Moratorium-on recruiting white teachers cartoon

Moratorium-on recruiting white teachers

Moratorium on recruiting white teachers

This is classic – there are not enough teachers in South Africa to cover the demand. I’m not talking about enough black or enough white teachers – I’m talking total capacity. Education is a major issue here – without it, the people that need it the most to uplift themselves will never be able to do so – no matter how many affirmative action policies are put in place.

So now, let’s continue the intellectual debate about how South Africa should correct the legacies of apartheid by considering a moratorium on white teachers in Model C schools.

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  1. Haha.. doubt there’s any basis in fact (I hope not at least!) I hear there’s talk of the govt scrapping affirmative action, employment equity or whatever you want to call it sometime soon. Personally I think it’s all a load of bollocks as it seems to have nicely helped a select few previously disadvantaged individuals instead of contributing to uplifting the masses which I imagine was its intention.

    Would be curious to see what the results of a survey would indicate if one were done on general black population about the whole black empowerment thing – whether they feel it’s actually helping them or not

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