Gaza Haiku cartoon

Gaza Haiku

Gaza Haiku

Over the last two weeks I’ve had numerous requests from readers for a cartoon or commentary on the Gaza conflict – expressing everything from the Palestinian and Israeli points of view, to the lack of timely response from the UN to help resolve the crisis. I couldn’t think of an appropriate cartoon given the situation at hand and decided to compose a Haiku verse instead which for me sums it all up – regardless of which side you may be partial to.

I’m certain most of you have either read, heard or seen the arguments from both sides. If you haven’t, the BBC’s Q&A on the Gaza conflict is a good primer. Considering the debate has still not been concluded since I first studied it in high school some 25 years ago, I see it as a futile exercise to engage in discussing the arguments for and against the Israelis or Palestinians here. What is clear to me however, as alluded to in the Haiku verse above, is that as long as the status quo remains in terms of attitudes between the two parties in conflict, neither will benefit nor move toward their end goal of a peaceful existence.

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  1. no leaf for cover
    ego stand bare
    at war for peace endlessly

  2. …”and the Kindom has been suffering violence and the violent take by force”

  3. when will it all end
    for israel and palestine
    winners stop the war

  4. come on U.S.A.
    when staying silent costs lives
    why do you not speak?

  5. when told don’t attack
    and still they persist
    what choice do we have but fight?

  6. please “strong” israel
    ten thousand killed for ten
    spare my women and children

  7. graceful dead says

    manmade religion
    the opium of the masses
    preach peace, then murder

  8. @shoshan…

    rotten israel
    all Gaza is not Hamas
    stop the killing now!

  9. @Mohammed:

    Noble Palestine
    why not surrender hamas
    then there will be peace

  10. Palestinians must not be sacrificial lambs for Arabs and other Despotic regimes of Muslim Umma. Hamas had victory march yesterday. What victory?

  11. Not much of a Haiku writer so won’t respond in kind. Your verse is beautiful though!

  12. Really nice haiku…couldn’t agree more. Anytime ego is involved not much can or will get done. Maybe some day there’ll be peace in that area of the world, I just don’t know if it will be in our life time?


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