Zuma Aids cartoon

Zuma Aids

Zuma’s healthcare strategy cartoon

Everyone seems to have forgotten about Schabir Shaik – our likely potential finance minister in case Trevor Manuel again decides.. or not.. or to.. or not.. or to resign again. After Zapiro’s classic cartoon portrayal of Zuma with a permanent shower fixture on his head, what else is the South African public supposed to think about every time ANC president Jacob Zuma mentions anything at all about AIDS?

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  1. Viva Schabir viva!! Actually if we just get him to pretend the reserve bank is his private bank account, SA’s growth rate with outstrip the Asian Tigers in 2 months LOL

  2. Boitumelo M says

    HAHA! Some insight into how some great government policy decisions are made in South Africa

  3. Saukhe sibone hahahahahaaaaaaa……..

  4. you whites are seriously on Msholozi’s case ,sorry you are not going to succeed,remember we do not think and persive things like you do .We are not back bitters like you ,we share no similar values and do not forget that in a true sense you ,your culture and values are foreign in this our motherland.

  5. Bheki, go get a life. I’m nowhere near white, and I think this wonkie is DEAD right, not to say what the world should think every time Zuma says something about the respect of women and being tough on crime…

    When is this country ever going to get over the fact that, officially, the race card is invalid? INVALID! This mention is more applicable to the black masses than it is to the white minorities.

  6. Nda… I totally agree with you. I don’t see this wonkie cartoon as a victimisation of Mr Zuma but rather a valid piece of commentary on the priorities of government with respect to healthcare. Besides lip service – and that too totally disregarding the ill-thought out lip service of Mr Zuma with respect to AIDS – the ANC has not delivered anything close to as substantial as they could have with regards to healthcare in South Africa.

    Promising again that they’re going to do something just before the election will hopefully fool less people this time. Again Nda you are right – this is a bigger issue for our black people than it is for the white minorities.. it’s about time somebody spoke up!! Thanks!

  7. fitting position! nicely done!


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