Brown happy hour cartoon

Brown happy hour

Brown drops in UK polls

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has slipped behind 2 Conservatives in the recent Observer’s Ipsos Mori poll and the Guardian’s ICM survey. He had hoped that his economic stimulus plan would have boosted public confidence. It appears the general disgruntlement over the proposed ban on Happy Hour (drinking) is more serious than first expected.

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  1. bakenshark says

    By the looks of things it seems we left the UK in the nick of time! Damn that conservative in labour clothing! 😉

  2. Not a moment too soon!! I hear the VAT rate is coming down to 15% though.. hopefully soon!


  1. […] Gordon Brown’s popularity in the British polls has never been great. Recent news coverage in the UK seems to be determined to use Mr Brown as comic relief in these harsh times – for example see this Telegraph article on Gordon Brown’s smile. Having seen the recent Gordon Brown YouTube video though, it was pretty clear to Wonkie why Mr Brown is not a populist leader. […]

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