Sushi King Kunene cartoon

Sushi King Kunene

Who killed Kenny, the Sushi King’s vibe?

As North Africa goes up in flames, the local media twisted their attention to roast the Kenny Kunene kebab. Unfairly victimised for having a good time – and all legally good at that – Mr Kenny Kunene has officially declared that his famous sushi parties have sadly come to an end.

Unless you’re one of those South Africans living in a remote cave, you were probably exposed to the front page photos of Mr Kenny proudy grinning behind an almost naked, totally gorgeous blonde fully decked out with a sushi platter all over her body. The issue is certainly not racial discrimination as the previous set of photos with Mr Kunene a short while back included an equally stunning black bombshell. So, what is all the fuss about then?

Kunene Sushi Party photo - White girlWonkie graciously invites comments from readers, the ANC, the ANC Women’s League (ANCWL), gender activists and any number of President Zuma’s wives. Wonkie also invites comments from Japan – where, believe it or not, such a ritual practice actually exists (quite possibly without the white Maserati though).

Nyotaimori, or body sushi as it is sometimes called is the practice of serving sushi or sashimi (basically, slices of raw fish) on the body of a woman who is typically naked. In depth research (i.e. checking out the Wikipedia page) indicates that this practice is far from sexist. Mr Kenny, if he were so inclined could equally have used a Chippendale instead – in that case the ritual would be called Nantaimori. Alas, it appears that neither Nyotaimori nor Nantaimori is Hunkiedori in South Africa.

Raw fish aside, Mr Kunene is a role model second possibly only to Nelson Mandela in South Africa. If ever the youth needed hope that they too could succeed despite the odds, then they need only look to Mr Kenny for inspiration.

In 1997, Mr Kunene, a teacher by profession, was jailed for fraud in Grootvlei Prison for 6 years. With just R3,000 in his bank account when he was released in 2003, he built up what is now a small empire – executive and shareholder of a mining company (Central Rand Gold), flashy cars including a Lamborghini and a couple of Porsches, decadent parties including one costing US$100,000 for his 40th birthday, night club owner (the ZAR club, in Sandton and another in Cape Town)… not bad for a mere 7 years work, eh?

Kunene sushi photo

[Photo sources: AFP, CityPress]

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  1. Andre Piek says

    I don’t think we have any right to pass judgement on how Kenny Kunene spends his money. As long it’s legal who cares?! Nobody in the ANC complains when the ministers spend their money on flash cars etc.

    It may be bad taste alright but I will defend his right to have sushi parties if he wants to all the way… You go Kenny! Viva!

  2. who dictates you on how you spend your money?
    The guy deserves to spend or do with his money as he please.

  3. One date he will look back and realise what a fool he was! Friends will be few that time!

  4. I agree that Kenny has his democratic rights to spend his money the way he deems it necessary, what I don’t understand is the way you refer to him as a role model, being second to Dr. Nelson Mandela. This guy (Kenny) was arrested for fraud so how can he be compared to Nelson Mandela

  5. @KB it is people who think like you who makes guys who turn their live around look as bad as they were before. the guy did time for his crimes, learned his lesson and turned his live around made him self a millionare without turning to crime and in so doing he showed that it can be done-being rich legaly.
    to me he is a good role Model.

  6. If there is one person who really enjoys his money, is Kenny Kunene. He has never registered a section 21 company, or an NGO, he has never went to the NYDA to ask for money for his parties. He is using his hard earned cash, He is uplifting some unknown beautiful girl, who some model agencies do not know that they exist.
    This ladies were not kidnapped to come and perform for his parties and for guests. to put it straight, a deal was struck between two parties and they agreed on payments terms of performances. Has there been one lady who came back to say she has not been paid for this performance ? NO. Kenny kunene is enjoying his money.
    Is there anyone employed by Kenny who has not been paid his salary, Think of the owners of AURORA who are driving luxury cars while their employees go for months without salaries, they are eating at Kenny’s outlets while their employees are not sure about the next meal. I can’t go further it makes me sick

  7. Hey Manthata, aren’t you a proper arsehole, eh? How did Kenny Kunene get so much money in the first place? Was it also from unlawful govt. deals, stealing and robbing from the innocent, from the various bank robberies, etc? It’s so ironic that we’ve NEVER heard of Kenny before 1993. Kenny is gut-less for being so wasteful with the exhobitant parties and all. Give some to the street children, then I’ll show you a ‘little’ respect. YOU, Julius Malema, you really wish that you are WHITE, eh. You’re all BASTARDS, in the true sense.

  8. as a young black proudly south african i’m totally against wat kenny z doing! i knw itz his damn money, bt i don’t encourage it!!!!!!!!

  9. @Deena
    he started his own business froo 3000 that was left in his acc, he commited fraud he did not steal at gun point. he earned his money, it was not given to him.
    why should he give it away?
    there are other people who should be giving their money away couse it is not hard earned and it is our tax monies to start with.
    what is it that is wrong that the guy did and was not punnished for?

  10. So what is all the fuss about ???????????????

  11. wally milsom says

    Another arsehole just like Malema

  12. How low can you go? So committing fraud is not the same as stealing? Some people have a sick sense of morality.

  13. Darkies learn bad stuff from whiteys. They don’t pay attention to the good stuff. They just stuff it up.

  14. So where did your ancestors learn to rape, pillage and plunder before we arrived Madoba?

  15. Lala,

    Fraud is not as bad as mandela’s terrorism, is it? It got that Obama freak into the white house ( follow this link: ) so I agree, rather compare him with obama then…but, seeing that Manthata mentioned AURORA, are the owners not mandela’s family?


    You have strong points:
    1. on malema, he is very proud of his “white nose” implicating that he can think a few millimeters further than other africans 😉

    2. on kenny, we’ll know where he got his money from sooner or later, it’s just a question of time…maybe SARS will catch up with him or the DA will ask for some investigation

    3. your weak point..africans don’t believe in giving, only in taking, so the street children will be kept alive on whitey-money they either steal or beg from whiteys…keep your eye’s on them and you will note that street children never even bother to beg from blacks as they know they won’t get a cent! But while keeping your eye on them, don’t forget to give some of YOUR cash to them..and not just brown coins as is islam’s way of giving…rather a brown (R20 ) note so they can eat!


    If you page through wonkie, you will find that madoba, even when mentioning the good things whitey’s do, blames whitey’s for bringing good medicine that worked better than the sangoma’s toenails and lizard tails with the result that black parents who refuse to scew less now have too manny mouths to feed. He could, when responding to your remark, somehow refer to the scientist’s bull story that whiteys left africa some 60000 years ago and blame those whitey’s for teaching darkie-ancestors to rape, pillage and plunder (wich eventually became african tradition as we have it today) but then he would have to welcome us back home and no longer complain that we whites are here! 😉 and…another african circle is completed! 🙂

  16. wonkie,

    I have problems with the statement “an equally stunning black bombshell” as it is not wonkie tradition to be “politically correct” 😉

  17. same place as yours Marrianne. Somewhere in central africa maybe about 60000 years ago. The whitey’s just perfected it long before the darkies, as they do everything else

  18. Madoba,

    Let’s get real, all races rape and steal, that’s just a fact as you get stupid people in every race on this planet. Intelect does have a lot to do with these things..a genius don’t lie and the simple reason for that is a genius can see through a lie with ease and therefore don’t want to mak a fool of himself. But a fool will gamble, believe in luck rather than in logic because a fool have no logic. Take this ANC government, they changed all the ways things were done before just because they want to do thing african style…but the truth is, there is no such thing as african style as africa never envented anything…so now this ANC fools try to do things this way and that way just to eventually return to the proven way whiteys did it and whiteys do things the way they do it because they spent some time thinking about it before they start..but it is not all whiteys who can think as most of them are a bunch of idiots as well..only a few do all the thinking and the rest then needs training to follow and for that reasom, we started schools and universities to train the non-thinkers how to do the things the few thinking people invented.

    Every crime, fraud or whatever called, were commited by fools who believed they will get away with it.

    I have found that there are very few patriots between blacks as evey one is just for himself and for that reason you always find more rubbish, more neglected animals and more crime around black townships…these are just the facts of life and now we have a bunch of idiots as police who can’t see through the crimkinals and are unable to go find the culprets…before 1994 very few crimes did not get solveld…today the only crimes that does get solved are the ones where the criminals were super stupid and so to speak sort of walked into the police for drawing attention with spending too much at places where everybody knows they did not have that kind of maney with this duwalie case and I believe it was the stupid non-thinking lawyer who told the killers to go say they were paid to do so….I think they actually sold some of her jewellery while the superstupid police commisioner is too eager to believe criminals who’se word is worth nothing! How pathetic!

  19. Madoba you must understand that stupid racist comments on your part will be met with offence and equally racist comments on my part. Nobody knows who you are and nobody cares. Try to live your life with dignity and grace and then perhaps nobody will laugh at your ‘superior intellect’ while they are busy wiping their bums. Oh! and have a great day!

  20. drama drama drama, your arguements are baseless and pointless it is not about black or white but about social circumstances, humans are all created equall some more equal than others perhaps but equal. in an age of globalization the arguements no longer lie inside borders but the solution is found on a global stage, the man that does best for himself does best for the team not vice versa and in doing so will be able to contribute a lot more that is the reason capitilism works and socialism is a flawed ideology, selfishness cuts through barriers and makes the intent of the person known thus in a strange way creating a air of transparency, this transparency may not always be noticeable immediatly but only when the ideal or objective is achieved, so once again this has nothing to do with race

  21. 10 CENT

    Things are either equal or not equal, eithet genuine or not, you can’t get genuine leather and another leather that is more genuine than the other. You say it has nothing to do with race? How come some races have rubbish around them, polute our rivers and others not? Did you notice that germena streets are cleaner than the passges of our haspitals managed by blacks?

  22. dirk we all know that hygiene is a pshycological state of mind, like i said that the problem is global you have obviously never travelled and thus will not know that the same problems occur in 1st world countries china, spain, india the uk etc the list continues is it not also white people that live in the uk, so where exactly is your arguement they also have filthy hospitals and dirty streets the problem is not solely south africa’s i think your focus is so on race that you have lost the plot completly your focus should be on the classes take a upper class black person and compare him likewise in intellect and social standing to a white person of the same class you will find that there is absolutely no difference, now take a low class black person and a white person of the same class and you will find there is no difference, so once again dirk how does this apply racially. to understand personal value you need to understand that they are given to you by your parents, but is you who choose to keep them, what dirk are you doing in society to make it progressivly better? it is so easy to to stand on the sidelines and point fingers remember spectators and sustitutes receive no gratification, get off the bench and on to the playing field start a recycling project like i have done in my community so the masses that you can make money out of trash and from that will people catch on to the idea and clean the enviroment around them, this way you can create employment and encourage people to be self employed

  23. Marrianne & Dirk. As someone who has lived and worked in nearly every country in sub equatorial Africa for over 45 years your responses to the fertilizer I write are such fun!!!!!

  24. madoba i think you are a wooden, spoon dirk and marianne my dear friends shame on you for taking the bate could you not see that he was trying to rev you up, shame on both of you, round one to madoba for getting the reaction
    now go back to your corners, madoba i am dissapointed that you would hit below the belt like that there is no victor here

  25. I think this deena naidoo person must go back to India,maybe just maybe kenny will come and help u save ur ppl from the terrifying small of india,Kenny is a grown man,he works hard for his money and get ur facts right about the street kids and maybe visit welkom,just cos he is not vocal about his charity works doesn’t mean he aint doing them. To all the black niggers that r against Kenny,u just envy the guy,u probably wondering how ur going to pay ur next bill.

  26. 10 cent

    Can you believe it? zuma said a vote for the ANC is like going to heaven…that means he and his followers are very happy and at home in this rubbish dump the ANC created of this country. And now you want to spoil their happyness collecting rubbish for recycling?

    I mentioned Germany..not the second grade india, spain, mexico or china where you find some sort of half breads..neither did I mention a englishspeaker nation who can’t even build a car that’s not leaking oil as they are the world’s biggest problem forcing their stupid english lingo down everybody’s throats while planning their statanic “new world order” using a freak with only a colgate smile and no brains like obama to do their dirty work. I mentioned the GERMAN STREETS, not a garage where an english car was parked

    Only blacks think hygiene is a state of mind, all us whiteys except the englishspekers know that! Only black’s shove their fingers up their noses to change their gears when pretending they are thinking and then schew the outcome like american chewing gum.
    BTW a wooden spoon is the most unhygienic thing to eat with and typical african! Yes I agree madoba is a wooden spoon and you too ;)….maybe that was your best statement ever! concrats to you on that one 😀


    Thanks for trying to get closer to the truth, but fertilizer is something whiteys created using their brains….I don’t really see anything brainy in what you wrote…you should have used the word “dung” instead.


    If there was such a thing as a hard thinking before working black man, we would have no service delivery problems in this country and also no need for wonkie as well…but zuma’s statement about heaven says it all…blacks like sitting in the gutter between the floating shit and and call that HEAVEN! 😉

  27. Dirk. For the record I am a third generation South African of German, Dutch and Cornish descent. I left this country to work elsewhere in Africa because I could not live under a Nazi style racial superiority ideology. As such I suspect that I am eminently qualified to present my perspective on current affairs in SA. In particular, in 1948 the UP were voted out because of fear of the policies of a visionary like Smuts and the “swaart gevaar” ideology took over. Today blacks in SA will vote ANC for years to come until the damage is beyonds repair because of the fear of getting another Nat type government, all most of the have ever known before 1994. Instead of uplifting and fast tracking black education to soften the effects of the inevitable the Nat Government did the opposite and gave up the opportunity to create a black middle class, together with colourd’s (who they stupidly disenfranchised), Indians, Chinese, Japanese etc (who had cultural histories much deeper than the Nat electorate). Lost was the opportunity to negotiate from a power of strength and introduce concepts such as a qualified vote based on how much tax you pay for example. The Nat government eventually had to negotiate from weakness because they knew they were finished and we ended up with a “winner takes all” constitution based on Western democracy that is only understood in the nearly one tribe Botswana and where the ANC totally out maneuvered the Nat government.
    I used the word fertilizer instead of the word shit. Likewise instead of saying the Nat government messed up this country they Fu*ked it up.
    And Marianne read your history. Rape and pillage were commonplace in Europe and England during the feudal period. Shake your head-your eyes are stuck.

  28. Madoba

    I agree that the NAT goverment were fools since they, the free masons, Vorster and gen vd Berg had Verwoerd killed using that Stafendas greek who’s name sounded like he could be russian! All of it was the work of the free masons…if you feel like going on a killing sprea, find some free masons and kill them! That’s the enemy..that’s the target!

    But don’t be mistaken about uplifting blacks….manny blacks became multi-millionares during that so called “opression” of apartheid. Nobody was opressed as blacks were just not allowedd to have a position of trust and out of black behavior today it is clear they had a very good point by not allowing blacks in a position of trust! As no other race are as corrupt as the black man, secondly are the Indians, chinese etc. When it comes to being racist and corrupt between whites, I think the englishspeakers of this world are the worst! They quietly hate anything that is not english but know how to pretend they are “gentleman” and stupid blacks fall for that trick. It was the english who colonized and opressed us all here!

    The germans happen to be this planet’s super race and that is another fact that no englishspeaker likes to admit either. Nobody else can perform like the germans. They have re-build germany to the strongest european economy in just one lifetime! Nobody else are able to do that!
    Next time you see angela give a speach, look at her eyes! Compare that to the dead looking eyes of a black … or compare that to the eyes of any other nation’s politician. I am not talking about the fact that her eyes are blue, no look at the way she is forever looking around…the expression in the eyes of other nations make them look like total idiots compared to that of a german! Just a fact!

    Now, to end, can you tell us what circomstances were like here in africa during “feudal period” in europe you refer too? Cannibalism and barbarism is still part of african life right here at home today!

  29. Dirk. Africa is about 15 centuries behind Europe. If you take over a country and don’t take the long term view you are plain stupid. By the way, if i were to employ 1000 people from any of the following countries:- DRC, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique, Swaziland, Namibia, Angola, South Africa, Leotho the country at the bottom of my list would be South Africa. They are the worst because of the ANC and because of the Nat party that made them that way. Go North-there are a lot of good black people there (where the English were)

  30. Madoba,

    Nobody made anybody bad…they were bad and therefore they had to be separated..if it was not for the apartheid of the english since 1912, all whites would have been murdered by now! The drawings of the bushmen tell the story – stop blaming whites for the fact that blacks are murderous hatefull people..

    have a look at this youtube by a black man who found God:

  31. You need help

  32. Kenny built himselt to the top for his own reasons,what i do not understand is why are people worried about what he does when he has earned it,the time wasted worrying about somone else’s successes is time wasted on your own successes……Do best kenny!

  33. Ayanda Ngiba says

    If I had his money, I would throw parties like that everyday. Who wouldn’t? Damn jealous hypocrites. It his money, he got legally (hope so), he is enjoying it. He is not hiding it, to me he is better than most people on the news today. SPEND IT BABA it’s yours!!!

  34. do wat ever u want with ur money kenny u earned it ,otherwise uyafa isithi i wish i wish or i wud have

  35. Haters,haters,haters why make money if you can’t spend it?who are you to give suggestions on how kenny must spend his fortunes?I think you should start focusing on your flat wallets rather than kenny’s fat one.

  36. i don’ think is a something wrong in his spending,if kenny i can work for you eish poverty is killin not working.

  37. Monkey see Monkey do says

    Monkey see monkey do, why are you fight and what is the achievement you want to achieve, just let them sleep lie

  38. Big up !! Brother raid ur life n how u made it. Drink up tost to u! Soon I’l give u a call on foreign investment! Respect!!!

  39. I think Malema is an idiot but what has kenny kunene done wrong besides enjoy his money?

  40. @Lala Nelson Mandela also went to prison and u dnt knw the whole story b’coz u were not there, so back at u…stop cretisizing Kenene as if some1 is holy mxm

  41. Tariman west says

    sushi his the best black guy with cash,enjoy it Nigga

  42. I am so glad i am not a South African.You guys make me sick (black and white).Why can’t you discuss issues without ruining the blog with your “superior intellect” Jeez ,this is really a sick country where there is no unity ,all you get is mistrust and racial bashing from both sides.

  43. This guy is insane

  44. F*ck all those who made the sushi parties 2 stop, f*ck u all, all u mada f*ckaz

  45. Mr kenny we as am crc boyz want 2 do a izikhothani show down the crewning of abogabandiya base sowe2 conseter on your behaf plz we ask 4 your help we don’t want money we re asking u as our cohost so plz help us u cn cont me on [contact details removed by moderators] – lvi in sowe2 orlando plz sir jst ths 1nce sir

  46. Kenny I need R10000 pls


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