Wonkie comments and Reader gripes

It’s been fun for Wonkie to cover both the US and South African elections over the last few months. Particularly on the coverage of the South African elections, Wonkie received a number of emails stating we’re too pro one party vs another. Please bear in mind that Wonkie is trying to capture the thoughts and sentiments of a very diverse group of South Africans: be they pro-ANC, anti-ANC, pro-DA, anti-Cope, anarchists, pro-AWB or whatever. There are bound to be sentiments you don’t agree with and others that you do agree with.

The whole point is that we’re all relatively free to have our own points of view and this is a forum to share your views and increase the insight and understanding of others by offering your perspectives – so before you write emails to us directly complaining something is too pro-ANC or we are a DA propoganda machine (interesting how we get both emails on the same post sometimes!), please consider leaving your comment and viewpoint publicly on the site so others can benefit and grow their understanding of the issue at hand with your perspective on it. And thanks particularly to those of you who comment regularly – we really appreciate your thoughts and insights and it certainly helps us shape our own thinking at Wonkie if nowhere else.

Now that SA election fever is over, the focus of Wonkie will change slightly to covering more international current affairs material through the The Whole Truth cartoons in addition to the Viva South Africa cartoons. We will be also introducing a number of other strips to keep you all entertained – stay tuned!

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