Proteas lose twenty20 cricket Pakistan cartoon

Proteas lose twenty20 cricket Pakistan

South African Proteas Choke, Bafana Hope

Perhaps it’s a bit harsh to say that the South African cricket team, the Proteas, choked at the semi-finals of the 2009 World Twenty20 cricket tournament. But then again it was the only match in which South Africa faced considerable pressure. They were unbeaten in the tournament up to that point and for them, it was the first instance they simply had to win or they would be knocked out. Sadly, Shahid Afridi of Pakistan beat them senseless both as a batsman and as a bowler. Notoriously inconsistent as he may be, he delivered for Pakistan when it counted the most.

While Wonkie is very sad for South Africa, it has to be said that Pakistan probably a needed a win – any win – more than most countries at the moment. Pakistan is quite literally being battered on all fronts at the moment – politically, economically, and otherwise. Younis Khan said after the match: “Actually this World Cup is everything for us… We’re suffering from everything at the moment, there is a lot of fighting [in Pakistan] so I think this is everything for me and my team.”

After all is said and done, Pakistan outplayed South Africa yesterday with the bat, with the ball and in the field – good luck to them in the Twenty20 final.

On the more hopeful front, South Africa’s soccer team, Bafana Bafana finally delivered the goods against New Zealand on Wednesday – and with style. Finally the hunger to win and teamwork was visible in Bafana Bafana – beside the 2 goals by Parker, the passing and skill displayed particularly by Masilela and Siphiwe Tshabalala was world class. Wonkie sincerely hopes the momentum for them continues on for many games to come. GO BAFANA!

UPDATE: Judging by South Africa’s performance against England in the 2011 Cricket World Cup, where they once again choked and wound up losing, the Proteas prove once again how much they value consistency.


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  1. Whoever thought Bafana Bafana would end up redeeming SA? I had already dubbed the hapless team “Bufoona Bufoona” and “Barfana Barfana” and lo,, they go and win a big one! That’ll teach me. I always suspected Bafana Bafana had to be good, but this proves it. Of course, Vuyo Mbuli on SABC2 is going way over the top. I mean, he always manages to wriggle soccer into anything televised, but now – well – you can imagine. Semaj.

  2. guess its a bit early to celebrate considering that new zealand is a weak team,since they just came from a 5-0 loose against spain we should have done better wait till we meet more competant teams then we can talk for now lets just watch and see

  3. gillkitty says

    I heard a guy on 702 expressing just how wonderful this was for the Pakistanis for whom cricket is next to religion, and whose politics have all but crushed the huge Pakistani cricket loving heart in Pakistan. So I say – well done Pakistan. Cherish the moment, and as a South African I salute you

  4. Bafana Bafana really need our prayers and support at the moment more than anything else

  5. Not bad after bafana bafana not scoring against Iraq we expected the worst, the proteas are a different issue those boys always deliver as they say christmas doesn’t come everyday they had thier chances in the past. But lets face the facts South Africa won’t win the confederations cup even if they say miracles happen. any way good luck to our boys!!!!


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