Gordon Brown youtube smile cartoon

Gordon Brown youtube smile

Gordon Brown’s smile Vs. Britains Recession

Gordon Brown’s popularity in the British polls has never been great. Recent news coverage in the UK seems to be determined to use Mr Brown as comic relief in these harsh times – for example see this Telegraph article on Gordon Brown’s smile. Having seen the recent Gordon Brown YouTube video though, it was pretty clear to Wonkie why Mr Brown is not a populist leader.

Regardless of what one thinks about Jacob Zuma on the other hand, one has to give him credit for what he has just achieved. Mr Zuma faced significant hurdles – personal, political, constitutional, legal, criminal in his ascent to power and despite all the negative press he received he is now president-elect of South Africa – the majority of South Africans do love him. Wonkie will be publishing a full background piece on Mr Zuma after the inauguration on 9 May.

As an aside, the Wonkie analytical team is researching if there is any correlation between the initials of world leaders and the kind of media attention they attract: George Bush, Gordon Brown – a coincidence? Or are they both part of an international heeby-GB club. To be safe, until our analysis is concluded Wonkie advises against naming your children Gekko Bagley or anything similar, just in case.


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  1. Hee hee! Good one.
    GB’s smile might look as if he is having a stroke, but JZ’s smile looks as if he is constipated.

  2. Thanks for the reality about JZ for a change. The press won’t accept that some-one who cares about the people will always be more popular than a lazy, pipe-smoking, glory-seeking, globe-trotting, non-caring person promoted as an “intellectual”. And, Mr. Wonkie, you’ll be my best friend if you will also accept that the Zulus and their many friends will always win elections against Xhosas and their few friends.

  3. thats a tough one to comment on,but the way i see it politicians do take us for a ride with their empty smiles.

  4. Yabatho25 – I agree. Empty smiles and hot air rhetoric. Have you seen who all is in parliament? Maybe anti-corruption means something else. Please inform me.

  5. Very simple!Gordon Brown can learn how to do the wrong things all the time and just hire spin-doctors to defend you.

    How to abuse power without flinching an eye and how to irritate citizenry and how to nstigate citizenry against each other and how to steal taxpayers money lawfully by going to expensive restaurants that you ever yearn to go to but didn`t have the money and enjoy endless overseas trips in the name of business.how to commit serious crimes and expect taxpayers to foiot the bill of your legal representation and ejoy your party`s support.

  6. give GB his “machine gun” and a Madonna number.I also heard that he used smoke dagga,burn the herb, it might help him big time

  7. Grote Griet says

    Good! More smiles in parliament may reduce tension between the leaders and actually help to work constructivly towards a better SA.

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