Wonkie update and apology!

Just a quick note to thank Wonkie readers for their patience over the last couple of weeks.. things have been a little hectic as all our volunteer team members are roaming about abroad or caught up in their day jobs so we’ve been irregular with the new cartoons – and no, we have not been trying to claim refugee status in Canada like Brandon Huntley!

It’s almost a year since we launched the site and it’s very pleasing to see how it’s grown. We’ve almost hit the 5,000 daily readers mark on Wonkie itself and we now have over 2,000 readers on facebook (Click here to become a Wonkie fan on facebook)!

Thank you all for the support and please do continue to leave your thoughts and comments on each post. Please feel free to drop us a line with ideas for new cartoons, articles and suggestions for improvement too – it would be great to hear from you! Readers, advertisers and potential sponsors can Contact Wonkie here.

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  2. Laurence says

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