Shikota party name cartoon

Shikota party name

Shikota struggle for party name

“We, the ANC, are very busy at the moment and we don’t want to waste our energy on this any longer… so we are taking legal advice,” said Jessie Duarte, the ANC spokesperson. The ANC will no doubt draw on its vast legal resources devoted to enacting and implementing name changes throughout the country – what a super bonanza this must be for that legal team.

Poor Mr Lekota – I feel for the brave man. It was probably hard enough to breakaway from ANC, Africa’s oldest political party. The whole party name debacle has stolen his thunder. Still – it makes for some great comic relief on a Friday afternoon.

Jessie Duarte mentioned in the same interview that the ANC has an event in their calendar called Congress of the People. I didn’t even realise there may be some kind of legal precedent where one type of party (i.e. an event) may infringe on the trademark of another type of party (i.e. political party name). So much to learn – so little time – so much money to make if you’re a trademark lawyer.

Duarte further went on to say “We need to protect the ANC from this group of mavericks who seem to be bankrupt politicians.” This has left many South Africans debating whether she meant that SA politicians were morally or financially bankrupt – or both. There was also much confusion as to whether she meant just the politicians that had left the ANC or those still in it – or both. Wonkie may conduct a poll next week to give more insight into the matter.

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  1. This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all week!!! Get it published in a newspaper or something while the topic is still hot!

  2. Haha.. thanks Austin bro – will send it around and see what happens – all I can say is that they’re great fun to make!!

  3. bakenshark says

    …there is a COP (political not event!) in Trinidad…I wonder if that counts as copyright…anyhow the new logo is a winner!

  4. Funny cartoon! Dig the new logo too – you had better copyright it there may be a good chance that terror will use it as the real party logo (n prob do quite well with it as well!)

    Don’t really get the reference to the “branding agency headed up by famous superstar” thing though?? is this an inside joke.. explain someone?

  5. Hey S’bu – thanks for the comment.. all I can say is that if Terror wants to use it as his logo he can – no charge and no worries! Lol

    Ahh.. about the reference – I take it you’re not a Prince fan? Anyway, in the early 90’s the singer Prince changed his stage name to an unpronouncable symbol. Because no one could say it everyone started calling him one of Symbol, The Artist, and famously “the Artist formerly known as Prince”.

    Prince did change his stage name back to Prince eventually and is still notorious for filing lawsuits against people using his likeness in any form (on photos, album cover images etc).. hence the reference to branding! I think he’s more conscious of protecting his brand and image than Coca-Cola is of theirs!

  6. Sizwe.. you’re showing your age brother! You do realise no one born after 1980 is actually going to appreciate the Prince reference let alone have heard purple rain except on an oldies album.. lol!

  7. Glad to see Shikota finally got the name today – you’re right about the ANC wasting money on the whole name change thing for streets etc too. I’m all with Ben Trovato’s article in the Business Times last weekend – how the ANC gets away with changing a few street names and doing other populist things to convince our people that they have uplifted them from the chains of oppression is beyond me.. you can’t fool all of the people all of the time – a cliche i know but it’s true.. the time of reckoning has come for ANC… I don’t care if they do come into power again – I care about the people of South Africa being harder on them to actually deliver what they said they will.. and that does not mean creating more BEE wealth or changing some Afrikaner street name to some ANC freedom fighter one! We want to see some action now – real change!!


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