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World youth festival

World Festival of Youth and Students Chaos

Here is a little riddle for Wonkie readers: What do you get when you give R69,000,000 (about US$10 Million) for an event to a National Youth Development Agency in a developing country? No doubt the positive, avid readers of Deepak Chopra and the like will be envisioning a week long event filled with happy energy and much celebration. They will likely see the youth of the world coming together to discuss the issues, bonding and networking with each other. Needless to say there would be meticulous organisation and a grande finale embracing the cultural diversity of such a global conference. Take a deep breath now as Wonkie brings you slowly back to reality.

What you’re significantly more likely to get is an event that represents an empirical view of complex chaos theory. Sadly, that probability did not fail. The World Festival of Youth and Students kicked off with a bang in South Africa this week with many local delegates left stranded at their hotels. A number of heavy-weight ministers including Tokyo Sexwale (Minister of Human Settlements), Lindiwe Sisulu (Minister of Defence), and Fikile Mbalula (Sports) did not arrive to the party to speak as scheduled. Of course, no youth event would have been complete without the attendance of Mrs Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, who was unfortunately also a no-show.

Clearly, organised movement is not part of the strategy for the eight-day conference titled Let’s Defeat Imperialism. Perhaps the best way to defeat imperialism is through random acts of confusion so one can effectively utilise the element of surprise… nobody has quite been able to defeat it as yet so who knows? In the meantime, Wonkie wonders who will be doing the audit of the event management tender process for this debacle, and indeed if one will ever be done.

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  1. will the Lotto fund ever say why they gaily and quickly handed over what they did when other’s way more worthy have to literally beg ?

  2. The more things change, the more they stay the same. No! thats not right. The more things stay the same the worse it gets. Right.

  3. Ag pleeezz, what are we supposed to expect from the lot? Running true to form.

  4. It is so sad to see that nothing changes, was hoping our youth would take us forward, instead we are now going backwards again. How embarrassing.

  5. What a national disgrace! Not even Winnie wanted to be associated with that lot!
    They should have got Danny Jordaan to organise the event for them.

  6. It must have been a low key event of no international standing because it did not get on to any of the UK TV channels despite the stuff that has been going on here with students in the last few weeks.

  7. I would like to know what percentage of Lotto takings are disbursed to organizations genuinly in need of help. Given the chances of winning something of substance only a fool plays the Lotto. When you see where the money goes it makes a player an even bigger fool

  8. the national lotto belongs and is owned by the HYENAS of South Africa,you know,the new Black elite and government officials.
    Imagine, some of those so called youths are our future leaders.Bet my bottom dollar that plenty new Aids cases has seen and will see the light of day at this “conference”
    OH! The disastrous road of Africa has now reached down to our Shores. ???????????????????????

  9. Why bring this thing in South Africa since South Africa`s youths are not in anyway involve in any youth activies to augment adults programmes of upliftment,development,advancement and inventing!

    The most important thing would have been to unite and mobilise youths of South Africa but its too late now because parents are turning their youths into reactionary and more towards their semantics and politics than to the country and its infraastructure.

  10. Quite correct,why bring the Youth Conference to South Africa,R69.000.000 could have built so many needed houses and a myriad of other benefits to the poor,instead you see rich kids gather and have one hell of a party and sex orgies. DISGRACE for this government and they are adults allowing this unless the adults are going to grab some of that cash,another corrupt issue.????????

  11. Deena Naidoo says

    Tokyo SEXwale is an arsehole of the first degree. What with accepting a so-called ‘important’ function in govt. to set examples to ‘your’ youth, and, what are your informing them, to grow up on their own, without adult supervision. Is this why there’s so much ‘anti-god’ behaviour amongst your black youth????? Boerkie, the black youth, like Julius Malema, was created by members of the public like you and me for ignoring the situation right from 1993. By ignoring anarchism, we created ‘un-godly behaviour’. NIP THEM IN THE BUD.

  12. I am now just turned 85, at our age who cares?

  13. a-maize-ingly corn-y says

    Too late Deena – the buds have already “blossomed” – now where will you ‘nip’ them?

  14. Mzwakhe khumalo says

    it is so bad to know that we as the SA Youth are hosting such a big event without being notified about it, this event was never made public for south african youth to be able to participate on it.

    NYDA does not even know for other youth organisation besides IFPY,DA and PAC talking about social organisations like Youth Chambers and Associations most are not invited how can they do this to us.

    They can not even see the importancy of the role played by NGO’s that are working with youth development, we need funding to run programmes for young poeple annualy but that can only be done by department of social development and Lottary only.

    This NYDA initiative is driven by wrong poeple and it may do better than hosting event that does not have value to lifes of young poeple in SA.

  15. Malema everything he touches turns to surich
    he is a idiot and i would not even allow him to speak to
    a nursery school ; if that is our next type of leaders ; show me your friends and i know who you are ; MUGABE ; GADAFI ; South Africa will be the next Zimbabwe in 5 years time

  16. Well the majority voted in the government which pays for these incredulous wastes of time and money so I am not at all surprised. You wanted them – you got them – so shut up and stop complaining.

  17. Nothing more than an ANCYL gang bang. The ANCYL and it’s running dog the Youth Commission couldn’t organise a piss-up at a brewery.

  18. Mzwake ….are you as one of the SA youth going to ask them what actually was done with all the money …. it was poled as a major event but ended up as a very damp cracker – they probably never intended to hold anything of any substance anyway – it was just a way of getting their paws on more money just before xmas ….. and embarrassing the international guest who came and couldn’t even find food would not worry them ….nothing worries them. Get used to it – I have.

  19. You too,as a politician would boycott the festival if you see the youth kissing the wrong end.I mean,bending over backwards to get them all that millions,they at least should show some respect.

  20. Well the majority voted in the government …

    this government was voted by those who stood to benefit and those who benefitted over the years…let`s get that clear!

    It is an empire like those British,France and German epires in this continent hence it has the temerity to tell citizens to adhere to its whims and dictations or voertsek!So,while they call others imperialists they in actual fact are the imperialists.They even have the gall to nickname their imperialism politically correct country!

  21. What are we to expect, this is Africa where it is more important to get pissed, get laid and get your hands on the money. Please someone ,let me know when that happens.
    PS get aids also

  22. Another nail in the coffin of a previously liberation organisation (PLO- with respect to Palestinians); the young learn by example. So now both elders and you’ens have no mind, heart and soul- the most important qualities (a misnomer?) for a government in our beloved country pre and post 1994.

  23. Tim said:
    “this government was voted by those who stood to benefit and those who benefitted
    over the years.

    Seems you never seem to get your facts right… let`s get THAT clear!
    Those who benefitted may have added many votes, but the majority came from
    long queues of poor people standing in the sun all day, falling for the promised lies.
    I saw and read many pamphlets tossed in the streets circa 1985 which promised Utopia.
    Sir Thomas More’s Utopia, remains submerged somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.
    Probably alongside an unreachable container of unfulfilled ANC expectations.

  24. Africa is in the hands of barbarians

  25. an armed insurrection is on its way to bulldoze all that was agreed upon in the pre and post `94 talks and start afresh.This country belongs to the zulus,xhosas and tswaanas and that`s the formality.

    if we can allow every dick and ape to claim a stake in this country even the newly arrived darker-hue foreigners then we will never have our own empire.if we are gonna sit back and think these cretin rulers will ever think about us we`re wrong since whites pay them to get them to apply their mind to white interests and distract them from blacks.

  26. Who actually authorised this advance & whose money was it anyway?

  27. Tin said,“an armed insurrection is on its way…” Shaik, shiver and go into shock!
    As an aside, it seems that Tim shares his post with someone. (wife, son or friend)
    In some of his posts, he is a CAPITAList of errors. Sentences begin in lower case.
    Whereas his other posts are neatly typed in upper and lower case, and error free.

    Anyhow, he (or they) need to wake up from dreams of life in a new Black South Africa.
    It was due apartheid that other countries introduced sanctions against this country.
    He does not realise that the US, UK and other large countries will not tolerate the same situation.
    It will be worse in their eyes, seeing that they will feel obliged to allow expats to enter their lands.
    Sanctions will be worse this time.

    Even should that not situation not happen Tim and his ilk face an even greater danger from
    civil war led by Steve (Chuck) Hofmeyer, the inhabitants of koeksister Oranje, Helen Zille
    and the rest of Afrikanerdom. (no pun intended) It will be ‘The motherland of all wars’.

  28. why are we surprised? what did we expect? that they will actually be serious about their future and the future of the country? puuuleeezzzzeee!!!! that lot has no integrity or the will to do something positive. for them it’s a matter of free money, free booze and party. they are utterly useless. a national disgrace…

  29. olpiny!the boers have been involved in wars in this continent and what have they achyieved except to lose billions and so pose no military threat to me!

    The army and former liberation armies in the continent are going to extinct black people`s enemies regardlless of if they`re black or white!

  30. TIM,

    The day the blacks “extinct” the whites as you put it, that day the blacks will realize they extinct themselves! 😉 If africa did not yet teach you that, you must be super stupid, a communist, and must be halucinating on something african…is it perhaps malpitte you tripping on?

  31. Dirkie, ungrateful Blacks like Tim do not realise that major countries of the world
    have been keeping Africa alive for decades. To name just two: CARA in the UK
    assist Africa by way of:
    AIDS care, including free condoms, health care, sanitation, providing water, assisting people
    afflicted by wars, natural disasters, etc.

    Tim, write to these people and thanks them, or tell them to stick their support up their jacks.
    Their address: 18-22 Ashwin Street, Dalston, Hackney, London E8 3DL United Kingdom (UK)
    Tel: +44 (0) 844 478 0015

    The U.S. Government provides assistance to 47 countries in Africa, and USAID operates 23
    bilateral missions on the continent. USAID manage these programs for development in Africa.
    Enhance strategic partnerships
    Consolidate democratic transitions
    Bolster fragile states
    Strengthen regional and sub-regional organizations
    Strengthen regional security capacity
    Strengthen Africa counterterrorism cooperation and capacity
    Stimulate Africa’s economic development and growth
    Implement presidential initiatives
    Focus on humanitarian and development assistance programs

    Read more at:

  32. so sad…i applied for a business loan or funding earlier this year and was declined due to shortage of funds at the agency. apparently Treasury had had givem them very little for the annual budget and i inderstood. however, the R69million could have been asked from both govt and National Lottery to develop us the SA youth in business. charity begins at home. with my business i could have employed about five staff members by now and would have been able to feed more than five families with the funding/business loan i would have received from them. i think NYDA should have focused more of their energy into developing the South african youth as opposed to orgenising such gathering as the world youth conference which is not going to yield any positive effects in the development of our economy. the agency should not be about politics, but the focus should youth economic empowerment of young south african businesses.

  33. Just another ANC partytjie with the TAX payers money.
    The Comrades needed some quick cash for the holidays, so they organized this Youth Con as a cover to pocket millions.
    ANC is nothing but a bunch of criminals.

  34. Political freedom cannot be sacrificed on the altar of mere material gains!My struggle was never for material gains but political freedom and that includes non-dependence but self-dependent and sufficiency!

    It meant usurping whites and subjugating them and have blackks running the show just like in the middle-east and china!The failure of these buffooned,blinkered and cretin rulers to disempower whites means the struggle is far from over because former reccces are now running the show including the destruction of blacks by creating gangs and get them to lay on blacks!This was the reason Samora Machel rejected reconciliation because he knew it was never gonna be easy to control his politician to defend and advance blacks on the ground since recces were gonna corrupt them and get them to concentrate on them{whites} and not blacks.

    I have been monitoring you intelligently over the past ten years and I found you out!

  35. Lungisa Gqweta says

    It has been an unfortunate situation that during our era without high levels of poverty and unemployment that South Africa could spend R69m in an unplanned festival where tenders for hosting this festival were given to our friend and families and end up wasting such sums of monies. How many people could have been employed or houses that could have been built?

  36. Ag man Tim, I’m pretty sure Bantu Holomisa wrote that for you.
    (No capitals and relatively well written)
    Your own posts are more fun to read.

  37. EbonyWilliams says


  38. Ag shame Tim. You need to draw a time line and get your historical facts right on it. the whiteys lived in the Western Cape long before the darkies. The only ligitimate claimants to this land are the (almost extict) Khoi and the San people. Don’t you wish you could have invented the wheel, or a sailing ship. Better than the height of your technology. The Makoro dugout

  39. Get used to it! Where there is free booze, free grub, free sex and loud duf duf you will find our future leaders who will also take the money. Nothing is going to change while the electorate accept it.

  40. Marisol Perry says

    Just another ANC partytjie with the TAX payers money. The Comrades needed some quick cash for the holidays, so they organized this Youth Con as a cover to pocket millions. ANC is nothing but a bunch of criminals.

  41. dammit!you hardly find any whites today who voted for the AWB AND NP,killed,maimed,brutalised blacks and one wonders where have they disappeared to?eaten by the woodville gremlins?

    Despite the fact that the liberals went as far as winning municipal elections and in some were even beaten by the AWB they all claim to have voted for the liberals but can`t say why it failed to win national elections!

    I was paging through an american paper and here is this white talking about pay check and i wondered these pale and bald morons of south africa who day-after-day pillory black south africans for misspelling english haven`t they been exposed to the american whites mispronounciation and misspelling of the english vocab and grammar or are they attacking blacks as part of their transgreesions against these dozing blacks?

  42. this festival was never about individual gains but more of an exchange programme where youths teach each other about tackling issues like delinquency,gangsterism,crime,antisocial behaviour,hiv-aids etc and this is what was lacking …

  43. Tim, American English differs from UK English and even South African English.
    If you can understand it, why not just accept it?

    Whoever visits the British Isles, has to put up with the Scottish and Welsh varieties.
    Visit Nigeria and try to get used to the various dialects of their Pidgin English.
    Pidgin English is based on a creole language spoken as a lingua franca across
    Nigeria – commonly referred to as “Pidgin” or “Brokin”.
    When are you going to stop trying to find fault with Whites and learn to live peaceably with all
    races as your own countrymen?

  44. sbusiso – I feel for you (and the countless other young black entrepreneurs who have been left in the lurch by these low-life parasitic scum). To qualify this statement: I used to run a large business consulting/mentoring business in KZN (we had 5 branches throughout in the major centres). We had a contract with (the then) Umsobomvu Youth Fund (UYF) to provide mentoring services to young entrepreneurs through their voucher program. We used to help 30 to 40 wannabe entrepreneurs to start, buy, or assess feasibility of businesses every month. The program was by no means perfect but it did deliver results due to the excellence of the consulting tools we had developed and the diligence and expertise of the (mostly WHITE [Tim] retired professional men) coaches we hired and trained on our systems/products. These men (ex CEO’s etc) wanted to put something back and make a difference (much as the founders of the company wanted to do). This was in stark contrast to the many other firms and multitude of 1 man bands (owned by you know who) who used to produce the biggest load of tripe and then steal the money from the fund and give the client a worthless product/service… The UYF was under the office of the presidency and as such a project close to thabo’s heart (I think he kept it there because he actually knew just how useless the “youth” within his own organisation where and what they would do if they got their grubby mits on it…). While holding no brief for thabo his misgivings proved unerringly accurate… The NYDA had been gunning for the UYF for years, trying desperately to get their paws on the cash cow that they believed it to be (Trevor’s last budget had bequeathed R1 billion over 3 years to youth development, basically to be disbursed through the UYF in its various projects – that is R333 million/year!) With the changing of the guard, the NYDA (basically anc youth league’s voice in parliament) got its wish and the UYF was swallowed by the spoiled brat. Now comes the fun part… Some 300 useless, unemployable rabble were immediately hitched onto the wage-bill of the new agency (NYDA)… the result was obvious: these salaries were paid out of the budget so the budget for the voucher program, the general fund (finance/loan arm), women’s fund etc. etc. was summarily slashed. The voucher program was curtailed to the point where each region (eg KZN) was only allowed to issue R80,000 worth of vouchers per month! (equivalent to 8 business plan vouchers in contrast to the 30 to 40 vouchers we alone used to handle monthly for clients…) None of these bodies were ever deployed to any of the regional branches (in contrast, they thinned out their Durban regional office staff), and neither could they as they had absolutely no skills bar their rabble rousing ability and political allegiance… I still do some consulting for this company and work with clients who have received vouchers for the services… the stories I hear do not fill me with hope for any changes soon…

  45. …and the diligence and expertise of the (mostly WHITE [Tim] retired professional men)

    what you are doing should have been funded by you from your own pockets if you want to tell me it is your own reconstruction and developm,ent programme or just a mere commercial concern.

    You held black people back while you developed yourselves to the fyull potential and you can`t come-up now and want them to pay you for want they could have learned but you prevented them from learning it so you must impart that knowledge to acknowledge your past wrongs!

  46. you`re missing the point or you`re pretending to be ignorant but quite arrogantly!i say to you the english spoken by white afrikaners,germans,spanish,hispanics,mexicans,british,scottish etc stinks and sucks and you are ignoring it and only target that spoken by black south africans which compared to that of the american whites its a picnic!Are these blacks mispronounciation giving you the ammunitiobn to fire salvos at them?

  47. Tim Tim timmy boy… where to begin… suffice it to say, I won’t bother. When you actually grow an intellect and stop parroting reactionary garbage from your revolutionary heroes… then come and take me on. Till then_ _ _ (ps I won’t be holding my breath). Quick lesson in economics lad – for something (eg a development program) to work and there has to be a profit motive in order for it to become self sustaining as opposed to a drain on the fiscus. Primary reason why most government intervention and development programs fail I’m afraid…

  48. Tim – do yourself a favor – take the racial hatred blinkers off and go and have a look at this site – – then come and sprout your rubbish here… you and dirk are peas in a pod my friend. The most amusing thing is that neither of you can see it for the bile and incoherent garbage you spew…

  49. you are enriching yourself with joblessness,development,feeding,sheltering and philanthropy and you say its a service to black!

    you ran away with all those skills development grants and you have nothing to show!Now,you`re after job-creation grants and that`s why you`re mking so much noise about high rate of unemployment!You take black ills and woes and commercialise them and want to tell me you`re devloping black because you mamatold you blacks are stupid and will take every thing a whitey say at face value-not me! jut lik those grannies who are shouting about threfual of home affairs to register new born babies who all they are intersted in its the grants not the hildren.they`re bssing hildren from th continent then apply for gants for thm claiming they`re orphans!

  50. Having read all the above replies I am now convinced that ignorance, racism and bad grammar are shared equally among all

  51. Tim, you should really address your posts to person you are faulting.
    I reminded you on a previous occasion.
    I responded to some of your previous outbursts, assuming they
    referred to my messages. (Seeing no other posts followed yours)

    Phred, we should really all just ignore him, as we often do.
    But, pity gets the better of me at times, and I feel obligated to try and help the man.
    He seems either completely lost or indoctrinated like some violent religious fanatics.

    I mentioned in my previous posts that it appears as if two or more people are offering
    comments from his machine. If not, it could be that he is at times sober between a
    drunken state. Whatever the case he make no sense in any condition.

  52. since the struggle was for political power that power must entail blacks being on the same level of the Afrikanerin the past where they domineer,control and rule or the struggle would have been in vain!

    The Zulus have fought to stop the boers from invading nd hijacking the continent during shaka nd dingaan era and that war must be reignited.there`s no way that enemies can live under the same roof …there has to be a winner who`ll then be in charg of this country!

  53. Dingaan, a Zulu king, brother of the great Shaka . In 1838, he led an army of Zulu warriors against the Voortrekkers, colonists of Dutch extraction who had moved away from the Cape to establish their own republic. In February, Dingane and his men slaughtered 600 Voortrekkers, setting up a great showdown later in the year, on 16 December.


  54. How come a debate about the wasteful spending of our hooligan youth turns into a spurious and racist debate about who stuck it to who at blood river. Get real the past has come and gone digging it up serves no useful purpose especially when everyone has their facts wrong and their bigoted minds trying to justify their prejudices. Lets concentrate on the real issue here which is the theft of taxpayers money so that the youth can get pissed.

  55. Wonkie had better tread warily – nowhere is mention made of someone by the name Memela – who no doubt should have been there to help with the cosumption of the various ‘black-labelled’. He obviously hasn’t see the association yet. I am rather offended that I was not invited to the ‘youth’ celebrations, obviosly there is an age cut-of date (I’m 70 next birthday)

  56. they probably bribe someone to bring this festival to south africa sin ce i can bet you had th organisers done their own investigations about an eligible country south afrioca would not even have been shortlisted!

  57. Garth!You whites have closed all genuine channels of communication with blacks but opened communication channels about how to suppress,persecute,annihilate,impoverish,dismember,insecure and ridicule the blacks of South Africa!For as long as your Botes,Hofmeyrs,afriforums et al enjoy their freedom of spewing-out diatribe and tripe i won`t be silenced!

  58. What a league of opinions, Who organized this event? most likely a bunch of party voters seekers using public money that should have been given to the real needy. How many children do we see without shoes, their feet are their only means of transport. So much has been revealed about this festival, food was supposed to sustain them during lecture sessions , the food stalls were overflowing with people and the lecture rooms empty, wonder what they learnt from this event. ” Take what we can to indulge but just do not feed my brain”

  59. I am wondering whether Tim is a white bigot, a black racist or just another ignoramus

  60. I am still a scholar grade 11 in 2011, our neighbours are away overseas and I forward their important emails to them. They granted their permission to me and suggested that I follow the Wonkie blogs to see how people views differs and how they expose their deeper inner beings on a public blog. Being in a mixed neighborhood with GOD’s favour upon us we are extremely blessed from above. It is people’s hatefull evil hearts that is preventing the whole country to be able to live in peace such as our neighborhood. Being black has made no difference to the whites and indians in our community we all have one FATHER our Heavenly FATHER and are all like brothers and sisters. So Tim saying that whites closes all communications we prove you wrong , they taught me admin while even paying me to do so and also support me in many other ways. I have learnt and changed so much in the 3 years we have been living next door to them that I thank the LORD for having given me a complete new life, full of excitement, motivation and faith.

  61. I am wondering whether Tim is a white bigot, a black racist or just another ignoramus…

    keep wondering in your woodville grth because I`m a human being and a citizen -end of story!!!

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