Zuma takes Zol cartoon

Zuma takes Zol

Jacob Zuma used to smoke zol

A lot of question about the sensitivity of Jacob Zuma to announce that he used to use zol at the funeral of fellow freedom fighter Billy Nair. Zol is marijuana for you non-South Africans.

Zuma later said that people should not be jailed for using or selling small amounts of the drug (Source: The Star Friday Oct 31 2008, pg 3)

Of course the political PR spin machine kicked in the day after with a dozen releases about how Jacob Zuma’s zol was actually not dagga but rather simply tobacco rolled in paper (see http://www.mg.co.za/article/2008-10-31-zuma-did-smoke-zol-but-it-wasnt-dagga-says-anc) I guess we’ll have to believe the press because the ANC said it wasn’t zol – Too bad.. I was just beginning to like the image of Zuma on Zol.. yah man!

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