Strikes in South Africa cartoon

Strikes in South Africa

Strikes in South Africa

About a year ago, Wonkie made a strikes in South Africa cartoon with president Jacob Zuma appealing to the masses to remain calm and to give the new government a chance. A year has passed since that literally filthy municipal workers strike and South Africa finds itself in a similar mess of an altogether different magnitude.

Earlier yesterday COSATU, South Africa’s biggest trade union federation called on all of its members to join the 1.3 million government workers that are already striking. This call follows a court injunction obtained by government prohibiting public sector workers from continuing the national strike. The government has already dispatched military medics to over 30 hospitals around the country as a short-term emergency move.

Pay is once again the key driving factor for the nation-wide strike. The unions are demanding an 8.6% increase in wages to which government has responded with an offer of a 7% increase. The unions don’t appear to care that their demanded increase amounts to roughly double the current rate of inflation.

In the meantime, World Cup fever has subsided and the real effect of the transport workers strikes earlier this year is beginning to demonstrate its true damage. Adjusted South African economic growth this year is predicted to be 2.9% – signficantly short of the estimated 7% a year required to make a significant impact on South Africa’s whopping 25.3% unemployment rate. Finance minister Pravin Gordhan certainly has his work cut out for him.

“Schools are shut, hospitals barricaded and roads blocked.”
BBC news

In the meantime, the workers that are striking are blocking patients from entering hospitals, and verbally and physically assaulting colleagues that have chosen to continue working. A number of schools across the country have had to be shut down to prevent placing school children at further risk from violent behaviour. Way to lead by example teachers. Wonkie is certain that Mr Zuma is expressing his deepest concern and promising yet another hard line approach to resolving the issue… from somewhere in China.

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  1. Strike is OK ! Injuring people, causing damage, allowing inocent babies die in hospitals is BARBARIC.
    Who are the one doing these things: the ANC supporters.
    The same tactics that were used against the apartheid goverment is still being used against the ANC goverment.
    Who are the one’s suffering the most: the ANC supporters. Just like back in the apartheid days.
    Let the baasteds suffer ! Thats their payback for being ANC supporters.
    Bring out the necklaces, get Winnie back on the podium, burn down the union buildings ! Yeah, bring back the good old days !!! Let have some more fun.


  3. This is unacceptable and the government has proven that it cannot govern the county all those people who were for change me included are not happy about the out come, we should have waited a hundred years and stuff the rest of the world they were in it and dragged us with them

  4. OLD FASHION says

    Typical a true barbaric attitude, what will happen if strikers are wounded seriously and desperately needs urgent hospital attention and they are left with no help and no chance of life but have to enter death. Some people just do not have any wisdom, and that is not obtained by education but only given as a gift from GOD to those who serve HIM

  5. I really think that yes the teachers and the nurse are not paid well but is it worth the loss of lives at the hospital and our brothers, sisters fathers and mothers are dying because people are out in the streets chanting,pupils and students are at home lingering and roaming around dangerous areas and up to mischief, the xams are around the corner what do teachers say about their proffession to serve the communities.
    Attacking those who want to go to work is not right because its endangering aother people’s lives. What has come over people, where is the spirit of unity and ubuntu that was once reigning during the world cup. To government please if ther is something yoiu can do about this please do, and let the very people who are toyi toying now know that their ever stopping demands of salary raise will cripple the country ‘s economy to the ground. As for the unions I hope they have got a plan of action should the demands cripple us forever.It time people stand up and rule this country well.

  6. Thabiso Kokong says

    ANC must stick to its promises they made during the elections, ‘working together we can do more’ let them pay us what we deserve then we will be able to implement Batho Pele Principles as well as Patient’s right Charter smoothly within all the Government departments!

  7. just read “GEORGE ORWELL” ANIMAL FARM- you won’t be suprised at all. we have lot of the good OLD MAJOR, MURIEL and the rest, whilst the SQUELER,NAPOLEON are on it as usual. this is how the ANC is running this country… Animal Farm style. watch out ..confuion will be the order at the end , just like in the novel self..

  8. Ashamed of South Africa says

    Where is the world that condemend SA many years ago when the NP was in power? I hate strikes as it affects so many people and then you see these barbaric morons wo are to teach the youth. It is no wonder that SA has become so violent as their is no moral decency / courtesy anymore. They should ban all strikes and if you unhappy with your salary, go out and find another job. Make a plan to better yourself instead of destroying everything around you. I dare the ANC to take a stronger stance and declare a state of emergency and restore calmness in the country which I am entitled too as SA citizen. The ANC must stand down from governing and allow a party with gumption to rule effectively.

  9. Public sector workers have yet to PROVE that they deserve any pay increase, let alone double inflation increases. I do have sympathy for a lot of the teachers and nurses (the ones not guilty of intimidation and violence) but the overall standard (if any) of government services rendered to the public does not warrant 8.6% increases.

  10. hey i think the bigest problem was that government promised the ppl increase but now they failing to do as per promise but i do’nt say what the ppl of SA are doing is right. let them know that one day they have to answear to God as to why they let their own ppl die in hospitals. This so amazing that even ppl people who claim to b christians ar4e also doing what we c as wrong infront of God. May there b peace n order in SA for the investers who are also willing to come invest in SA they are willing to come creat jobs for all the ppl of mnzansi. Let them hold up one unit n go back to work let the ANC c what they promised to the pl that it was out of call.

  11. No surprises here. The rainbow has been landing since 1994 and any first-world, developed-country aspirations (delusions) should be long gone. It’s just that the rainbow is now on the runway. South Africa should wake up and smell the %@!#. That stench has been around for some time.

  12. I think everybody must take the initiative concerning this matter, Bcoz our education including health services are suffering a lot , so the government must come up with something to stop this chaos .

  13. Once Again says

    South Africans you are busking in the glory of a thriving economy, but be warned: you are at the same time working tirelessly hard to bring it down. This strike is SENSELESS, RUTHLESS,HEARTLESS AND FULL OF MALICE.
    You are a disgrace I must say.
    8.6% -7% =1.6% (if u have problems with arithmetic) it is a neglegible difference!

  14. Right to strike, its bad for patients at all. Wish the govt compromise.

  15. @ Madevu…and Old Fashioned….Sorry…I just had to get thet vuvuzela cat in down there coz you ruined the WC for we listeners in E.Africa with that vuvuzela racket !!And I apologise for my sick sense of humour, sincerely.
    Yes I agree strikes are difficult to manage..but we always get what we deserve if we don’t vote wisely and am sorry things not going well at the moment. Thing is…learn how to strike peacefully….and vote with your head. If it’s any consolation, we have made the same mistakes in Kenya and are now on the mend. New Constitution will be promulgated in Fri.
    Be kind to eachother and help those in need. You have a GREAT country.

  16. Our government is full of S%$^$$$*tt because they on top they get whatever they want at any given time. Getting huge salaries and fail to meet just a simlpe request, to increase public servants salaries. With the salaries uour nurses, teachers and many other people; be it in the public sector or companies, we are still underpaid and are expected to do our work deligently.. This is all kak!!!!

  17. As it stands all thegovernment departments areradically overpaid for the pathetic services that they constantly are unable to perform.The ANC Cosatu Alliances are just another brick OUT of the wall.God knows but there must be pitifully little plaster holding it up anyway.The complete inability of this government to do anything in a decent,honest and honourable manner just shows the pitiful state of education or responsibility of te populace and those voted to perform this uselessness.This is definitely a case of “ask not what you can do for the country but rather what can you screw the country for”.You can’t teach those who don’t want to learn and this rabble is used to enforce the radical actions of union demands.Cosatu and the ANC frown upon the destruction but promulgate it.What shit is this ????????

  18. As a public service worker I admit that if I am willing to earn a higher salary I’ll have to go elswhere & work hard!
    Our salaries are not market related & some of us work hard [not me anymore]!
    A public servant is a public servant & our work is a calling.
    Strikers are only after self gain fullstop.

  19. They have no concept about rendering service, it is all about money for the minimum effort.

  20. hey tell me SA u are really killing people in hospitals just only for 1,6 % . Why can’t u just go back to work n let the government fix things up cos now they have seen what u can do. I also go with Chris who said during the NP days shit like this would not have happened , the ANC came up n promised people things they could never be able to provide just for the party to be voted for now what?

  21. May I say, our Goverment is at fault and failed us . He has given the UNIONS to much power & freedom, resulting to the current status that our country is in
    The labour has to much power and abusing it!
    How do you strive for a better country The people on strike do not care for their fellow human beings , your actions is not justified, My question why has the teaschers not gone on strike
    during the World Cup? they had a month to do so, Why are they prejuding our children?
    It is understood that they need more money and that they underpaid, they got an offer take it and get on with it
    What about the people that DO NOT have jobs or nothing at all?
    There is ways and means to get your point across, in South Africa we seem to act before we think , the people are like sheep…….They all just follow. BAD ATTITUDE
    Change our labour policies and you will see teh difference, we should be striving for excellence working towards a brighter & better future not destroying it …….. that is what the UNOINS are doing, they need to get their act together, they totally out of line, they not the LAW, calling everyone to participate in a strike action, it is a free country why should people be intimidated. In SA the policy is …………..

  22. If the fat cats in Government and the parastatals were less wealthy this strike inaction would not be happening. Freeze their pay for 5 years because the country can’t afford it and the strike will be over next day.

  23. SA has to get its priorities right. The children and ordinary SA citizens are suffering whilst MPs childern and relatives are in private schools and private medical institutions.Our gorvenment is bloody greedy and careless about peopel who voted them in .

  24. You gotta love it! the electorate (cosatu, labour, sacp etc.) at war with the party it put in power (coatu sacp anc alliance). I’m sure the irony is not lost on them but their thick skin seems impenetrable; just like the thick skulls of numerous of their supporters….

  25. Yet another example of the complete unworkability of our marvelous constitution – the rights of one group, usually the MINORITY trump/trash the rights of the MAJORITY (and in this case our children and the future, and the sick, dying, unborn and babies). While I do sympathize with our (generally) underpaid teachers and nurses (in comparison to their fatcat bosses and politicos), many are showing their true colors in this strike. They seem to think that “ubuntu” and “Batho Pele” are conditional on their demands being met… it is not – it is a reflection of WHO YOU ARE, regardless of circumstances etc. It is in essence your moral fiber that is exposed – and it is looking ugly – no better than the despicable fatcat politicians and bosses whom they seem to blame. Basically their actions tell me that given the chance, they would live it up and lord it just like the fatcats…. Our nation has no moral fiber, our leaders have NO morals (just like the apartheid cronies) and our electorate are clueless and standing idly by (occasionally trashing a school or hospital) while the country descends into the abyss…. WAKE UP people – grow a backbone – take responsibility for your actions and your future. Stop blaming the government, stop blaming apartheid, stop blaming your mother/brother/poverty/wealth(even more of a curse)/aids etc.etc.etc. Work for today and the future – you may not see all the fruits of your labor, but you know what; you will feel better and fulfilled because you will know that you have a purpose, that you mattered, that you made a difference, and that will be more fulfilling than all the johnnie walker blue, breitlling orbiter watches, bentlys/wabenz, will ever be because they mean nothing in the greater scheme of things…

  26. fortunately the personnel of our hospital will not strike for their job is a calling they told me.1 only out of 4 schools in my town went on strike (with classes for matrix after hours), the other 3 refused because they also said teaching is a calling and the salary issue comes 2nd. We have a ANC munispality. Good on you folks! You have earned the respect of our community.

  27. well, what did you expect? the anc got into government by abusing the masses’ ignorance – telling them the tokkelossie will harm them if they don’t vote anc. telling them they will burn down their houses if they don’t vote anc etc etc. how stupid can you be to believe nonsense like that? NOBODY knows who you have voted for unless you tell them. so stupid and ignorant. the anc got into power by creating fear and by giving false promises they cannot and never intended to keep. you see, the people at the top now, the anc government, has not the first idea of what it takes to govern a country. they thought its all about big houses, flashy cars, astronomical salaries, parties, jetting towards yet another destination etc. they never realized that they will actually be expected to WORK and govern the country. they are too stupid to know and realize that. and the masses who voted them in, are just as stupid. they never got to live in the white man’s house they picked out for themselves before the elections. trolleys full of groceries had actually to be paid for at the till. they could not just push it home, smiling from ear to ear. i can go on like this, but you get the picture. now incompetent, ignorant people get into jobs they are not qualified for. and if they have a little piece of paper to show, they either bought it over the internet or just made it through although some are really brainy but only a very few. but the majority has no integrity at all. getting R8,000 per month as teacher they complain. i’ve heard of a single mom today who works all hours for a meagre R3,500 per month!! there are lots of people in this country who work for less than teachers and nurses and they don’t strike. i salute the workers who have the integrity and will to go in to work and try to do their jobs. you are a credit to your professions. and if i generalised here, i apologise. there are people who really care and have the mental ability to do what they are doing. but the majority, aikona…

  28. i think our leaders are selfish and want 2 benefit themselves and their families.thats total bullshit i tel you.they get high salaries and 4get that they wear free clothes,eat free food, and they do not even pop out a cent 4 their fuels.m so ashamed at our president.wat is he doing as the head of state wen the condition is lyk this?he shuld bare in mind that the people ddnt vote 4 him but for ANC,and he is not in that position 2 stay.we’ve had enaf.our parents are working hard and they are not paid enough.we know that its not lyk thy cannot afford to pay that 8.6% tha problem is that they want change so that they can divide it among themselves.if thats the case then, why did the cabenet members get 30% salary increase after the world cup?majority of them are not that educated starting with the president himself.people are losing lives in hospitals and our children will have problems with their exams.adawise thy shoul be granted 100% pass.

  29. Same route to Polokwane now is used against JZ,remember 2007 then what, recall TBos.Also here the ANC is mobilising for the local government election, therefore we need to see it now that, Zimbabwe here we come but slowly.


  31. I wouldn’t stop striking if I was a government employee, when I joined my current company, it was clear how much percentage increase I will get every time there is a need, our so called professionals do not know how much they are working for, hence all the strikes.
    The government has spent so much on world cup tickets, on ministers BMW’s, on five star hotels, those who could lay their hands on tenders have done so, Jacob Zuma’s son is a director in one of the big companies, we do not know when he bought those shares with whose money,
    The list is endless, GO ON, STRIKE FOR AS LONG AS YOU WANT!!!! WHO CARES.

  32. Star Geldenhuys says

    As a retired schoolteacher – 46 yrs without a day on strike – I watched the strikers yesterdday – as they passed me they waved I waved back because I know them but they did not see the tears that rolled down my cheeks. I can see the empty classrooms in my minds eye and I weep. Sadly, many of those who are on strike for higher wages don’t even deserve/earn what they are paid in any case!

  33. It’s that nice sounding word Liberalism again. One of it’s older children being Women’s
    Suffrage, later changed to Woman’s Lib. Tired of slaving over a hot stove and tending to
    screaming babies, women burned that horrible icon of slavery called the bra and have
    since increased the unemployment of the original breadwinners.In government circles
    these days, women occupy 46% of the posts, and in supermarkets, about the same.
    Political correctness and human rights have taken hold of a world bent on proving that they care for
    mankind. They do this amidst ongoing wars, atrocities, crime and now strikes, which they cannot
    control because it’s too late. Children are over protected to the extent that they have become hooligans.
    Parents and teachers may no longer punish them physically.

    Did all this help to change anything? Of course it did. Just look at the littered streets, vandalised shops
    and damaged cars and classrooms during strikes. Proud of the fact that the press are taking pictures.

    Now it’s bus strikes, taxi strikes, World cup strikes, Worker strikes, construction strikes, state worker
    strikes, education strikes. And during this year alone. Anyone ever hear of pensioner, baby or state
    hospital patient strikes? You won’t – these have no rights.

    Once upon a time, society placed the emphasis on the duties of a citizen, rather than their rights.
    In the early 40’s I worked on the SAR and H for six shillings and sixpence a day. (66 cents)
    Shifts were twelve hours long day and night. To change from day to night shift meant doing two eight
    hours shifts on Saturday. To get to work entailed riding a bicycle for twenty kilometers next to the train
    line.We never complained or had strikes. It would have cost us our jobs. We loved our country.

  34. donald RSA says

    all this is the gov’s fault and responsibility, they do not CARE. THEY MUST STOP SAYING/DOING THINGS VICER VERSA, UPnDOWN LEFT AND RIGHT. THEY BLAME WHEN THEY R TO BLAME.

  35. This strike is @$$#%$#@^%, they voted for this goverment and now they hate it. Wake up you ^%##^%$$#. Stop the strike and except what your goverment gives you. NOW when the next election comes, USE YOUR BRAIN and vote corectly. THINK BEFORE SAYING SOMETHING.

    This thing that other must suffer for you because of your failure to a better goverment is BULLSHITT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. This is how Zuma got into power,he used masses to climb up the ladder. Ignorance can relly make one a joke,shame to the people of SA they couldnt see that they were exploiyted during Polokwane. Zuma made false commitments and now he cannot uphold. Let his taste his own medicine. This is reality JZ,remember what you did to be where u are. It is catching up with u. Your sit is really hot bru,who knows canncelling your September trip could mean something else. Are nt you afraid that by the time you come back your seat will be gone? We nid another strong party please,where is Ziba Jiyane & Magwaza Msibi?

  37. donald RSA says

    HI STUPID david,you can’t even spell and/or use words correctly and it tells me more about you.the only thing u spelled correct is vulgar( bullshit). wake up fool.

  38. donald RSA says

    how could Star Geldenhuys support teachers when during the 46yrs(back) she was an apartheid teacher. she is well off, like her afrikaaner husband/wife. therefor there is no need for you to strike. You r BLIND!

  39. donald RSA says


  40. donald RSA says

    Credit to Manthata. The simple truth that is taken for granted. one does not have to get a god, open dictionaries, go to court or make a sermon on the mount to tell the truth. ba a e bona nthwena empa ba ikgakantsha.

  41. donald RSA says

    That we voted for the ANC and it is doing nothing for us,is true, but to complain thereafter is wrong, and we need not mention it b’cos we r going to vote for them again,again and again,it is the devil’s way and wish.

  42. donald RSA says

    The ANC is about to go down the drain, in 10 yrs time it’s gonna be flushed out, or a civil war is imminent.

  43. Malema mentioned things like “strugle” and “revolutionary act” etc. in his speach the other day when talking about the strike …looks like he and the strikers still think they are involved in some trugle!!!! I am sure they don’t under stand that it’s THEIR typical african circus government running the show! They get perfrmance bonusses even when fired for managing something into poverty…like happened with eskom and the airways…and they stille srike?

    Not one single gov. department is functioning even 50% the way it should…everthing is uselesss, special forces and all…and they still strike? …AGAINST THEMSELVES WITHOUT NOTICING IT !!! 😀 LOL !!! 😀

  44. crazeetee

    I se you call this anc-circus “our leaders”…therefore I take it you keep voting for them so they can carry on plundering the country..also plundering you as a VAT-payer everytime you buy something ( I take it your’e a child mentioning your “parents work too hard”!)…. between my kind, schoolchildren are too young to vote ( only few will know what just said now 😉 )

  45. Knorpatat….jy bly seker in ORANIA ! 😉

  46. NONKULULEKO says

    I feel sorry for the innocent people & kids that died on their way to hospitall & in hospital because of this strike action.may their soul rest in peace.To those civil cervants that took an oath.i say to them,u must start having conscience & go back back to work to save the lives of the innocent & helpless people. It is heart breaking to see the innocent people dying in hospital,what happened to Ubuntu!I lost my grandma during ther first nursing strike.I wish i have time to go & volunteer at the hospitals,unfortunately,im in the private sector,im serving my call of serving the people of SA.let there be peace in SA.South Africans,lets pray for our country to have peace! lets ask the holy spirit to come down & touch the hearts of the people of Mzansi.



  48. this is something that the goverment needs to pay carefull attention and do what ever it take to revive the South african economy and the grade 12 more esspecially

    this is a quite intense ssituatioon for the grade 12, because they will writing their trail late next week after their absence from the world cup break and the strike

  49. GatvolinSA says

    Is it not amusing that the very people who voted this circus into power are the same people now objecting most bitterly to every action or inaction the circus then performs or fails to perform?
    This is your ANC in whom you trusted. This is their true face. They do not care about you. They never have. They never will. They have always been about gathering wealth for their small chosen elite. That will never change.
    As for those complaining about the strikes by teachers I have two things to say: Firstly how can you think that the situation would be any different when our vaunted president has himself stated flat out that education is not important? He has managed to get into a position where he has his hands in everything going on in the entire country and all with just a grade three education. If he can do it then why can’t everyone? Secondly if you object to your child being left without an education due to the striking teachers, then stay home from work and home school them. Work from home like so many millions of others around the world do and teach your own children from home. See for yourself how difficult it is to teach someone who does not actually WANT to learn. Or better yet why not get all the adults in your neighborhood together and have each of them give an hour of teaching time to the kids in the area free of charge. Teach them skills that they can use in later life.
    My point is that sitting around yelling, waving posters and creating property damage is not the way to get what you want in life. TANSTAFL. There is NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH! Get that one important life lesson into your heads and learn how to do for yourself.
    Personally I think that every person who causes property damage should be charged for the repairs, every person who acts violently against another during the strike should be arrested for attempted murder, every hospital worker who went on strike should be charged with first degree murder for every single life lost as a result of insufficient care provided, every teacher who went on strike should be charged the cost of the school fees for every student who was turned away from school as a result of their strike, every municipal worker who went on strike should be punished for striking in a material way and so on and so forth.
    HAVING SAID THAT, I also think that the president and parliament workers, the people involved in tender irregularities, the people in top positions in parastatals, all of them should have their wages frozen until such time as the public sector workers are paid a decent wage! Let them see how it feels to have to walk miles to get to work because the cost of public transport would take food out of the mouth of your children. I think that members of parliament should be prohibited by law from sending their kids to anything but their local public school. Members of parliament and of government should be prohibited by law from making use of anything but public hospitals, public schools, public transport, etc etc etc. That is the ONLY way that you will get them to actually fix the problems in those sectors short of making them actually work at the level of the workers who are striking (and at the relevant wage too)

  50. chris du Plessis says

    Zuma made big promisis at Polokwane to get Cosatu, sacp and ANCYL to support him and kick Mbeki out. He could not keep his promis to them. But he kept his promis to his tjommies and they are getting very rich from South Africans money. Now the goverment workers (cosatu, sacp and ancyl) wants their share of the tax money. Zua will give in and the plundering of taxes will escalate. TAXES ARE ABOUT TO BE INCREASED OR SERVICES ARE TO BE REDUCED. JA, KEEP OM VOTING FOR THE ANC, YOU IDIOTS. THAT WILL TEACH YOU A LESSON !

  51. sally vermeulen says

    At the beginning of the strikes I had great sympathy for the teachers as I felt that teachers were treated very poorly in SA, but as things have progressed, I have begun to lose all sympathy with the strikers. From the mouth of my 15yr old son- ‘Look at that, that is someone’s math teacher, science teacher or whatever teacher and now they expect us to respect them in classrooms when they behave like this!’ In my opinion, people who work with children, the sickly or elderly-should not be allowed to strike. C’mon people, nobody becomes a teacher with the hope of earning large sums of money!!!!

  52. donald rsa: i didn’t contradict – i said that if i generalized, i apologise. there are a few people who are brainy and do their jobs. but i did state that the majority…aikona….
    so, what is your point??

  53. Yah-Yah its time S.A sees how it feels when workers go on a heavy strike like this!. They had a good time writing about The Zimbabwean strike in 2009. So let them feel it! It is here.Strikers dont forget to give Zille a hard time too!

  54. Elizabeth Kruger says

    It is a shame that this country is in such a mess and seems that it just does not bother zuma or anyone else in the goverment. It shows once again that the so-called goverment are not fit to run a country.What a shame that there is so many children and really sick people that have to suffer because of these heartless barbarians.

  55. mhlungwane says

    ANC is a creep party from ma looks of things , Donald is also 1 creep who can’nt notice when things are going down the drain or he speaks like 1 who is sinking while with a smile on his face , sorry Donald u talking crab baba. I think it’s time up for the people of SA to c that when ever u cast a vote make sure u see what ever that so called party is having for u. Look back at the promises made way back buy the same party , they the ones that are creepling the economy of SA . Look at how much is spent on the free housing which most countries are not doing , paying of the gals who get pregnant just to get free cash n may more shit which is not to be done.

  56. donald south africa says

    Mhlungwane hi, i can see that u did’t understand my message(25th Aug) well bro, read it again and if u still can’t comprehend it,go look for help somewhere.

  57. these pple should be given wat dey wnt, bt destroyin country’s property is barbaric and the strikers r nt only ANC supporters do u mean de whole country support ANC? cum on b crus

  58. Fire the whole lot and re-employ them at Zim rates of pay

  59. what will happen if they don’t get what they want? why can’t they government give them what they want
    Right now what will the student be doing, remember they are our tomorrow’s President,what do you think about crime they ever consider that

  60. Hlengiwe, by your message you appear to be very young person, and perhaps
    inexperienced as well. There is an old scientific phrase, “You cannot make
    something from nothing, nor nothing from something.” Sadly, the nuclear age
    put an end to that, but it can still be used in practical terms.
    There is just no money to give. Where it went to is anyone’s guess: The pockets of struggle
    heroes, affirmative action, corruption in state departments, defending criminals, economy
    houses, state grants, abuse of allocated funds, token jobs family members, and much more.

    There is an old French saying, the origin being uncertain, “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”
    (Perhaps Marie quoted King Louis’ wife who lived 100 years before that)
    It is claimed that before the French revolution broke out, she was told that the people are
    hungry and restless, and that there was no bread for distribution. She was then supposedly
    have responded with the above words, translated as, “Well, then let the eat cake.”

    Government will always have money in the coffers. Business places fill them twice a year,
    and people with income other than their occupations, such as savings accounts, etc, do likewise.
    For goverment to give strikers an increase over and above what they have offered, they need
    to divert funds from other areas. Someone else will suffer. What government has offered them
    is already more than the inflation rate.

    You mention that these strikers are the next presidents. Sorry pal, they will be the next lot
    in the unemployment queue, eating cake.

  61. These people in the government are not faithful. They must give the people what they want, otherwise the struggle shall continue. I have never heard about parliament employees striking. Why? Because they are overfed.

  62. No school Exams?In 1986,it happened in the old S.A. but abanye bethu wrote their exams because they were in the Bantustands, it was so painful not to write but the cause was justified but this time around I really don’t think we live by our past.Just imagine when your child(ren) have to use public transport for nothing.Where are MP schooling? Private or Oversees?They must think for those who don’t have nothing. Also our parliament should introduce a secret ballot when voting in parliament because some ANC MP don’t feel free in voting for iziphumo ezinje but the system of voting in parliament is based on party decision not on individual.


    Why wil total heathen worry about an oath they made to a God tjhey don’t even believe in? The fact that they made an oath is proof that they do not believe – see Math. 5:33 – 37 and James 5:12. You can also paray until you are blue in the face – God won’t listen because this nation did not listen to His word ( Deut. 17:15 and Joshua 23:7-14 ) but rather listened to false prophets tickling their satanic democratic ears!

    And Tim, those that you name “workers” are not workers, they are useless vandals who do not know their jobs anyway! There is NOT ONE SINGLE gov. department functioning tghe way it should – that means that none of those jumping mad brainless snails/savages are worth their salaries anyway!

    You see, this is where the white man and the black man differ…the white man love their country and builds it up – the balck idiots don’t love anything and don’t ever build anything up – they just jump up and down like mad people and break anything down – even their so called “beloved” country! For this reason I judge the Afrikaner-Boere ( the english are wingnuts also as they only start having their “racial awakening” now! ) were right not to give such idiots a vote – such wingnuts do not deserve a vote.

    Madoba – you talk my kind of lingo – these idiots should never have been employed in the first place – governments all over the world ( except poor idiot africa ) employ workers who are LOYAL to their countries! Problem with africa is that they are not loyal to anything except to their barbarric “culture” and dead ancestors! So – let them jump and sing and wave their hands – it makes them feel good as smaal things amuse small minds.

    Ol’ Pliny , not even the president know how things work…you see, these idiots think that when you need money, you just switch on the printer and print some more!

    Linda, what strugle are you referring to? Are you just as stupid as malema? Don’t you know, whites no longer run the show here…it’s you shortsighted blacks who run they show…so who is it you are strugling against? Youself?

    What did you expect Linda? You voted this stealing, lying, dancing, raping corrupt brainless zuma and co into parlaiment.

    BLACK and WHITE ( even the englishspeakers ) should admit, South Africa was a much better place during the so called “evil apartheid”…have a look at this…

  64. hey u dirk, im 100% sho that u look exactly lyk that duck on ur avatar coz u sound lyk a complete fool.u lyk judging ppl yl u dont undastand their u mean pople who have parents are kids only.wena dont u call ur mother and father ur parents,n 1 more ada thing parents are not only the people wu gave birth 2 u,even those wu are size of ur ‘birth-givers’ are ur parents.the current government whom u cal circus is our leadreship officially wetha u lyk it or not.thats y i call them our leaders. jst because i ddnt use the term u lyk makes u judge me?jeez get a lyf.anyway the thanx 4 the video atlest it shows ur brain has started doing its function 4 a change

  65. @ Everyone mistaking this blog for mixit!! it’s You, not u. It’s sure, not sho. It’s other, not ada. It’s people, not ppl. It’s your or you are, not ur. It’s are, not r. It’s for, not 4. For all of those apposed to this reply please stick to your cellphones and keep the hell away from internet discussions where proper, complete and comprehensible text is used. Thank you.

  66. u are right vivian some peeps sound lyk 5 yr old pre-school kids.not everyone who joined the strike supports ANC hey wake up and think before u write shit guys!nd 2 dirk do u mean Linda voted for ANC?u wer not with her wen she was voting-wel thats only if she dd vote.u not even sho wetha the majority of ppl wu voted for ANC are the ones on strike or the unemployed or even those working in private ur words before judjing people dirk.dont try 2 give us impressions that ur brain is as little as a duck’s

  67. ooh JESUS CHRIST, look who’s talking now CCS if u have nothing 2 say jst do something rather than telling us shit.tha fact u can understand wat ‘everyone mistaking this blog for mxit’ is trying 2 say, then whats the use of ur advise if it is,we dont need it u moron

  68. @ Crazeetee. My point is that your incoherent babble makes it difficult for any person to follow, much less respond to these idiotic utterances. Think twice, write once. There isn’t one single person on this site that will take anything you type seriously unless you learn to properly express your self without sounding like a “moron” yourself. As for not having anything to say…SCROLL UP.

  69. CCS, even animals are able to communicate to some extent. The ability to communicate
    in writing is a gift that distinguish us as humans. Sadly, our permissive society allowed
    this situation to arise to the point where it has made a mess of the English language.
    Older people are also becoming fascinated by this novelty. They try to look smart by texting ‘w8’
    instead of ‘wait’, and its so stupid to translate ‘from’ to 4rom, when it actually takes more key presses.

    I was listening to a discussion group recently, where viewers were invited to SMS their views.
    Every one of these were sent in typical smart ass fashion. I tried reading a few, but could not make head
    or tail of any, as they all scrolled past before I got near halfway.

  70. CCS,ur not serious-are you?m not the 1 who is not gonna be taken serious in this site but you.coz that thing of telling us how 2 text doesnt make sense.if u dont lyk the style, ur 100% free not to use it,but telling us not to its total bullshit.i did scroll up and i find that stupid comment “@ everyone mistaking this site for mxit” foolish and to me its nothing.thats why am asking you that if u have nothing better to say then give your fingers a break by not texting nonsense to us.thank you!amen to that o’l pliny am glad that u also finally realised that CCS is old-fashioned.i jst hope he undastand your comment.thank you very much

  71. these ppl are jst trying to get attention,how did they survive before the strike?they are influencing each other,bt i’m nt totally against the because i believe they need a break from work even though its a waste of time.

  72. crazetee – unfortunately your abbreviated drivel appears just that. Try to illuminate your points with a bit of clarity. Otherwise they will always appear the shorthand ramblings of a dimwit… Unfortunately your aggressive and arrogant replies are indicative of the new generation…. text and talk faster than you think, and even when you think, you still mostly talk shite…

  73. crazeetee

    You are not dealing with an idiot like yourself when dealing with me….. your own words made it clear that only your so called parents work – not you. Another I can learn from your babling bullshit is that you must be black and your parents must be between those jumping mad people jumping up and down in the streets kicking dustbins like loonies…having loonies for parents, I understand why you sound like one too.. 😉

    The fact that they bought you a laptop or cell phone that can browse the internet is also proof that they, your parents don’t need the increase…they just like being a group-sheep jumping around in the streets like a typical africa savage.

  74. donald RSA says

    people, i think we should be discussing the issue at hand “strike”, and not what CRAZEETEE,CCS and DIRK r doing. u all sound the same to me, the saying goes, ‘people in glass houses should not throw stones’ or/and ‘ play the ball and not the man.’ C’mon stop it guys.PLEASE MY COMPATRIOTS.

  75. donald RSA

    Sounds like you don’t even know what “people in glass houses should not throw stones” mean…I am not busy striking and I am not “hopping mad” in the streets stopping those ( who is reported to do a better job than the striking nurses ) loyal citizens who do care for the sick to go into hospitals and do the work of the dancing loonies who should never have been apponted nurses from te start!

    And if crazetee think before babling bull, he’d stay out of trouble.

    There is no issue at hand…eventually, in stead of replacing these striking fools with people who want and will do a good job, this useless ANC-circus will give them whatever they want while not being worth it!

  76. tshego,

    Why will somebody who do not do his job while at work need a break? Are you the sangoma who booked a guy off-sick for three months because he had a headace from thinking too much?

  77. donald RSA, idiot #2 around here, did you read Ol’ Pliny post of August 25th, 2010 at 3:01 pm above? Apartheid teachers were not overpaid and did not get anything for housing as was expected of a goog citizen to do his part and build this country…..we ould never even think of going on strike and even today i won’t strike and behave like a thirdworld c-class african fool who can’t see nothingh further than his nose!
    We love this country more than you raping stealing corrupt president and anybody in the ANC does! The way we conduct ourself is proof of that and the way these dancing – hopping mad crowds carry on, it’s clear they only understand how to break things down..reason… you don’t need a brain to break something down or not to do your job or dance ion the streets!

    Only time the darker people on this continent show they know how to do something is when stealing or vandalising – nowhere in africa did anybody ever show they are able to build their countries – africa just don’t have any success stories to tell and after all this…you still did not learn a thing out of it all….. but believe that whites have all they need just bcause they are white or from the apartheid era?? How did you come to your typical african super-stupid conclusion?? They worked for half the salaries these useless idiots get whithout ever striking…so what makes you think the teachers who teached during apartheid era are so rich? Clearly, like is normal for blacks, you have no idea what you talk about and also make it clear you can’t think or have a mind of your own either! You just repeat the bullshit the englishspeaker enemies of the boertjies told you!

  78. You might not know it but South Afrika, you are going the Zimbabwe way. It happened the same way in Zimbabwe and as for SA, its a matter of time.

  79. it is so stange that the very same people asking for more money are the people working in departments that are responsable for service delevery
    that are non existing after they get more money they demonstrate for service delevery,what!

  80. Elizabeth Kruger says

    South Africa used to be a country to be proud of, but now one is ashamed of
    the same country. Why is everything going the way it does, it once again just
    proof that the goverment sit on the gravy train and could not care less what is going on in the outside world, and offcause Zuma’s pet camels is the cause of all the strikes and everything else going on. With his permission and everybody in this dirty goverment use the hardworking people’s tax money to
    fly from one country to the other country, what a shame to allow your people
    to kill innocent people. Zuma is a spineless woman hunter and should be fired as president of this country, he should of been locked up in jail years ago anyway. SIS.

  81. I hear they rejected the government offer! these people are now becoming lunatic its not interesting anymore.Why do they have to make bad the image of Africa like this? how will the future of South Africa be like and what are the children coping from their too crazy parents?Its too many rights that are destroying this country and that is why the children in this country are the least educated around the region because they do not have good role models.I wish the resources that are in here can be given to countries like Zimbabwe where there are kids who believe in education as the future of everything. South Africans its time you think using your brains not your toes or else we got to suggest that the government beat the the hell out of you in the streets you lack a good beating.You are a disgrace to got too much of jungle rights-its disgusting


    guys,how can we convince our government about giving the strikers what they ask for? you know what?this is affecting innocent lives…

  83. Excellent observartion Corrie – that the very strikers wrecking the country are those who work for the departments that fail to deliver. Any moment now and more and more people will start noticing, too.

  84. i don’t think striking is a solution, government must pay they are driving fancy cars living luxury life the people are suffering cause of them, consider youreself earning R3000.00 a month and you have 6mouths to feed, but you don’t strike you work cause where or who will give you that much every month. Unions are there one’s who currupt people cause also they are getting certain percentage from the negotiaters,teachers and nurses their kids are in private schools, also they are studying to further their studies to help themselves not our kids, government must give them contract to sign that for three years we want good not better matric results and no striking.

  85. Monkatso, please read all previous comments in this forum before submitting
    views. Concerning your example of people (probably blacks) earning R3000
    per month. As one of many examples I know of, a white woman working for
    a butchery earns a miserable R1000 per month. Many are unemployed.

    In any case, why mention six mouths to feed? Clinics offer free advice on birth control.
    Strikers and others in the multi breeding business should consider how it will affect their
    finances before recklessly adding to an already over populated nation whose grants and
    available land for housing is rapidly dimimishing, which should be set aside for
    agriculture and livestock.

    In most cases, strikers lose money for the period they strike. Yet, they are still expected to pay
    union fees to the bosses unaffected by strikes; the loss of wages, damage strikers may cause to
    property and the effect the strikes has on businesses and the ecomony.
    If workers really want to strike, rather direct a few flat hands to those running the unions.

  86. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    Oh, Jeez, Dirk! Get a flippin’ life, Mate! When you going to wake up to the fact that THERE IS NO GOD! No Satan, no angels, no-one “up there” who actually GIVES a damn!
    I cannot argue with the fact that teachers and nurses have been paid APPALLINGLY badly for years, and they are actually more entitled to a decent wage than our government. If it weren’t for nurses, our president may not have survived childbirth. If it weren’t for teachers, our cabinet ministers may not have been able to spell their own names. So, it’s thanks to these dedicated people that we have a society at all.
    HOWEVER, when the demand to be paid a decent wage is at the cost of the lives of innocents, then we have surely regressed to our most barbaric state!


  88. Dirk, thank you for that link. Here it is again:
    Everyone should read it, download it or send the page to someone by email.

    To say IT”S FRIGHTENING is a grand understatement. It’s the truthful situation of this
    country, depicted in all of it’s savagery. The problem with many in this forum being, they
    wish to be like the proverbial ostrich with its head stuck in the ground, They refuse to face
    the truth, and have no intention to speak out against crime and corruption – Adios Africa.
    Cry-the-beloved-country. Bye-the-beloved-country.

  89. Well said, Pliny – only I think the end of SA was in sight well before these strikes. It doesn’t occur to the strikers – of course – that if they get their increases, they too will feel the economic impact of hiked prices and job shedding.

  90. Hastheworldgonecrazy…

    It’s crazy to keep telling me there is no God..He is more real to me than you..he is as real to me as my mother and brother so. Will you regard me as crazy if I tell you that you have no mother at all? So top being stupid….mmm wait there is a reason why you not only stupid but heathen too…you must be from the darjker side of africa who do not even beklieve in germs or bacteria etc. just because they can’t see it! I noteced that even these striking nurses laugh at you if you believe in higene! They are so-called trained hospital staff but do not believe that the germs teh white man told them about really exist – you are just as stupid..but well you can’t help it hey?? You did not choose your I’ll forgive you .. just stop trying so hard to impress intelectuals with stupidity

  91. In Zambia they have/had a school subject called ” civic affairs”. This taught children about how the country ran, where money came from, how public enterprises were funded etc. Having worked and lived for 45 years in nearly every Sub equatorial country in Africa I can say that South has now hit the bottom of the shit heap. Why not give them thir “justified” 8.65%? Why not 50%? Or 10100.5 %? Or? How stupid can the comrades be?

  92. Hastheworld.. said: ‘Oh, Jeez, Dirk! Get a flippin’ life, Mate…’
    Consider this an aside. At least Dirk has a hope – in this life, or the next.
    Anyone in danger of their lives, may well have a chance of survival when
    appealling for mercy should the attacker be god-fearing – whatever religion.
    This is most unlikely when dealing with the godless or savages.

    You are possibly well off, independant and therefore don’t need religion. Borrow a Bible and
    read Psalm 73. Asaph graphically illustrates the slippery ground upon which such ones walk.

    A day of reckoning will come, but it may be too late. Not too many godless, blasphemers who
    faced death accepted their fate as bravely as the way they formerly denounced God.
    While under attack in the trenches, their prayers were usually longer and with more emotion
    than their believing mates.

  93. Ol’ Pliny

    well said mate! Can’t wait for the day to hear his prayers – that would be the day he arrive at my door with his panga!

  94. Dirk, discreet people hate the violence, ignorance and corruption which, despite
    all advances in science and human relations, never seems to cease. This is the
    real reason that they take to reading the scriptures, because they no longer
    have faith in mankind to solve the mess brought upon themselves. (Psa 118:9)

    On the other hand, have you ever wondered why most isolated tribes, even though savage,
    and have never before been visited by missionaries, have some form of belief in either eternal
    life, or the exixtence of an unseen, unknown deity? In South Africa its ancestor worship.

    The Bible explains this at Ecclesiates 3:10,11 (NKJV) “I have seen the God given task with
    which the sons of men are to be occupied. He has made everything beautiful in its time.
    Also, he has put eternity in their hearts, except that no one can find out the work that
    God does from beginning to end.”

    True, there are many mysteries even scientists cannot define, but everyone has that desire to
    serve un unknown God, whether in peace, savagery or ignorance. (Acts 17:23,24)

  95. wat goes arnd cums arnd dear south africans oh, wat a the f**k happened Zuma? oh its another “things fall apart’

    watch this space

  96. The africans are like the catholics…where the cotholics/anglicans have mary, the savages have ancestors – and they have these things because they think the living God is like they are….full of selfimportance with “official channels” that need be followed before getting to Him! It is amazing that the thoughts of ps. 118:9 will not enter the minds of africa who worship guys like zuma as a god! The other foolish thing i find amazing is the fact that these people who believe a dead person become a god, kill that easily!? It shows they can;t think further than their noses….I would not kill somebody if I believed he would suddenly become a god…how will I then escape the wrath of such a god?

    What is it i am doing by saying these things??..Just the name of the LORD I will destroy them as well as their foolish beliefs!

    Ps 118:10 All nations compassed me about: but in the name of the LORD will I destroy them.
    11 They compassed me about; yea, they compassed me about: but in the name of the LORD I will destroy them.
    12 They compassed me about like bees; they are quenched as the fire of thorns: for in the name of the LORD I will destroy them.

    The King James Version, (Cambridge: Cambridge) 1769.

  97. madoba

    Good question….how stupid can the comrades be? What i do not understand is how stupid the “thinking” people was in 1994 to expect of such fools to run this country… and to still be “positive” about it today!?

  98. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    @ DIRK ….Firstly, the most brilliant mind alive today, Steven Hawking, said that in all his years of studying the world, galaxy and entire known universe, he could find no evidence of God ANYWHERE! Secondly, Yes! You’re right! I am from the “darker side of africa”, South Africa! Which is currently only aspiring to 3rd world country status!
    And thirdly, Please forgive me. Far be it for me, CLEARLY a “stupid” individual, trying to impress “intelectuals” with my “stupidity”, to even attempt to compete with an obviously superior mind. Actually, I am serious about the apology. You are as entitled to your belief, as anyone else. Please forgive me for being so intolerant.
    Lastly, I have to correct you regarding your later comment on catholics/anglicans. Anglicans do NOT pray to Mary. In fact, Mary features very little in the Anglican Liturgy, except in the Apostle’s Creed, which at one point states, “Born of the Virgin Mary…..” You see, I was brought up a Christian, but, like Mr Hawking, could find no evidence of God’s existence, and came to the inevitable conclusion that Christianity is a panacea for the masses, something “tangible” to believe in, and something to give us hope. And, Dirk, there is nothing wrong with that. If that is what gets you through each pointless day in this bleak and hopeless life, I envy you!

  99. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    @ OL’PLINY …… Zero out of a Hundred for Insight 1! No! I am NOT well-off and independent. I am, in fact, a single Mother, supporting a son with epilepsy on a salary on R5,000.00 per month and no medical aid! My son’s medication costs me almost R1,000.00 per month. I would take another job, but I can’t leave my son alone in the evenings. If ANYONE needed “God” in their lives, it’s me! But…….. He’s just not there!

  100. Yes! God is there, have you read Foot Prints in the Sand?

  101. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    @ MADEVU …..Yes. I have read Footprints in the Sand. It’s beautiful! Unfortunately, it does not prove to me that God exists. Where was God when those innocent babies died because the nurses were on strike? Whose side was God on during the two World Wars? Both Germans and British prayed to him, why did he choose the English? Why does God allow his creations to slaughter one another? And, if he gave us free will, surely, even if we choose not to accept his existence, we cannot be doomed. If we are, there never was free will up for grabs! The premise is, “You have free will, but if you don’t believe in me, I shall smite you!”
    Honestly, Madevu, I wish I could believe in a creator. It would sure make my life a whole heap easier!

  102. I would like to explain abouth the soldiers, as I was one and about the children but I have the feeling it will be to no avail, it is a choise that he has given to every one to believe or not to believe I believe in God and no one will change that I to have problems but will not change my mind

  103. lorne chalsunker says


  104. amen thanx to that! Public Servants are going back to work and the largest strike has now come to an end, thanx to our Government for not thinking of us and our Unions for Selling us out!!

  105. Something’s been gnawing away at my brain and here it is. Someone just told me he’d heard rumours that employers were again going to force resignation packages down people’s throats – you know, where you the employee gets an email advising you to accept a voluntary retirement package or lose everything (and you can’t even go to the Police!). It just occurs to me – surely the only people whose jobs get shed should be those who supoported the strike? Surely those people should be the last consumers of oxygen on earth who are ever in any position to threaten the jobs of people who continued to go to work while they danced around destroying the country?

  106. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    I agree with lorne and Thabiso in essence. However, do they not agree that teachers and nurses are paid an abominable salary for the responsibility that goes with their jobs. Teachers are the creators of the future generation, and, as such, should be given a higher salary that cabinet ministers. Nurses bring our children into the world, work longer hours than most, save lives, and even help us to die with dignity and peace. They undoubtedly deserve salaries WAY higher than cabinet ministers. Had government addressed these issues years ago, and done the right thing, these strikes would never have happened. And whilst I cannot condone the barbaric, selfish way the strikes have been carried out, and I feel that each and every medical person on strike should be held accountable for the deaths of the innocent, I can understand why this point of frustration and anger has been reached. Our government ministers live in luxury mansions, drive luxury cars, travel all over the world for nothing, stay in luxury hotels, while the people responsible for them being in the positions they are in, are barely surviving! Government should do the right thing now, and acknowledge their part in this tragic and unnecessary debacle!

  107. Africa does not understand democracy. In almost all most countries unions are not part of the government so they can embark on non political protest. But here we have people demonstrating against the decisions of the government they chose. Fire the whole lot of them and sign them on on African pay scales. Try R750 per month as a teacher as in a starting rate in Zimbabwe. and their teachers are good compared to RSA. I know from experience.

  108. Hastheworld… The scriptures tell us that God is eager for all to be saved.
    (2 Pet 3:9) But, he is not really that hard up as to beg them. (Matt 3:9)

    Why should he be concerned about unbelievers when he is giving a free gift
    of everlasting life in exchange for faith. (2 Pet 3:9) He sealed the promise in blood, by sending
    his son to die as a ransom from the death Adam brought upon mankind. No wonder the wise
    Solomon regards all unbelievers as fools. “The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.”
    (Psalm 14:1; Eccl 10:4)

    Steven Hawking, is a non-walking, bull dust talking idiot who blinds minds with science which,
    has brought more bane to the world than boon. In fact, the world is currently spending billions
    to undo the damage science has caused. Oceans are polluted with pesticides and fertilisers.

    As for not being able to see God, that’s where Hawking’s knowledge failed him.
    A spirit is not tangible or visible. One cannot see air. Which is why the word for spirit is ‘pneuma’
    which means ‘breath’ As for the trouble in the world today, please read the book of Job.
    Dream on dear lady, your dreams will never come true. You are a victim of the warning at Col 2:8.

  109. Hastheworldgonecrazy…
    The most brilliant mind”? You make me laugh! You’re a typical african fool if you believe that! Only fools can believe in a “big bang” ( the phrase “big bang” already sounds like that of child 😀 )

    Secondly, christianity is not for the masses as most do not believe, they just belong to some church.

    Thirdly, no one can be brouht up a christian, God only makes people christians by giving them the gift of the Spirit and tghat is called being “born again” because it is like being born again as from that day onwards such a person no longer belong to some man-made church like the catholics/anglicans or even dutch reformed, but belong to God and is being taught by God and is given a superior mind of wisdom by God…and that is what the following text is talking about:
    Re. 11:5 And if any man will hurt them, fire proceedeth out of their mouth, and devoureth their enemies: and if any man will hurt them, he must in this manner be killed.
    6 These have power to shut heaven, that it rain not in the days of their prophecy: and have power over waters to turn them to blood, and to smite the earth with all plagues, as often as they will. ( One of the reasons why your ANC government is falling apart! Cursed are they all for they are not only fools but steal from their own! Cursed are they all and cursed are their friendship with the “alliannce” )
    The King James Version, (Cambridge: Cambridge) 1769.

    I said this before here on wonkie, I am sure, if there was a big bang, all material would move away from the centre point in straight lines..we have spirals out the..Steven Hawking must be needing some spectacles as well..not just wheel chairs! The fact that he was honnored by pik(swart) botha is already a sign that he find himself in the company of fools as bigger fools than de klerk and pikswart botha are hard to find!

    God was there when those babies died…but why save the babies of heathen? ( being non-believers, they are dead anyway! ) Did any of those non-believers who breed like rats ever turn to God for help? NO! Did they ask God for wisdom before voting these non-believer-ANC-circus clowns into power? NO! Who told you the germans prayed during world war 2 ? and what make you think the english were the ones the germans’ feared – it took ALL the nations on this planet ( except darkest africa with their kierries and assegai ) including soem white form south africa to stop those germans! That’s more than what any other nation can brag about! Not even the chinamen in their masses or the americans with their big mouthes can take the whole world on and last as long as the germans did!

    Lastly, if you really so desire to believe, ask God to make you believe – I did that round about 1978 and on 16/12/1984 he made me believe!

    Reminds me, on 16/12 we celebrate the fact that God gave about 20 000 jumping-mad-african-no-believers over in the hands of only 250 white believers – what a miracle! If that hawkins idiot was there, he would witness that he saw the power of God!.. but this is what’s happening and comming up soon!…

    Deut 32:19And when the LORD saw it, he abhorred them, because of the provoking of his sons, and of his daughters. ( They, us whites, provoked Him for choosing that terrorist heathen mandela murderer idiot as king over them in 1994 )
    20And he said, I will hide my face from them, I will see what their end shall be: for they are a very froward generation, children in whom is no faith. 21They have moved me to jealousy with that which is not God; they have provoked me to anger with their vanities: and I will move them to jealousy with those which are not a people; I will provoke them to anger with a foolish nation.
    22For a fire is kindled in mine anger, and shall burn unto the lowest hell, and shall consume the earth with her increase, and set on fire the foundations of the mountains.
    23I will heap mischiefs upon them; I will spend mine arrows upon them. 24They shall be burnt with hunger, and devoured with burning heat, and with bitter destruction: I will also send the teeth of beasts upon them, with the poison of serpents of the dust.
    25The sword without, and terror within, shall destroy both the young man and the virgin, the suckling also with the man of gray hairs.
    26I said, I would scatter them into corners, I would make the remembrance of them to cease from among men:
    27Were it not that I feared the wrath of the enemy, lest their adversaries should behave themselves strangely, and lest they should say, Our hand is high, and the LORD hath not done all this.
    28For they are a nation void of counsel, neither is there any understanding in them.
    29O that they were wise, that they understood this, that they would consider their latter end!

    30How should one chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight, except their Rock had sold them, and the LORD had shut them up? ( the day of blood river!)

    And below is what God thinks of the heathen..

    31For their rock is not as our Rock, even our enemies themselves being judges.
    32For their vine is of the vine of Sodom, and of the fields of Gomorrah: their grapes are grapes of gall, their clusters are bitter:
    33Their wine is the poison of dragons, and the cruel venom of asps.
    34Is not this laid up in store with me, and sealed up among my treasures? 35To me belongeth vengeance, and recompence; their foot shall slide in due time: for the day of their calamity is at hand, and the things that shall come upon them make haste.
    36For the LORD shall judge his people, and repent himself for his servants, when he seeth that their power is gone, and there is none shut up, or left.
    The King James Version, (Cambridge: Cambridge) 1769.

    Only once us whites come to the opoint where they realizi that they need to turn bock to God and that they have no power left because of the evil african heathen who show no mercy for the aged or children, then he will save us from you jumping mad masses!

    When ons day you see all white gathering in tjheir churches like they did every time we needed rain, but this time to openly ask God to save us from the heathen and not care how politically correct it is, in that day he will show that He is God and that teher is none like Him! woe to you heathen on that day!

  110. @ Dirk: I have been a child of the Living God from the day of my birth and never have I ever been more embarrassed and ashamed to call myself a Christian than on the same blog as the one where you spout verbal intolerance and hatred. My God tells me to forgive those who wrong me seven times seventy times and then some. My God tells me that children are not held accountable for their wrongdoings until they reach the age of understanding, and therefore any child below the age of understanding who dies will automatically go to heaven. My God tells me not to judge others as judgement is His right and not mine. My God tells me to seek first the word of God before all things. He says nothing about twisting it to fit my political views and then ramming it forcefully down another person’s throat along with bile and venom. Mr God tells me to abide by the laws of the land in which I live and part of those laws include not calling a person a murderer or rapist or whatever unless they have been found guilty in a court of Law (Zuma was not found guilty in a court of law).

    You sir are as the thief on the cross alongside the Christ who refused to repent of his sins and beg forgiveness from his savior while there was still time.

    Your tirades on this blog are making me seriously want to denounce my faith and excuse myself from being labeled the same as you. You embarrass me and worse you besmirch my God with your wicked tongue. God warns all His children to beware lest they cause another to falter in their walk with God. You are through word and deed causing Christians who read this blog to falter in their walk with God. Repent now and turn away from this wickedness before God sees fit to smite you for your wicked tongue.

    This blog site is meant to be a place where citizens of this great nation can come and share views from all faiths and all walks of life without fear of judgement or criticism. We ALL have a constitutional RIGHT to have our opinions and you have no right to browbeat anyone with your holy book (which just so you know is NOT the same as mine!). You have no right under our laws to tell anyone that their faith is wrong – even if that faith is Atheism. So please do all of us a favor and lay off the sermons on this blog please. We are here to discuss a serious political situation in the country which affects us all. We are NOT here to give you a soap-box on which to stand and spout inaccurate religious beliefs.

    I know for a certainty that God cringes when you twist His word to fit a political viewpoint. Shame on you. I do not want to be called by the same faith as you because of your shameful behavior on this blog.

    I will pray that you stop talking lies and shouting intolerance long enough for God’s still small voice to be heard in your soul. If anyone needs a face to face visit from God it is you.

  111. Gatvol says, “Dirk: I have been a child of the Living God from the day of my birth”
    No dear, you cannot argue with Dirk on that issue. Jesus did not go rounding
    up newborn babies for the kingdom. The nearest he came to that was to imply
    that the adults he preached to should be as eager to learn as the little children
    who joined the crowd to listen to him. (Matt 18:1-3) Those who baptise newborn babies are
    fooling you and all ohers who believe they are Christians from birth. Have you not yet heard of
    so many, like Elizabeth Taylor and Whoopie Goldberg who converted to the Jewish faith?
    Christians are made from people who are mature enough to realise the implications of not
    living up to their dedication vows.

  112. You are wrong! when parents take there children to be baptised they do that in good fait and believe that God will except there children in to his kingdom, do you think God will say Look at those fools down there way O way baptise those children in my name when they have no idea what is going on I was baptised as a baby and I had from there on a Christian upbringing if you say that there baptism is of no value you have already condemn yourself

  113. Has anyone else noticed how since the Muhammad cartoon blog, every wonkie’s blog comments take a sideways turn from the original topic towards a religious one? The odd detour is almost expected on any discussion board but this is a bit much.

    Concerning the original topic, the strikes, I find it very interesting that the unions are now threatening to strike against the “no work, no pay” policy as described in the employment act 64 (I think). They have there pound of flesh. Why not take their victory and end this farce? Stay on the job and EARN your pay!

  114. errmm… dirk; {And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen. (Matthew 28:18-20)} “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.” (Galatians 5:22)…. no amount of selective bits of scripture out of context can deny Christ Jesus. He doesn’t need your bile and hatred – that is the work of the evil one, plain and simple. Repent, ask our Gracious and Merciful Lord and Saviour for forgiveness and desist with these false prophesies and blasphemous ramblings you are poisoning this forum with.

  115. Ol’ Pliny – I am disappointed with your “tacit” support for that bigot and false prophet dirk. One look at that site that he sent the link to and his incoherent, selective/out of context scriptural references (the Word of God, not to be taken lightly – whoa unto him who leads my children into sin…) and it is plain to see that he is as far from God as those he so liberally condemns. The world is in turmoil because of sin. The law was given to Moses to guide the Israelites but no man is capable within himself of keeping the law. Our Gracious God gave us the Precious gift of his Son, Jesus, Whose blood was spilled for our sins and then he rose again, victorious over death and satan. The price is paid in full, the ONLY condition is that we ask our Gracious, Merciful God for forgiveness and accept His divine act which Jesus COMPLETED on the cross and in rising from the dead. Thus we enter into a NEW covenant, we are made clean, our sin is removed as though it never was, and God places His Holy Spirit in us to guide and fellowship with us (as it was with Adam and Eve before sin). We call him Abba, Father and he delights in us and in fellowship with us as this is why he created us – he “desires ALL man to be reconciled unto Him”. I’m not here to preach or enter a trivial theological debate (versions of the Bible, scripture references with/without context and cross reference etc.). The plain facts are that the bile that spews forth from dirk’s index finger has nothing to do with the Merciful, Loving, All Powerful, Creator God that we serve – fact. End of discussion.

  116. Hi Phred, I praised Zuma for his good nature in these chat rooms recently,
    and I continue to admire him. I mean, he could have been like Mad Bob.
    Zuma is light-hearted and is an excellent ambassador wherever he goes.
    But that does not mean I support his party, his many wives, and sex with many
    girl friends. I also mentioned in these chats that my former boss told me to rather look for the
    good in people than point out the bad. The best counsel that ever came my way, considering my
    Irish blood on my Paternal side which I needed to cool off in the boxing ring or in Nahoon surf.

    Treat people this way, they are more likely to change for the better. They will also be more
    likely to notice that you also have a good side, and not really their enemy.
    If we keep hammering someone, they will never change. (Eccl 7:7)

    I have on a few occasions asked Dirk to cool down, and I will praise him when he makes
    a good point. My apologies if my messages gave the wrong impression.

  117. Hi Ol’ Pliny – which is why I was a tad surprised when you responded to Gatvol re being “born” a Child of the Living God and failed to admonish dirk for his unscrupulous distortion of the Word. By the way, we are the children of the Living God, created in his image. That many choose not to recognize this does not alter this fact… One is not born a Christian, I agree – maybe in a Christian Household where the parents are true believers and with God’s help, raise and pray their children into the kingdom, a personal choice to accept the free gift our Saviour gives by his Grace, not our works. Where you should rather focus your efforts on in your reply to Gatvol is his/her assertion that – “making me seriously want to denounce my faith and excuse myself from being labeled the same as you”; and – “You are through word and deed causing Christians who read this blog to falter in their walk with God”. Nothing that dirk can say and do should cause any true Christian to falter in their faith because the Holy Spirit will testify to their Spirit that the belief system and untruths inherent in his view are false…. dirk, as most who post on the forum, may at times (when he steers clear of his falsehoods and racial stereotyping) have some salient points; however, this does not excuse his many unprovoked, unsubstantiated, un-Godly rants that are aimed at anyone who does not share his simpleton, “white is right” world view.

  118. Ol’ Pliny – my apologies to you – not having a go – I was just surprised as I respect the majority of your posts due to your sincerity, experience, even-handedness and general tenor of them.

  119. @ Phred: You are correct in pointing out that a person’s faith should not be so easily shaken by the rantings of a loudmouthed person such as Dirk. Perhaps I could have phrased it better as saying religion rather than faith.

    I was born a child of God and nobody’s opinion on the matter is going to change my belief in that simple fact. I won’t stop them having their opinions, they just don’t mean much to me is all. You see I should not be here. I was an accidental conception through three different kinds of birth control and I very nearly did not make it. My parents prayed over me and my life to date has been one miracle after another. I personally met my guardian angels at the age of six and at the age of seven I was blessed with a word of knowing. I dedicated my life to God at the age of seven. I know Him personally and would never ever turn away from my God.

    I would however turn away from calling myself a Christian if Christians today are people who judge and condemn people sight unseen without even trying to pray for them or to bring God into their lives. If Christians loudly claim that people are condemned to hell based purely on skin color or political affiliations and supply twisted scripture to support their view then no I do not want to be called a Christian. Satan also knows his bible and likely better than any human ever will.

    My God tells me that His children will be known by the fruits of their spirit.

    Incidentally I stand by my assertion that Dirk is causing Christians to potentially falter in their walk with God. Dirk is preaching twisted scripture for political ends rather than to bring people to God. Any young Christians who read his bile-filled rants would potentially have their walk with God derailed as Dirk provides scripture to “prove” his point. I have seen people who have walked forty years and more with God be derailed by a twisted scriptural reference. Eve who knew God personally from the day of her creation was derailed by one simple twisted scripture. Don’t say it can’t happen because it can and it does. Dirk should beware in case his rants do the same.

  120. Phred says:>
    “this does not excuse his many unprovoked, unsubstantiated, un-Godly
    rants that are aimed at anyone who does not share his simpleton, “white
    is right” world view.” Sighhhh. Too true. Most here probably sympathise
    with the way Blacks were treated in the earlier apartheid days, and
    realise the need to have empathy rather than intolerance.

    As a young boy of 12, I was placed in the Marist Brothers College in Uitenhage circa 1942
    by Mrs Slater of The Child’s Welfare in Port Elizabeth. A few weeks later on an icy winter
    morning, the prefects brought a Black boy of the same age, to Brother Vidal the principle.
    He was wearing an old ragged Marist blazer.

    The blazer was taken off him and most likely destroyed. I will never forget that boy’s face.
    He said nothing and sadly walked off in his vest. Whereas the prefects smugly smiled, most
    of us later expressed our pity and shame, and the vision has never left my mind.
    For all we know, that humble kid may well have later become one of those ANC in exiles.

    During the war, everyone hated the Germans, despite the fact the about half the population
    hated Hitler, the SS and all that went with the master race. It’s a racial stigma, the same as
    Whites had for Blacks, and Blacks have for Whites these days.

    Although many thousands of young Black and Whites were too young during apartheid, and
    are getting on well with other races, it’s the older ones amongst us who are slowing down
    the process of healing. It take many many more years before there is any harmony.

    But, keep in mind, that we are still imperfect humans and there are some Blacks that test
    the patience of whites. Take for instance our Pal Tim. I will not even answer his stupidity.
    A few weeks ago, in these forums, I mentioned how well I treat my gardener. He gets much
    more than elsewhere, plus bonuses, overalls, a room, eye, ear and hand protection.
    We shower him with presents, and even take furniture items to his house, and he only works
    for eight hours a day.

    But he steals time, plus things laying around, comes late and goes off earlier later and later
    every day, until it almost half an hour every day. When I reprimanded him, he said he never
    asked for anything, and that other people also give him things. CHEEK.

    Tiny (brain) Tim responded by saying he is tired of hearing my moaning about the Black people.
    Yes, I did earlier say we should be trying to find the good in people. But, people like Tim are
    trying our trying. Nevertheless, let’s read their views in case some good is evident.

  121. donald south africa says


  122. GatvolinSA

    If you don’t like some parts of your bible tear it out..what can I say..start with this one..

    5And when he had looked round about on them with anger, being grieved for the hardness of their hearts, he saith unto the man, Stretch forth thine hand.

    or this one..

    7Then said he to the multitude that came forth to be baptized of him, O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?

    The King James Version, (Cambridge: Cambridge) 1769. can be on His left hand or on His RIGHT Hand…you live acording to His Word or you don’t. You leftwingers only want to hear about the love of God and ignore the wrath part of Him – that’s not hate – all I believe, I belive because it is written and I am not selective with the scriptures. Cover-to-cover or nothing.

  123. phred

    Sorry, Adam was created in the Image of God ON THE DAY God created them…afterwards..sorry no longer the image of God..

    Gen 5: 1
    This is the book of the generations of Adam. In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made he him;
    2 Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.
    3 And Adam lived an hundred and thirty years, and begat a son in his own likeness, after his image; and called his name Seth: 4
    The King James Version, (Cambridge: Cambridge) 1769.

    You see, after Gen. 3:6 sin came into man and man no longer had the image of the holy God… 🙁 and that’s why we have political problems today..and people chopped up with panga’s etc. etc.

  124. You are correct Dirk. Man ‘was’ made in God’s image.
    Adam’s caused him, and all his offspring, to loose that perfection. Romans 5:12
    Unless we earn God’s favour, there will be no afterlife. Romans 6:21

    God is immortal and cannot die.
    How can we still remain in his image if we are dying in sin?

  125. Hastheworldgonecrazy says

    Despite the fact that I do empathize with the teachers and nurses regarding their abysmal salaries, I totally agree with CCS. What these people don’t stop to think about are the millions of Rands per day it has already cost the country whilst they were on strike, and now they want us to pay them for NOT being at work? If their aim is to bring the country to it’s knees, they are doing a truly excellent job! The sad thing is, despite all their criticism of the government, when it’s time for elections, they will STILL put their crosses next to the ANC!

  126. “Hastheworldgonecrazy… The most brilliant mind”? You make me laugh!
    You’re a typical african fool if you believe that!” (Quoting Dirk)
    Look-see friends, your pariah has again spoken the truth.
    On September 11th, 2008, Hawking made a $100 bet that during the testing
    of the new-fangled atomic accelerator, they would not find God.

    Probably everyone in this forum (Well me anyhow-if I were a gambler) would have multiplied
    his (doubtful sounding, miserable) bet a few thousand times. The famous Red Russian Juri
    Gagarin, (Emphasis on the gaga) when reaching orbital height said, “There is no sign of God
    up here. (No doubt primed before hand to destroy the opium of the masses.

    Now my God-fearing brothers and sisters, you will most likely realise why God’s word labels
    those atheistic mamparas in plain language. (Psalm 14:1) How can anyone put faith in them.
    They cannot even apply their laws of antithesis when it comes to spiritual things. (Jer 10:23)

  127. Hastheworldgonecrazy says

    @ Ol’Pliny…….. Sigh! Methinks you doth protest too much, my friend. If you were so secure in your belief, you would actually not even bother with a “heathen” like me! What’s the matter, Plin old Buddy? Have to keep verifying your faith? All I can say to you is, if, in the VERY unlikely event, you and Dirk are right, I am thankful that I will not have to spend eternity with the likes of you two! Even hell (ha! ha! ha!) would be preferable to that! What a strange, strange god you worship. Clearly not terribly intelligent!

  128. in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word is God….and the word became flesh and He dwelt among us – guys which part in that scripture you don’t understand?? i believe in God i believe in His salvation i believe that without Him there’s no me,there’s no OL’Pliny , infact there is no Pliny in fact theris nothing that exists!!

  129. In the third century AD they sat round a table and by a show of hands decided the late JC was divine. In like fashion a select number of the writings available that suited their purpose were collected into a book called the Bible. Other writings were ignored. They also believed the earth was flat and that the sun went round the earth despite visual evidence to the contrary. People with minds ruled by self persuasion and self delusion can never rise to the intelectual heights of people like Stephen Hawking. This is not to say that a spiritual dimension does not exist.

  130. dirk… sigh…! Yes, original sin (the sin of Adam) beget man a sin nature. God did not “unmake” man in his image; his Holy Spirit that dwelt with us (Gen. 2: 7 – the Lord God formed the man from dust of the ground and breathed into him the BREATH OF LIFE, and man became a living being.). God cannot live with sin and His Spirit was withdrawn from us. Sin separates us from God; the yearning that most people feel which puts them onto numerous paths to fulfill is the lack of intimate, spiritual fulfillment which can only be fulfilled when we repent and find Jesus (not by works, but by GRACE). His Spirit testifies to us and we are born a new creation. We are justified (i.e. just as if we had never sinned). I could go on but won’t. You are right that the world is in turmoil because of sin (read my previous posts). However, despite your right hand left hand rubbish linking it arbitrarily to right and left wing politics etc. etc. you completely miss the point – the reason we take Jesus’ commission so seriously is BECAUSE we have a HEALTHY FEAR of our Creator God. We know all the aspects of God, his commission to us was to go and make disciples of ALL the nations, feed the hungry, look after the widows and orphans, Gentile, Jew – EVERYONE. He told us to LOVE those who persecute us and to act justly in ALL we do (the Lord LOATHES injustice [especially when perpetuated by those who claim to love him]). What commandment did he tell Peter was the greatest of all dirk?? You see dirk, the answer to the world’s turmoil is Jesus – this can only be brought about if we reflect His love to the world. The world doesn’t need anymore hate, retribution, social and economic injustice etc. that comes from the evil one, just like fanatical fundamentalism on all sides which adds fuel to the fire and makes satan laugh hysterically. We can’t do it, dirk – and to think that God needs us to condemn and browbeat “the Heathen” as you put it is the ULTIMATE conceit! The battle is in the heavenly realms dirk; pray that all may see the light, pray for Jacob, Julius, etc. pray for your fellow misguided right wing fanatics, pray for the Islamic fundamentalists, pray for the car jackers, pray for the everyone, tell them the GOOD news (as you have been commanded to do). This will be my last correspondence with you on this matter. Amen.

  131. Hastheworldgonecrazy says

    Madoba! The Voice of Reason! You are so right! It was the Council of Nicaea, chaired by King Constantine, whose mother, Helen, had become a follower of Christ. They decided which books should be incorporated in the Bible, and what Holy days should be observed during the year. This neatly tied in with Constantine’s own heathen belief, and very cleverly incorporated Christianity and Paganism, thereby keeping everyone happy!
    I am also pretty appalled at the way Ol’P. and Dirk denegrated Steven Hawking, to whose intelligence, intellect and comprehension of life, the universe and everything, these two could not even begin to aspire! How true the saying that “we fear (or in this case, mock) what we do not understand.”

  132. For anyone interested in seeing what true Christians are doing to make a difference and how the Gospel of our Lord Jesus affects people’s lives then have a look at the following links: ; ; ; . These are merely a few of the initiatives in the Durban area, there are many thousands more in many churches throughout South Africa and indeed the rest of Africa. Jesus will make the difference regardless how many fanatics, politicians, humanists etc. try to prevent him. He has truimphed over sin and death, he has bought us with a price. satan IS defeated, if we do not make ourselves available to be obedient and show his love to everyone, we would be foolish to think that He will not use others to achieve the Victory that has already been won…
    Tich Smith was a Natal and SA wicketkeeper who came to know Jesus through the ministry of Peter Pollock (SA cricketer). He has a heart for the lost children and the LIV Village is a concept that he saw in the Watoto villages in Uganda. The concept was launched at a banquet at the Durban ICC – you see he realizes the importance of being obedient to God and spreading the Good News. God convicts, not condemns – the seeds planted by this humble man in obedience to God will bring forth fruit a hundredfold to that which the bile and hatred that emanates from dirk’s ilk will…

  133. Hastheworldgonecrazy, calm down. You began the issue by condemning Dirk
    for what he believes, and at the same time setoff to verify Hawking as a
    brilliant apostle to your God called science. Now why get horrid about it?
    Are you not able to reason logically, or allow other to express their view?

    For those unfamiliar with physical science, I need to explain the meaning of antithesis.
    But, please bear in mind that true science, which explains natural phenomena, differs greatly
    from industrial and theoretical science. (God of the above lady)

    Anti as all know, relates to that which opposes. Thetic relates to positive things.
    Synthetic’ therfore, imitates the natural. EG: Cotton is natural, whereas polyester is a
    resemblance to it.

    Antithetic is that which opposes proven positive things – good bad, or unknown.
    Scientific ‘theories’ (Yes, let us use that term) argue that for each and every situation,
    experience or condition, there is an equivalent opposing force effect or situation.

    Here are a few examples: Hot cold, High low, Fast slow, Up down, Light dark, Hot cold,
    Translucent opaque, Light dark, Hard soft, Warm cool, Sage fool – get it?

    Scientists theorise antimatter. Which they claim exists but is intangible, invisible and as yet
    unproven. Black holes they say, are like the coal sack. (That area near the Southern cross
    which is devoid of stars) These holes are formed when a mass of solid matter attracts other
    nearby matter until the continuous intake results in an immense gravity from which even
    light cannot escape. (Think galactic SARS)

    Should such antimatter really exist, is it not logical that there should be a spirit world with
    life, as an antithesis of the physical world we live in, surrounded by billions of galaxies.

    They also theorise that life just happened in a bog somewhere, when amino acids and other
    chemicals collected in some slime in just the correct proportions when lightning
    struck it and caused a bug to emerge. (Perhaps the flash was too weak to harm the
    bug, or a recently evolved tree nearby acted as a surge protector)

    Not to worry. Science will always have their faithful gnostic ‘philo’wers who do not believe
    in God, but have enduring faith in fortune tellers, palmists, diviners and astrolgers. They
    also believe Deists are wrong. But dare not expose your ignorance by asking them where
    the planet, bog and lightning came from. It’s mos always been there – ag, didn’t you know?

  134. Phred, you are also correct – In persepective.
    We are no longer in God’s image regarding our sinful state.
    “For there us no iniquity with the Lord our God.” (2 Chron 19:7)
    We cannot make similar claims about ourselves. Now, here’s a common ground for reasoning.

    However, we do remain in his image as far as our intelligence is concerned.
    We can love, judge, create things and have the ability to decide what is right and wrong.
    Keep in mind what Paul said regarding God’s perfect laws:
    “For when the gentiles, who do not have the law, by nature do the things in the law.
    these, although not having the law, are a law to themselves.” (Rom 2:14)

    In other words, people have no excuse to do bad things, as it is their inborn image of God
    by way of conscience that condemns them. That is the true wisdom of God, which even the
    unrighteous courts take into consideration in their judgments. (1 Cor 6:1)
    “Ignorance of the law is not a valid excuse for wrong doing.”

  135. it does’nt matter whether we believe in God or not , whether we say God exist or He does not but Truth is, He is an omnipotent,omnipresent and omniscient one He was there all the time He is self existent one He was never created by anyone, and it is through Him that we are able to Breath, Live and above all we live to Worship Him !! so the unbiliever has the right to say God does not exist,m but that also is foolishness.

  136. Hastheworldgonecrazy says

    Once again, Ol’P, you have made a massive assumption based purely on your perception of a situation. No, science is NOT my God! I just happen to admire and respect the truly advanced and brilliant mind of Steven Hawking, who, were we to adhere to yours and Dirk’s precepts, was created by…. God! The very same God who created you and Dirk! And yet you both have the unmitigated nerve to demean and debase the mind of one of your creator’s most brilliant creations!
    Anyway, that most strange conundrum aside, at no point have I even intimated that I adhere only to science. As Madoba eloquently put it:- “This is not to say that a spiritual dimension does not exist.”
    The only difference between you and Dirk and me, is that I would never presume to shove my belief down anyone else’s throat. I would most definitely never denigrate anyone different to me. I believe we are all equal in the sight of the Universe, we have absolutely no right to diminish anyone purely based on their skin colour, language, or even their belief! And yet, you and Dirk are exceptionally adept at this, which makes me wonder just who you’re trying to prove what to!

  137. Ho hum, yawn. You say, “The only difference between you and Dirk and me,
    is that I would never presume to shove my belief down anyone else’s throat.”

    Is that why you said, “JEEZ Dirk, get a life. There is no God, Angels…”
    No wonder I originally thought you to be a male. Your utterances reek of testosterone,
    full of venom and very unfeminine, in my opinion. Sadly, I lack Dirk’s direct approach.

    Sorry dear, I can no longer respond to your type of reasoning. Argue with someone else
    in future, and like Dirk suggested, “Just click on the ‘X’ when you don’t like my comments.”

  138. Its scary what can go on between our ears!

  139. I hate NUMSA says

    How fair is these strikes? I’ll tell you, NOT fair at all, they force the rest of the workers . . who actually wanna work, to also go on strike, they are scared little people . .. who needs someone to hold their hands, cause they CAN’T do it alone!!!!! Leave the people ALONE who does NOT wanna join the unions and who DON’T wanna go on strike, is NUMSA gonna refund my salary that i lost . . NO . . NO .. NO, the main members of numsa are laughing all the way to the bank, what about the rest of us????? The main members are starting to live the high life and need another strike, so they can fill their pocket’s again!!!!!

  140. Madoba, you appear to be intellectual and like some others in these forums, have a
    balanced view of things, and therefore appeal to many of us. This cannot be said for
    a few others who simply make statements and shout down the comments of others.
    Take for instance our friend CCS who said:

    “Has anyone else noticed how since the Muhammad cartoon blog, every Wonkie’s blog comments take a
    sideways turn from the original topic towards a religious one? The odd detour is almost expected on any
    discussion board but this is a bit much.”

    Is CCS really all that ignorant? There are three major sections of society which have a very great effect
    on everyone in this world: a) Politics, b) Religion, c) Finance. Like the so called Trinity, these three are
    one, in the sense that each is fully dependant on the other. Very briefly:
    a) People need to be governed and protected otherwise there would be anarchy.
    They need money to pay police, nurses, teachers and themselves in the form of tax collection.
    There are two extremes, 100% and 0% so governments try to adjust to +- 50%
    b) A basis for hope. (Science, religion, fortune telling, etc.)
    No government on earth would dare interfere with ‘the opium of the masses’
    Churches wash hands, by providing human ammunition, and encourage flocks to support rulers.
    In exchange most religions pay little or no tax at all. Even Scientology
    c) Cash or kind is the carrot that leads and satisfies all. (Gold, diamonds, oil, wealth, business, etc.)

    Back to CCS. Fighting, theft, murder and falsehood are rife in all three.
    a) Do anything to block opposition.
    b) All the wars that have ever been since creation, er sorry, from the beginning have
    been caused by religious differences.
    c) Enter any stock market and observe the intensity of seeking the extra buck.
    Striking speaks for itself. No money – no work, and No work – no pay.
    Then we have the hijacker, mugger, thief and beachcomber.

    What does this all mean? Simply put, everyone in these forums are needed in some way or other.
    No matter how they may irritate us, we just have to listen, endure or ignore. Take our pal Dirk.
    I really like the guy. He gives me plenty laughs, I learn from him and he is outspoken.
    That does not mean I agree with him in all things. I will, if necessary, take him to task if whatever
    he says could mislead others. He’s racist you all say. Don’t kid me pals. Racism is common at braais
    Black and White, just as it has been since the beginning. It’s just controlled. HEY! Have you heard
    the latest joke? An Englishman, a Scotchman and a Jew were once arguing about who could……

  141. Hastheworldgonecrazy,

    1. I am not to follow your exampleat all..reason; you worship the universe…I worship and happen to know the crator of that universe you worship!
    2. I do not diminish anyone purely based on their skin colour, language, or even their belief! I concentrate pure on a person’s acts and words and if it so happen that people of a certain skincolour tend to be corrup, dishonnest, savage in their behavior and to stupid to do anything right, then that skin-coloured people will eventually believe that I hate them just because the shoe fit everytime I speak out against their actions!! ( and you don’t like that!)
    3. My God also happen to speak out agaainst such actions and I merely quote His Word and point out the fact that My God is alive when He makes His Word come true! ( and you don’t like that! )
    4. Now, if I am able to come up with something logic to show that Hawkins is not all that bright, it simply means that I am brighter than your Hawkins hero, that’s all…nothing more than that ( and you don’like that! ).
    5. My God, the one and only Living God, who created the universe and everything inside it, expect of me to overthrow the holy cows of the heathen! Now who’s orders do you expect of me to carry out? Your’s or that of my God? Obviously I have to live out His expectations or else you would be the first to blame me for NOT doing so! ( True of false?)
    I can’t force my beliefs down anybody’ throat…I just bring the water but it’s up to the horse to drink! If only you would open your throat and swallow that you may find life, life eternal in abundance!


    You are almost right..God did not “unmake” the human image, SIN did exactly that! You better get yourself a new pastor ( try Jesus! He is the only one you can trust!) – the one you have at the moment sounds like a false prophet to me brother!

    Ol’ Pliny
    The day I say something misleading and you DO NOT TAKE ME TO TASK, I will be very disapointed with you, brother!

  142. Hastheworldgonecrazy
    I missed something i wanted to mention to you…if there is one around here who moch that wich he/she do not understand…it is YOU!

  143. dirk dirk dirk… no – the only true living God expects you to show mercy, love and kindness to the lost – as I said (and he said of the pharisees) how conceited of you to think he needs you to condemn and destroy – that is the right of the Lord almighty – his command is to show the world his love and mercy – for you to preach anything else is a falsehood. God is God – he is the Judge – he did not give you authority to judge men. Unfortunately your words do not reflect anything of Jesus living in you…. your assertion that you are doing God’s Will is disingenuous as your words of hatred (common, admit it, that is EXACTLY what they are, don’t try to hide behind “I’m allowed to hate Heathens” because the Lord says I must correct them garbage) are completely contrary to his message and his commission to us. Your pathetic attempts to justify your obvious hatred for people of colour and anyone who does not fit your narrowly defined lost 13th tribe of Israel white supremacist crap are so blatantly evident that even the most dimwitted atheist can see them for what they are…

  144. Ol’ Pliny – Love the sinner, not the sin – I do take Great offense to most things dirk posts because, despite his protestations to the contrary and pathetic attempts to justify his un-Godly beliefs with Scriptural references, it is completely evident that none of the Fruits of the Spirit are at work in him and he is not showing the world Jesus in any way whatsoever. The link he provided to the far right website and his verbiage on here are sufficient evidence to the world as to his true delusion. There is no point debating anything with him because he and his ilk thrive on confrontation and wallow in blood river (talk about ancestor worship – it seems to be completely lost on him that his forefathers could have strayed from God so soon after he delivered them from slaughter there….). By the way – have a look at Professor David Block – – a “Completed Jew” and one of the most respected astronomers on this planet.

  145. Hastheworldgonecrazy says

    Dirk. Please accept (once again!) my most abject apology. And once again, I would like state that you have as much right to your belief as I have to mine. I have no right to even have an opinion on that, let alone critisize you. Why don’t you and I just agree to disagree and stop the slanging match? Life is way too short for all this angst. I have realised that every negative thought we have, and every negative deed we perpetrate, is one less positive experience we will have. Life is hard, and we don’t get many breaks, so let’s make the most of the few we get. Enjoy the company of loved ones, take a walk in a forest and be close to nature for a while. Listen to the rain, REALLY listen! Smell the grass after the rain. Hold your child close and tell him you love him, those may well be the last words you say to him. These are the things that make life worth living, and most of the time we choose to ignore them.
    I truly wish you a wonderful weekend, and a peaceful life filled with love and laughter.

  146. Hastheworldgonecrazy, glad to hear the change of attitude. It takes a brave person
    to admit failings. You have proved my point. ‘Seek out the good in all’. So, you are
    really human after all. Hopefully, Dirk has already accepted your apology.

  147. Phred, I did have a look at Professor David Block –” as you
    suggested, because I really am interested in the universe and are among the higher
    number of star gazers, having also seen a few comets, even Halley’s when it was
    approaching Pleiades, the jewel box. Also an exploding satelite mercury crossing
    Venus, etc, and marvel at nature and the beauty of this earth created by God.

    But, I will never idolise any scientist, even should they claim to be Christian. Most of them
    have reduced faith, and look to the heavens as if hoping to see evidence of God. Pity them.
    Among them are also those scouring the hills and dales for evidence of evolution.

    Why else would that idiot Hawking mention that people will not find God. Religion bothered
    him. It stood in the way of his credence. Space exploration is wrong. (Deut 10:14; Psalm 115:16)
    It nurtures doubt in the hearts of people when ‘learned’ scientists refute the existence of God,
    and create hopes that man will one day escape a dying earth and colonise other planets.
    Fie on them and all who fall for their ridiculous bloated brains.
    For true Christians, its, “Bingle, bangle bongo, I’m so happy in the Congo I refuse to go.”

  148. Madam and Eve is our daily quick-start. But, I really miss the old Wizard of Id and,
    wonder why its no longer around. One of the best lines being when two serfs were
    laying on a lawn, one asked the other, “In Rome they are called Romans, in Cyprus,
    they are called Cypriots, what do they call us here in Id?”
    The king happens to walk past and shouts, “Get off the &!*#$ grass, you Idiots.”

    Well, here in Id we also have a few serfs who side with the strikers. Gee okes did you not
    realise that YOU will be paying for their increases, and the next and the next?

  149. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    Dear Ol’ Pliny. Couldn’t resist the barb, could you? Very Christian, I must say. Oh, wait…..sorry……I shoull have done this……’Ol Pliny – X – Click.

  150. Dear Hastheworld… I really, honestly was complimenting you after seeing your better side.
    Have you not noticed that this has been the theme of most, if not all my posts:
    “Look for the good in all”
    By appologising to Dirk made me realise there is good in you.

    I have been studying human nature for over 60 years, and read possibly all the major books on the subject,
    including all those of Dale Carnegie, and have studied up on Freud’s views.

    Some people appear antagonistic and don’t readily display their soft side for many reasons. It could be that
    they are by nature soft-hearted, but are afraid to reveal it, perhaps on account of always being taken
    advantage of.

    Some again, either due to their mannerisms, others perhaps on account of being too plain looking, hardly ever
    receive compliments from others. These may have a tendency to see mockery even in favourable comments.

    Forums attract people of all sorts, and you will never find two having the exact same viewpoint.
    I dislike people who pussy foot their views, as if to satisfy all. This is exactly why I like Dirk.
    He is straight forward, and you will never find him capitulating or compromising his views to please others.
    We don’t need any ‘Goody-two-shoes here.

    The congregator in Ecclesiates tells us that there is a time for everything. Here in these forums, there’s a
    time to be harsh, and a time to be tender. We have to accept the good with the bad. Cheer up dear.

  151. i am with the strike , i think workers are right to be on strike , because the gov of south africa simple if workers live the job and go to strike . this percentages the teachers want is not too much , those ministers are earning a lot , they are also corvered in the allowences ,

  152. COSAS was formed in 1979 & in 1985 led its major campaign against the Bantu Education.I was doing STD 3 in New Crossroads, where Minister Mdladlana was the school principal.The entire Republic (Old) put down the pens and we closed down the schools during this time of the year and everyone was forced to repeat the same classes in 1986, therefore to me is not a surprise that the same COSAS that I once been elected to lead at Regional and branch levels its doing the same even now that we are 16 years in democracy.

    Each One!Teach One! slogan meant something not to refuse to write exams, think again my friends as our education comes with lot of money to transport our children to school in these days unlike during the days when we walk to schools as we attended schools in the Township as compare to now.

  153. Hi Ol’ Pliny – I merely suggested you look at David Block’s site (hoping hastheworldgonecrazy) would have a look too…). I certainly don’t idolize scientists. I was a student of the human biological sciences to the masters level and as such am fully acquainted with scientific methodology. I stopped thereafter as I lost interest and looked for other avenues to satisfy myself. I have heard David Block speak as well as met the man. He is humble and does not set out to “prove” the existence of God by science. His conversion to Christianity came about by his yearning for truth and the grace of God fulfilling his promise (if we seek him with a sincere heart, he will reveal himself to us). His “completion” is ‘complete’, he is undoubtedly a new creation and is passionate about Jesus and the FACT that it is only through Jesus that we can enter into communion with our Wonderful, Creator God. On the Hawking issue – I have to say that he does have a brilliant mind (not the most brilliant HTWGC). There are many many brilliant minds in and outside of the sciences that publish outside of the mainstream journeyman press who you never hear about if you don’t read the prestigious scientific reviews. Where you are partially correct is that he is blinded by his belief in his own brilliance – did not Jesus say it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle (tiny entrance gate into Jerusalem) than for a rich man (read also educated, self fulfilled/reliant/etc.) to enter the Kingdom. A sticking point I have often come across with western educated people who don’t believe is very often the fact that the word of God and the promise of salvation seems “too easy and convenient”. many people think that they would/should/could be excluded from the mercy and Grace of God because of their unworthy selves/past/present. They often say to me, “It can’t be that easy, there must be more to it.” In other words, “I’ve had to strive and earn everything in life and the world models this for me in every facet of life, ergo, I have to earn my salvation and get my [kharma, etc.] right before I can be accepted by the “higher power”. This is soooo evident in all the major “religions” where your works and deeds/piousness/charity/etc. are the key to your salvation. In this way, Christianity was perverted to a degree by man into a religion that was set to serve a ruling class and ideology and it became a “religion” (there were of course still true believers, but the Catholic church at the time – I was raised a catholic – was a self/man serving political institution. God always redeems and the reformers, John Calvin et al were moved by the Spirit to speak out – thank the Lord!). So, I too take exception to “religion” at the expense of truth (Biblical truth that is). You should know just by looking inward that God’s creation of us in his image is more than a cursory reference and to a degree we possess a tiny portion of his creativeness, we are curious and inventive. On creation – I have absolutely no doubt that God created the heavens and the earth, universes, stars EVERYTHING seen and unseen. How he did this in totality is frankly immaterial (a day is LIKE a thousand years [or a billion etc.] our Lord was explaining a principle that he was is and is to come – he “lives” outside of the space time continuum is my thought…) He puts the laws into place and the maths of it is soo achingly beautiful that more fool to the mathematician that cannot see the hand of God in it… I just love the juxtaposition of particle physics and classical Newtonian physics – our God has a wonderful sense of humor (and Hawkins, being the dullard that he is, seems completely oblivious to it…). I agree with you in that God gives us everything that we need in the pursuit of Godliness – his Word is complete and contains all that we need. Everything else will be revealed when we breathe our last in this temporary body and are united with Him and the Father (multiple creations whatever – billions of years of creation whatever – not important for us here…). Makes all the troubles and the strife seem so trivial actually…

  154. Phred, Strikes, Strikes, burning of schools, buses, trains and murder would be
    no more is everyone were ‘true’ Christians. (2 Pet 2:10-14) Among the False
    Christians are sportsmen who think God has nothing better to do, but watch
    the Sports Channels all day. (Note how boxers kneel to pray, soccer players
    blow kisses, upwards when they score goals)

    They see God as a lucky charm to win lotteries, heal their sicknesses and at the same time put
    up with their wickedness. Most of those putting faith in science, do so because the Bible’s moral
    values do not fit in with their life styles. (Romans 1:28-31) Science is ‘The destruction that lays
    waste at noonday.’ (Psa 91:6; Rev 11:18)

    The Bible told us that the earth was round long before Christopher Columbus or Aristotle got
    around to learning this. (Isa 4:22) God does not have to explain why he created all those
    galaxies, the laws governing their movements, but he did mention a few in the case of the
    patriarch Job. (See Job 38:8-10)

    Scientists have already taken note of how the Genesis record of creation fits entirely the
    way they believe it all came about. Now, if people would only reason on the following.
    Writings of the great earthwide deluge occurs in most religions. The Bible records that a
    rainbow occurred after the flood. It was unknown before that.

  155. Hi phred. Maybe I am missing something but I thought the topic was strikes and not religious controversy!
    The striking school children should all be given a good spanking and put in a some hours a day community work detail. Our new SA has no moral values. While Rome burns the fat cats get fatter until, as Vavi says, the time bomb explodes.

  156. Madoba said:
    “Hi phred…I thought the topic was strikes and not religious controversy!”
    Yes! and No! Anyone spreading false information needs to be corrected, even if it is
    off topic. I have passed over many false claims in this forum, to allow others the
    opportunity of correcting them. Take for instance the statement made by GatvolinSA
    two weeks ago: “My God tells me…any child below the age of understanding who dies will
    automatically go to heaven.”

    She should be very careful about going beyond what is written. (1 Cor 4:6) That would make her
    guilty of presumptuousness. (Psa 119:20,51,69; 19:13; Prov 11:2) In layman’s terms, that
    which she claims is pure ‘Wishful thinking’ in the hope that it is so. Babies are all born in sin.
    (Psalm 51:5) But their remains a hope for them. (John 5:28, 29)

    The purpose of that resurrection is to allow the stillborn, infants and most of the good and the
    bad who died before getting to understand the purpose of Jesus’ death, a chance to live again
    and prove themselves worthy of everlasting life.

    If anyone believes that babies who die will get preferential treatment, they should read what
    is written at Ezekiel 9:5-7 and Rev 19:17,18.

  157. Phred, being created in God’s image means that we are born with his qualities of love, joy,
    peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness and self-control. (Gal 5:22) When
    the apostle Paul spoke of ‘Faith, hope and love’ he said that love is the greatest, and never
    fails. (1 Cor 13:13) Love includes empathy, the part of God’s image most lacking in humanity.

    Take for instance our friend Dirk. Everyone attacks him and so did I at one stage. I do understand that
    it may appear as if I have been supporting him and everything he says. But, I recently came to realise
    as you also did) that he makes some good points. Then why should we put that aside and see only the
    things we will not put up with? My mother was Afrikaans, but was never involved in politics, and I grew
    up with an English background which, and am therefore fairly neutral, but…

    One must look at things from the Afrikaner’s view point. Indeed, Carel Boshoff with his Orania their own
    currency is rather extreme, and so was Eugene Terreblanche’s AWB. But whether we like it or not,
    from the time of Jan van Riebeeck, right up until 1993, it was the Afrikaner who developed this country,
    and they did a damned good job of it. There were very few strikes, bad roads, potholes or leaking sewage.
    The country had a very good electricity supply and crime was never a factor.

    Thus, with a little empathy, it can be seen that Dirk is very bitter about something, and a little understanding
    to realise what it is that made him so. The on-going, possibly never ending, strikes, farm murders, affirmative
    action, corruption, etc, is most likely the underlying cause of Dirk’s bitterness.
    Hence Bok Blerk’s “De la Rey, De la Rey, generaal, generaal, kom red vir my.”

  158. What baffles me is the somewhat hubristically satanic belief that an individual can “commune” with God through prayer. God is big enough to have created the whole universe, right? Stars are mostly suns with other planets orbiting them, right? So surely it’s possible that the Creator’s too big to be prayed to?
    The other question that springs to mind is – if God gifted us with enough intelligence to invent mechanical appliances and create works of art, mightn’t He have also intended that we figure things out for ourselves?

  159. Semaj, due to the nature of your posting it will take too long to explain.
    But, look out the window and see the mess man has made of this planet
    the greedy way they govern, and the crime they cannot control, then you
    too will surely see the need to pray, and what to pray for. (Matt 6:10)

    Donovan Leitch (When not too tired after his trip) has more insight to human nature than all
    the others put together. The following is part of one his greatest hits:

    “How silly the politician looks, wearing his public smile,
    trying to hide his incapacity, when it’s sticking out a mile.
    With his papier mache wife, and his papier trashy life,
    if he sees himself as the man for the job, his mirror’s telling lies.

    These are just few of the things I’ve been noticing, Dear Politician,
    if you really feel like helping, open up your heart – That’s the helpin’ part.
    Open up your heart – That’s at least a start.”

    God may well have given us the brains too do almost anything, but, he will not force
    us to use our discretion, and put the gift to good use.

  160. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    And continuing along Semaj’s very logical thought process, if God were indeed powerful enough to have created all of us and everything around us, surely, that mind would not demand supplication, adoration, and total obedience from just one of His many creations? The notion that unless we do EXACTLY what God tells us to do, He will either send us to “Hell”, or completely destroy us, is a sadly human and extremely spiteful trait! God throwing his toys out of the cot? Hmmm….. no wonder I have a problem with Christianity……

  161. Semaj, long before God delivered Israel from captivity in Egypt people have
    suffered oppression at the hands of their rulers. (Eccl 8:9) Which is why God
    preferred to be king over Israel. They prospered, er, that is until they told
    Samuel they preferred a human ruler like all the other nations. (1Sam 8:4,5)

    Samuel told God, who then informed him that human rulers would be corrupt and abuse their
    power, but they ignored the warning, (1 Sam 8:10-20) Far from being the the weakling described
    by Hastheworldgonecrazy, God wisely decided to let them taste the effects of their rebellion.

    Oddly, Greek slave Aesop had a similar fable in which the frogs asked Zeus to appoint a king over
    them. Much humoured, he dropped a huge log into their pond. At first they were horrified, but after
    finding the log to docile, appealed for a better king. This annoyed Zeus, who then said, “OK, here’s
    your new king.” He then sent a stork which began to devour the frogs.

    In terror, they then cried out to Zeus to save them, but he refused, and said, “You got what you
    asked for, now learn to put up with it.”

    Body parts once argued who should be king. “The eye said. “Only I can see to lead the way.” The
    leg said, “You need me to take you there.” The hand said, “Only I am able do things.” The rectum
    said, “I should be king.” The three laughed and decided they alone would share the kingship.

    The rectum then closed up. After a week, the eye grew dim, the leg weakened, and the hand became
    limp. In desparation, the three begged the rectum to open up and take over the kingship.

    The moral of the story is so obvious. “All the past few rulers on this earth have been the assholes
    that we voted for, so we have to just put up with all their crap.”

  162. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    Every religion, from Christianity to Islam, claims to be the only true religion. Every sub-group of every religion, from Catholicism to the Jehovah’s Witnesses, from Sunni to Shi-ite Muslims, claim to be the only true religion. Joseph Smith’s followers have no doubt that he received his information and inspiration directly from God. Lafayette Ron Hubbard has an enormous following, all of whom believe unequivocally that HIS is the only true path to God! A veritable smorgasbord of religious choices! Where to start? Which one to choose? Who is right? Who is wrong? If I become a Muslim and give my life as a suicide bomber, killing innocent Catholics, am I assured a place in heaven? If I become a Jehovah’s Witness, and revile the Anglicans and Catholics, portraying the Pope as the “Whore of Babylon” as depicted by John whilst incarcerated on the island of Patmos (all alone with them magic mushrooms!), will I live on Paradise Earth forever? If I join any Charismatic Church, will I be transported to heaven with my fellow believers when the son of God descends to take on all things evil? Who is right? Who is the real Christ? Who is the Anti-Christ? So many to choose from…….

  163. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    What if the Jews are right? And we’re still waiting for the Messiah?

    What if………. NONE of them are right?…………………

  164. Hastheworld…, If the question was addressed to me, thank you. The nature of
    the question means a little more than a short and sweet answer. Having created
    in us genes to adapt to all climatic variations, God is obviously not partial.
    (Acts 10:34)
    When Noah and sons stepped out the ark, they were told to scatter and fill the earth. Ham, and his
    offspring having much melanin, spread down to Africa, wisely as few Africans suffer skin cancer.
    Shem and his offspring took off to the East, and these formed the Orientals, Polynesians, right down
    into South America. Japheth and descendants went to the North, and to the West – Caucasians.
    (Greeks, Romans, Spanish and Anglicans)

    If he were partial, he would certainly not have chosen the Hebrews who were slaves in Egypt for
    400 years. (Deut 7:7) He wanted to show how a people would prosper while under his care.
    Indeed they did. Nations around them envied them. Most attacked them, but God fought their
    battles for them. Many observers among the nations became Jewish proselytes.

    Well, we all by now know how they rejected not only his rulership, but also the very Messiah he
    sent to them, to the point of torturing and murdering him. By that time, he had already revealed
    that henceforth, people of all nations, including Jews, would be acceptable for salvation once
    they have accepted the Messiah. (Acts 3:26-28; Acts 15:14)

    Now for the answer to your questions: “What if the Jews are right? And we’re still waiting for
    the Messiah? What if………. NONE of them are right?…………………”

    Supposing the Jews were right. How would they recognize the Messiah who was to come from
    the tribe of Judah? From the time they were scattered in the year 70 AD, not one Jew on earth
    knows what tribe he belongs to. By now, the Jewish race is far from pure. Even Whoopie Goldberg
    is considered a Jew. There are also Russian and Polish hybrid Jews,

    Worship among Jews are far different than in former years. There is no longer a temple. The site
    where the temple used to be is now occupied by the Moslem’s Dome of the Rock. In fact, many
    no longer believe that the Messiah wil be a real person. Some believe it means a peaceful state.

  165. Hastheworld… Allow me to answer your second question which is well presented:
    “Where to start? Which one to choose? Who is right? Who is wrong?
    Every religion, from Christianity to Islam, claims to be the only true religion.”

    In a way, you have answered part of it when you said: “If I become a Muslim and give my life as a
    suicide bomber, killing innocent Catholics, am I assured a place in heaven?, etc…

    Very good questions indeed. Unfortunately, the answer does not come from any person, no matter
    which religion they belong to. This is why I love the word of God, put faith in it, and try my utmost
    to live up to it’s righteous standards of morals and truth. The answer to those questions must be
    found in your heart. Only you know what you want to believe, and whether you are right.

    But, there are a few guidelines, and the answers can be found in only one of the various scriptures.
    Whether, it’s the Christian King James, Catholic, Moffatt, New English, Good News, etc, Bibles,
    Joseph Smith’s Book of Mormon, or Mohammed’s Koran. You must ask yourself:
    “Do I really love my neighbour? Would I like to see an end to wars, crime, pain and suffering?
    Am I willing to change my personality in harmony with whatever those scriptures demand of me?

    Does whatever literature I read satisfy all my needs? Remember, whether religious or not, your life
    and future is in your own hands. You are allowed to live as you like and die as you like, whether for
    your country or by your own hand. No one can tell you what to do. Not me nor Phred – No one.
    You are the master of your own destiny.

  166. Hasthe world.. passed the following remark, “..the Whore of Babylon” as depicted
    by John whilst incarcerated on the island of Patmos
    (all alone with them magic mushrooms!)”

    After mentioning the ‘unforgiveable sin’, namely, blaspemy against the Holy Spirit, Jesus said, “Brood
    of vipers, how can you, being evil, speak good things? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks….but I say to you that for idle word men speak, they will give an account for it in the day of
    judgment. For by your words you will be justified and by your words you will be condemned.”
    (Matthew 12:34-37)

    Ignorance or apathy towards Cristianity is no excuse to denigrate the inspired word of God, or mock
    those guided by God’s spirit to bring to you the Holy Bible. That apostle John, was the one dearest to
    Jesus, and was incarcerated for bearing testimony of Jesus being the Messiah. I shudder for your part.

  167. Hey Ol’Pliny. Was so surprised to see you’d mentioned magic mushrooms (more likely amanita muscaria) in connjection with St John and the Isle of Patmos. Apparently dagga also grows there in abundance. As for magic mushroom it’s known that a significant sector of early Christianity ingested it as a kind of religious sacrament.

  168. Yes Semaj, I studied up on that subject in the year 2001 to help a friend who
    was addicted to the filty habit of smoking. He was in a bad way, and only stopped
    coughing two years later. Sadly, his wife, who also smoked, died of lung cancer
    three years later.
    Here are a few extracts from a five page document I prepared for him:

    Addictive drugs and herbs were common in Bible times. The Tobacco and Kentucky, says,
    “(there is) evidence of prehistoric pipes excavated at…the Mediterranean Sea and inland in Asia
    Minor [used in smoking…cannabis (marijuana) and other herbs.” In fact, adds the book, “fumigation
    with, or the inhalation of, the smoke of various substances has been a sacred, healing, or pleasurable
    practice…since time immemorial…As with cannabis and opium, so with tobacco.”

    According to McClintock and Strong’s Cyclopedia, the term “pharmacy” was used “in the early
    ages of the Christian Church” for the “art of inventing and preparing medicaments to do mischief.”
    The Bible condemns use of such substances and those who distribute them. “Pharmacy” in our day
    means drugs for proper use, the older meaning was drug abuse, for harm, not healing. In the Bible
    such pharmacy is put in very bad light – “the works of the flesh,” and practicers “will not inherit
    God’s kingdom.” (Gal 5:19-21)

    The international Standard Bible Encyclopaedia says: “Paul in Gal 5 20 classes with uncleanness,
    idolatry, etc, what he calls pharmakeía…drugs used in exercising the magical art.” Note, then, the
    great spiritual harm of addictive substances used for pleasure: They cut one off from God’s
    fvour…and from God’s people. Due to the magical use of drugs in Bible times, Galatians 5:20, 21
    translates phar·ma·ki?a as “practice of spiritism.” But the Westcott and Hort Interlinear
    translation shows “druggery” as the literal meaning, and Ferrar Fenton’s translation uses poisoning.”
    Bible scholar Adam Clarke specified that “drugs” and “fumigations” (smoke) were
    employed “to produce supernatural effects.”

    It is no wonder that Revelation 22:15 says that “outside” God’s Kingdom are “the druggers
    [phar·ma·koi?] and the fornicators and the murderers.” (International version)

  169. In the Sunday Times September 26th Oliver Roberts, my favourite columnist,
    listed 40 of his pet annoyances. He is popular for the reason that his
    offerings harmonise with the average person’s view of things.
    Last on the list harmonises with my experiences with my own son:
    “People who go to the US or UK on holiday, and return with an accent.”
    My loin fruit came back from Oz trying to impress us with an adopted accent.
    (Shades of our own Charlize Theron)

    But the one that held my attention longer was number 23:
    “Angry, vitriolic atheists who are so obsessed with denying that God exists that they actually
    spend more thinking about God than any religious person does.|”
    May I add: Also seem to know the Bible better.

    We have all witnessed that in these columns, and mostly patiently bear with them.
    But what gets my goat, is the fact that they reciprocate to any posts of a religious nature,
    by saying something of this nature: “Christians appear to be insecure about their faith,
    and demonstrate it by continuously hammering us with their efforts to prove that God exists.”

  170. No-nonsence says


    I have concerns about the mental attitude of such strikers.
    If an individual has a problem with their employer and the fee they are paying you. GO AND SIT DOWN AND TALK TO HIM/HER IN A POLITE AND REASONABLE MANNER. If your employer refuses a increase ( and its their money to choose to do so) stay at your current position or go look for a job else where.
    Do not go running in the street like a hooligan cause you can’t get your way. You are the employee act a little more responsible and less childish. There is a saying that goes like this: Those that do nothing disturbs those who are working.

    Take responsibility for your own life. Toddler stage of trowing toys out of cots are over. For all good left in the country please just stop these violent, verbal and physical and structural damage. Would you enjoy me coming and breaking your personal belongings and stopping your children from going to school.

    So bored wild the national zoo where living in.

  171. If they blame the ANC goverment for everything, why in God’s name do they vote for them year in and year out is it because they don’t know of something better? is it because they get a T-shirt and a loaf of bread when they go and vote? or is it because they just plain stupid!!!


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