Amitabh-starts Hindi blog cartoon

Amitabh-starts Hindi blog

Amitabh Starts Hindi Blog

Amitabh Bachchan has launched Hindi blog site – the man is truly amazing. Check it out on (not sure if this is the one that the news is about but plenty of Hindi on it anyway!)

Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) has been having girls fainting on him again – this time in Dubai with the Temptation Reloaded tour. The incidence of heat exhaustion in the Middle East can be pretty high this time of year.

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  1. Excellent blog! Interesting article and very informative! I’m subscribing!

  2. Jo.. I’ve checked out the blog and it’s the correct one.. Amitabh is quite the writer in addition to everything else – some excellent content there

  3. kash ! madarse madar….sa (mother…sa=maa jaisa) vyavhaar karen to ? mere dwara likhit lekh jisko prakasit karne ki koi akhvar ya patrika himmat nahi kar paye.

  4. Ashif munshi says

    hi. kya such me yaha amitabh ji blog likhte he,,,,,,?

  5. narendra kumar maurya says

    hello hi sir how are you………………


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