Helen Zille thinking photo caption

Helen Zille thinking

Photo Caption contest – What is Zille thinking?!

Wonkie received a ton of email asking why we’re not making a cartoon about Helen Zille‘s choice of team. Quite frankly, just as we intend giving Mr Zuma a chance with his cabinet to deliver we’re going to give Mrs Zille a chance with her team – regardless of its constitution. Perhaps it is time for South Africans to take race out of the equation – and let’s take this as a first step by giving her the benefit of the doubt that this is the best team possible for the good of the masses. Zille critics should be glad – if Mrs Zille fails now the public will be much harsher on her and the DA in the next election so we can only assume she knows what she is doing.

Wonkie definitely agrees that what Mrs Zille is doing is not a good political move by any stretch. In fact she’s made a host of political faux pas recently – Mrs Zille has an opportunity to make a significant impact now in South Africa so WHAT is she thinking?!

Please enter your best captions for the photo above and enjoy the weekend!


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  1. Lwandile Gcume says


  2. Jabulani Mabena says

    I wonder if I’m wearing too much bling today

  3. I must stop blowing hot air, a cool breeze is the right thing!

  4. Andre Piek says

    Ok now remember your training – blow too hard and you’ll sound like an elephant!

  5. Jislaaik… the things I have to do to prove I is black!

  6. firsttimer says

    its actually quite fun. no wonder THEY all look so jovial doing IT.

  7. Ayyy khona I can do it… Nkosi Sikeleli Africa is going to come out of this thing now now

  8. Dithabana says

    Obviously Wonkie team lost their fun touch. Taking “race out of the equation” sounds like more of a whiteman politics.

    See, Wonkie as a black man myself I love laughing about President Jacob Zuma (When Wonkie only prefers to call him just “Mr Zuma”) and any other person in the leadership of the ANC. I find that there can be something to laugh about what all these people do or say.

    The same applies to Premier Helen Zille and Inkosi Mangosuthu Buthelezi. Respect is key here. When a white person refuses to address Mr Jacob Gedlyihlekisa Zuma as President, when they should, it becomes a bit clear that the white person concerned has no regard of the democratic processes of this country.

    The next question is why? Why is it that Wonkie would rather not address President Zuma as President but as just “Mr Zuma”? Is it because he is black and he had unproved criminal allegations against him and disproved rape charges against him.

    It is because of outright recklessness of white persons like Wonkie that I see that rationalising my vote in the future should remain within black leadership not white.

  9. The media should really learn not to be selective and read the entire letter before making absolute fools of themselves !

  10. Frank Henry says

    I hope this breathalyzer proves I am not drunk with power!

  11. chameleon1 says

    Ok ,must I suck or blow?

  12. Botox, schmotox – this thing pops all the wrinkles out!

  13. Hey! this vuvuzela sounds like Julius in aardvark mating season!!

  14. I am heeltemaal bilingual.
    I can blow this blue cabinet job………..er…maybe that should be, blew the whole cabinet blow job…blue, blow, blou, blew bulle! That oughta show zoom, zoom, zuma a thing or two.

  15. @Dithabana – we’re giving you an opportunity to make fun of Mrs Zille now and you’re not taking it. Then you’ll complain later saying we’re anti-ANC – what is your best caption to the above photo?

    I am a black man and I am trying to take race out of the equation myself – as difficult as it may be. I don’t think what Zille is doing is politically smart – it’s suicidal if it fails actually but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt just as I will give Mr Zuma. Give them all a chance.

    Incidentally, if you read international news nobody in the media constantly refers to Barack Obama as President Obama or Brown as Prime Minister Brown. Mr Obama or Mr Brown usually suffices. I’m certain Mr Zuma’s ego doesn’t need to be constantly reaffirmed.

  16. Only when I blow my trumpet early in the show will I be heard and triumph all this who aaa critism from all my comrades

  17. It doesn’t work, why??? Am I being sabotaged again?

  18. “OK……….hear goes nothing……………. Ha khuna Mathata!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    “phhhhuuuuuuussshhhhhhhttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crap!!!!!! How is thing thing blown again…………………..?”

  19. maybe if i hide behind this vuvuzela zuma wont know what scandal i’m plotting next

  20. can I say ZUMA with this thing?

  21. Calling JZ:Wow, this thing does work after all!

  22. And the walls of Jacob come tumblin’ down!

  23. “.. Going to blow that Zuma right out of my Hair .. I’m going To Blow That Zuma Right Out of My Hair … ” hahah !! I Love This Tune !!

  24. Zille is just a mother not a politician,she must go home and take care of her kids.


  26. I am about to win the big spit competition! One, Two, SPIT!

  27. Eeeeh! my thoughts of all o’yeeeee……..!!!!!!

  28. Time to let Zuma know I want to be his 6th wife!!!!

  29. Oh my God! You mean thousands of these beastly things blowing at Green Point next year?

  30. Dithabana says

    @ Sizwe

    Your little hopelessly-colonised-self will not be allowed to get out of hand here. You are obviously a product of bass van der something’s kitchen politics.

    So in the spirit of giving you a chance to argue with me, I would like you to tell me what did Kebby Maphatsoe say to ms Zille. May be you should also bother to tell me if there was any basis for ms Zille to declare the president of south africa ” a self-confessed womanizer with deeply sexist views”. While you are at it provide corroboration to her statement that our mothers (not yours since you are still a hopelessly madam van der racist’s kitchen orientated spineless black inkwenkwe) in the leadership of the “quota appointments”.

    Sizwe sa dibari, have you ever heared of the thing called The TRC Report? May be not. But have you read “No future without forgiveness” by the nobel laurette Dr Desmond Tutu? I guess I am probably speaking at another level to you because may be you are just one of those little ignorant Sizwes who would rather glue themselves to their white friend’s PS stations and forget to wonder why are their parents so dependent on madam van der white’s piggy bank.

    Thank heavens I am not like you Sizwe. My grandfather fought the 2nd world war and lived to tell the tales. Your’s probably got choked to his next life by a dysfunctional electric grass mower that is why your behaviour is a bit confined to kitchen psychology the sehlare sa mosotho ke lekgoa types. I am sure it would be unnatural for you to differ with your white friend and master.

    I truly feel sorry for you boy.


  32. I bet this comes as a big blow to JZ

  33. .. going to blow that Zuma right out of my hair ….. … Going to blow that zuma right out of my hair … la la la la …..

  34. Now what was it that Satchmo said?? “you play the black notes, you get music. You play the white notes , you get music, You play the balck and white notes, you get HARMONY!!”

  35. I need my botox for my lips now can’t quite blow loud enough on this damn thing!

  36. JZ, It’s shower time!!!

  37. I’m gonna blow some new winds of change in dis Western Cape….Hang onto your hat bru!!

  38. I dont care what Julius says , ill just blow him away.

  39. .. She Going To Blow The Crime out of Africa … and out of Zuma too …

  40. Whew! It’s been a while since my last facial enema.

  41. i want to believe dat premier Helen Zille iz not convinced with women around her and until zhe dizcloze the reazon[z] behind her conztituting that male only cabinet. we would be wrong to put her thru the public court and judge her without factz.

  42. Me and my ten boyfriends will show them that Zuma is not a match when it comes to polygamy!

  43. I want to be the “White Makhumalo”. maybe i can do tricks on him and never take a shower, and use baby oil. All he’ll use is “Mshini wami”. So i want the whole world to know, that’s why im blowing the Vuvuzela.

  44. @Dithabana – let me guess, you’re a member of the ANCYL? – it certainly sounds like you’d fit in well enough. In any case, please refrain from name calling on this site – make your point on the issue instead of attacking the person you’re debating with and their father. That’s more constructive and your perspective will be beneficial to the readers.

    Interesting that you quote the title ‘no future without forgiveness’ – perhaps you should read it. It certainly does not sound like you have forgiven anyone yet. Madiba’s vision was one united South Africa where race, gender etc does not matter – how are you contributing to that by making criticisms of a democratically elected team that has not had a chance to deliver for their voters yet? All you seem to see is race and gender.

  45. Man this is the coolest ting ever – but how do I get it unbanned for 2010?!

  46. Jason Djembe says

    I don’t like to blow my own horn… but hey what the hell, just this once!

  47. dearjohnny says

    see … it’s not only my cabinet that i blow

  48. …… and the walls came tumbling down!

  49. Dithabana says

    @ Sizwe

    I must put it to you man that I really don’t find you intellectually stimulating. May be it is because you are not. You come out quite glib and facile that I even fail to differenciate between your argument and faecal deposits.

    I have heared of random logic before but I refused to beleive that there were human species who reasoned “randomly” without rationalizing what comes forth their lips. You did it for me! Now I am a firm beleiver in random reasoning.

    You know the title of the book so advance to your nearest book store or good library to treat yourself to some good food for thought. Your reasoning needs some “food” so that it can improve.

  50. Zille is saying ‘Dithabana helloooooo… knock, knock anyone home?’ LOL!!!

  51. Ok boyz I’m ready… pour in the TEQUILA!!!!

  52. Grote Griet says

    If I can add this to my recent toj-toj , I may give JZ a run for his money….

  53. arnold couzyn says

    call to arms

  54. What saddens me here its the fact that these critics of Zille are racists and supremacists themselves since they have not a shred of evidence to back-up their innuendos,aspersions and curses since they don`t know Zille and the politics of Capetown.

    Imean these anc BIGWIGS WHO STARTED this tirade live in capetown and those who live outside of capetown go to capetown for leisure and entertainment amidst their badmouthing of capetown.

    The reason here its that the ANC wants Capetown to be slummed and trashed like all its municipalities.

  55. Annie Van Struben says

    At least she’s blowing a trumpet and not a horn

  56. Thank God I don’t have to worry about competing with other women!

  57. I’ve won Cape Town next stop I’ll kill Zuma

  58. Crazzyyy bloww. Zuma here I come!!!!

  59. I object to be kept away from blowing

  60. God give me the strength to blow this trumpert ,when i do so let those that hear the noise: the sick get well , the have not ,desperate have hope, the hurt have comfort,the lacking have adequete,the fighting have peace,moreover let it be a calling for Julias Malema and company to go to school and also learn manners,Lastly let Shabir shaik tremble nad not go near Zuma to ask for repayment .Yes i can ,Yes i can.

  61. waaaaaaa.waaaaaaaaa,Zuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuma is a womanizer.brrrrrrrrrrrbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,stop Zuma.Oh boy this thing does not work,guess i need males in my cabinet to prevent my fellow sisters from this womanizer,HHAHAAAAHAHAHHAHAHHA.

  62. S.Africans are so used to bad reports such that it feels like there is no news without Zuma, Papers don’t sell anymore. Eishhh! This is a turning point. Patriotism for ever


  64. Where is the thing that makes the noise. I can’t find it, is it here or what happened to it, Jacob. Did you give it to Shabbir.

  65. Am I not suppose to lead the band?

  66. Dithabanana you should leave politics to the forum it belongs in and not spoil the spirirt of giving good intellectual comment for the cartoons, I think you spend too much time on the crapper reading shit all day, you are a true banana

  67. Lwandile Gcume says

    I aint letting go…I’ll keep trying to blow you out of the highest office…Zu-u-uuuuuma

  68. Wish my cabinet could at least compete with this Vuvuzela for size then i would have to blowjobs

  69. If Fez does his mother and sister(blowjobs I mean) everytime he thinks and talks about Helen Zille? I loath people who denegrate others indiscrimately without reason, especially if they are from the lesser lot of ‘humans’. If GOD wanted you, Fez, to be dangerous, he would have given you brains. So there, sit on that.

  70. Hmmm…I bet i cud make a killer pipe out of this!

  71. I think I prefer this vuvuzela and to blow the whistle against Zuma’s scandal everyday than sitting in the office and thinking who I’ll replace in my cabinet

  72. Power dressing in blue was good for Margret Thatcher and with this horn I am going to blow Julius M’s little cotton socks off.

  73. Zille is diminishing the status,stature and image of her party by personalising it as a platform to model herself and its time that members must object to thius and insist that the DA must carry the banner of the defunct or incorporated PFP along and constantly invite the old guard to appear on platforms .

    The old guard has been completely obliterated just the passing away of Schwarz was a lonely affair since heb has long been forgotten.

    I,in conclusion would like to pay my last respect to him for his assistance of the poor and politically powerless citizenry just as he closed his office for half-a-day to go with me to Transnet to go represent me in a meeting I was to have with them following my ride in a “whites only” coach and his telling me”I can see you don`t have the money” so I won`t charge you!

  74. willie wonke says

    Typical of Helen…there she goes blowing her own trumpet again…

  75. OLD FASHION says

    Just practicing the national anthem on her vuvuzela for 2010 world cup opening

  76. B-u-l-a-w-a-y-ooooooooo

  77. h-aa-rr-aaa-reeeee

  78. i wonder if the new guy i’m gona give a position on my cabinet will be better in bed than the last one. i’ll put him on a test before giving him the job

  79. Etienne Jacobs says

    I wonder…………what will happen if I shove this up JZ’s merc’s exhaust pipe?

  80. Etienne Jacobs says

    Hey JZ! Bring that Johnny walker Blue Label and I’ll Show you a great bar trick with this thing!

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