Zuma Malema swine flu cartoon

Zuma Malema swine flu

Julius Malema left speechless by current affairs

Julius Anger Management Malema was himself in full force when he addressed thousands of tripartite alliance supporters at 1 May Workers Day celebrations near Durban over the long weekend.

Among his choice quotes for the day are:

“Helen Zille must give report to Zuma about the Western Cape … the racist girl has not won … all of them must call President Zuma, president.”

“She (Zille), the racist little girl, must remember that Zuma is her boss”

Later, Julius also thanked supporters for voting for ANC policies and not for an individual. Wonkie is grateful that Mr Malema read most of rural South Africa the ANC policies and successfully explained them so they could make an informed decision. Before this insightful statement, Wonkie thought if the Jacob Zuma photo was accidently placed next to the DA box on voting ballot, the DA might have inadvertently ended up with a two thirds majority.

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  1. Anton van Wyk says

    Malema is intent on dragging South Africa back to its racist past – someone should take him to court for hate speech.

  2. Eish Malema – maybe you must wear that swine flu mask and shut up now really please – PRESIDENT Zuma is there now and your stupid violent comments are of no use now

  3. Edward M says

    Will you people please leave julius alone – he has a right to say this things ok becos is true – zille is a racist little girl who has used blacks in her party only to get votes to take us back to apartheid.

    Nobody question in apartheid all the things that was said against blacks so why you target comrade malema now???

  4. Hey Edward M
    , do you really think that’s possible – to go back to apartheid? I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but my understanding of SA today is that it couldn’t happen even if the DA won an election. I also have the somewhat negative impression that SA today is so badly broken that no political party could fix it, anyway. The South Africa of the past and the South Africa of the rainbow future is dead. Semaj.

  5. Edward M says

    My friend semaj – it is possible.. that is why the black peoples in the rural areas will never vote for a white person again – they are scared to go back. mebe its not fair but this is owr history. Give president zuma a chance semaj – i can see sometimes how some peoples might have doubts about him but he will surprise you i can tell you he will

  6. Malema and other young snots know nothing about apartheid. At least most of our fathers and brothers had jobs during the white government. You can’t eat the vote.

  7. charles Maponya (Limpopo} says

    I really believe tha Cde Malema is still young,militant and politically matured.Most of the thing he has said have come to pass.He said to Pandor that she must adress our student’s issues and they are adressed,lot of the things,We are proud of him that is why we democratically elected him.

  8. Hhay bo!!where is Joe Seremane?yes the DA Darkie,he has been too quiet or is he scared that Maleme might call him a “garden boy” again? can anyone ask Botox Zille to give Papa Joe that “precious”mayoral position in Cape Town…or else DA will be Darkie-less

  9. Malema is an idiot and make blacks look stupid! We do not need a spokesman like him – how can we shut him up? What happened to “nation building” under Madiba? Now it is just hate speech

  10. Julius……. Has he ever uttered a word that made sense…

  11. @Tom! Long time no see – we missed your comments here. Please drop us a quick note with a way we can reach you on Contact Wonkie – you won a Wonkie t-shirt in the previous promotion but the email address you’re using is dodgy!

    @Charles Maponya – do you really believe that Julius Malema is politically matured or are you being sarcastic?

    @woblyone – you’re certainly right there – Mr Malema is not doing much for nation building – other than uniting people for all the wrong reasons.

  12. Nicolaas Malgas says

    Julius Malema is busy creating ethnic diversity and he is actually the biggest racist in South Africa . He and the rest of the ANC must move forward to make positive contributions in building a SA of which every South African can feel proud of. They are dwelling in the past that is why they cannot see the future or more so the needs of ordinary South Africans. They must focus on nation building!!!

  13. aahaahaha,i got it o good authoity that malema was abou to b shown the door {so that he can have ample time at the crech to ply}by his organisation and that he rn back for the second tim under winni`s skirts an zuma`s hite underpants beggin thm to inervene n that`s how he wa savd.hahahaaa.

    The little boy must be told in no uncertin circumstances that around the negotiation table and the battlefield he stands no chance against zille.she can demolish him in seconds.ask the anc that hired thugs to attack her recently if did they have it easy!~she fought them with all her strength.

    Zille has fought batles that you “mama`s boy”will make you piss your pants and succumb.


  14. Rakoma solly( Lephalale) says

    People are failing to understant because now things are facing them.the same procedure that DR MANDELA used to win is the same strategy that my DEAR COMRADE JULIUS MALEMA IS DOING.Malema is a true revolutionalist who does not compromise or buy a face of someone but he represent the mass at large.dankie

  15. Malema is actually doing the ANC a lot of harm, because any sane person can see he must weild more power than we realize as he said “At the NEC” I will do this and I wll do that” Will he be the next President – why dont they shut him up? Quo vadis ANC?

  16. RAKOMA SOLLY says

    in politics we say scratch my back i will scratch your back.malema is paying back to zuma and zuma toghether with the BEC of ANC WILL NEVER RECALL MALEMA BECAUSE THEY ALL FEAR EACH OTHER.THAT IS WHY TOMMOROW WHE BLADE STAY IN A HOTEL USING TAXPAYERS MONEY THEY DONT COMPLAIN UNLESS THE OPPOSITION START

  17. i feel they must make this little boy Malema president like the brainless one in Zim so they can kille the whites and the country goes to shit…. They must have a long and hard life suffering of hunger.. that is what they all deserve.. What a shame we have this beautifull country runned by you know what like their *&^*&^ and another country will come in after all is gone and dusted and take over.. It is already a desaster – So please continue..


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