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west indies cricket

West Indies win T20 World Cup with Gangnam Style!

In the spirit of the striking labour force in South Africa, Wonkie thought it best to take a brief strike from Julius Malema to focus on strike rates of a different class altogether. Earlier today, the West Indies cricket team won the ICC World Twenty20 Cup by 36 runs in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

After what was a shaky start for the Windies with the quick dismissal of the flamboyant Chris Gayle, Sri Lanka looked all set to snatch a home victory in the final. Cricket, as fans would be quick to point out though, is a very funny game and it really ain’t over until the last over is over. A great batting innings from Marlon Samuels, a good bowling attack from the West Indies and some silly mistakes from Sri Lanka helped to bring it all home for the Caribbean contenders.

Bar the ICC Champions trophy in England in 2004, the West Indies have not won a major international tournament like this since the 1970s – and this is despite owning great talent of the likes of Brian Lara. The current 2012 West Indies T20 team appeared a lot more spirited and promising – in batting, bowling and the field. The embarrassingly massive victory over Australia in the semi-finals definitively showed that this T20 World Cup win was no fluke.

Gangnam Style photo

The Gangnam Style Dance

In other news, for those readers that have no idea what the reference to Gangnam Style is, read on. Recently, a South Korean rapper, Psy, created a song and video called, you guessed it, Gangnam Style.

Since its release on 15 July 2012, it has taken the world, and quite apparently the West Indian T20 cricket team by storm. Besides being shared by numerous celebrities and on TV talk shows, it has even received coverage on the likes of the Harvard Business Review and the Financial Times.

The video, included below, has recorded over 398 Million views on YouTube already:

Gangnam Style Video
Just goes to show – there is just no telling what madness is going to be a hit!

Wonkie congratulates the West Indies on their well-deserved victory and wonders whether the Sri Lankan team is competing to take over the Grand Cricket Chokers title from veterans South Africa.

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  1. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    I guess that the fat lady sings calypso

  2. Really thought the West Indies were out of it after the very, very slow start – but as you say corny – the fat lady seems to be partial to calypso this year!

    Have to say I can’t see what the big deal about the Gangnam style video is – it’s quite silly actually… can’t believe it got 400 Million views on YouTube! More so, can’t believe Gayle and co did that crazy jig after the match in celebration… guess there was nobody to wine on on the pitch eh?! LOL

    Well done West Indies!!

  3. Who failed to make the final – again.

  4. This is a great dance better than Zumba.

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