Joel Santana Bafana cartoon

Joel Santana Bafana cartoon

Joel Santana’s Bafana Bomb

South Africa’s expected performance in the 2010 World Cup is starting to look very shaky again. Bafana bafana lost 1-nil to Iceland at a friendly played in Reykjavik last Tuesday, making it their eighth loss in nine games – needless to say, Joel Santana’s future as the South African coach is back in the spotlight.

Wonkie is always fascinated by the armchair critics of sport. It is often the same chaps that rave about Bafana’s outstanding performance – for example, at the Fifa Confederations Cup earlier this year, that are now also relegating South African coach Joel Santana to the dogbox. Realistically, not much has changed over the last few months.

The South African Football Association (Safa), had appointed three musketeers – Clive Barker, Gavin Hunt, and Jomo Sono – to evaluate Santana’s performance. Sadly they did not manage to secure visas for Europe to do their job and so will be waiting to do their assessment in November when South africa plays friendly home matches against Japan and Jamaica. Good luck with Bafana, Senor Santana!


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  1. When SAFA employed Santana they knew full well that he is a second rate coach. If they are serious about SA soccer they should never have contracted him. It is like giving a beggar a couple of hundred thousand rands and expect him to become the next Donald Trump by the end of the year. Ha. Then the flip side of the coin – the Bafana Bafana squad is made up from various teams players and because they hate each other so much (from a team point of view) they will never be able to play for ONE as ONE. The nature of the beast.

  2. shirilelel m.l says

    The least said about SATAN the beter. What more did you expect from SATAN cionsidering the poor record that he has in his coaching career. Let him be shown the exit door as we did with other poor performing coaches. I think local is leker.

  3. Instead of looking at the coach as the issue, they should look at the team as an issue. Why is it that now matter who they have coaching them, they always seem to loose. Until the players themselves realise it is them that need to pull finger and actually start pitching up for practise and playing as a team, nothing is ever going to change, you can have the best coach in the world, but that will never solve the problem if your players are full of sh%t and cannot play as a team. Forget the glory boy and sign up the player that is willing to do anything for his team, not the benefits that these players get, what happened to “for the love of the game” not just the look at me I drive a fancy car and live in a fancy house because I play football an earn a stack of cash to not pitch up to practise and play like cr@p because I do not get along with the coach, wake up and smell the coffee, the coach is there to push you, not to be mates with you. These players must loose their attitude and play for their country and not for their own glory.

  4. This guy has been given more than enough chance to prove himself…, no guys dnt do this its hurting every South African plzzzzz, Why do we have to wait for more disaster, better be proactive, Nothing promising at all.

  5. 8 out of 9 is not a good result at all, Santana has failled Bafana Bafana and S.A as a nation let him off the pliz MR SAFA

  6. Lets face it,90 % of the population are represented in Bafana Bafana.They have been soccer mad for years.The manager uses what he has to attempt to form a winning team.One of the better players,Bennie Mcartney must represent a reasonable attitudeof all the players.I don’t think they care what happens as long as they earn this fantastic money,fame and glitz.To me it seems that like all in positions of power,discipline and commitment and total disregard for duty,is just another painting of South Africa.
    It’s a disgrace.We need to stop making excuses for mediocrity.All our other sports do and there we are constantly amongst the top in the world and generally our source pool is amongst less than R2million.Surely the R45plus million can come up with a solution.

  7. Collin Dethele says

    Well, i think its time for Santana to hit the road-back to Brazil. If he has failed to bring results in eight games, i dont think that by winning any of Japan or Jamaica games shall prove him to be a good coach. Please SAFA, i advice you to action accordinly and avoid embarrassment. 2010 is so close by and as hosts, you should be prepared not assessing coaches. I feel sorry for you guys because time is running out.

  8. yes he must continue . the clive’s of this world must only be backup support but he should be the mean man if bafana bafana is to go any where .he has been to the world cup before so he has what it takes .

  9. The problem with Bafana Bafana is deeper than the what the powers want to look and admit. There may well be a problem with the coach but I think 70% of the problem lies with the players them selves ,selectors and management. You CANNOT blame the coach ONLY for Bafana’s woes!!!

  10. SAFA is failing South Africa and thats all

  11. Malasarose says

    santana has been given everything, the salary is fat. tell me do you really expect the guy to perform. he has realised that we are desparate. SAFA should have given the guy a normal salary and promise him increament if he performs. listen at what he is telling us now HE IS NOT EMPLOYED TO WIN FRIENDLY GAMES. i think he has overstayed his welcome. he must be a SOCCER TERRORIST. get someone who knows our boys and has experience in coaching here in south Africa otherwise CLIVE BARKER is still alive. stop making our national team a MONEY LAUNDRY FOR OUTSIDERS WHO DOESN’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO TALK ENGLISH. WHO INTERVIEWED AND GAVE THE GUY THIS JOB, HE MUST BE CRAZY TOO.


  13. Whether Sathana leaves or stays, there won’t B a difference!Winning & loosing lies in the feet of the players.The coaches have done their parts.

  14. Leave santana alone,He’s the right coach,SA is just failling themself.Poor perfomance always.

  15. Annie Van Struben says

    Its all hanna hanna about bafanna
    that knows nil about goal scoring
    they find Santana far too boring
    they need far more then Santana
    to become the winning team bafanna

  16. He should have been fired long time ago.Loosing friendlies is not worrying him at all but it is worrying the South africans.When is he going to start winning?When he is playing in the world cup next year.SAFA is to be blamed too.PLEASE SEND THIS MAN HOME.

  17. Walter, remember the other Walter from SABC how he got Himself suspended for speaking the truth. Yeah these Brasilians are making a killing, where in the world would you earn R1.400000m and underperfom and still keep your Job? A lot should be expected from this Joe, infact a miracle wont be a bad expactation because He is paid a lot of money.

  18. Santana like Sir Alex Ferguson,Arsene Wenger and many more is a good coach who can deliver on provision of good material . Please one has to read me carefully, south african players are very good for internal competition. They are less than the challenge they are assigned for on international plane both psychologically and physically. So blaming Santana and of course a line of coaches that came before him is just as unfair as blaming Nomvete for not scoring regularly while on Bafana shirt than when he was on Amakhosi’s. I can assure you it is not actually the coach that wins games rather is the combination of quality material and a good coach. Even if you can bring the best coach you believe in, the status quo will remain because the material is less than the challenge. It is not a question of money[that you can buy the best coach in the world to guide Bafana to glory days]. I can give an example to testify my view , check Ghana ,Zambia,Nigeria you name them, they are playing very well but economically they salutes Mzanzi. I think going out splashing money for coaches which cannot even communicate properly with our players is just another problem from those in power. YOU CANNOT EXPECT FRUITS FROM A NATURALLY BARREN TREE BY PUTTING MORE WATER. I suggest that SAFA gives Jomo Sono a chance because i think we do not need an international remedy to get Bafana going. Give Him what you were giving your Parreiras,be patient and supportive… then come to me!

  19. History is repeating, every cup final we were involved in had a new coach. That did not help us improve. We still think coaches are at fault here, after so many years and so many coaches! It is time we open our eyes and look for the real reason which we have known all along. We do not have the players to match the coach. Maybe its time we behave like America and France and get players from Ghana and Zambia while they are still young and convert them to Mzantsi. We will then start winning.


  21. get an english speaking coach, not a mumbo jumbo speaking sod,

  22. If there is a empty space between the ears then no matter who the coach is, Bafana bafana won’t make it – so get a cheaper real affirmative action appiontment local guy who grew up in africa…and this time, please don’t let the sangoma throw his bones

  23. Blame SAFA for hiring a has-been coach who cannot even speak the language. They must have been out of their minds! Replace Santana who cannot be ‘fired for losing friendlies’ with Pieter de Villiers, assisted by some technical soccer guys. Do anything, just don’t keep Santana. Time for being nice is over.

  24. SAFA knew that Santana does not have international experience when it comes to football and he proved to them that he is not a good coach at all, by failing to satisfy our hope as South Africans, also not having a better team @ this stage. Their defence and striking departments are very poor/worse, I wonder what he tells them at training sessions and the team is very disappointing to watch.


  26. No clive, Santana hs no any international experience, I think you are talking about Perrera Alberto Carlos…. Santana and SAFA is just a waste

  27. you are right bro i kinda of mixed the two.

  28. Joe santana is trying to do his best coaching . But the problem lies with the players they cant shoot to Target. He may be a second rate coach but SAFA knew about him and could’nt consider South African Coaches like Igesund, Clive Barker who took South Africa to the World Cup and give those Million Salaries to Them. So they might as well expect some surprise from Santana who can resign any time from now and take back to his home a millionaire.

  29. The problem is not only on the coach here,the players also have a big contribution.Even when Perreira was coaching Bafana was not doing well.There is no committment to these players at all but the potential is there.You can see how they easily fall even in their 18 yards which shows that there is a lack of commitment.You can bring the best coach in the world but if players are not doing their part there will be no results.

  30. Santana is done. Can’t speak English. How do players understand his most intense messages? The blind leading the blind. Players are demoralised, clearly things are goona get worse…what will change otherwise?

  31. Yes, He must stay, the is not with him it is with the players, he will instruct to play junk. South Africans must stop blame the coaches blame the the players for a change we will change coaches like every time. Open your eyes south africans!

  32. yes, because time is not enough for anew coach to start preparing for 2010

  33. He should be left alone Rome was not built in a Day……….

  34. Santana contiuning to couch Bafana Bafana, what a sick joke. Forget it. Better try another coach. Even if that coach does not do better we would know that something was done. With Santana the results are clear. Find another to pin our hopes on.

  35. Yes, of course. He must continue coaching our country because he is the only one at the moment who understands our boys very well. Changing coach at this stage can cost us a fortune. We rather leave this man and loose with him so that we can rectify our mistakes in the future. We can’t win world cup even if we can change coach. We are just hosts for 2010 but not winners. For us to win but not 2010 world we need have good strikers who are consistent and solid middle fielders and defenders. This has got nothing to do with the coach.

  36. a man can lead a horse to the river,but if it cant drink its not the mans fault,so stop pointing fingers @santana and deal with the players.every time the boys underperfom the coach gets it when are the players going to be punished for their laziness.(remember that it no use wiping the floor while the tap is not closed/fixed,first sort the tap out then wipe the water).

  37. Quinton Ndzinisa says

    Fire Joel Santana and replace him with Louis Phillip Scolari ( also Brazilian). He should be assisted by Frank Rikaard (former Barcelona coach). Also to note is that Bafana Bafan lack pace when attacking.

  38. in soccer you loose some and you win some, blaming Santana for poor perfomance that is not fair i mean any tom, dick and herry wants to tell Joel how to coach the team give the guy a break he is under lot of pressure with this unfit players of SA.

  39. DOCTOR MABENA says

    he must not continue let’s give south africans coach a chance or let’s make a combination of coaches and coach Bafana Bafana.

  40. Big no,justice must be done here.He moved us from position 63 to 85 in the fifa rankings.what good would he do during the world cup if he fails in useless games that we played.He realy showed how inexpiriece he is when comming to internation football.

  41. Why sack Santana? Get rid of second rate players first and see if there is any improvement.

  42. Why was this guy selected in the first place and not local coaches?The guy cannot even speak one of out 11 languages and by all appearances has made no effort to try and learn.Whoever chose him in the first place should also be fired along with half the ball polisher players(pass the damn ball … its faster than you will ever be able to run)One ball polisher in an international squad of world class players adds a bit of flair to the game…however 10 “polishas” on a field is a joke.Get them off too along with the “international” head cases that think they are too good.

  43. Nothing wrong with Santana. Collectively Bafana Bafana are useless. Next year they will not win the first round game. Any bets? The odds are 3 TO 1.

  44. AND NOW HE IS GONE WITH MILLIONS. SAFA and the Bafana players do not dedicate themselve, they are out there for money and indeed they are getting big lamps. B4 the world cup, the players will strike and demand 5M each for a draw, 10M each for a win per game and 1M for participating… this is nonsense coz they do not deliver and after all the expect our support

  45. If SAFA takes someone local will he also get the same salary as the previous from abroad? S.A. team are lazy they just want to pay for nothing but when they play for one of the team abroad they do their best. They must not forget we are their supports?

  46. Francis Okyere - Lesotho says

    Whether Santana should go or shouldn’t is not the solution to Bafana Bafana’s problems. The question they need to ask theselves is whether they have the quality of players that can compete at international level. Not even the combined coaching efforts of Sir Alex and Jose can help Bafana Bafana.

    Apart from Steven, the guy in Everton, the rest of the players do not have what it takes to compete at the highest level. It is high time South Africans realised that their promblem lies with poor quality players not coaches.


  48. Dispite the fact that he is loosing, let give him a chance, the man who needs the big booth is Pitso Mosimane. What is he doing there?
    On the other hand I think Igusind’s contribution is dealry needed. So the best they can do is to make Igusind co-coach of Bafana or just get rid of Santana together with Mosimane and let igusind take the squad.
    However, even the boys themselves are a serious issue, how about promoting the under 20’s to be national team and may be leave 3 or 4 from the current national squad? But make sure to get rid of the captain and all the strikers. That is because, these young boys are the die hards and trully represents South Africa. It just a thought or call it a suggestion.

  49. Phumlani.U so rite.The cabinet and all local counsillors should follow Santana for sucking the nation dry.TRANSFORMATION in soccer will also be the next best option.GATVOL VANNIE KAAP


  51. playing 9games and lost allthose game except winning to an Iraq is not agood record and our prade about SAis at stake . thi man must go

  52. I don’t feel bad for Santana, plus he was not the man for the job in the first place. I bet he is now smiling, coz if you count all the millions he made, damn he is FILTHY RICHER THAN OUR PRESIDENT!!!

  53. This is real life, not a Hollywood sports movie, where the oddball underdogs with singular talents make it all the way to win the prize money to save the club/pay for the coach’s operation/buy back the farm from the bad guy. In what universe does the 80 something ranked team end up beating some of the best teams in the world more than once or twice? At least a foreign coach won’t cost an arm and a leg, and the upset fans (and they will be) can throw eggs at his house for years to come.

  54. HA HA, I meant ‘Local Coach’!!

  55. Lexman,

    The only reason why he might be richer than JZ is because he does not have such a lot of wifes and children to feed! But then again, JZ have the Shaik-shake’s to make sure he knows how to handle his household budget…remember, JZ surely still gets commission every time somebody has to renew his driver’s license every 5 years! ( the contract for that still belongs to Nkolbe Holdings )

  56. I don’t think santana is the right men for the job. he was with bafana bafana for a year now, but still he does not have the right combination.So me in my own point of view safa should have chosen a local coach a long time ago. There many talented coaches here in south africa, who knows our players very well and who also know the african football style, instead of brazilian style.Because this is another major problem that is killing us in our bafana squad, because those foreign coaches like santana, they teach our players brazilian football, and they are not used to that style.So santana is not the right man ffor the job and after him they should have appointed a local coach such as gavin hunt, or any local coach instead of parreira, those coaches they cost us millions without any success.

  57. It scares the hell out me to think that SAFA is considering another failure to the country who will only cost us Money and can not deliver. Overses’ coaches do not know our local cream of crop. Those millions should be used to develop local talent……..

  58. mthokozisi Tembe says

    Hell no, they rather try Ribert mogabe

  59. i dnt think we were supposed to blame santana coz he`s not the one who play and the mistakes were out of his control as he told players what to do but they ddnt do as he told them.I THINK PLAYERS LIKE AARON MOKOENA SHUD BE DROPPED I CANT DENY HE HAS EXPERIENCE BUT IT DOESNT WORK FOR US.

  60. jean leblanc says

    Like with everything that the ANC cadres are touching, the SA soccer has gone down the drain. Anybody surprised???Is’nt that what is happening on a daily basis in every area in South Africa?
    However, with the 2010 World Cup they shot themselves in the foot. The real SA will be unveiled. Soccer and all.

  61. Joel is a good coach, finish and klaar. The players have their own hang-ups. They may be good for South African football, but otherwise zilch for anything else. Look at the game yesterday ( Chelsea v. Inter) than you will know what I am talking about. Santana was given chopsticks to eat soup, thats how bad it is. Local is lekker for SA sport only, but this is a national squad for heavens sake. It does not play local. SAFA will have to invest its money on development of high standard of football in its totality ( coaches, referees, players, admin. etc.). You cannot win games playing SA football outside of our borders. It is time we woke up and grew up.

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