HiHo! HiHo! It’s off to work we go!

The last few updates on this cartoon blog have taken a little longer than expected.. largely because my learning curve has tapered off as has my free time. A couple of queries to create cartoons for the blog by readers have been very encouraging. As I’ve indicated on our About page, we welcome all input – especially funny input in the form of posts and cartoons! So let us know if you have a particular theme you’d like to cartoon about and we’ll see how you can incorporate it into the site.

For those with limited drawing talent like myself you can create and submit your cartoons made on sites like JustOneSite or HastaMilan together with your post by email – send your submissions to pratish (at) wonkie dot com and we’ll format it for publication here if it’s good, giving you full credit for your efforts.

In the meantime we’re working on a way to allow readers to incorporate the Wonkie cartoons they like directly in their blog, discussion forum, facebook pages etc.. watch this space!

It would be great to hear from any experienced internet marketers out there – particularly on the topic of getting a blog greater visibility. I toyed a little with Google Adwords and found it to be quite an expensive way to generate hits. Still, it’s given me a dozen RSS feed subscribers I otherwise would not have had and set Wonkie well on its way to making us poor cartoonists famous bloggers!

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