Zuma sex addict cartoon

Zuma sex addict

Jacob Zuma – I have a dream, a big wet dream

South African president Jacob Zuma is in the headlines once again doing what he does best. Mr Zuma has certainly raised awareness around various issues that even former president Nelson Mandela was not been able to highlight with such gravitas during his tenure: corruption in South Africa; scandal; political favours; polygamy; HIV/AIDS and most recently the joys of abundant rumpy-pumpy.

The latest source of media excitement is around Jacob Zuma’s 20th (known) child. The mother of the four-month old child is Sonono Khoza, daughter of respected Orlando Pirates soccer boss Irvin Khoza.

Newspapers around South Africa can’t seem to decide which issue to focus on: the impact Mr Zuma’s behaviour is having on the youth; how the international community is going to perceive the latest news post-Davos; his polygamy and apparent disregard for even the traditional custom associated with the practice; the fact that his latest affair is an extra-marital one; his engaging in unprotected sex in an HIV/AIDS infested country; the fact that he is more concerned about protecting his privacy than Mr Happy. Or perhaps the human-interest news that Mr Zuma has officially paid inhlawulo – damages – to the Khoza family for having a child out of wedlock. Should Wonkie readers feel the need to impregnate one of their Zulu friend’s daughters out of wedlock, the minimum traditional penalty, according to cultural expert Ndela Nelson Ntshangase is equal to the cost of two cattle and one goat.

Mr Zuma demonstrated his firm stance on children’s rights by emphasising that the South African Child Care act and the new Children’s Act protected all children from exploitation. The local constitutional court judges are still out trying to figure out whether Mr Zuma was using the Act to protect his children or defending himself against media exploitation because after all, he is someone’s child too.

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  1. Excellent article and cartoon Mr Wonkie – you cannot hide behind the veil of privacy if you are a public figure. Paying some ‘damages’ isn’t enough here – Zuma needs to set an example for black youth.. and sending this kind of message is not helping anything!

  2. LOL!!!! Way to go Wonkie!!

    Martin Luther King would turn in his grave if he saw what you did to his “I have a dream” speech… nice one!!

  3. people people people!!!let just mind our own bussiness i`ve enough talking about Msholozi. what i want to know really how many of you people who dont condomise ,how many of you people who abandone your wife,husband and children. let stop accusing Zuma about the youth ,Fighting poverty and HIV/AIDS is for all of us.

  4. thes matter needs to be taken serious, this is our president, the face of S.A. Is that what we want S.A to be seen as? hayi suka!!!

  5. @Sbo M – young people look up to Mr Zuma – he is a role model. What he does IS our business.

    If our leader doesn’t condomise and promote good behaviour do you think our children will learn these behaviours by themselves?? Zuma is being stupid and will bring all of us down with his irresponsible behaviour.

  6. Guess what Malema’s going to do next !!! (wink wink)

  7. Ever since his utterances during his rape trial, Zuma has been a complete joke within South Africa. Now this clown’s reputation is being discussed in the world media print and media. It may be that the majority of South Africans will continue to look up to Zuma as someone that will alleviate their misery. There are however millions of people in South Africa that literally detest the man and what he stands for. Not in one million years should Zuma ever be a president of anything. His lack of education is showing through. He obtained the presidency through the vote of 2300 delegates of the ANC. Not exactly democracy when one considers that there are 23 million potential voters in South Africa. Zuma was a ‘ducker and diver’ during his days of avoiding his day in court. He is continuing in that role. I have absolutely no respect for him as a man, let alone as a state president.

  8. cheating on three beautiful women. sonono what kind of example is she setting for young women by stealing a man of three wives, cant she get her own man. ladies devorce this guy, he needs to growup.

  9. If I was a friend of his I would be locking up my daughters

  10. i just lost that little respect that i had for this guy. he just does not stop to embarass us. as the president of the country with more than two wives and he still has a makhwapheni. this is outrageous and unaccepted. i say he should go to the sex rehab if there is any. he should not apologise he must seek help. he should be recalled.

  11. luks im with you on this one. he needs help.

  12. Zuma shows that he is a man and not suffering from High Blood Pressure or Diabedic.

  13. i wonder if JZ is getting it on with JuJu as well ?

  14. peanuttzzz says

    damage is done, let’s face it..and most of us don’t agree with the response we got from the ruling party and from the president himself. All I need from the president is to acknowledge that he made a mistake and promise thaht it will not happen again, because my gut feel says that sometimes these people take it for granted that since we all love the ruling party we will understand and support them irrespectively. Responsibility comes with the salary-which by the way we are paying him thru taxes

  15. The anc has promise to take the Western cape with the next election – the women and men

  16. Truly an embarassment to South Africans Internationally, no such polygamy from the DA, accepted Zulu custom from Zuma, but he should be a role model to South Africans and not only to Zulu’s.

  17. With 20 Kids + +There Kids + To take the Western Cape will be child Play

  18. SA aids is never going to contain itself. The President himself is one big ‘fuck-up’ so what message is he sending to the youth of SA. He must be entered into the Guinness Book of Records as the 1st President to manufacture 20 kids. Questions: How does he spread his time visiting with all 20 kids? How did he support them all this while, before he became President? Where do they live and the conditions they live under? Somebody must do something about this mess, sorry, a literal fuck-up.

  19. OLD FASHION says

    The wise concentrates on the power of the brain and heart, some do not know how to use the brain and only concentrates on what’s below the waste.

  20. Musa, I’m with you on this one HAYI SUKA!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Hannah Montana says

    It’s black thing you wouldn’t understand guys. Why bother explaining! According to our Zulu constitution he’s allowed to have 100 wives. Spare the guy

  22. Madevu, with all his children ++++++++ he will never take the Western Cape, DA RULES!!!!! Capetonian Activist

  23. Hey Dukie 743. You’re the man!

  24. JZ is an embarassment to South African, I think ANC should recall him. He is HIV positive and busy spreading it. What is it that this women see, they are gold giggers too at our expense. He is going to provide his kids with our tax money. South Africa now remeber Thabo Mbeki, they wish he was president. JZ served his purpose for the whites not taking over South Africa again. ANC please recall this guy

  25. Hey Duke743 – you put it all in a nutshell, we might just get deported, he knows how to duck and dive to get this done, but WELL SAID MATE!!!!!!!

  26. this guy is clearly an embarassment to south africa n the world at large.is there some kind of disciplinary action that can be taken upon the president 4 this damage? i doubt if rehab will do any change 2 his disgusting behaviour…he needs to step out of the presidency if he can’t do wat the nation expects of him.

  27. vilakazi khaphata says

    Plse respect african existance,culture,values and religions. All these are acceptable to God. It is true we have one Jesus so is God.

  28. What black culture, he is an insult to our African culture. WHO made the constitution to marry 100 women, thats why you zulus are stupid you undermine women, we are not your properties and even zulu women have adopted to this thing of sharing a man with others. GUYS you are killing our nation please stop thisold fashioned behaviour.

  29. Wow !!! is not for us to judge he is our leader he is not perfect …yes he is an embarrasment to South africa this Man needs a help really , if you are a leader you need to set an example . i think our goverment leaders they need to given some leadership skills not about been a Khomorate you qualify to be a member of parliment or a president you must be cooked in your head to lead nation , our president needs to be mature now !!!

  30. Wow, what a stud! I think you other guys, with all your mean, sarcastic comments, are just jealous of JayZee … because he gets to score with all the chicks.

    JayZee, you’re the MAN!

  31. I hve no words words to describe this man, he is a joke. sleeping with your friend’s doughter he will never come to my house even during election.

  32. Sejela Mekeleli says

    Women were in the lead and very ecstatic during the case we all know of a “shower”, let them toghether with Prof Malema play the music again. We are prepared to dance. The president has already risen to the occasion. SA, the face of the continent is becoming a joke of Africa. Ahaah!

  33. Dan Sekonya says

    Please hands off Zuma, what he is doing or done is a private matter and you might be aware that he is a self confessed poligamised according to his culture.

  34. I think he clearly doen’t appreciate what he have, afterall he is a man just like any other man but I think he is over doing it meaning that, he is sending a wrong message to the youth. Otherwise if he happen to be my daddy, I wouldn’t be proud of him and one more thing. the guy is using his powers in a wrong manner. He clearly does have a problem and seek help!!!!!!!

  35. It seems to me that zoomuck is no better than a street corner prostitute. What IT realy needs is a well renowned PIMP. Hush, hush of course.

  36. jojo - chotee says

    He got his machine gun and he is just shooting randomly

  37. i think mr zuma took it too far this time around, he needs help from elders it cannot go on like this forever, hope he accept all critisism and be bold enough to refrain from such behaviour

  38. As President he needs time to prepare speeches, meetings and attend some state affairs. Sexual intercourse needs time, where does he get time to do all these nonsense. He has houses full of wives and he has girlfriends too. Watch the space there will others coming out saying he fathered their children. In my mind I asked myself a question: did he rape this woman when visiting her father or what? Our daughters are not safe in the country, he is promoting abuse against women too, not only HIV. When he became president I was against it, I thought he will prove me wrong and do the right things. He must face the challenges of being a president, he belongs to the public, we are to be blamed as a nation we knew he is unstable but we allowed ANC to appoint him as president.

  39. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    Dukie 743 – Couldn’t have said it better! You da man!

    Hannah Montana…….Eish! And just how many extra-marital affairs and illegitimate children does he culture allow? And how many HIV infected women is he allowed to sleep with? Please! This man is a JOKE!

  40. He is a sex pervert and a disgrace to S.A

  41. Thank you mr Zuma.When i first heard that DNA proofs that mankind started in Africa and spread to the rest of the world i could not comprehend.

  42. The man has balls without brain! No man can nurture, care for and raise more than 4 children and expect decent results. All upbringing is left to the mothers so these kids cannot benefit from his leadership skills either.
    How many husbands is a woman allowed in the Zulu culture?
    Slavery was outlawed some years ago but ‘wives’ are still provided for his pleasure. When will this culture thing evolve the way the rest of the world has done?

  43. will zuma now call his father-in-law, bra khoza daddy or will it be comrade daddy

  44. This person who happens 2 B a pres in S.A. is just a disgusting piece of k@k maan!

  45. Zuma, I am sorry to say has a mentality of 1+. He therefore does not realise what a disgrace he is to his own people nor, understand the redicule from the rest of the world. People outside just shake their heads and throw their arms up in dispear and say, AH, thats Africa for you, way behind the rest of the world and the Africans will remain in the dark age for many a morn hereafter

  46. Really, Mr Zuma… I dont actually know why I take time to even write a comment regarding your latest rumble in the jungle… you have once again proven that you are not a statesman but rather an uneducated subsidiary that should not be holding any office in this country. During your visit to the Rhema Church earlier in 2009, I was furious for the way in which you were allowed to use the pulpit to promote your dangerous campaign. After I though about it for a while, I thought to give you another chance, as you would be my president and no matter what, you would make us proud. You have however lost my vote now completely and without reserve.
    Your axample is appauling.

  47. sonono must b a gold diga. shes a grown woman. it was no secret hes got wives, hes got 20sumthing children, hes been charged with rape with an hiv positive woman but stil she found him attractive to an extant of not using a condom. maybe she seduced the old man who knows. zuma i cant imagine him doing it, he is too old 4sex ths is disgusting.

  48. After googling ‘Unfaithful husbands percentage’, (and wives) I found the following:
    Statistics show that up to seventy percent of men have been unfaithful.
    53 percent of women said they had been unfaithful to their partner, …
    while 65 percent of the cheating wives said sex was better.

    Do you realise what that means? Yes, more than half of those commenting here
    are flicking darts at Zuma. True, he does set a bad example and role model.
    “A man who commits adultery lacks judgment” (Proverbs 6:32 NIV)
    Even if an attempt at seducing failed, it was in effect successful. (Matt 5:25)

    That’s not preaching. It’s a matter of proving two points:
    a) All serial fornicators are a hypocrites should they call themselves Christian.
    b) Less than half of Zuma’s judges in this discussion should look up and tell
    God that the stone they cast was well aimed, and that have never called up
    the services of an escort, or even considered doing so.

    Now, if Zuma’s actions are part culture, part hero worship, or fear of the mighty,
    as was the case of those remaining silent about Henry the eighth’s six wives and
    many mistresses, then I have no argument, as I have a culture of my own
    which is very different from that of Zuma and his supporters.

  49. He was voted in presidency to be a “role model”, he got it all wrong, he needs to keep his ROLE in his pants and stay away from the MODELS

  50. I am not so much worried about the birth of the child because the two people involved are adults. They must have agreed to have a child, that is why they did not use a condom. I am more concerned about the dignity of the senior statesman because it is not good in the eyes of the people to have a child out of wedlock.

  51. he better step down, if he dont know what is he doing. he doesnt give other people a green liht. He thinks (u se bukhosine.) is a chief not a presindent. If he wana live like a chief he must step down. Please ladies dont get married for money , marry someone you love.

  52. And this man has the audacity to show his face in public. President of South Africa, nogal. What a banana republic we have become. Judging by the reaction of many men to his sexcapades, one has to conclude that bonking around is just another Zulu cultural tradition.

  53. Shaka Zulu would never have condoned such behaviour so do not say that Zuma’s actions are traditional. His problem is that he is over-sexed and over here! He should be sent to Coventry or Sudan, where they may need to replace the population

  54. ZUMA is nothing but a brainless man,if he did carpentry at school he should have known that each and every step he is about to take ,he must think before he act;that’s the first rule,and the second ;never fool around in the working area.

  55. He is just a silly old man who cannot keep his pants up.

  56. Guys just get the hell off Msholozi’s back. Le mo tswela pelo or what is wrong with you? He is a beautiful person. I am also waiting to nurse his baby. He is just fine the way he is.

  57. bakenshark says

    saffers u are being ruled by a stud!…embrace the dream! funny as hell wonkie!..

  58. What do you think about Jacob Zuma’s sexual behavior?

    -i would like to answer that question as none of the above mentioned,the questions you raised doesn’t all fit for zuma ,you should have gooid more questions.

  59. No doubt the state will support all Mr Zuma’s wives and children, but for those who will follow his dubious ways there can only be further poverty brought on by an increase of unsupported children. Who will feed, clothe, pay for there poor education and see that they are able to attend further education? Mr Zuma? I think not

  60. SBO M????????????? Every HIV carrier has the potential to kill 0 to, give or take 35 people,( by slow, agonizing, soul destroying pain and suffering, and then death). This self made statistic was made for normal south Africans, for Zulus add two zeros. The 35 in death mode can each infect a further potential 35, E.C.T. Continue this calculation Mr IQ below 144 kelvin. THE YOUTH, are what is going to be your future Leaders, D Rs, lawyers, etc. At this rate, most of us are going to do the whole slow ,pain, thing. We hope that your future leaders,( taken from the pool of destitute survivors) send you to an old age home in the S.African Siberia, where your p^&%( shrivels, eeayhuu.Your cognitive brain has gone, awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, bye ,bye. back to the sandbox, but please, no thought provoking toys. I`ll say this in your favor though. Your comment is the most Doosest Idiotic, Primal, embarrassing justification, that I think anyone with a brain, ever heard. congrats Moron. Zoomuck`s one, (of how many others) Little whimsical mistake has the potential to kill, in three generations, 20* 20*20= 160,000 people. As I say, the sand box for you. That`s about as big as your big picture. I am throwing my pearl before the swine, I know, but I just couldn’t resist

  61. Being a role model is but nothing. There is a saying that goes like; DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO. If Zuma is doing something bad while saying you should something good, then do it and stop concerntrating on his mistakes, everyone is entitled to a mistake. He is a human being, remember! Keep it up Mr Zuma you are doing great.

  62. SHANDO ZIPILIPI: I think you should keep a zip on your lip. PS: I know of a good THERAPIST. Shame poor Therapist.

  63. Oh please Nellie – get real!!

  64. HANNA MONTANA AND RINA: 100*100*100= 1000000 DEATHS. See uitkak to SBO M?????????????????? SAME APPLIES. Oh sooooooooooooo slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  65. Mr Zuma must remember – his people will follow in his footsteps……and then?

  66. MADEVU UVEDAM: God help us all. A nation run by rutting PORCINE, which are voted in by a majority of rutting PORCINE. OH George Orwell, here`s a good story.

  67. Dear Dixi: a very valid point, but what footsteps. Oh the one`s that he leaves on shattered lives, silly me.

  68. My dearest NELLY. WOW that was hard. You clearly belong in the ZOOMUCK bucket of SH$*^%t. May someone please return NELLY to above-mentioned bucket and stir vigorously.

  69. Nelly, these people are running after white peoples ideologies. Zuma is great, I mean he is super. Tell me how many partners do these people have and when he is next to a nyatsi he thinks of Zuma forgeting that he is next to someone who is not even his girlfriend. Just a quick fix thing.

  70. njue george says

    You south Africans, stop this stupid american culture of following your leaders just to bring them down for the interest of yet another equal or worse sinner,you elected a president not a saint otherwise the references would have been different, by an stardard President Zuma is a true african worrior {njamba}

  71. Sthando – play the racist card – blah, blah, blah……..

  72. Siasch – the very unstable footsteps of there leader…..leading 2 more HIV, shattered homes/lives, abandoned children…..but it is water underneath the bridge – the consequences will follow….

  73. SBO M, what does this mean, STUPID, BULLHEADED, OBTUSE- MORON. Forgot to mention, when the people next door, male or female screams at his spouse so hard that everyone, four houses down can hear him, HE/SHE is FORCING his /her BUISNESS down our throat. Sandbox dude sandbox, and while you`re at it, stick your head in the sand and TRY real hard that you don’t exist. Idiot.

  74. Thanks DIXI: I think there will consequence, but what about the fact that we are all already living amongst the 10 decades ago consequences. We are in the GOBLINS hole and we are pissing in his pants and laughing at him, not a good idea. I think all S.A, woman should emigrate and leave ZOOMUCK no options. Damn, that wont work, IT will start on the boys. OOPS \, no solution there, maybe we should emigrate and leave IT to play with his, AAHHH, MY IMAGINATION just went into shock.

  75. STANDO: what a beautiful name, you are standing in a very, very little 0, The sum total that is you. NO THAT DON’T WORK< THERE IS NO YOU< JUST A TINY< TINY< VERY tiny.O, recurring. If that is black thinking, then I think you should join the vigorously stirred ZOOMUCK bucket.

  76. Siascha – well said – I just wish and pray – when everything is said and done – that our beautiful country will survive it all – I love my country and everyone/everything on it – except baby Malema

  77. As a leader you lead by an example, you make sure you become a role model especially to the younger one’s…Zuma don’t have any qualities of a good leader even if his issues are private matters. He has proven not once but many times that he only needed the position of being a president for his own personal reasons (power).

  78. Please spread this site to as many people as possible, especially to those in our “beloved” ANC goverment.

  79. FALCONIAN: Just how old you. There is an old expression that suites you down to the ground. YOUNG, DUMB and FULL OF COME. If you want chicks, fine, but please wear a condom before you become a mass murderer like our PRESIDENT.

    Dear TANNI: Whats the difference between a Banana and ZOOMUCK. They both have thick skins. peel easily, but bananas make you happy,(serotonin).

    To all commentators that are pro ZOOMUCK. Be fast of thought, slow of speech and DAMN slower when you even think of tikking, (one finger) your keyboard. All pro ZOOMUCKers, into the ZOOMUCK bucket you go. Shaken and stirred for good measure. For goodness sakes, use your bleddy minds, if you have any.

    DIXI and SIACHA are ally`s. BEWARE all those who are pro ZOOMUCK. We will sort you out. DIXI, you are a honey. Hope you`re a girl, otherwise you`re my man. Respect. Dont worry about S.A. there are millions of angels in this country, and I have to believe that GOOD will Prevail. If all the messengers of good tidings believe, then ZOOMUCK will be the MUCKY cream on the ZOOMUCK bucket.

    LARATO.N: The ZOOMUCK has no power.He is such a woes. An emotional intelligence of a two year old, an intellectual intelligence of a one year old and a combined intelligence of an unborn still to be decided on. What goes up will come down, and boy do I want to watch that happen. Better than electronic heroine. (T.V)

    D^%$#*&^%!%$R George NJUETSUSTUPICANDO. The only warrior that ZOOMUCK has got on his body is,(oh gross) just north of his arsehole,( gross), and due to his HIV status, yes he is a warrior and will kill a multitude with his sword between his legs. you are a sick puppy. I relegate you to the, oh getting so full, ZOOMUCK bucket. this time shaken not stirred.

  80. gononder and Peter, I salute a piece of “excrement” …

  81. hey all the people lock away your daughters ths man is sick.


  83. I do not want to hear about aids “victims” again. These people are indulging in casual sex and are the authors of their own doom. They cannot expect sympathy when they are so irresponsible!

  84. By the way, does JZ know his status?

  85. Flying foxes are highly prolific !

  86. The odassity, apologizing to the Nation, what a joke – until he runs out of apologies …

  87. african presidents are a real shame.i had thot polygamy can be a solution to extra marital affairs.GOD DELIVER US

  88. Butholezwe says

    Dear JZ

    i am one of your dissapointed supporters but i am not giving up on you because i believe that as you rose from being a headboy to be the president; Morgan Tsvangirai (the depised, the so called uneducated) will one day be the president of Zimbabwe. Can you tell me where the ANC is getting it all wrong regarding the situation in Zimbabwe.
    Now i have great doubt in the ANC having defended your act: i listened to J. Mthembu on the radio. Sometimes i think it will be good for your people not to comment unless if you call that politics. I think they should have just let you apologise as you have done now from wherever you were (outside the country)



  89. Butholezwe says

    I am one of your dissapointed supporters and was also disgusted by the defence offered by the ANC when i listened to J. Mthembu. i belielive sometimes it is better for your people to leave it to you to apologise as you have done now surely that was going to be possible from where ever you were or when you came back home> unless if thus what the ANC call politics. when one has done something wrong in African politics we see people standing to defend him/her.

    no wonder why the ANC has been wrong on the situation in Zimbabwe; can i know where the ANC has got it all wrong. Do they ever think that the democratisation project will ever stop? will they be able to answer tomorrow for the support and the misrepresentation they have give to the former ruling party?



  90. I wonder why the SABC, who was once sycophantically obsequious to Zuma and the African National Congress, have suddenly dropped the AIDS message recorded by Zuma and broadcast seemingly ten times a day until recently? Perhaps even the national broadcaster has also lost respect for the ‘umshini wami’ whining sugar daddy.

  91. Frank Hartry says

    The young lady that works for me swoons whenever she sees Zuma on television. She says that he is the most handsome, charming man on earth. She also maintains that most women in South Africa would marry Zuma and have his children in wedlock or out, of any time. Even Helen Zille’s knees buckle every time she meets Zuma. Notice that Zille will always slip in a word of praise for the old man at the same time that she criticises him. One is reminded of the joke doing the rounds at present;- ‘ Of all the women polled in South Africa as to whether they would sleep with Zuma, 79% replied, ” Never again”.

  92. I am not suprised. What Zuma did/does is a reflection of most South Africans. Otherwise why would he won elections with a landslide victory in the face of all his scandals…rape, corruption, infidelity you name it.

  93. i dreamt khanyi mbau being our next first lady. they have a lot in common and deserve each other but we wil be broke like zim.

  94. I honestly feel everybody has had a say, let us be forgiving society and stop dweling on the past. Re bantsho and we should remember that we owe it to ourselves to respect our elders/leaders and above all our head of state. Helen Zile has got nothing to loose. Instead she is a sh*** stirer and shes enjoying how we marvell at undresing our Zuma. Eyare go e latswa bobe etswe bololo. AE WE MODIGA.

  95. I dont care a hoot how many children Mr Zuma has with how many woman – my thoughts on that matter I will keep to myself.
    What I do care about is the fact that the SA Taxpayer has to PAY for the expenses of these wifes and children.
    I would like to put forward that only his FIRST wife and children should be cared for by the SA taxpayer and mr Zuma be held accountable for ALL THE OTHER COSTS of his wives and children in his personal/private capacity.

  96. It is a disgrace to have a president who behaves like this. Even Khoza, his freind would be very embarrased by this.

  97. AJ – I agree 100% – let himself pay for wife nr 2 – 100 and all there offspring!!!

  98. AJ – I agree 100% – let Zuma himself pay for wife nr 2 – 100 and all there offspring!!!

  99. Tota le llelang, m begining to have my doubts. Ladies please stop all these witch hunting and pointing fingers. Some of your remarks are selling you short of who you really are. Le diriwa ke batho to turn against yourselves. supposing jz was not a public figure, would anyone care to know what is goining with his life. Kana you are now crucifying him purely for his status.

  100. According to black culture my friend’s children are my children too. For that reason my friends’ sons and daughters address me as MAMA. The same goes for my children to my friends. Anyone who can afford to have sex with his/her friends’ children is capable of doing the same to his biological children. That is how I see my President. He should never be allowed to address others on child abuse issues because one wonders when did he start to undress his friends’ daughters with his eyes, something that culminated in him getting them in bed as adults.

  101. Madiba never conducted himself remotely in this way. Clinton nearly got impeached for a blow job. Profumo resigned. But in SA this conduct is celebrated. When you do something there are three possible outcomes. Things get worse, they don’t change or they get better. Its time to stop supporting embarrassing incompetent Presidents, Ministers, MP’s, Municipal Managers etc.

  102. Sthando. You can’t see it. Sadly most people in RSA do not understand democracy in the way that the people who created democracy over the centuries understood it. If I buy something I am entitled to know the price. A tax payer, including only VAT payers are entitled to know what the President and his life style is costing them, including the three wives and twenty children. Look at Government perks and hopefully it will open your eyes

  103. Mosa Moremi. It was a Japanese culture to commit Harri Kirri and fall on your sword when things got a bit tough. Fortunately the Japanese are a progressive nation and have discarded this practice. There are endless similar examples of cultural issue becoming discarded. Why are you, presumably not wearing skins for clothing. Surely that was your culture????

  104. AJ. Why must the tax payer pay even for the first wife and children? Pay them a package and let them sort all this fertiliser out for themseves. Then watch the small used car market blossom.

  105. honestly! why are we castings stones. I believe JZ actions can be better judged by his creator. why do we dwell in this issue in so much that we compare him to Madiba? Madiba ran away with Graca leaving the very woman who suffered emotionally financialy and otherwise for him and their children – the Madiba issue is far painful than what JZ is doing. Don’t open wounds please. Tlhotlho legolo le tsosa di letseng.

  106. madoba, I appreciate your concerns about the taxpayers money. do we undress our elders for the sake of what they cost us. from long ago motlhanka ga mogolo go mong wage so it will forever be there whether ke JZ or michael or reuben. We have been paying tax to maburu bae eja bare sotla and why does the tax issue come up today resa bolo go duela tax without enjoying the benefits. please compare your anger to your reasoning. gape we blame JZ le rona basadi we consent to go robala le ene so why do we see the devil in him without seeing the devils in us. No people please just apply a little bit of common sense and you will see things with a better persperctive.

  107. surely jz should set a good example to the youth . The number of known children outside wedlock is proof of unprotected sex in this era od HIV and AIDS. this must stop

  108. Sthando, store your Authorised Version, (with its well known 20,000 errors) in your archives.
    The account at John 8:1-11 concerning the stoning of an immoral woman,
    quotes Jesus as saying, ‘Let him that is without sin cast the first stone.’

    Seeing that this did not appear in any early manuscript, later editions of the Bible removed it.
    How unthinkable, that Jesus born a Jew and under its laws, would intefere with its judgments.
    Indeed, he added to the judgments on immorality. (Matt 5:27)

    Secondly, have you ever looked upon a member of the other sex with desire?
    If so, join JZ’s club, and share his lifestyle.
    Many who refer to the above text knowing it to be spurious, probable find it very useful.
    Thirdly, you end your contribution with the words: ‘Tlhotlho legolo le tsosa di letseng’
    This is predominantly an English newspaper blog open to all those who speak English.
    If you quote in Xhosa, please translate for the sake of those who do not understand.

  109. Wonkie, what I’ve realised is that SA President has low ethics, this really is a bad influence on our youth especially during this crucial time of HIV/AIDS.

  110. i think its time we leave Zuma and his stupidity alone and focus on nation building,coz if we concentrate too much on him we will end up loosing our sanity as a nation this guy is sick and needs therapy.

  111. I agree yabato25 – he don’t derserve all this attention – give him rope – he will hang himself

  112. Noleen Cherewo says

    I wonder what the president will then say about HIV and AIDS. Is he going to satisfy all these women. We women give ourselves a price tag not just for the sake of a big name

  113. Our very own “Clown Prince”…. let us see how he will “Ho Ho Ho” out of this – a complete muppet. It would actually be quite funny if it weren’t so horribly sad… This country needs leaders of integrity and someone who actually has the “BALLS” (not his culturally nuanced ones, but fortitude etc.) to stand up for something (anything Mr. Pres…) and also tell his mini-me sidekick to shut up and get a real job.. (Oh wait a moment – who would employ that toss-bucket with his qualifications…. Oh wait… maybe the ANC!!)

  114. Sthando – you are one of the primary reasons that we get what we voted for – wake up and smell the cookies – until we South Africans (of all colors and creeds) actually hold our representatives to account and not follow party loyalty blindly in the hope that they will eventually get it right – we will not get responsible accountable government. Simple as that.

  115. Why Mantashez,Vaviz don do wht they do best…yes I mean recalling,for the interest of the country,I say akehle bo,manje uhlaleleni ke.

  116. zuma ke skhokho,our rok-star president is a player.

  117. sis, it is a shame indeed, all i have to say is, i see no qualities of a leader in him, the befitting title on him is definitely not Zuma The President of South Africa but Zuma. the King of PUSSYLAND

  118. He is a disgrace to SA. Hiding behind the word”culture” and playing the race card to enrich themselves and do whatever they want, when they want is the “in thing” in the new SA to silence critics. Zuma gets away with murder. He is just a dirty old man that is trying to prove that he is still virile. The women that become his wives or mistresses or just as bad. All they are interested is money and power. They are not better than high class prostitutes.


  120. SESOHLA
    Can’t afford not to reply to u. I am against people who are insulting JZ, but I think your blind loyalty is not helping. We are not worried about people who have never supported him or who do not understand why the cadres voted for him in Polokwane. Some of us have always supported him quietly because we know what he represent. In this case JZ,Malema,Mthembu are wrong and JZ’s apology is lacking in sincerity/plea. My worry is people who support black leaders even when they are wrong in the name of fighting imperialism and western culture. By the way I am proudly Zimabwean and in Zim we have a man who shouts and screams at the west everytime he is given a microphone yet he wants to go on holiday there;what’s painful is that we have people who are ready to kill in support of the ACTS of this man who wants to be president for life. BLIND LOYALTY is SUICIDAL

  121. SESOHLA



    Hey u No1 Zuma support,u dont just get respected u work hard for it,u earn it…to me you are just like Malema,have you heard of moral regeneration,do u understand what its meaning?What other pipl you talking about,we voted for the party knowing for sure he gonna be the President but we never voted for wht he’s doing,thats why we are totally against it,he mst be examplary SEHLOHA,its not abt liking its abt the right thing get dat man ung’zwile?

  122. Frank Hartry says

    SESOHLA- Ofcourse you have every right to respect and even grovel to your president. As indeed you appear to. I do not however have to respect this disgraceful old man sugar daddy, who not only appears to seek out every young woman that he can bed, but also did not have the manliness and the courage to face the courts to prove his innocence of 783 allegations of corruption. His latest apology is his third. He apologised for the cicumstances surrounding his rape trial, then for threatening to bash gays and now for bedding another daughter of a close friend. As the PAC correctly said, Zuma should be chaparoned everywhere he goes in order to protect South African womanhood. What kind of a president is that to respect Sesohla? He is a shame to South Africa and is ridiculed by the whole world.

  123. those who ar busy with zuma personal issues GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!

  124. To blindly support a degenerate is indicative of very low moral standards. That is the problem with this country. Where are the heroes? The men and women who protect children. People who live moral lives. Men who cherish their wives and support their children. Unsung heroes – but still heroes to be remembered because of their honesty and integrity, qualities that cannot be bought. JZ is not one of these.

  125. xolie is yet another sycophantic worshipping groveller, who looks upon the so called leader Zuma as a god. That is exactly what the likes of Zuma thinks he is. A god who can easily betray his friends by defiling and shaming their daughters and believing that an apology will merely settle the matter. Zuma, the coward, who was too frightened to defend his innocence in court before the people. Mugabe, and the very late evil parasites Amin and Hitler also thought they were gods and were also corrupt.

  126. xolie and zibba, et al. We are aware how much you love Msholozi.
    But, you give no reasons except to say, “He’s our President”
    Perhaps your love is like Eve’s song, ‘Love is blind’
    “What kind of love from a nigga every night make you cry?”

    Or, perhaps as that of Henry Blossom’s song, ‘Because you’re you”‘
    Here are some of the words:
    “Love is a queer little elfin sprite…
    Shooting his arrows to left and right…
    When we ask the reason…Words are all to few.
    So I know I love you, dear, because your’re you.”

  127. Dukie 743, besides Adolf Hitler and Idi Amin, the world has seen many other
    oldies come and go, like Joseph Stalin. Pol pot, Benito Mussolini, Rafael Trujillo,
    Omar al-Beshir, Augusto Pinochet, Mao Zedong, Jiang Qing, Mobuto Sese Seko, Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlawi, Saparmurat Niyazov, Nicolae Ceaucescu,
    Francisco Franco, Slobodan Milosevic, Kim Il-Sung, Fernando Marcus,
    Francois Duvalier, Charles Taylor, Saddam Hussein, Jean Bedel Bokassa
    and Mullar Omar.

    Not to mention the world’s currently reigning top ten despots,
    which includes Muammar al-Qaddafi, Kim Yong and King Abdullah.

    All have people like xolie to thank for keeping them in power.
    People really have short memories or never read up on history.

  128. Zuma is a male slut with no morals who sends the wrong message to the youth of an HIV aids riddled country.
    He should be immediately removed from office before he does any more damage to South Africa.
    A total embarrassment who must be charged for his crimes and jailed.

  129. unfortunately zuma because of his skin color can not blush. how dare he, with his reputation stand there on the podium with a sanctimonious appearance and pontificate the virtues of his office. shame on all those who still support him. where are your morals?

  130. Rev John Mokoena says

    Many people say Zuma needs to set an example to the Youth of this Country, I totally disagree. He needs to set an example to each an every citizen of this SA. I want to say it is indeed a disgrace, yet he is still being supported by his comrades. If poloticians have pardoned him that does not suggest at anyhow that the people of this country have forgiven him. Let’s put a refferundum on this issue.

  131. Simply Ammmazing !!….. This pretty cartoon is very much appreciated by my friend Suma , her name very much resembles to that of our hero ” Zuma ”

    Long Live ZUMA !

  132. pietpompies says

    Zuma being president of the most influential independent country south of the Sahara is a disgrace to say the least. And to crown it all to be supported by his comrades shows the moral fibre of those who run the country! Malema knows who who butters his bread for him hence his staunch support for zuma what else can you expect from a half whit like him. At the moment the government is is like a chicken with its head chopped off and flapping its wings. Oh, for a leader with morals that we can look up to.

  133. pietpompies says

    no comment

  134. We are not from the west, (the so called western countries)so is Zuma some leaders are groomed when they are still young how handle them self and bla bla when they are leaders. In africa if you have wealth and you are able to take responsebilities of your action the is absolutly nothing wrong, I think you all need teaching about parenting in africa

  135. mvembe nhlapo says

    i think j zuma is the ordinary man like any other man he do have sexual feeling that need to be satisfied by the woman.I don”t have with zuma having more than one BCOZ he works very hard for our country so he needs some massage.Let”s give the man a break and cut him some slack LOVE YOU ZUMA


  137. yes… let’s give the man a break where he needs it most (down south) if u can read between the lines…i don’t know how anyone in their right state of mind can support such a repulsive uneducated man like our DEARES PRESIDENT MR ZUMA…. The man has got no brains…has not respect for woman or for the holy sacracy of marriage…he must stop hiding behind this stupid so called tradition… he wants to preach HIV/AIDs but has 23 children besides the unknown ones…and sleep with a different woman every night of the week… WHAT a fckn DISGRACE YOU ARE TO SOUTH AFRICA…….

  138. I agree! This man is a disgrace! I am ashamed to be a South African where we have such a primitive, uneducated excuse for a man as President.

  139. Stop skinnering about JZ leave him to rule our beloved country

  140. Tk says, “We are not from the West.”
    Detest for the West is all we hear these days.
    So nice to have the best of two worlds.
    Nice beads, hair extensions, skin whitening creams,
    designer clothes, luxury cars, internet and other technologies,
    with culture on the other side to compensate for all shortcomings.

    This helps them say stupid things like, “In case America attacks us.”
    Wait! They almost did.
    Jimmy Carter said the closest he ever came to attacking someone,
    was when Mbeki refused USA free antiretroviral assistance,
    saying it was the White man’s way of killing Blacks.

  141. To Joan – your writing 12th February. I dont think you realy mean it! But if you do you’re a moron. How long do you think this will be your ‘beloved’ country. If you were “married” to Zuma I wonder how long you will put up with his philandering? Zuma is a disgrace.

  142. Joan…. yes you said it… our beloved country is crying…thousand is shouting out about what a spectical zuma has made of himself… but do you think he cares??? no not in the least… so what the hell makes you think that he give a blue hoot about how you feel… how can you as a WOMAN defend a man that can not keep his thing to himself??? or may it’s that your man also shares his thing with everything that moves… maybe thats why you have no problem with it???? I grew up being tought that cheating it wrong in the eye of GOD do for the dude that said GOD excepts it… you need to go have your brains taken out because you don’t need them.. i’m all for multi-racial development…give the job to the person who can best do it… not to someone that has got no business running a country if he can’t even controll his wat’se’name how does he wane controll and rule a country? i’m sorry have no an ounce of respect for this man… and in my mind i have no president because i can not call such a clown a president

  143. Frank Hartry says

    Joan is obviously a loyal member of the ANC women’s league. Which is that disgraceful organisation that have shamed South African women,- who are living in the rape and AIDS capital country of the world,- with its refusal to in any way criticise their hero, old man sugar daddy Zuma, even though his inconsiderate lustfulness has probably reversed the progress of AIDS alleviation in South Africa for some years to come.
    By the way Joan, what does ‘skinnering’ mean? it is not in my dictionary.

  144. Zuma is a sex addict . Finash and klaar.How does a 67 yrs old, father a 3 months old baby.So whe the child is 20yrs old then the casanova will be 87yrs old.

  145. Is this a suprise? I way long noticed Zuma’s real character; immediately one prefers polygamy, it sends a message that one woman is not enough to quench one’s super lust! In life is iether you have one wife or you have them all – the is no enough/limit to a self-declared poligamist, he can even take those of others as well and envy you for your monogous wife while he has plenty! It like when you are well off but yet you still commit fraud and steal from the poor, then you have love of money – greed – no money in the world can satify you.

  146. I left off commenting on the ‘state’ of the nation because it’s really a ‘sorry state’
    Whites here, as was in Zimbabwe, years ago, prospered and developed the country.
    Push apartheid and racism aside for a few seconds – Look at ‘State’ of the nation.

    We had excellent roads, a thriving Eskom, enough dams, a paying national TV,
    unpolluted seas and a very good municipalities. A sound infrastructure.
    Up in Zimbabwe mad Bob changed Africa’s bread basket into a begging bowl.

    Please you guys, continue with your optimism if you must – Just remember:
    No matter how many ubuntu toothbrushes you share with your maid,
    or how many black babies your wives push around in supermarket trolleys,
    or how many coins you flick out to piccanins on the way to Mathata,
    it just ai’nt gonna help you in the long run. It’s not being appreciated.
    I reckon, they reckon, you owe them much more, and that’s not your shirt.

    Mad, sorry, clever Bob didn’t grab all the farms one shot.
    He knew he wouldn’t stand a chance.
    He turned a blind eye as the starving masses gradually did this over
    a few years until the few remaining farmers were too weak to fight back.
    It’s just a matter of time before………er, we all run out of optism.

  147. Ke monna ntate zuma

  148. passions says

    Jacob Zuma is sending the wrong message to the south african youth. he first slept with an HIV positive woman and didin’t use a condom and now he’s engaging in extra marital activities and ontop of that having unprotected sex, knowing very well ka the AIDS pendemic in south africa. ai Zuma!

  149. Personally i think that we as Africans are letting the Western world get into our heads far too much. Our president is a Zulu traditional man who does care about the actions that he takes. A lot of these things have been happening for decades and centuries and now that Zuma is doing it it’s an issue? The international/global eye can keep its Britain and America and we will keep our South Africa! We are far too concerned about what people who don’t understand the very concepts of our cultures and what they have to say. We have got to stop living for the white man and come back to reality about the fact that in all Zuma’s doings the only thing that can be debateable is whether he should’ve married her first or not before engaging into sex with her which many men of high positions do these days but don’t get penalised as my poor president.

  150. Yes bonk bonk bonk and spread the disease. You are digging your graves with your pricks because of your unbridled lust. The Bible prophesied it!

  151. he has forgotten abt ppl of sa cos he has get the positision he has forgotten abt ppl who put him there.he does not think abt poverty in sa bt thinkinng for himself

  152. I really think that people ought to let it go now-I mean really now, Zuma is our president for pete’s sake! If we don’t respect him how on earth do we expect the rest of the world to do so? Doesn’t it click to people that we are the one’s who look like idiots and not him when they start dragging his name in the mud? We voted and he became president-now when it comes to that unfortunately we cannot turn back the hands of time so people should just deal with it and stop looking at everything that he does and everything that happens in his life in a dirty and degraded angle. Stop this madness! As for his behaviour honestly I know for a fact that many of us make those mistakes and yes i know we are not presidents but at the end of the day he too is human. ATLEAST HE’S NOT KILLING PEOPLE LIKE OTHER PRESIDENTS THAT I’D RATHER NOT MENTION

  153. Falconian says

    Wow Ziwe!

    Let’s just clear up one small issue here. 65% of the country voted for JayZee. They are the ones that look like idiots right now.

    The other 35% were less stupid, gullible, or intimidated by the possible removal of social grants … after all you did not need to be rocket scientist or brain surgeon to predict what was likely to happen.

    They wisely chose to rather vote against the man. Unfortunately because no single individual was capable of uniting the enlightened forces within the country, they handed the election to JayZee on a platter.

    The time to stop the madness is here and now. It begins with the realisation that JuJu is testing the Mugabe-option on behalf JayZee. Next election he is going to be like a cornered buffalo, and he and his cronies will do whatever it takes to cling to power … allowing the whole corrupt bunch to continue to plunder the exchequer with impunity.

    If you are really committed to developing South Africa into a GREAT country, it’s time to look beyond self-proclaimed ‘leaders’ that nobody in their right mind could ever respect.

    Its time to examine your options and to decide, honestly and realistially, who would have the best chance of leading South Africa to GREATNESS.

    Once you have done that, start mobilising your family and your community.

    Change is a process, it depends on every one of us, and it begins NOW.

  154. Ol' Pliny says

    Ziwe, your post is construed as a populist attitude, which overrules logic, morals
    and the beliefs of others. For instance, you said. “We voted for him” Perhaps you
    should have used the expression, “Some of us”. You have virtually proved that
    democracy is merely a form of government in the absence of something better.
    In my own humble opinion, a president should be elected on the basis of his qualifications,
    morals, and integrity. He owes it to the electorate to replace his past with the objective to being
    a role model by which his cabinet and the people he governs should adjust themselves.

    It is human to err. Should the president fail once or twice, he could be forgiven. But the matter
    must be brought to the notice of those who pinned there hopes on him. In the overall interests
    of better government, it is expected that the majority should be dismayed, rather than to express
    undying support. In other words, your post is in contrast with reality and does very little to further
    interest in the overrated democratic system.

  155. All I can say is “God, help us!” The example being set by the President is laughable! He is a primitive man who is controlled by his stomach and his prick!

  156. >I agree with Moxie. I am totally ashamed of being South African, having zuma as our president is absolutly disgusting… A president who Dosen’t even have a Matric and sets a Seriously BAD example in every possilbe way, one just has to listen to how he talks, including everyone else in the ANC who is either Stupid, someones’ “Brother” or got all their fingers stuck in some juicy pie!, that alone tells us basically everything.

    I have done quite alot of travelling and the place that shocked me the most was Benin, Cotonou… the filth is undescribable, the people, in general the entire place and even what it smells like is mind blowing, not at all surprising when I saw what astounded me on the beach … children playing soccer in the shit, literally, the beach was cover in human feces. Animal Abuse everwhere as well. These things you can only experience for yourself, i can only try and discribe it. The whole of africa is like is (watch cnn bbc etc) AND S.A is slowly heading the same way !!! (It’s just a few more smacks in people’s faces until they fully realise.)

    The ENDLESS Corruption that we hear about everyday is not even a quater of what there probably is. Most South Africans are ignorant to the state of our country and blame the people that are pushing off, that it is their fault it is this way ????? And they just justify it be saying “but everywhere there is crime (etc)!!!”. NO, not to this extent! In Germany and nearly the whole of Europe, you can sleep outside with your front door Wide Open and No one would dare touch you or your belongings. I sure as nuts don’t want to stay here ! We live an endless, extremely stressful life here, NO THANKS!

    Good luck if the DA gets in, brilliant, but im not waiting for that day to come! No doubt S.A is beautiful but.. its not worth it just for the scenery!!

    Im only 18, still in matric: It doesn’t take age to see the truth. All you have to be is analytical and realistic with a hope of a better life somewhere descent.

  157. Good Luck to you Polly! Go and find your happiness with civilized, compassionate people. Remember that quality of Life is not your luxury home and luxury car. It is having freedom of association and realisation of your dreams. The whites lost their freedom in 1994 but are still expected to feel guillty?! What for? For developing the most advanced country on this Continent? For providing education, medical care and law and order? Stop using that you-know-what psychology on us! It ain’t gonna work!!!


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