BNP Nick Griffin cartoon

BNP Nick Griffin cartoon

White Supremacists and Facial Hair

Wonkie has always maintained that to be an effective white supremacist one has to have a defining facial hair feature. Be it an evil, yet sporty Hitler style moustache or a full-bearded Santa look (seriously, how many black Santas have you seen) – one just has to have facial hair to be taken seriously.

As a South African visiting the UK, it was really quite surreal to accidently witness the massive Anti-Islam demonstration staged by the British National Party (BNP) in Leeds last weekend. Honestly, it really made me feel at home – really… at home in the bad ol’ days of apartheid in South Africa: police everywhere; dogs in vans; angry protesters; placards – all pretty familiar bar the races involved being different.

For the benefit of those not familiar with UK politics, the BNP is a right-wing extremist party led by Nick Griffin. In a nutshell this is what Mr Griffin and his party are about:

The BNP constitution is committed to restoring white supremacy in Britain. Mr Griffin last month accepted to review BNP rules to allow black and Asian people to join the party after a legal victory for the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Wonkie believes hundreds of blacks and Asians are queueing up outside the BNP offices to sign up.

Nick Griffin was convicted of inciting racial hatred for articles that denied the Holocaust. While in the witness box he said: “I am well aware that the orthodox opinion is that six million Jews were gassed and cremated and turned into lampshades. Orthodox opinion also once held that the world is flat.”

BNP policy promises include offering ethnic minorities the option of voluntary repatriation. They also are quite happy to send the 2012 Olympics, set to be staged in London, back to Athens.

Indoctrination into the party ideology begins at an early age – even the ANCYL could learn something from them. They use comics, puppet mascots and everything.

Nick Griffin and the BNP are chummy with members the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) in the USA – birds of a feather and all that.

BNP is not a piddly little party – it received more than 900,000 votes in the recent European elections.

Mr Griffin recently appeared on the BBC show Question Time for the first time which created quite an uproar with the British public. The BBC claimed they were being impartial and allowing free speech. Most of the thinking public were concerned that the BNP would gather additional support because of the programme, particularly during this period of economic difficulty when people tend get more nationalistic.

In other news, Eugene Terre’blanche, leader of the white supremacist AWB movement in South Africa recently also announced a comeback. To quote from his speech last month: “Now is not the time to be afraid… now all true Afrikaners must reach out to each other and fight to the bitter end.”

On a completely different note to end the week – for those of you who are not aware of it, Wonkie would like to introduce you to Movember (The month formerly know as November). The Movember movement was set in place to raise awareness of men’s health issues – particularly Prostate cancer which is one of the most common forms of cancer affecting men all over the world – do check out their site and Grow your Mo to show your support!

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Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. There is now way that the BNP can beat the ANCYL

  2. slayi mhlangabezi says

    it’s good to here that at last these white realised that we are also humans just like them ‘ i have a dream that one day i will not be judged by the colour of my skin nor the nation where i come from’ long liveBNP FOR THE MASSIVE WORK THAT YOU HAVE DONE’ KEEP ON DOING THIS GREAT WORK . thank you.

  3. LOL – I’m growing my Mo for Movember too – I hope Zuma does the same.

    I can’t believe these racists are allowed to continue like this – and in the UK at that.. ban them all I say!

  4. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    To Jamie….Please don’t ban them! They’re doing such a good job of alienating themselves without anyone’s interference! They’re pathetic and laughable! Sad creatures to be pitied, not feared. They are the ones who are fearful, otherwise why would they be so against folk who are not like them? Remember, “What we do not understand, we fear!” Bloody IDIOTS!

  5. Hastheworldgonecrazy…
    The way I see it, nobody is against blacks just because of coulour, whites have it against the barbaric things blacks do!

    On the other hand, we know what mugabe looks like with his facial feature…like Dr. Walter Veith remarked, maybe they both ( Hitler and mugabe ) haver the same boss!
    My remark is that mugabe, being so dark, must be Hitler’s shadow. 😉

  6. Wonkie

    “Indoctrination into the party ideolody begins at an early age – even the ANCYL could learn something from them. They use comics, puppet mascots and everything.”

    Sorry to say, the ancyl can’t learn how to “use comics, puppet mascots and everything” as they ARE the “comics, puppet mascots and everything”…specially their leader! 😀

  7. Jamie Diets,

    Strange thing that only whites can be racist…black savages using government’s automatic R5 rifles to kill whites without any reason are not racist – they are just savages who re-distribute land!

  8. The whole plan of these crazy people (whether they are white or black) is to drive ( S.A) and the whole world backwards. The worst thing is not their plans but the people who actually believe and react to their opinions, and ideas. I don’t think that the A.W.B can be threat to the democracy of S.A. We must move forward not backwards, Kufanele siye phambili singabuyeli emva, Ons moet vorentoe gaan nie agtertoe nie. Let’s close the generation gap.

  9. Snorkel1234 says

    Hopefully now those racist blacks in the Black Police Association and Moslem institutes will now allow whites to gain full membership to their association’s, as I believe it’s constitution excluding any race based on colour, immoral and racist

  10. You seee…there are advantages and disadvantages emanating from all governments for the electorates regardless of if its a liberal leftst,communist or rightwing government.

    The problem with liberal or other governments other than the right its that they strive to please than rule the country and are most of the time nefarious and frivolous by their pretentious nature where they fail to actually articulate their vision or philosophies whereas rightwingers make their stance clear right from the outset and so when you vote for them you know exactly what you`re voting for.

    I WOULD BE HAPPY TO LIVE UNDER THE rEPUBLICANS AND THE FORMER nATIOAL PARTY GOVERNM,ENTS THAN A lABOUR pARTY OR da GOVERNMENTS BECAUSE THE da IS SECRETIVE in terms of opening itself up so its true colours can be exposed to all and sundry.

  11. I fully agree with you Dirk. But, redistributing land is one thing, why take it away from the farmers is a bloody shame.


    man if you hate africans that much then what the f**k are you doing in Africa,note that by us being accomodative it does not call for your kind to make fools out of our people,for ages whites have been stealing from us,raping us,even going to the extent of packing us in ships like sardines and selling us as slaves just to enrich themselves(saying we are idiots then,just like you calling us idiots now)tell you what africans are naturally a good natured breed but should we feel that enough is enough you would wish you kind has never set foot in this part of the world. Africa is ours and you must be glad that we accomodate people like you but dont over do it least you get burnt.

  13. Pissed Off says

    When are people going to grow up and be friends?
    Nick Griffen has a point, the UK is rapidly being over run by Moslems. In the average Brit mind, Moslems are responsible for hi-jackings, crashing aircraft in to sky scrapers, fanatical human bombs causing untold distruction and death to inocent children and adults and annihilation of anyone who does not practice or believe in Islam. On top of all that, the cause of many conflicts and wars around the globe.
    People everywhere are frightened by the Islamic onrush as the fanatics spread Mohammedism around the world. When people are frightened they react and this is exactly what is going on here!

  14. snorkel1234 says

    yabatho, you from Africa

  15. Jay chakravbartti / Joy Chakraborty says

    I respect african Citi8zens & African peoples not only due to citizens 6 also resopect nalson mandella . Our American president Also an african bourn citizen , but i never forget for this people also who have always fight back as for african peoples .

  16. yabatho25

    You call raping and killing hijacking and stealing the acts of “GOOD-NATURED” people? – You must be African to call that “GOOD-NATURED”! :~

    Science says that Africa is “the cradle of human kind” – that mean that whites also originate from here…according to African beliefs, people have the right to return to the graves of their ancestors…so? Does that not mean we whites have a right to be here? 🙂 Typical african…you have double standards!

    Then, on the other hand, when the whites arrived here, we found no deeds office, no boundary or any sign that proclaimed Africa as being the property of some nation.. 😉 …but to return to the very truth…you “good natured” blacks killed the bushmen who were here first – they left drawings to prove that…blacks never left any sign that they were residents of this southern part of Africa…no sign, no fence, no office, no government, no flag; no nothing.. :D.. is that our fault?

    If it was not for the good-natured whites, disease would have wiped the last black face from this planet long ago! Blacks are testing their “traditional” medicine for over 4000 years now and still can’t figure out that it just won’t work – ever! What kind of people believe that human body parts can be medicine? Total mad ones if you ask me! 😀

  17. Snorkel1234

    By now you should know that when blacks have any organisation only for blacks it is not racist…only when some other race have a private organisastion, then ONLY is it racist!

    Well, let the world and it’s idiot leaders take note of one thing – it is a fact that we have several races on this planet and it also is a reality that charity begins at home – now if that is racist to be like that, then I (as well as MOST people from MOST races) am racist!

  18. yabatho25

    I tried to convince right wing parties to open their doors to all races long before 1994. The thinking people would have signed up because it is a fact that from all nations, those who are proud to be what they are, would like to stay who they are, and are the onyl ones that have some backbone – all those who are willing to be mixed up and become a “nothing” are already a “brainless gutless nothing” anyway! 😉



  20. great article and side

  21. yabatho25,

    Do you think you can intimidate me by threatening to burn me?

    History shown that one white can handle 1000 blacks – so I guess you will have to get a train to bring you and your helpers to come burn me – don’t cry if you and your coward helpers never return home but rather depart for hell traight from my gate! Just think about it; I plan to promote you and you bunch of cowards from idiot to “worshipable ancestor” – so don’t call me racist 😉

  22. Eugene, a come back?!?
    Doesn’t that drol ever give up? Jeez!

  23. Juz,

    ET ‘s got an important role to play….he’s got to identify the right-wingers to the government so they can be subject to discrimination!

  24. Slayi Mhlangabezi… grow up and try to understand that the world has moved on! AFRICANS FOR AFRICANS is so archaic. Just imagine what would happen if every continent /country talked that way! Americans for America, Europeans for Europe etc. For goodness sake, do you not realise that there are hundreds and thousands of Africans living happily in many countries scattered around the world? Do you really wish that all your African brothers get thrown out of all those countries and returned to Africa?

  25. @dirk
    just look around you watch the news, and you will see the damage that whites have done to the world in general.theyhave even poluted the space through their invetions we are now faced with global warming,lack of morals,loss of humanity all these was shipped to africa by a bunch of whites like you whose only purpose was to steal and destroy,had things like you left africa as it was we would be far better than we are least our kids would have grown up with a spirit of ubuntu and we would still be freelly roaming our lands with no one judging us or restricting us to unwanted lands as your kind has done i just wish people like you(meaning with a mindset as yours could be shipped back to where ever you came from and never come back)

  26. snorkel1234 says

    yabatho, yip mate I agree with you. Ruwanda, Zimbabwe are great examples of ubuntu, begging Europe for money aid while your leaders are amongst the richest people in the world, crimes committed in Africa is the most violent and barbaric, and to Africa it seems part and parcel of your so called ubuntu, if that is what ubuntu is about seeing children starving as your own leaders are steaing the money, you can keep it, maybe Africa is for the Africans and whites should get out, but ask any African in Europe to return to his homeland as Europe is for thewhites see what happens. Your ubuntu flies out the window

  27. yabatho25,

    Wherever the whites have left, africa is in total chaos war and corruption…well that’s african style and you guys like it that way – soon the whole continent will be a slumb and the black beggars be more…the only thing africa manage to do well – begging and demanding and devouring!

  28. snorkel1234
    What you say is true about africa – one thing about africa that only us who live here knows is the fact that africa will send it’s children to the frontline bargaining in the fact that whites will be to decent toi defend themselves against the children…this happend twice in my lifetime that the african cowards used their woman and children to be in the front line while the coward-men follow from behind! SICK! 🙁
    Another thing about africa is that it is surely the only continent where you will still find a communist! 😀

  29. Garraelius says

    @ Yabatho, judging by your comments to Dirk, you’re as much of, it not more, a racist than he is. And you have the gall to comment on the BNP wanting to get rid of the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ansd ASYLUM SEEKERS in the UK, please dont profess to comment on things you know absoluteley nothing about.
    British and Proud to be…

  30. Islam isn’t a race. Your comparisons to apartheid are incredibly ignorant and stupid. There are a huge number of decent, intelligent people who abhor racism but are vehemently opposed to the threat that is Islam. Maybe in 20 years you will feel stupid for writing this. Also the BNP does not have a monopoly on anti-Islamic sentiment. They are still a tiny minority party whereas anti-Islamic sentiment is growing very large.

  31. Garraelius

    You are wrong, I am not racist, I just have to say things the way it is….it’s not my fault africa does not give me a reason to say something good.

    I follow the examples I an tought by God in His Bible:…

    Titus 1:12 One of themselves, even a prophet of their own, said, The Cretians are alway liars, evil beasts, slow bellies. 13This witness is true. Wherefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith;
    The King James Version, (Cambridge: Cambridge) 1769.

    Does this scripture make the writer thereof a racist? NO! It’s just fact!

    So if I witness the truth about blacks, I am not racist but when I keep saying things that are untrue ( like blacks who say us whites “stole their land” ) about them, then I am racist! But now I am not.

    Why do you as a brittish english speaker say things the way you do? Because you are cowards having too much to say about all non-english speakers because you believe you are supreme to the rest of the world and forever want to tell others how to conduct their daily lives or run their countries and on top of it, do not love truth!

    The one good this cursed hellhole new south africa did was to show that your english-speaker’s non racial rainbownation nutral-grey dream is absolute foolishness!

    Were the blacks not 2000 years behind the rest of this world, maybe your non-racial nutral grey concoction would work! But you english are so stupid, you cant even see the obvious – any thinking man would know that giving the controls to a child will end in chaos….

    I believe that the man who hand his car keys to his 10 year old boy and tell him to go from Pretoria to Johannesburg does not love that child, but hates him as any fool would know the child won’t return home alive!

    For this reason I regard you loudmouth english fools as the racists and not the Afrikaner right-wing Boere who know that giving the controls of this country to the underdeveloped short sighted blacks who are 2000 years behind is like killing them!

  32. Mzulungile Cabanga says

    Dirk Muller you deserve to be kicked out of Africa you fool. You have no respect what so ever for black people. I suggest if you live in South Africa you pack your bags and get the hell out of here. Africa will remain ours like it or not. Leave our continent and go to Europe. Ungrateful bastard.

  33. Mzulungile Cabanga,

    Typical african fool! My God don’t respect foolishness and for that reason I also do not respect foolishness. Secondly, I never got anything from you black africans but theaft, beggars begging, problems with all systems you bugger up, load shedding, pain, dirty streets, heartace, etc. the list is to long to mention here…so what is it you want me to be “gratefull” for, FOOL?

    Now, fool, do you believe that all blacks have the right to return to the graves of their ancestors?

    Furthermore , FOOL, do you believe that africa is the cradle of human kind?

    Did you know that the white man was first and that the black man came last…

    It’s because you black bastards are so evil and unrighteous and hatefull towards the truth, that you are always starving and begging…yet you still don’t see where you go wrong and refuse that the white man’s God is more powerfull that the bones of your great – great grandfather that sold you out as slaves…whom you blacks now worship as gods like fools!

    Now FOOL, why don’t you rather show us you have a braincell or two and come with some fact that would make a fool of me…the moment you manage that, I will respect you – that’s a promise!

    But as long as you keep telling me that I am a fool without proving it in some way, you are the fool, not me…so cheers for now, fool 😉

    Who will you get to kick me out? bafana-bafana or rather bafana-bafana-bafana-bafana? They can hardly kick a goal, kicking a BOER is something else..and you know it!

  34. Dirk
    I find your comments very amusing but they are fool of hatred AND STUPIDITY.You call urself a christian and have the audacity of quoting the scriptures and God but you are an instrument of the devil.Pls don’t be blasphemous- racist is enough.

  35. JERRY

    Looks like you can’t see the point…I am not “fool of hatred”, I am just playing the FOOL all the time!

    Never did I attack any wise remark on this site, only those of fools…wonkie is a cartoon, remember – so don’t take me too serious but whenever I mention God and His Word, I AM SERIOUS and surely not blasphemous.

    Lastly, my God (and I get my orders from Him – not from heathen like you!) expect of me to always love the truth, even if it may hurt the feelings of the fools so they may become wise….that is in fact an act of love that only the right-minded can see – fools, for some reason, see it as racist hatred and that is not my problem, nor is it my God’s problem.


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