Pakistan terrorists cartoon

Pakistan terrorists

Pakistan involvement in Mumbai Terror attacks

Since the terrorist siege in Mumbai in November last year that left over 170 dead, India has alluded to Pakistan’s involvement in the attacks. This produced nothing but a ‘Give us proof and we’ll look into it’ response from Pakistan. This week India circulated an intelligence dossier to the USA and Pakistan which included the interrogation logs of a surviving terrorist and intercepted communications.

Quoting from the Economist this week:

More than simply ignoring or conniving at preparations for the attack, argued India’s prime minister, Manmohan Singh, some of [Pakistan’s] agencies must have been actively involved in an operation of such sophistication.

Pakistan has already begun moving troops to the India border from it’s Afghani borders in anticipation of a military reprisal from India. India has thus far adopted a diplomacy route to resolve the situation and is likely to use the Pakistan’s allies, USA and UK, to apply pressure on Pakistan to acknowledge, round up and deliver their terrorist networks.

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  1. As an Indian and a country as a whole we have had our share of barbaric and brutal terrorist attacks. The recent terror attack in Mumbai was something first of its kind given the scale of devastation and casualties. As a nation we went through a trauma that perhaps no Indian can ever come out of.

    It left the entire nation reeling in desolation and deep grief. There was anger amongst people and each and everyone joined hand to fight against terror. While most of them contributed in their own little way, Webtree has decided to take a step forward.

    Webtree has started a movement to continue the fight for a worthwhile cause. Webtree has planned to contribute 2% of its earning from each registration to the National Defence Fund (NDF). This activity will be carried out till 15th August 2009. The amount collected would then be deposited to the Prime Minister’s National Defence Fund.

    After all we can not thank our security forces enough for laying down their lives so that we feel protected. This time it is our chance to show a little more respect to our security personnel’s and their dependents.

    Feel proud to be an Indian and let’s together take the pledge to turn down terror on its face.

    For more information, contact us at or visit our website or contact us at +91-9311235656

  2. Great gesture indeed from webtree.I guess evryone in SA is somewhat traumatised by something or the other that affects them directly or indirectly.This incident is very sad in that this is avoidable and preventible.

  3. bakenshark says

    lol PM…looks like the funny bone is in fine working order for 2009…
    thanks for highlighting this issue…when times are difficult in our own countries it is difficult to cast our eyes to the global issues which affect us all..a funny cartoon is an apt reminder..

  4. it is sponsored by pak. as nation and directed by its isi/army. the whole country was in denial mode for so long that, we are atleast safely say that, until the terror outfit is destroyed we are not allowing sport and cultural actvity.

  5. pak pm is fired.they have no more to speak.pak beware of india we can attack any time on u.india is better country then u.india is the coming up king of the world.

  6. C.R.Rajasekharan says

    It’s a foregone conclusion of every Indian that Pakistan going by it’s history of denials of heinous crimes perpetrated on India from it’s soil will not budge on the terrorist rampage in mumbai. India needs to be firm on the issue and rally round help and support from all it’s friends and friends of Pakistan to caution Pakistan against such repeats, which India is rightly doing at the moment.However, a lot needs to be done on the diplomatic front to consistently apply pressure against Pakistan to hand over the perpetrators and non State actors of cross border terrorism.The U.N. has to take a tough stand on the issue, so also the G9 countries to bring the criminals to justice.They shall be brought before the International court of justice to ensure that this becomes a reality.Atleast the countries and International Bodies should declare that Country as a terror state and sanctions clamped against it.Our Foreign policy should be given a new look and pragmatism injected into it in order that it becomes a vibrant and successful one if at all we are to walk with dignity at all the International forma and really make our presence felt in thought word and deed as a real emerging power.

    Pakistan drops atom bomb on Mumbai. Immediatley, both the dummy President and the Prime Minister of Pakistan deny that Pakistan govt had any role in the bombing.It was obviously, they affirm, done by some non-state actors.They request the American President to advise India not to indulge in war mongering. Shashi Taroor writes another column to explain why war cannot be a solution. He pointedly points out, like all other dimwits, how it is only atom bomb, not neutron bomb, not even a Hydrogen bomb. All world leaders advise Indai to exercise caution. Inside India, Chidambaram declares that Pakistan will pay, next time, not now, a heavier price, if it attacks India with Hydrogen bomb. And life goes on…
    Niranjan aka Vikshiptha Mangalore

  8. The FART of the century indeed! LOL!!!

  9. cartoon representation of them is great ………..same story has been repeated years after years……………..dis socalled polititions y dont they endup taking any decision ….any step……no thief calls himself a thief……so do dey..went on denying…..nobody wants a war but …end of any connection wid dem may be a severe stem itself …..just be clear …..untill u be responcible and help us we wont be wid u and wud niethr like to hav any kid of connection.

  10. madhav das says

    The terrorists don’t seem to get the message that no amount of bombings will change India’s secular stance. Maybe it is time we tell them what India thinks of their Jehadis.
    All public toilets and urinals across India should immediately be renamed ‘Memorial to the Jaish e Mohammad’ or ‘Memorial to the Lashkar e Taiyba’.
    Every day the citizens of India should piss on these memorials to the killed members of the LeT and the JeM.

  11. This is because MrManmohansingh is borne in Pakistan. Has no guts to fight with Pak. but has a quality ot woo Soniya.

  12. The only Male Indian was Mrs. Indra Gandhi when she sent the Indian Troops to East Pakistan all other Indian Male Politicians have only a mostouche but male harmoun or guts to clean up Pakistan a Paun of U.S. and British Colonial Slave Traders in this world.

  13. want to see the secret incentives for JIhadis ? go to google & open at ” X rated Paradise. will anyone deny this ?

  14. kindly send me more information

  15. we need to stop terrorism

  16. pak army please stop now.bhhot hoo gya . log boookhay mar rhay hain .


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