Zuma on Libya Gaddafi cartoon

Zuma on Libya Gaddafi

Jacob Zuma resolves Libya crisis

On the 21st March, South Africa celebrated Human Rights Day. At a rally on the day, president Jacob Zuma added his voice to those against military intervention in Libya.

“Operations aimed at enforcing the no-fly zone and protecting civilians should be limited to just that…” – Jacob Zuma

Wonkie wonders whether Mr Zuma actually believes that Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is going to quietly step down from his position, and allow a free and fair election in Libya. After all, that would be the peaceful and political solution “based on the will of the Libyan people”, as Mr Zuma put it. At this point Wonkie believes there is even less chance of that happening than the South African cricket team actually winning a big knock-out match at any World Cup.

Below is Mr Zuma’s prepared reply to a question about the Libyan crisis in parliament on March 17 2011:

Mr M G P Lekota (Cope) asked:

Given the history of this country where people who were fighting for freedom were killed by an undemocratic regime, what are the reasons for his Government’s initial silence when the regime of Colonel M Gaddafi killed hundreds of people who were rising up against his regime?

President Zuma’s reply:

Honourable Members,

South Africa does not operate in a vacuum on international matters. It operates within the ambit of the African Union and the United Nations.

We regarded the Libyan situation very seriously from the beginning and Government has not been silent or inactive on this matter.We began engaging with other Heads of State and Government on this matter when events started unfolding, as we were very concerned about the situation.

The South African government has also spoken out on various platforms on this matter. We called on all parties involved to exercise restraint in order to prevent further loss of life. We also called on the Government and people of Libya to seek a speedy and peaceful resolution to the current crisis in accordance with the will of the people.

Furthermore, on the 26th of February 2011 at the United Nations Security Council, the South African government, through its Permanent Representative, Ambassador Baso Sangqu, condemned the loss of civilian lives in Libya. The Minister and Deputy Ministers of International Relations and Cooperation as well as other Government representatives have also spoken out on the loss of life in various public forums.

We have also expressed our views directly to the Libyan leader, Colonel Muammar Gadaffi, regarding the unacceptable violence and loss of civilian lives.

The AU is seized with the matter and South Africa will work under the guidance and leadership of the AU. The AU has appointed a High Level Panel consisting of Uganda, South Africa, Republic of Congo, Mauritania and Mali to attend to the matter. Given the urgency of the matter, the Panel has begun its work.

There will be a Wonkie article later this month around the politics of intervention – military or otherwise. In the meantime, please participate in the poll below and let Wonkie know your thoughts about South Africa’s role in such African crises.

What should South Africa do in terms of intervention in Libya?

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  1. The problems in our country crime and corruption is far bigger as many more are killed, murdered here daily. If you can not solve your own problems how can you solve someone else”s

  2. this is so typical african, as a south african i am deeply concerned about the lack of value placed on human life, what more needs to be done? we stand back an idiolly watch events unfold in neighbouring countries ie. zimbabwe, libya etc and do nothing. how many more people must die in the name of freedom? the only reason evil prevails is that good people stand and do nothing, we out of all people and as a nation should be able to identify with the plight of these people as we came from a similar backgroung come on south africa time to stand up for what is right.

  3. Zuma’s position and statement is so on point. International relations are far more serious, sesetive and supreme. They take a space above individual’s emotive feelings and have to be approached tactfully. Zuma is not the president of Africa and cannot be singularly held accountable for what happens in Lybia, so is South Africa. That’s why Zimbabweans will not solve their own problems because they want outsiders to do that for them. Politicians like Lekota who cannot even keep calmness in their own COPE, can’t be expected to quel a civil war in Lybia- charity begins at home Mosioa!

  4. Birdwatcher says

    The AU has an agenda of looking after despots which include themselves and the likes of Gaddafi and Mugabe, SADC (J Zuma), is as toothless and will do nothing against its so called liberation friends for fear of retaliation or upsetting their so called friends, at this end, they overlook the human rights issue, murder, torcher and rape of the people, and posture with idiotic “political” statements, which is scant comfort for the people being persecuted.

  5. Dukie 743 says

    Cuba, Zimbabwe, Myyammar, Sudan, the list is endless of the countries that the ANC and the ANC led government declines to condemn with these long term dictators and human rights abuses.
    I believe that even with Libya SA only supported U.N resolution 1973 because it was stung by the criticism over its lack of support in the UN resolution three years ago that condemned Zimbabwe and Myammar. The ANC has no morals and we South Africans must ensure that it does not drag us down with its corruption, greed and lack of integrity.

  6. pietpompies says

    I think Zuma and his cronies are making hay while the sun shines, they are feathering their own nests at the expence of the poor. the gullible and uneducated. Their day of reckoning is coming. They can b——t the people with their promises for sometime but not all the time! What happened to Mubarak.Gadaffi and others? Watch it!!!

  7. Andrew Campbell says

    Zuma is either cynical or ignorant. Asking Gaddafi and the Libyan people to discuss an equitable solution would be like asking Hitler and the Jews to hold discussions about a fair and democratic Germany. Only force can remove mentally disturbed tyrants. The same applies to Mugabe

  8. Ronald van Rooyen says

    The South African Government is a mockery they stick there heads in the
    sand when they don’t want to confront their buddies like Zimbabwe & Libya

  9. I see that Italy is trying to arrange that Gaddafi goes into exile ;[with all the billions that these dictators inevitably thieve from their starving people,] and is looking for an African country that the ugly man can go to. Obama Cameron and Sarkozy are apparently not opposed to the proposal even though Gaddafi has been killing his own people. Joining his best pal Mugabe in Zimbabwe will be the obvious choice. Then Zuma and Mbeki will have another dictator to kiss and hug whenever they visit Zimbabwe.
    In respect of these dictators having billions of dollars in other countries ready for that rainy day, one can only wonder how much Zuma, Mbeki and other ANC cronies have salted away in overseas banks. Where else has the billions of rands stolen by the ANC disappeared to? The backhanders ftom the corrupt arms deal being one example.

  10. What did Lybia do about the millions deaths in South Africa over the last 16 years (crime and HIV) at the hand of the oppressive racist mbeki’s ANC regime?…or the totally incompetent Zuma regime?
    So why should we now go to their aid just because they have a similar corrupt racist and oppressive regime?
    The only thing we have in common with them is a thin layer of tenda Pretendas enriching themselves while the voters work them selves to death.
    We need to remove the jungle out of our eye’s before we remove the splinter from theirs.

  11. The masters of zuma have once again instructed our jakob what to say and say it he will regardless of the fact that he doesnt know what he is saying, he is just plain clueless.

  12. There will always be a vast different of opinion and views because white and black perspective due to historical junctures. Colonisation is an example of self interst, greed by enslaving others for life. Now they express the views on internal strife. Can a leopard change its spots?

  13. I do not believe that Gaddafi should be brought before the International Court. He killed Libyans in Libya. When the Rebels take over they must try him before their own courts and when he is found guilty they must hang him. The ICC is just to lenient for this butcher.

  14. It does not matter really what anyone thinks and say, we as South Africans cannot support a move to change regimes in the world including Libya. We support democracy, however it is not us who must usher it in, it is the Libyans or Zimbabweans themselves. We therefore cannot condone a situation where a rebel group is supported to overthrow a government in Libya, while that is done, , civilians are killed the same way even worse than they were killed by Qaddafi, if one has to believe this story. Why is justice applied unevenly for the people of Libya against those of Egypt, Tunisia and Bahrain? Countries that invade others are imperialists, and this in Libya is not different from what has befallen Iraq, only when their oil wells are dry would imperialists, pack their bags and go home. For now they are busy killing Libyans!

  15. A middle ground needs to be found between the use of force that is blatantly anti-regime and pro-rebels and prober dialogue between the antagonists. A situation that will lead to the replacement of of one bad regime with another (disorganised, causeless anarchists) is not what is best for the country. And destroying the country in the name of intervening for civilians defies logic as in the end those civilians will be left with dilapidated and dysfunction infrastructure, making it impossible for service delivery!

  16. How can a criminal solve the problems of another criminal

  17. South Africa Govt at the time ,would never have come to its senses without the tntervention of outside activity.Gaddaffi was one one one SA’s biggest anti-Aggressors at that time. Now he stands steadfastly stands in the way of and opposed to a democratic Libyia and United Nations doesn’t take firm action with the ‘shoe on the other foot’
    World Politics makes me want to Puke !!!

  18. The Huge mistake of most rulers are: they serve idols their own gods and carry them on their hands. The difference between that and serving the only GOD the creator is: HE carries us on HIS hands and grants us real peace. Unfortunately many are going to wake up far too late. This is the most saddest of all. May GOD have mercy on our country.

  19. Zuma is taking a soft line on the Libyan issue, so as not to offend his financial benefactor Gaddafi , just in case the lunatic does manage to come out on top, which of course will happen if the EU and UN do not try to stop him from slaughtering his own people. Zuma and all the dictators in Africa do not care two hoots about the lives of ordinary people. It is all about power and greed.
    @ Me – you are spot on.

  20. I think we should send Julius Malema to sort out this mess. His deeply reasoned comments on all things indicate he has the right intellectual capacity to reason with Gaddafi. Hw should be able to get Gaddafi to understand our countries stance on the problem.

  21. gendle man tell me where on earth have you ever see the protesters have flights, am shocked when everyone point fingers at at my brother gaddafi but failing to ask themselves about the protesters those against gaddafi having exploits granaits, ask yuorself as to where do they get this and from when did they have this in their position. DO NOT ASK WHO SUPLY THEM?

  22. no lybians rose-up against gaddafi but the prodigal son of a white mother-obama created,sponsor,trained a militia to stir ordinary people into an unrest so that gaddafi must use his security forces to quell the unrest to give him the excuse to move his armed forces to tripoli in the name of defending ordinary people agans gaddafi`s forces!

    its the west that is behgind the zimbabwe,ivory and tripoli fracas and rulers of th middle-eat and afica must join china,india an russia to stand-up to this bully-tactics of the west or we ill swallowed-up by the west!

  23. Interesting fact. If you keep your fist up in the air it means that it is closed to receive blessings from above and closed to give. If your hands are up and open you proclaim that you except and are open for blessings from above and open to give. We have been looking out at that and it has prooved over the years to be absolutely correct. Please dont close your hands keep it open to receive and give.

  24. @ Weapon, do yourself a big favour and investigate deeply who and what causes wars and conflicts, nothing other then the greed of man, greedy for power , a hunger for materialism, hunger for self exaltation, and no respect for human lives. It comes from the wicked hearts of wicked people. You can not deny that this is not the cause. If man did not desire this and respected all humans no matter what colour or race there will not be any wars or crime.

  25. USA invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq were wrong and extreme violations of their sovereignty. The situation in Libya is different. Gadaffi threatened to destroy all the rebels. This would have amounted to mass slaughter on the scale of the Rwanda genocide. The UN has been severely criticised for not preventing the Rwandans and it has been said many times that an event like that needs to be prevented. The UN resolution on Libya is designed to do precisely that. However we must also look at the AU and its policies in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast and now Libya they have achieved nothing more than increased oppression civil conflict and many deaths. Sometimes military intervention is necessary.

  26. I believe in democracy but our presidend should clen up his own back yard first then we can see if we can be invoved in oother peoples backyards.

  27. Louis Crole says

    I think that they should allow Gaddafi to come and live in SA. We could start our own colony of ‘retired’ dictators. Maybe we could persuade mad Bob to join as well.

  28. fire the captain says

    the stance of the AU was expected Gaddafi has bankrolled most if not all politicians in Africa including Amin.Like Louis says bring him here he will be a better cricket captain then the idiot we have

  29. In response to “Fire the Captain” The AU stance was not only expected but also mandatory. If anyone can screw up deals in Africa, the AU can. Maybe Graeme Smith could be a negotiator, he could not do worse than he did in India



  31. I dont think our president will be able to resolve the matter in Libya, like people use to say if you want to change the world you must start no further than your self, he needs to rebuild the credibility that the ANC lost since his ruling. Charity begins at home.

  32. No matter what, if Gadaffi stays in power there will be genocide in Libya. The sooner he is removed from power the sooner the crisis can end. The AU are idiots if they think that their usual half arsed deliberations with Gadaffi will change him and his resolve to destroy his opposition.

  33. Gadaffi is the biggest funder of the AU , and the A’s lives mostly on handouts, they will be very reluctant to cut off their financial resources and who knows what their meeting was really all about. Promise and say one thing and do the opposite is the norm currently. There is a big lack in putting into practice what you promise people, that skill still needs to be developed. What is withholding it , is if the promises are put into practice there will not be enough funds for self enrichment.

  34. The AU want Gadaffi to kill all the dissidents so that they too can do the same. Rwanda here we come.

  35. Dukie 743 says

    The overseas media- Sky News etc, is castigating Zuma for saying that Gaddfi is a great leader, [or words to that effect] when on this AU visit to Libya. Is he thick skinned or what? He then leaves the delegation and allows the other three members to take flak from his words from the rebels in Benghazi. What a clown.

  36. The anc sold millions of arms to the north african countries ignoring the UN emborgo on arms to those countries, now they wonder why they have war? It does not make sense. Give a man a rope and he will hang himself , give him a sword and he will fall on it, how true. Is the anc going to take responsibility for the war in those countries.?

  37. pollatjie says

    The children of Canaan… slaves are alike and one slave cannot master a slave.

    It is common knowledge that Mother Russia supported africa’s “freedom fights” It is also common knowledge that most of the funding came from countries such as UK, Netherlands, Bulgaria etc.

    So whats the point? Make Wolf the Shepperd? These guys are trained and taught to rob steal and kill.

    Together they can do it better…

  38. gabriel lushala says

    south africa should have told ghaffi to leave the hot sit for killing his own people. after all south africa experienced what those libyans are going through.jacob should have reminded ghaffi the reason for supporting the anc during the struggle for uhuru in south africa.

  39. look read think (if it remains what to think):


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