Diepsloot visits Tokyo Sexwale cartoon

Diepsloot visits Tokyo Sexwale

Diepsloot visits Tokyo Sexwale

Tokyo Sexwale, South Africa’s Human Settlements Minister spent a night in a Diepsloot squatter camp earlier this week. Wonkie thinks that this is the kind of action that is needed on a more frequent basis by political leadership in South Africa to give them a taste, albeit briefly, of the current reality. It is easy to write it off as a marketing ploy and if it happens once every four years it will be nothing more than a ploy.

Wonkie suggests that Tokyo and other senior officials in his department should spend a couple of nights in an informal settlement every other month to keep it real. This will help both the department to monitor their own progress, as well as the respective communities by giving them some reassurance that improved service delivery is a priority.

South African politicians should be happy using public services for themselves and their families – it is one of the truest forms of keeping them in check. So let’s see S’bu Ndebele get ministers to dump their flash 4x4s and start using public transport or the Education MPs convincing their peers to send their own kids to public schools. What better way to demonstrate a true commitment to the people than that? Wonkie dreams on.

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  1. These are the government jokes that keep us interested in politics so keep up the good work team may God our father keep in touch with you.

  2. michael makhado says

    so this will be my excuse to award my company a tender …so either way i still gain

  3. Mark Khoza says

    these visits are quite impressive as a sign of recognition of the plight of the people, but they (visits) should have a relationship with the speed at which the actual response if effected viz dont let the delivery be delayed by appearances and /or visits, lets compile the needed data within a specified period, filter in on the plan and lets go…

  4. I dont understand why people can be this easier to be played around! Tokyo always knew about the mkhukhu or zozo life and his recent one night sleeping over in Diepsloot is being interpretted by most if not all [excluding me] as a wise thing ever,so my question is ,is mKhukhu life a new thing to him… people let’s not lose focus ,we need houses and other necessary services not visitors because if you are going to celebrate visits then the line of his colleaques is on its way for your celebration.

    What his sleeping there has to do with improving our lives? Are we this confused that a mere visit is seen to equal our needs? he visited a place which is not unknown to him. next time he will be ko Tembisa, Atterigdeville, Soweto, Mamelodi ect and @ every instance he wil see his Doctor the following day ….the facility we do not have. The guy is playing to the gallery! Those who are privileged to have neighbours owning TV set i bet they will agree with me if they saw the programme Cutting edge on the 6th of august 2009 where the ward counselllor in Diepsloot say something which if he can be summoned now can not say it again because that was TOO LOW of him. When asked about house provision in the area , progres and other queries about services for people under whose ticket he is serving, he was tongue -twisted. The worst being when asked about the content of the word “temporary sheltering”. It was a clear indication that some people would not take you serious. Although i do not condone the behaviour of the residents as per footage [car burning amongst other] i also without reservations condemn the counsellor ‘s behaviour…it shows that he does not seem to be caring about the responsibility to tel the truth that will see the residents away from that life hazardious situation. It is a pity…

  5. Good suggestion, but long overdue. Even Robben Island was 5 star compared to Diepsloot ! To get in touch with reality at grassroots they should also be required to attend government clinics and hospitals whenever they and their families need medical attention so that they can experience first hand the frustrations of docters, pharmacists and nursing staff caused by lack of resources and unavailability of vital drugs. Never mind the poor patients who helped them get where they are today.

  6. OOOHHHHH, I love the cartoon. Well, I suppose the ‘shakkie’ was correct when he demanded Tokyo allows him to reside at his ‘humble’ residence. Call it, ‘ the shoe is on the other foot’.

  7. Keep it up Wonkie!

  8. If only life was like wonkie cartoons…

  9. I ‘ve been wondering, can anybody tell me if this multi-millionaire Tokoyo Sexwale made all his money since 94? or.. dis he perhaps manage to do so while being opressed during the “unfair apartheid” years? 😉

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