the impending global recession and financial crisis that is.

Economists at Wonkie are hoping that if we all pretend the crisis does not exist it will just go away without bothering us.

Are you optimistic about 2009?

  • Yes (82%, 55 Votes)
  • No (18%, 12 Votes)

Total Voters: 67

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  1. Think 2009 is going to be a good one! Best wishes to all!

  2. It’s off to a great start… hope the momentum continues 🙂 🙂

  3. hahahaha brilliant!

    ps, i also believe the year is going to be great, but it’s not just going to fall into our laps, we’re going to have to work at it…

  4. Lol thanks.. I agree! Mine’s been off to a rocky start with Kulula literally turning around mid-flight and ruining my New Years eve plans. Lots to look forward to regardless – and.. we still have the petrol price decrease on Wednesday.. woohoo!

  5. We need to remember who we are. SA needs to wake up, racism must end from BOTH sides…only then can our future be relatively peaceful. I’m a white, who appreciates all races – they all have their place. This country is what it is because of the blacks, and whites. Without the afrikaans “boer” working in his field we’d have no food. And without help he wouldnt be able to supply. 2009 will be GREAT…if we stop biting each other…recessions, credit crunches, petrol prices, have nothing to do with the PEOPLE…who we are to each other. 2009 will be GREAT…IF WE MAKE IT GREAT 🙂 tranquilparadise@gmail.com

  6. Do not be misled! 2009 is not promising, the fact that the petrol price and interest rate is coming down is not an indication that things are getting better. Do you not hear of threats to increase electricity tariffs by tactfully using an excuse of building infrastructure at the expense of already burdened tax payer. Our economists do not know where they are coming from and where they are going to. This can be seen from the fluctuation of economies like the waves of the sea in a wind storm that do not know where to settle. Many will plunge themselves with bitter pains because of these false optimism. Believe it or not the whole economic world is lying in the power of the wicked and greedy power mongers who will never leave anything to chance. Take an opportunity to consolidate yourselves and try to flee from being borrowing slaves. When an opportunity arrives free yourselves from debt.

  7. Jeaney – thanks and I think you’re right. There will always be circumstances around us – what matters is that we keep our attitudes positive as far as possible and be constructive in working together towards a better future – this is certainly in our hands.

    jgnj, this does not take anything away from your comment. We are in for a rough 2009, particularly in terms of economic circumstances. People need to have positive attitudes but they also need to be practical in terms of managing the circumstances they find themselves in. Your message for people to work towards freeing themselves from debt is sound and I sincerely hope people heed your words.

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