Latest updates to Wonkie

It’s been a rather busy weekend testing and taking live many hacks and changes to Wonkie. It’s all live and nothing seems to have broken (yet!) – hopefully it stays that way.

New features include:

  • Three featured cartoon strips:- The Whole Truth (international news and commentary); Bollywood Nights (Bollywood celebrity news and gossip); and Viva South Africa (South African news, commentary, and observations) – These can all be accessed from the main menu bar under the logo
  • Structured archives by cartoon strip, date, and cartoon tags (see the left sidebar options for these – e.g. if you want to see all cartoons with Paris Hilton in them click on her name in the Tag Cloud section)
  • Wonkie updated to enable posting more than 1 cartoon per day (for days when I’m particularly jobless or just feel like wabbing)
  • General colour-scheme, modified page layouts and advertising integration

Next on the list is an email subscription feature that will either email out the latest cartoon once it’s uploaded or send you a link to any new cartoon additions to the site. Let me know if you think there is something else useful I should add too – it would be great to hear your comments!

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