Vuvuzela Bafana Cartoon

Vuvuzela Bafana Cartoon

Vuvuzelas – Spirit or Spit?

Ayoba! The time has finally arrived for South Africa. The countdown is down to just 1 day and surprisingly the nay-sayers both locally and abroad still haven’t let up with their views of unmitigated disaster in the country. Wonkie believes it is time for positive thinking and some much-needed optimism – particularly for all of Africa. The troubled continent has as yet never experienced this type of euphoria and Wonkie is glad that some joy and happiness, however short-lived it may be, has finally arrived.

In the spirit of South Africa at this very second, Wonkie decided to publish a vuvuzela cartoon. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the instrument, this is what it looks like in action:

vuvuzela pictures

No – you don\’t want to put your ear at the other end of this!

The sound level emitted from this weapon of mass destruction comes in at a whopping 127 decibels which is louder than having your ear next to an excited lawnmower or a local politician screaming out election promises. It is in fact, the loudest of all fan instruments and Fifa has approved use of the screeching trumpet for the World Cup under certain conditions. There are still fears that racket may drown out emergency announcements at stadiums – regardless though, the proof is in the pudding and Wonkie expects some sore ears on Friday evening.

Seriously for a moment, the Hear the World Foundation has warned that vuvuzelas may cause permanent hearing loss if ears are exposed to the noise for extended periods. So if you are attending any of the matches, please take adequate precautions.

Finally, Wonkie wishes Bafana Bafana the absolute best of luck in the 2010 Fifa World Cup tournament – may the spirit of South Africans be captured in their performance over the next month!

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  1. I can feel it threw my body & the tempreture is rising as we get closer to the kick off.I wish the sprit unity wouldn’t end after the world cup,im loving. Thanx FIFA please bring it again,Bafana Bafana we are behind you win or lose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That’s the spirit Mu-c-d – I am looking forward to being at the opening game live! 🙂

  3. Andre Piek says

    Great cartoon guys… keep up the good work! Enjoy the break and the World Cup!

  4. I feel as if I want to burst with excitement! Cannot wait for the opening ceremony and Bafanas 1st match! I am even dreaming of the World Cup….and that say so much…being a 50yr old white female….who never had a clue about soccer… Im living soccer now and loving it. Score on Friday, 11th (according to my dream) Bafana 2: Mexica 1! You GO BAFANA!!!!

  5. indingenous African’s have yet to invent the wheel but they can blow their own vuvuzela when they catch up to europeans.

    Touch it, taste it hear it & wear your ear protectors!

  6. apsara101 says

    Wonkie, seriously now! We have less than a day to go before South Africa hosts THE biggest show on earth! Was expecting today’s cartoon to be full of optimism and SA pride. But not gonna let you bring me down! Will be at the opening match (not far from u) rooting for my country and my team!!!!!

  7. LET THE GAMES BEGIN.” Im so happy that the World is finally here. Im optimistic about “OUR BOYS”. I wish them everything of the best. This is once in a life tym thing, so we have to make the best of it. GO BAFANA BAFANA GO

  8. Phelane Phelane says

    I mean guys,permanent ear damage? What is that? We have been blowing vuvuzela for how long now? Everything looks like ist’s new to some people.
    I say, Go get it Bafana !!!!! It is there for grab. Ke nako.

  9. I had a vuvuzela blown right in my face yesterday during the build up to midday’s excitement by a blathering idiot after he was asked politely – to do it – but please do it outside – because guests were still conferencing in the hotel. He asked if i was not a ‘ good South African ‘ after he did it. What being fat and rude and obnoxious has to do with his standing as a good SAfrican only he can understand……It’s idiots like him who make the vuvuzela resented even more. For the rest watching all the staff getting highly excited at the imminent start of all the games is fun enough even for me who can’t stand soccer in any form – though they have no appreciation of how much has been siphoned off by Fifa and the Blatter clan …… sorry if this looks like a ‘pee on the enthusiasm parade’ …….. but it’s sadly true !

  10. Hi,
    On a positive note,I have to admire the workings and improvements in Durban.The beachfront looks stunning and the people mover busses,with a few hiccups are a real boon to us.Pity about the minahs,however perfection takes a bit longer.
    As to vuvuzala’s,we never hear the end of them in town and the prick that invented them should have them each rectumified but the spirit of the game is part of the Kakophony.So,maybe after the games some reality check can replace them.Music,as loud as it must be for any occassion,I can take,loud nioses are another thing entirely.Africans are famous for their musical capability,vuvuzela’s are a disgrace to their ears.Hope the loudest hailers get ear damage.Best of wishes to a successful Bafana,the spirit seems in place.

  11. i’m feeling it… so very excited about the world cup

  12. Production will be down, but at least us doctors will make money from the hearing loss patients! Take precautions or pay the price!

  13. pius swartbooi says

    why always complaining, leave the makarabas aka vuvuzelas out.




  15. Marianne says

    even the players are complaining of those blasted things. I went to the friendly between Australia and Denmark ( my team lost ! snif !) 2000 schoolchildren with free mini vuvuzelas nearly drove me mad. My eardrums were hurting for days. both teams complained bitterly about the noise, wonder what they will say in the big stadiums with 70-80 000 ! It should be forbidden during play, I feel. Remember the blasted wooden cradles the English used to crack, they were also dreadful and irritating, but at least not damaging to your health.

  16. OLD FASHION says

    The soccer is a big worldwide worldly event once every couple of years and is a sport. Unfortunately sporting events are really getting out of hand due to too many unmannered , unconcerned hooligans who’s aim is to spoil anything that can be of good influence into one big fiasco, it is the fiasco’s that is normally remembered and recorded in history, goodness have faded away and is no longer tolerated as there are far too many hooligans around these days. Its sad that we have to give negative responses to anything happening in our country the past 15 years.

  17. Aye Chris, I agree. The changes in Durban are looking good & bar the ridiculous road closures (main effing routes into town for me) all looks top. Love the atmosphere and am stoked that the biggest event of the best game on the planet is here! HATE effing vuvuzelas as they are merely a tuneless cacophony with no redeeming musical qualities. Why oh why could we not use the Zulu drum and other African drums etc which can at least be used to create a samba like atmosphere which would get the stadium rocking. I remember going to the African Cup of Nations game at Kingspark (Zambia v Algeria I think) and the Zambians had plenty of guys drumming. Even though the crowd was only about 25,000 the atmosphere was electric and the drumming created a continuous thumping vibe. The crowd was literally grooving and nobody got any hearing loss/damage.

  18. Too bad for those people who don’t like the vuvuzela, it’s been approved by FIFA board we are going to make the circle BIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…………For once let’s be ourselves South African’s and show DEM. Ayeye Denmark the aim is not to sweat we just want to score 1-0

  19. Let us not serve idol gods or ancestoral spirits which our CREATOR GOD has forbidden but turn our hearts to the ONLY REDEEMER JESUS CHRIST who has the power to destroy all evil. Contrite hearts is what is needed not noisy vuvuvuvuzezezezelalalala!!!!’s and criminals to make this event a true honourable rememberable event. My trust is in the LORD JESUS to guide each of his children through this event. We must remember that the 3rd of September this country will receive a revelation from GOD that HE is the only true GOD and has all the POWER in the Heavens and earth. I trust that all reading this will start praying that they may escape the storm of 3/9/2010
    being prepared to warn us.

  20. pius swartbooi says

    Eish i’m counting the hours, Robaleteka……

  21. pius swartbooi says

    What storm are you talking about ha Peace 3/9/2010?

  22. Tabitha Kgosimore says


  23. thomas mamasonya says

    Phillip is here, i feel immediately,it is here, i can see it, can’t u ppl, history in the making, a south african player tmrw will score the first goal for African world cup and that should go long within historcal reads, pele bafana bafana pele…..

  24. I am a 63 year old lady and went to Sandton Stood on my feet for 2 1/2 hours
    It was worth every pain that I felt Let us give ourn thanks to Madiba who made this possible What an experience in a lifetime Well done to the Cops and Metro Police who controlled all the crouds they were superb

  25. to pius swartbooi, the storm we suspect is a hailstorm, stones bigger and harder then a cricket ball.. at midday it will become dark and the sun will be totally blocked out.

  26. Ol' Pliny says

    Garlic not only chased Dracula, but other evil spirits in many countries.
    I’s also very good for noisy people.
    I eat stacks of it, and never get bothered at shows by rowdies.
    They are too busy holding their noses than make noises.

  27. OLD FASHION says

    Ol’ Pliny
    We like your smelly sense of humor, take bags of garlic with you to the opening match and pour them down the vuvu’z

  28. Too bad for those who’ve got a problem with the vuvuzela,it’s been approved by FIFA board we are going to make the circle BIGGER, for once let’s be original & proud of our own things & show DEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Yeh Ol Fashion you have a point pouring garlic down the vuvu’s will kill all the germs and no one will get sick. All can enjoy the event with no fear of getting ill. Many years ago we wore garlick bags around our necks and never got ill.

  30. Ol' Pliny says

    What kind of a noise annoys an oyster?
    That’s a question I would like an answer to.
    A little piece of cheese annoys a mouse, there is no doubt.
    But here’s the one thing I’ve been trying hard to figure out:
    What kind of a noise annoys an oyster
    When an oyster’s in a stew?
    What kind of a noise annoys a spectator?
    That’s a question I would like an answer to.
    A little garlic annoys a crowd, there is no doubt.
    But here’s the one thing I can’t really figure out:
    What kind of an idiot blows a vuvuzela
    May the noisy bastards all va-va zoom to Hella.

    Apologies to Crumit & Curtis for messing up his lyrics.

  31. Roadrunner says

    By the end of this World Cup I would have tied knots in many vuvuzelas!

  32. My wife is teaching our 2 and half year young grand daughter to play the flute, so I got her a vuvuzela and gave it to her. She took it with a big smile and gave 3 blows, through it down and said : this ones noise is ugly and she went and fetched her flute and said: this one makes the right noize.
    So she definitely will not be going with me to any of the matches.


    Everyone is feeling and seeing it,Ayoba!Surely Bafana Bafana would makes us proud.It is greatest time for South Africans to be tested in terms of their degree of patriotism and a golden opportunity which present itself as a uniting factor for non-racialism ,immediately after the recent racial attacks.We are going to make a greatest impact which the world will never forget and we are a surprise underdogs winning package.

  34. Ol' Pliny says

    The world cup is on – the debate is over: Here’s the result of what the forum achieved:

    The former anti-soccer haters – VERSUS – the vuvuzela blowing supporters.

    The former, mostly Whites claim the blowing damages their ears and spoil their enjoyment of the game.
    The blowers claim that they hardly ever see Whites at their many matches.

    No contest. Both the former and the blowers will not hear the vuvuzelas after the first week.

    Both the former and the blowers are guilty of denying the rights of others.

    Death: “Kill the Former kill the Blower.”

  35. Manthata says

    I have noted that many vuvuzela haters are now vuvuzela advocates. let me give you a few lessons about vuvuzelas, if you have an ear problem like me, stay away from people blowing theirs, I assure you won’t get annoyed and further more, vuvuzela sounds good from a little distance.
    secondly, buy yours and blow it, the sound doesn’t come to you, it goes further away from you.
    thirdly, pretend you can’t hear it.


  36. Viva wonkie…viva Mzansi… Hola!!! world cup…I touched it… the trophy was at my place, the past week and I took pride…the concert last nite… blew the vuvuzela…thanks to all the views, negative and positive, facts or not…did anyone share the spirit of being there with all races, like never before…it is so magical…so emotional after what we went thru…as a nation…bravo to many whites guys that are really into it and come to the events to share the rainbow spirit…history in the making…woza 13H00…phillip or feel it…we support you Bafanabafana…thank you wonkie for the platform…

  37. Grampa-“Uit die mond van die suigeling hoor jy die waarheid”.
    I HATE vuvus.We live in a small town on the Mpumalanga Escarpment where
    one normally only hears silence–what peace!! But no longer, from early in the morning till late at night we hear this horrible noise down the valley.I hope it will be banned after todays match as the players will most probably not hear the refs whistle.

  38. The penniewistle should have been used i.s.o vuvuzela it is far more a traditional instrument to S.A. then the very late vuvu and has a pleasant sound

  39. Wonkie is off to watch the opening ceremony and match live now – Balanced as always: ear plugs in one hand and a huge vuvuzela in the other 🙂

    Good luck Bafana Bafana! Enjoy the game everyone wherever you may be!

    Viva South Africa!

  40. Good luck South Africa!

    I guess Wonkie’s sign off post on Wed was kinda sadly ominous perhaps…the bit about the drunken driving warning…if the driver involved in the fatal accident of Nelson Mandela’s great grand child really was drunk…I don’t know much about football and nothing about rugby but happened to see Invictus on the plane a few wks ago and so it just seems particularly sad I find that Nelson Mandela will now not be at the opening ceremony?

    Hopefully this is just one bad sign before all will be positive again!

    Good luck to all football fans…not everyone’s team may win…but hopefully it will be fun all the same! 🙂

  41. Well for staters VUVUZELA is the spirit not a spit, couse the fact that the players of Bafana Bafana, like it nd it intimidates other players, that play against Bafana Bafana, its a good thing they will feel that they are in Africa naw, nd its time for us to shine and make that loud noise VUVUVUVUVUVZELA PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, Yha I cn feel, Philip its here.

    Go bafana wer behind u 170 0000 %, .

  42. pius swartbooi says

    hozala!!!! finally the day has arrive we’ve waited 1000 days for this day.Bafana show dem…..We here in Namibia are watching you and supports you.I can feel it can u?………

  43. 😉

  44. The WC in africa is great…but the vuvuzelas ruin all the excitement. No fan cheers, no emotions. Just some crazy bees in my living room. By the way its its got nothing to do with african culture, since this plastic shXX is imported from america. Kudu-horns are something different.

  45. The vuvuzela is amazing, I watched all the games and I love it sounds! I’m even listening to it between and after matches!

    There is now the Vuvuzela Radio :

  46. OLD FASHION says

    to Dirk
    You have the right idea now, lets just take all this craze around us with a smile and make a duck.

  47. The prophets of doom, the naysayers, the pessimists, must at least take a holiday during the World Cup. Tourists coming to South Africa will have the time of their lives and will recall this as their greatest holiday for years to come.

  48. Scorpio Birch Acres says

    Methinks that, after the World Cup, there will be a vast increase in those who hang around every traffic light. They will be sporting pieces of cardboard on which is scrawled :DEFF. NO JOB. PLIZ HELP.

  49. OLD FASHION says

    To Scorpio,
    Me thinks the same, lost me job 3 years ago, now: no money, no job, and no cardboard for a corner note, can you pleeze help

  50. Scorpio Birch Acres says

    Methinks that, after the world cup, there will be a vast increase in the numbers of those who haunt traffic lights. They will be sporting cardboard sheets on which will be scrawled: DEFF. NO JOB. PLIZ HELP. The last time there was such a noise of trumpet like instruments, the walls of Jerico collapsed. Lets hope the stadiums withstand the onslaught.

  51. Evans Matara says

    Wonderful preparations for the 2010 World Cup. I envy South Africa. Viva South, Viva Afica. Shame on the doubting thomases.

  52. VUVUZELLA says


  53. Ol' Pliny says

    ‘Getting into the spirit of things’ is something almost everyone has been
    pressurised into at some time in their lives. Whether the spirit of Christmas,
    the World cup, or laying on the ground kicking and frothing at the mouth in
    some temple or church.

    Voodoo dancers are an extreme example of the latter. Vigorous dancing to incessant
    beating of drums, lulls them into a trance which puts them into full possession.

    In Sri Lanka, children are taught the art of drums from an early age for use in various
    celebrations to chase away evil spirits.

    In Korea they dance and sing to chase evil spirits which ay mar their farming activities.

    The Chinese lion dance is also accompanied by fireworks, cymbals and drums
    to chase away evil and ghosts, which are believed to be afraid of loud noises.

    This is not only confined to African, Caribbean, and Asian countries. Barring the
    drumming, it can even be found in some churches in highly civilised countries.
    For instance, in the USA preachers take rattlesnakes, dance and skip across the floor
    to a glass of diluted strychnine, Gulp it down and stand smiling at the applause.

    South Africa also tried using the voodoozela to chase away foreign spirits, but failed
    against Uruguay. Their silence was deafening after the third goal.
    Judging from Madam and Eve’s cartoon the ‘zela is merely a good seller.


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