Rhino poaching cartoon

Rhino poaching cartoon

Rhino Poaching in South Africa

210 rhinos have already been killed by poachers in South Africa since the start of this year. This is up over 70% from all the rhinos killed in South Africa last year. Now if rhino murder were an event in the Commonwealth Games today that would be a statistic to be proud of. Sadly however, South Africa can claim no such glory.

The black market demand for rhino horn has experienced a huge surge recently. The horn is used mostly for medicinal purposes – largely by impotent South-East Asian men who desperately want to love you long time. [Updated – Thanks RaySmith] Each horn which weighs around 10kg currently fetches over US$ 20,000 per kilo in Asia.

Even Nobel Peace prize winner Desmond Tutu made a public statement last week about the importance of protecting rhinos from poaching:

“It is robbing our people of their precious natural heritage, robbing our nation of its ecological diversity, and severely embarrassing our nation abroad.”

Despite a government ban on the hunt and sale of rhino products in an effort to halt the rampant poaching, there has been little success in curbing the murders. Many game lodges have resorted to employing private armed security to protect their few and precious rhinos. It almost sounds like a replica of the model the South African public will need to adopt if the government continues to remain equally impotent against crime committed on its human citizens.

Stay tuned for Julius Malema’s follow up question to the rhino later this week… ! Feel free to enter your suggestions in the comments section below and Wonkie will pass them on to the rhino.

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  1. It’s such a cute cartoon! 🙂 Makes me recall the rhino from your book…whatever did you name him?

    Too bad about the story it represents in reality though…

    And too bad I don’t know enough about Julius Malema’s current affairs to frame a question but maybe if I go from the stories I’ve seen on here in the past…He should ask the Rhino to guess his matric results? And for the Rhino to be in good favour he should guess them as way higher than they really are?

  2. Naman Obuyi says

    Security jets should be introduced to patrol the skies of South Africa and monitor what is happening on ground

  3. There are sayings ‘Forget the rhino save white ou ‘now it is ‘forget the white ou save the rhino’, either way Julius is definatly NOT the person to ask for help ,he has no idea of the value of either.

  4. i may not be a huge or vocal animal rights fan but believe you me when i say,i am the one who will take any opportunity to feed a stray animal & i have already saved a few alley cats.This huge magnificent animal is on the verge of totally disappearing because of some greedy conservation officials,game rangers,wild animal stock farmers & vets for its hardend hairs(horn) a big WHY???

  5. the wrong person to ask to save anything, except maybe his own big fat black butt …………………………… as for saving the Rhino, the thing is to educate educate educate and hang those 3 Afrikaans white traitors from the highest tree. Poison the horns , farmers, and kill those idiotic Asians in the midst of their
    sexual exploits. Little man syndrome for sure. I have just been up to Matopos , outside Bulawayo, and they have a permanent game ranger walking with their Rhino , armed to kill on sight anyone suspicious of poaching.

  6. Are people so much in need of money to do such a barbaric act – killing. How helpful is the medicine that Asia countries do with this horns. I for one suggest that it be banned to save the loss of another Rhino, or shutdown of such factories.

  7. They need to poison all rhino horns and place this fact in the press in all user countries. Horn users know what it is doing to rhino’s but if they start suffering they will soon change to Viagra

  8. Rhino with impotence problem: Mr Malema – I have an impotence problem from all the rhino hunting! – What can I do?
    Julius: What works for me is if you blow your own horn people will notice you. No-one will touch you then!

  9. Think there are a few noughts missing from the price of the horns!

  10. i feel it is such a barbaric act, this must come to an end I urge to all South Africans to unite against this cruelty.

  11. Forget saving the rhino, let’s start poaching all the ANC govt. officials, starting with Julius Malema. This way the poachers will turn their attention away from these poor rhino’s.

  12. Scorpio Birch Acres says

    Perhaps not enough is being done to curb the rhino slaughter on purpose. It is possible that the leader of the ruling party takes the stuff himself to father his fleet of children.

  13. Once Again says

    R.S.A with abundant resources is watching the poor rhino disappearing. you dont need to invest much, its a matter of mobilising the resources that are currently available.
    ADVICE: Pool the rhinos into one area like Kruger National Park (if u still call it Kruger) and protect them and let them multiply.
    This is not achievable if big fish/guns are the “behind the scenes” beneficiaries of the poaching proceeds. Give Malema a break he is still busy with the mines!

  14. you know these people are very cruel how can you do this to an innocent animal because of vuvuzela and who said vuvuzelas must be made of rhino horn

  15. These bloody agents must come out, bloody agents are racist, don’t they know these “black” rhinos will be exstint. and as for the chines (Fake BEE Partner) must go to Mayi Mayi for their impotency and leave the black rhinos alone!!!

  16. Ol’kid has the best idea. Poisen a lot of rhino horns and sell them on the black market. Them a while later, hold a big international news conference and inform the media. People who buy rhino horn products will think twice about using it. Kill the demand. If a few humans die, so what. Rhinos are going extinct but humans are in over supply.

  17. Maybe Malema can make a few wooden ones for sale. That is if he knows the head from the tail.Probably give it three tails and no horns.

  18. @Meady – think the Rhino may offend Julius with a question on his matric results which would result in its untimely death. We’re trying to save the rhino so let’s avoid that line of questioning.

    Poisoning rhino horns – you readers are pretty devious!! How scary!

    @RaySmith – thanks and well spotted – just goes to show news24.com is not the most reliable source for facts. Did some digging around and found a more accurate figure from a black market rhino trade report.. thanks again for the sensecheck!

    @Leswazi – LOL! Good one – think we may have to make a bonus cartoon with that punchline… very clever indeed!!!

  19. chop off all the rhino murdere’s horns!

  20. These barbarians who kill rhinos should be brought to book and for goodness sake be educated about TOURISM and it’s benefits to the nation.

  21. I just tend to avoid horny individuals.

  22. “What if we Nationalize you? Would that not enable more of the poor, disenfranchised masses to partake in the wealth generated?” Rhino replies, “But that wouldn’t stop them slaughtering us for our horns…”. Juju, “What you on about, I am a politician, I only care about feathering my own nest. If you want help, go and speak to some reactionary, greenie celebrity, don’t bother me!”…. “Hey, what do you taste like, I’m HUNGRY!”

  23. Hi Hino the Rhino,It appears times are tough and friends few,and this must never do.I think the problems you face are as a result of the cost of Viagra.What I would love to see is those bastards killing you being fed Viagra,daily,in prison,alone and have professional photographers bring them to their knees with embarassment.A person without a partner can only play with him/herself.There of course,is another option open.we can poison you horns in such a way that anyone using Rhino horn will become impotent,there must be some way.In the meantime,I’m so sorry to be a human and not proud to be this obscene species that can be so stupid as to believe the witchdoctor bullshit that your horn enhances potency.Sorry Horny.

  24. B Andrew,I wish that education would help in prevention of Rhino emasculation but,as seen in our Papers,lately,I am ashamed to be white and educated as these rich greedy “SICK”farmers and veterinarians are.I’m fed up with the politicians and the corruption in this country but it is mostly by black politicians and their cronies but that is simple stupidity.It is nowhere as sick as this massacre by titled whites,purely greed motivated and merciless.They certainly do not need the money as the poor do,whether right or wrong,simply these pig whites are not hungry and I doubt ever have been.They should be incarcerated for crimes against the quality of life of humanity,into perpetuity and the dreadful disrespect of the animals who it is our God given task to protect as with all else we we are beholden to take care of.

  25. @PM I have to check wonkie on my phone now since websense categories it as games! Can you change such a listing?

    And you’re right Leswazi’s qu for sure is the best one! Hmmm…so good it makes you wonder if he/she was on Wonkie’s staff itself!

    Me yep I’m good at asking qu that tends to get myself and rhinos killed! It’s happening to me in work all now among other things so I should get off my phone and back to work!

  26. This cartoon is so real it shouldn,t have depicted Julius as the savior of the rhino community, police commisioner, environmental minister,
    they are the relevant people for this cartoon, I know it is a cartoon and it has to be a joke, however, with what is happening in reality with defenceless animals that can not protect themselves from the super rich of this world, it is very heartbreaking.
    I hate this cartoon.

  27. To really confuse that rhino Malema should ask: Who is your daddy now?

  28. You know it is disgusting and totally cruel for any human being to do that. the thing is people think not about tomorrow and what they might be doing to the future of this country. Its one of our national pride and you find ignorant people who dont have anything better to do killing poor animals. Sis maan they should be ashamed.

  29. oh rhinos, this isnt funny. you wonder why rich rather than poor people are the ones???!!!!

  30. Chris, perhaps punishment should be meted out to fit the crime. In one of Charles
    Bronson’s Death Wish movies, he drags the drug lord to prison, and as he hands
    him over, a big brute upstairs thrusts his arms through the bars and shouts,
    “Boy, I’m getting me a nice new mama.”
    Charles smiles and says, “Justice at last.”

    Prison authorities should make a mixture of viagra, black oxide and bonemeal and pour it into the
    prisoners food on the day they take Rhino horn poachers to the cells.

    Just a joke. It’s sorta like wishful thinking, same as the okes who suggest that the horns be poisoned.
    We don’t really mean that they should do these things,
    but then, how can we help it when those b******s make it come up in our hearts.

  31. May we please be allowed to dart a convicted poacher – so that he cannot walk away- cut off a leg at the ankle with a chain saw, and sell this to a muti fellow in Limpopo? Please.

  32. I could not have been more shocked by anything than to hear that VETERINARIANS are involved in one of the latest scandals. I hope they and the game ranger and all involved get life imprisonment. How disgusting, it’s bad enough that vet fleece animal lovers with their fees, but this is beyond the pale

  33. Did you know that Panda fur has magical properties. Just one hair can cure all ailments. Is there any reason why our South African leaders should not enlighten all traditional healers and other bush scientists in order to solve our national mental and physical problems. I am of the firm belief that the Chinese authorities will back this proposal as they, truley, have the well being of our country and all that live here first most in their hearts. Long live the Chinese and their deep belief our Rhino horn has any efffect on little weeners.

  34. Right on! Robot,jy het die spyker oppie kop geslaan.Let’s plunder their Panda & then see what they have to say…

  35. Here’s a link to capture and paste it in your Internet search:

    It’s amazing what ignorant people will believe. Aphrodisiacs are mostly taken
    from animal sources. Wikipedia lists many of these.

    When I was a young lad of about 14, I heard my mother telling another woman
    how an old farmer became a victim of his ignorance and gullibility.
    The old guy suffered terribly from rheumatism and arthritis. Someone suggested that he take
    a special medicinal iron tablet, and gave the poor sucker a small ball bearing and told him
    to take it at bedtime. The next day he was very excited that his pains subsided during the night.

    Such is the power of persuasion. It’s the placebo effect. Feel happy and feel better.
    There is also the trial and error effect. Some people experiment with various cures for whatever
    plagues them. They then swear by the remedy that eventually cured them, not knowing that
    their system began to improve on its own.

    Perhaps some idiot noticed that the Rhino’s horn resembled his own, and managed to get hold
    of some. The placebo effect probably took hold of him and that’s how it got around.

  36. The law needs to play its parth on this matter,this is not something to laugh about,or to be proud of.
    Beside the fact that it is illegal,it will couse much economical caos in this country.
    Over the years tourism has boosted our economy,creating lot of both formal
    and infomal jobs for our peolpe. The illegal Rhino poaching is like still jobs for those people who are employed in the tourism industry, if all the rhinos are being killed our country will become less attractive to tourist,less tourist means less income which as a result employers will be left with no option but to retrench some of thier employees,which will create even more complications in the economy.It is in our hand to protect South Africa’s Rhinos,by doing so will be protecting the image of our country,jobs of those who are employed in the tourism induntry and maintening our economic developement

  37. Going by the rapid decline in the Rhino population, it’s obvious that they will
    eventually suffer the same fate as was the case with the passenger pigeon and
    the dodo. The following may well be the only solution:

    Alternately, capture a strong female from one area, then a strong male from an area further
    away, until say, 100 males and 100 females are gathered. This should provide a very good
    gene pool for future breeding. (As was done in Frank Buck’s ‘Bring ‘em back alive.’)

    Ouch! Now for the hard part. Kill off all others in the areas where the collected stock came
    from. Destroy all the horns on the carcases. (Or donate them to prison authorities)

    Allow the 200 rhinos free range in a very safe reserve between Kimberly and Bloemfontien
    where they are under guard day and night, and the area is patrolled by armed rangers.
    Once the international uproar subsides, sit back and watch trillions of Rands roll in every
    year from tourists coming to one of the last places on earth where Rhinos and be seen roaming
    in the wild, sporting massive 40 -50 cm horns, from the safety of a ranger’s vehicle.
    In years to come, the Rhinos may get so tame, that tourists will pay extra to take a rhino ride.

    But that’s not all. More billions will fill the coffers as nations around the globe make grand
    offers to purchase a prime breeding pair. Nah! It won’t work, will it.

  38. Catherine of Argon says

    Way to go Robot – lets look at the local Chinese wild animals that are near to their heart – we need to translocate their focus on the afrodiazica stuff. Maybe if one hair of the Panda has the same placebo effect as a Rhino horn we may save the Rhino …. I see myself walking around with a hat filled with Panda hairs … aggggr never :>( but it is worth a try

  39. pietpompies says

    What size bribe will stop the prosecution of these thugs?? The perpetrators should not have been allowed bail. We urge the judge to hand down the heaviest sentence possible if they are found guilty. All their immovable property and ill begotten gains should also be forfeited and applied to the preservation of game, specifically the rhino.

  40. Super star says

    How can we live like this? Knowing that somewhere in the world there is a Rhino being killed for our own satisfaction!! Soewhere in South Africa there is a person enjoying the time to kill something that has meaning and Perouse.What is the piont of killing that poor animal. What do you get out of doing something like that? It is CRUEL and it should stop!!!!!

  41. guys this is very bad our country will be without rhino’s if we let this assian people to destroy our animals,and good people lets stop criticising julious malema and focus on our beautiful SA and it nature,lets try to cum up with solutions

  42. Gerrie Jordaan says

    Will it be wrong to sing a song of ‘kill those that sing the song kill the boer’?

  43. Rhino poaching is making our rhinos feel in an usafe environment. They must just them in peace

  44. You know, us pangolins are also under threat of extinction. The Asians believe our scales contain medicinal powers and the locals kill for our succulent meat. Nocturnal is our motto.


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