Free housing South Africa cartoon

Free housing South Africa

Ask NOT what the ANC can do for you…

South African president Jacob Zuma delivered a powerful, albeit usual speech over the weekend pledging free education to deserving third-year university students and a major drive toward job creation. Powerful because Mr Zuma is nothing short of charismatic, and usual because South Africans have heard many similar Zuma promises before.

Currently more than 13 million South Africans are on a social grant of some sort.. not a pretty number given that it’s just under a third of the total population. Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe for one knows that the far reaching promises of prosperity at election time cannot be sustained for long in reality. This time he played the bad cop and warned South Africans not to be lazy sods and rely on the government for everything.

“People want houses, they want this and they want that. For free, for free!

Where have you ever heard of such a thing?” … Kgalema Motlanthe.

In an interview with the Sunday Times last weekend, Mr Motlanthe was brief in discussing the success of the ANC’s Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) policy:

“The majority of our people are so disempowered that,
to them, living means not dying.”

While the ANC is correcting the ills of the apartheid regime by redistributing wealth to create one billionaire at a time, South Africans can look forward to a likely increase in VAT looming in the future. Wonkie predicts this will be needed to fund the multiple serious investigations on why lightning strikes seem to be discriminating against individuals in Kwazulu-Natal.

It’s not all pessimistic though – Wonkie likes to see the silver lining on every cloud. In fact, plans are already in place for cashing in on Zuma’s declared 2011 – year of job creation. Wonkie is going to create a government job portal called – the tag line for the website will be: Jobs-Lite – all the tasteful jobs with 100% zero value.

It would be interesting to read your thoughts about the gap between government election promises and actual service delivery in South Africa:

Leave YOUR COMMENT on the gap between government promises and delivery.
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Click HERE to leave YOUR COMMENT on the gap
between government promises and delivery.

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  1. Zuma’s promises remind me of an old story told in the Free State, where nothing is free and everything is in a state. Two dung beetles were standing next to a road and every time a Volksie came past pppfffrrrttt the one beetle said to the other ” nothing but promises” .
    Zuma has now find another excuse for the lack of job creation – the state of the economy! Thank goodness he is not blaming apartheid because in the bad old days there was work for everybody, so the madalas and the gogos say.
    Have a blessed New Year, everybody. And keep it light. The only thing that keeps us going in this potentially wonderful country of our, is our sense of humour.

  2. ya wish dats true hey.the rich keep getting richer & the poor iesh its worse than b4.hopefully things will get better.

  3. warned South Africans not to be lazy sods and rely on the government for everything.

    “People want houses, they want this and they want that. For free, for free!

    Yes,you the bunch that did not go the struggle to be poor and who are leading the culture of dependency and entitlement must now take thelead and end it and earn an honest income .

    Did Hofmeyr-your new comrade pump you with mampoer and get you to echo his profanities and expletives because that`s what they were

    nobody ask you for houses but you promised them and now they want you to make good that promise!

    What exactly is a foreigner?Was he still halucinating from mampoer that he can`t apply his mind o what he`s saying?People with citizenship still call themelvs foreigners and are not loyal and patriotic at all so we need larity on this question of foreigners not allowed to own land!A sizeable number of those blacks who ventured in farming have leased those farms to whites they hired to be managers an they are back in the urban and metros and in business so why not investigate the feasibilty of your intentions!The fact that these blacks hired whitemanagers did that mean there was no competent bl;acks or they had no confidence in blacks!

    You can` talk blacks without involving blacks and the only way to do so is to involve traditional leaders.This should have happenedmoons ago where you should have asked traditional leaders to submit their subjects grievances.

    You can`t be talking delivery to blacks without having have empowered blacks politically unless they know how to use their economic power to empower themselves politically but they don`t

  4. The People will vote ANC because that is the only party that promise free stuff.
    Every body else promises good governance and services and no free stuff. Now which good african wants that sort of thing ?

  5. Yes Chris,it started when the anc promised the people Freedom.Our people need to learn that one you struggle for and the others – freehouses,freewater,freeelectricity you must work for.a Freefromstress 2011 to all.

  6. All these descussions of non-service delivery are very important. I love reading and contributing, but I feel that the vast majorty that count for the mass ANC vote are not getting to hear or partake in this type of descusion. Rural comunities dont have internet facilities worth mentioning nor do they have non bias media publications informing them of the corrupt ongoings of the ANC. If the right media could extend thier reach and language barriers, it would help a long way to build a stronger opposition to the current corrupt government.

  7. Heath Chagwedera says

    I am not commenting on the above But I am asking if you could also produce cartoons for Mugabe and Zimbabwe.Mugabe is making people suffer. Please publish somethings on him.I think you know the Zimbabwean news.

  8. ANC will still rule for many years to come until there is a serious Opposition in this country.

  9. Who are our traditional leaders? They are the corrupt politicians who feather their own nests, do nothing for the people and yet most people traditionally vote for them. The ANC does nothing except talk about how they are going to do something after the next election and the gullible electorate continue to traditionally vote for them. Every time a leader promises jobs unemployment increases. This is unsustainable. IF SA wants growth, employment, improved living standards, then some new economics need to replace the failed promises. SA wants to join the BRIC, how? the BRIC countries have increasing employment, high economic growth and a work ethic, we have none. All we have is Malema spouting nationalisation, Zuma spouting the same old thing and Vavi spouting devaluation. Time for a big change.

  10. FREEdom. Are you FREE, or, are you DOM????? You must be really DOM to believe in ‘free-houses, free hospitals, free schools etc, etc, etc. These were the ‘voting tactics’ that Jon and Jane Doe, sorry I mean iJon and iJane iDoe, were promised/threatened with. 17 years down the road, and, I’m still awaiting my ‘free promises’, which will NEVER materialise, take it from me. The only good ANC, is a dead ANC. Another one of the reasons are, Media Suppression. The cost of a local newspaper in India is 2 rupees, which is available to all, ie. in SA currency costs 32c per paper.

  11. To ‘Believe it or not’, I beg to differ. The DA in the Western Cape is strong enough opposition, and, they are governing without much intimination from the ANC. Helen Zille does NOT put up with any bullshit from the likes of Julius Malema or the ANC for that matter. That’s the reason why ‘Mrs Groot Bek’, Patricia deLille finally threw her might behind/with the DA to rid SA of the ANC. God bless, you two ANGELS from heaven.

  12. In the DRC there are huge ant-hills, about 5 metres high. the locals flatten the top and nuild a lapa with benches on top. Then the men sit there and talk all day, and the next, and the next and….., solving the county’s problems. but they never actually do anything. i feel I am back in the DRC

  13. if there is anybody who is going to topple anc rule, is the anc themselves. they’ll attract so much negetive attention and ill informed people to the extent that it will dissolve in disgrace.


  15. eish…
    I sound like an old long playing vinyl record…
    People moan and complain and then “I have to because Mandela was ANC…” mentality kicks in and BOOK.. it’s open house for the freeloaders.
    You only have yourselves to blame, my sisters and brothers


  16. could you please investigate this new health plan – N H I ?
    Thank you
    E Niven

  17. please could you investigate this new health plan – N H I

    E Niven

  18. The anc has promised the people that they would get so much “free” goodies,
    so maybe they are still waiting for “their gravy train”, which unfortunately got derailed
    about 20yrs ago. Maybe the anc will show the rest of the world how to
    get the world ecomony started, by nationalising all the while owned

  19. gill you are so right. Unfortunately in the african culture you do what your leader tells you to. Democracy is little understood in Africa. The idea that the politicians are employed by the electorate is not understood, just like the DA (and its predecessors) also fought against appetite, albeit in a more civilised manner.

  20. Collitjies says

    Promises, promises and even more promises. An election is not too far ahead. Everything is blamed on the economic down turn or apartheid, unfortunately they the ANC will have to think of something else to blame their incompitence on in future.

  21. Collitjies says

    PLEASE !!!! stop voting for the ANC, they almost killed everything the stupid white man created for everybody. If you keep voting for them then stop bitching about the lack of employment, housing, potable water, services provided etc.

  22. Collitjies says

    When oh when is this so called “Madiba Magic” going to kick in and save our poor souls from the present ANC government. Is it also a pie in the sky????

  23. We are used to promises. 25% of delivery of services will emerge towards election period and the political party knows the people to target. No one will ever change the perception that this party is the best. (((You can punish your child for a longer period but once you give them a sweet, peace starts all over again.))) Despite the struggle by the people, little things will be given to the people come election, SABC will broadcast to make others believe that their turn will come and that will come through voting for the same party.

  24. madoba – in pre 1992 – I canvassed for the Progressive Party (DA today) and when I spoke to Nat party supporters, they agreed with ALL I had to tell them and nodded away but.. said as I left “Ahh but we have to do what our pa and our oupas did.. and vote Nat”

    It made me insane and I see it happening here now with the ANC suporters.
    So it is not only an African’ thing’ – it’s more a traditional thing. Not so?
    best wishes for 2011

  25. madoba
    As long as you are in an african country run by africans you will feel like you are in the DRC. You came gere for the wealth the whites created but they no longer rule and therefore you are in the DRC no matter where in africa you find yourself…and all will also have a turn to become a zim as well…..enjoy the ride!


    Next time the ANC talks listen pay attention..they never talk about HOW they are going to do thintgs as they have no idea how! 😉 They just talk about what should be done but they still need to learn there is no longer an organised white government to demand from..

    We all know what should be done, the questuion is how and with what as almoste everything is getting stolen or spent on catering companies for the governments weekly “workshops”/”meetings” etc.

  26. “Good stuff” Zoology than listening to this abyss that is peddled by these mind-twisted contributors of this blog!

    Mugabe is a Zimbabwean in Zimbabwe and we are South Africans in South Africa and monkies,apes and dicks who wants to talk Mugabe mus go bck to their country and talk Mugabe there!

    Zoology!These faceless,buffooned,blinkered and cretin rulers were never for blacks even during the dtruggle days!Blacks were always just their statistics and tools that`s why from exile they headed straight for white areas and assisted whites to blockade their areas to keep blacks out!

    In the political arena its you the ndividual that must drive the show and if you sit there like a pumpkin thnking that you will enjy any service delivery you`ll rot there because those who know how a gvernment work will take all the time of that government with their nefarious,narrow-minded and frivolous petitions.

    We in South Africa are he ones who are ivng them the space to breath because we are not South Africans but our own worst enemies by locking ourselves in our little racial,relkgious and ethnic corners and expect the government to deliver to us individually then we forget about everything.

  27. The people get the leaders that they deserve. [sigh]

  28. “Auwa!!! where is ma hows, and ma maciedis” to witch the genie replied…..

  29. lehlohonolo says

    what ever is being done to benefit the elite,time is running out for them,learn from Mugabe,that promises not delivered,greate resistant

  30. President Mugabe is not n elite but a true revolutionarist who has never deviated from his mission of fighting colonialism and for freeing his subjects from their clutches and so you know not what you`re talking about!

    You have been conned and acrificed by your ulers and you on`t see it because you listen too much to white people and bliev their shit that Mugabe is a bad President!Zimbabwean are more liberated than you who are leaking the asses of whites to put bread o the table.
    Zimbabweans are not fighting each other over their politician but live happily and peacefully togethe a Zimbabweans an not see each other ethnicall or tribally.In Zimbabwe papers you`ll never come across an foreign news stories dominating local news but its lcal is lekker!Bullard is quit correct in alluding to the fact that these blacks of South Africa are not worth reading becauseyou don`t introgat yo topics and so hard to decipher and discern!

  31. Tim. Read the book “The Fear” covering Zimbabwe’s last elections to learn what a nice guy Mugabe is. I don’t think even the appetite regime could produce a more Hitlarian or Stalinist character

  32. I`m reading nothing because I know the situations in all the continent`s countries .Mugabe is not the government of zimbabwe and the government of zimbabwe is not mugabe and here you have no problem with the government of zimbabwe but with mugabe and that`s where i`m coming in.

    mugabe`s cardinal sins was to take white handouts and then turn against them and to outlaw homosexuality-end of story!

  33. Tim. If the president of a country is not, after 30 years in power, responsible for his government’s actions then who is?????. I thought Mbeki was the ultimate denialist but I am no longer sure. But of course there are still people who believe the earth is flat

  34. Quite weird that zimbawians are fleeing to other countries, what happened to the socalled wealth distribution to its people?? Why do other countries have to supply food, medical help etc? What kind of freedom is there, is S A on the same route?? if so we desperately have to seek refuge from GOD as the signs according to Luke 21 is loud and clear!!!! Who dares to say that the LORD does not excist.?

  35. They called for sanction against their own country and now when thi sanctions start to bit thwey now run to other countries!But these zimbabwean in South Africa are mixed bag!THE sHONS ARE HERE TO COMMT COMMON RIMES AGAINST WHITES AND THE KHALNGAS AND NDEBELES ARE BUSSED BY TH bENNETS TO COME AND DESABLISE,DERAIL,DENY BLACKS THEIR OPPORTNITIES AND BNEFITS,FREEDOMS,SECURITIES,COMORTS AND CONVENKIENCES.


  36. @ Tim. You are probably more literate and better educated than me but
    there might be merit in correcting your grammer to make your submissions readable and understandable.

  37. What I have seen between promises and deliveries is that they are 1000’s of lightyears apart.
    Promises are speeches, deliveries are work in action and very few know what the word action actually means . Maybe a new dictionary that explains the words : deliver, work, action should be available for all government employees. Speeches “promises” should be banned. Creating jobs can not be done by fools but only by people who have the drive to strive for a better standard of living for all the people, that includes a decent education.

  38. @ Tim i can see that you have a problem with the outsider , this people are not really the main problem our leader are the problem which we must focus on , we are being promised many things which we still dont get not even one thing from that so going after this people wont help us , when is the time to vote many of you will be waititng for hours just to vote i mean what is the point of chosing item number 1 and leaving item number2 while you know that they are all the same , i think we should just not vote and see what will really happen and is not like whatever that will happen will make any different so just do it like me stop voting , i am not voting and you guys are but we still have the same thing [NOTHING].

  39. It is actually sad that man depends upon man, it is guaranteed that you will be disappointed. We need to depend upon the LORD only as HE is the ONLY ONE who keeps HIS promises and pour out HIS blessings when we serve and rely on HIM only. Sorry for you if you do not have HIM as your Savior, Protector, Blessor and LORD as you WILL come short of all your needs. May our whole nation’s spiritual eye open so we can see that GOD is with us all the time, everywhere and will deliver us from all evil.

  40. @Peace my dear we all know that god is the provider and we i believe that we all love and respect him , but lets face it he is not going to help us in the situstion of service delivery he will not fix our road ,create jobs and build houses and also give us electricity and water, our leader are suppose to do that so the fact that god will deliver us from evil will not help us in this situation , and by the way dont get me wrong i am also a christian but the truth should just remain as it is that god will not help us on this one.

  41. Kate, The manner and the way GOD works when HE is served is that he changes our hearts, take the evil works away and guides us by HIS Spirit in all we do and have to do. In that way we work joyfully, gratefully and do good to all, then we prosper. God will only deny HIS goodness when we follow man in stead of HIM. Nehemia: The Joy of the LORD is our stgrength.
    We are capable of doing all good things through Christ who strengthens us.
    Through out times from the beginning the nations that served and honoured GOD was blessed and prosperred. They were hard, honest and God fearing people and those who served and worshipped idols had constant famins and war. So GOD does provide us with strength, wisdom and courage to do what we were created for. Kate grind this in your heart and always remember it no matter what your circumstances are> ONE MAN WITH GOD IS IN THE MAJORITY.

  42. Kate sorry I am in a hurry to rush off and forgot to add another important fact we must always remember: Never Never Ever make the situation or circumstances bigger then GOD it is NOT possible nothing is or can be bigger then HIM> God Bless you

  43. It all depends what you mean by that…because during electioneering that`s exactly what intelligible and literate voters are asking their councillors and MP`s!After the election the same question is repeated again to politicians by their electorates…however what is not acceptable is for citizens to sit on their laurels and expect a government of their race to nanny and nappy them!

    Madoba!Sometimes I tend to think I`m being too hush on you so I will engage you here on what I know and you are free to stop me and correct me based on what you know and I don`t!

    Whites want blacks in this continent to live like they have albatross on their shoulders while they enjoy the length and breadth of the continent with their hunting rifles,safari 4×4`s,expensive cameras and vintage wines and in order for them to realise theiir dream they want rulers who don`t have the interest of blacks at heart but their own greedy interests.

    They build-up militias,train and arm them militarily to destabilise,marginalise and sabotage so that the ruler they don`t like must not have the time to deliver but to fight their terrorists and in the end lose votes from disgruntled subjects and Zimbabwe is no different.Selous Scout had very fine and highly skilled men and women and these never disarmed since the agreement was reconciliation than disarmament and its they that continued to sabotage and destabilise in Zimbabwe not Mugabe!What you hear or read its their propaganda,misinformation and disinformation assisted by their media!All that Mugabe does is to give his Intelligence permission to fight terrorism!

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