Brad Pitt Jolie split cartoon

Brad Pitt Jolie split

Brangelina the Beautiful split up?

Wonkie regrets to report that it’s true – since the Brangelina getting married cartoon in October 2008 the couple have completely vanished off the radar. For that we can only blame ace South African politician Julius Malema who has been so much more entertaining.

The tabloids are having a field day bashing about mostly unsubstantiated rumours about the Brangelina split up. Wonkie eagerly awaits SABC’s three hour documentary on the Brangelina split up. Rumour has it that this has been approved by Nathi Mthethwa himself as an acceptable broadcast instead of a SABC South African crime expose which he allegedly claimed nobody would really be interested in.

Brangelina was reported to have seen a divorce lawyer to draw up an asset split agreement should the couple separate. Brangelina have lots of money and three biological children: Shiloh, their eldest daughter and twins Knox and Vivienne. They also have 3 adopted children: Maddox, who is of Cambodian descent; Pax, from Vietnam; and Zahara, from Ethiopia.

Wonkie is wondering whether Brad Pitt would consider going out with Jennifer Lopez (J-Lo), even if it’s just for a short time – just so we can see the headlines: BRILLO!

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie split up



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  1. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    Love our Wonkie’s cyinical take on these celebs., because, at the end of the day, who actually gives a damn if Brad and Angelina split up or not? I am WAY more concerned about global warming, the death toll in Haiti, and, of course, Julius Malema! Wonder if Brad and Ange actually know about Haiti and global warming…………..?

  2. hi there, i guess both have sumthing in common, wise ,gifted,talented,charming,rich so never mind the bussiness they dont care much what one can and cannot condition is permanent, as for jolie there’s lot of man out there which are gonna carry u through to heaven..

  3. redi deriko said on radio 702 today, that she would pay money to kiss Angelina..
    what a great idea for a cartoon!

  4. Brad is a good actor and will be an even better movie director. Sadly, Angelina will soon be on the junk heap of hasbeen pushy, self-opinionated actors. Trading on her midnight cowboy father’s success pushed her too quickly into the lime light. And boy does she love it! Pity Brad wanted kids and Aniston didn’t.

  5. I wonder if Jennifer Anniston had something to do with the ‘split’. I also wish to hear the Anniston version of “I’m a single lady”.

  6. we saw this coming guys,the way their relationship started leaves very little to be desired, especially to Jennifer Aniston.all these years they were trying to give an impression to the world that they were a super couple whereas their life was riddled with problems that were swept under the carpet.those 2 people were never meant for each other,it was just a fling for attention.BRAVO Jennifer!!!

  7. Well now Brad is available 🙂

  8. For the firt time I have one thing in common with Hastheworldgonecrazy… as I also no interest in any celeb’s love life.

    The adopted children (mostly black children) part says a lot about the english speaking fools – they are parrots! Madonna started this fashion and now the rest of them follow her example! But there is an agenda behind it!… And that agenda is not love or concern or compassion, but to draw the black man into their “click” towards the so called “new world order!

    Have a look at the Utube on this page.. ->

    How I wish my fellow black South Africans will wake up and take note of the fact that their REAL enemy are the very sly englishspeakers of this world…

  9. Hastheworldgonecrazy…

    This is a bit off the subject, yet important….You mentioned the death toll in Haiti…(strange to see that a satanist says he is concerned about a death toll ! 😉 )…I just hope africa takes note of the fact that building “african style” like mixing the extra gollovan sand into the cement comes at a price! Did you note that all the older buildings build by the hated “colonilists” did not even have a crack?!

  10. Well now that Fiona has Brad (U go girl) & Redi has Angelina, what happens to Jen the single lady? Can she join Beyonce?

  11. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    Amazing how some people just jump to conclusions! This has nothing whatsoever to do with this subject, but I thought I’d better knock it on the head once and for all……….I am not a satanist! I am far too evolved to believe in such utter rubbish (an evil devil with forked tail and trident is as absurd as a sentient creator!)
    My heart aches for those poor souls in Haiti. I cannot begin to imagine the devastation and heartache they are going through. And if this tragedy doesn’t prove completely that god does not exist, or, if he does, he doesn’t give a damn, then I don’t know what more proof Dirk needs!
    As for Brangelina, the skin colour of their adopted brood is neither here nor there. According to your bible, Dirk, we are all created in God’s image, so what difference does it make is a black child is brought up in a white home, or vice versa? I honestly don’t believe that these two self-centred celebraties have the intellect or the interest to be involved in so devious a plot. Good grief, Dirk,you credit them with way too much intelligence and awareness. Those two, like most other celebraties, are so wrapped up in Brad and Angelina, I don’t think they are aware there are actually other people in the world!

  12. Geetha Arekal says

    Both Brad & Ange have helped for Haiti affected people. Theya re nice people & have irreconsilable differences I presume. Having children together and decide to part is not a easy decision folks. Any break hurts and after spending 6 years together it could be painful. But, I guess this could be for their good. They are the best judges though some time ego, money and solitude can play a role…All is not well is golden castle all the time. Everyone has pain…I empathise with these two souls…hope they can overcome the pain of separation…

  13. I know really its non of my business who date who but I despised the affair since day 1. Easy come, easy go Angelina. Brat was a quick catch for you.

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