foreign affairs zuma on zim cartoon

foreign affairs zuma on zim cartoon

Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma On Zimbabwe Crisis

The second in the series of Zimbabwe – Groundhog Week cartoons. With all this South African passing of the buck on Zimbabwe, you’d think Nkosazana was trying out for the SA rugby squad. Best we keep quiet before she gets any ideas.

“SADC wants a solution but unfortunately the position is not in SADC’s hands… if it was we would be having a solution [by now]. “It is in their hands… they are the only three people [who can find a solution].”

SA foreign affairs have all but self-declared impotence with respect to resolving South Africa’s Zimbabwe crisis which is increasingly having a negative impact on South Africans and the region. While Foreign Affairs minister Mrs Zuma figures out what her role is in government, Wonkie will continue to look out for news to suggest that Robert Mugabe would be claiming cholera is a disease of the white imperialist pigs designed to discredit Zimbabwe and spread vicious anti-Zanu-PF propaganda.

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  1. Mmmm.. gorgeous! HAHA! Oh well at least it’s better than Pik’s LOL

  2. A definintion of insanity is to continue to do the same thing while expecting a different result. Our ANC blind government has continued with ‘diplomacy’ for over 10 years. Perhaps another 10 years of propping up and ‘diplomacy’ of Africa’s worst detroyer, Mugabe, will disprove the above definition? Peter Joffe

  3. Semaj Farrcicle says

    A lot of oxygen is being wasted on Mugabe. Many people must know the SA/ANC perpetuation of and solidarity with his reign has nothing to do with economics and everything to do with POLITICAL solidarity. There is an overwhelming probability that Zanu-PF and the ANC have always been two faces of the same coin. ANC SA will always support him.

  4. @Peter – surely one can credit the ANC for not being that daft. What is interesting in this equation is WHY they are continuing on the same tack knowing full well the result (maintenance of the status quo)

    @Semaj – I think you hit the nail on the head. Hopefully, at least. If you’re wrong and it’s not a demonstration of historical political allegiance, it would most likely be that Mugabe himself has some dirt on or dirty involvement with the current ANC leadership that teh ANC don’t want exposed. In either case, the SA leadership is putting their own interests before the interests of all South Africans and that for me is unacceptable.

    For a good read on parallels between Zanu-PF and the ANC; and apartheid and what’s happening in Zim at the moment, check out the Zimbabwe posts on Michael Trapido’s ThoughtLeader blog


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