Malema Zille cockroach cartoon

Malema Zille cockroach

Why Julius Malema is important to the ANC

Continuing the story of good versus evil from last week’s Diwali cartoon, or at least so it would seem for many South Africans, the subject of today’s article is once again the infamous ANCYL president Julius Malema.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. Today’s topic is less about Mr Malema’s antics – about his flash house, allegedly suspect tenderpreneur deals, gushing praise of Robert Mugabe and Hugo Chavez, or his well thought-out global economic policy. It is not even about his more recent threat to squash the internet micro-blogging network Twitter which was swamped with imposter Julius Malema profiles spewing inappropriate tweets all over the interweb. Today’s article is about Mr Malema’s raison d’etre – his role within the ANC.

It was interesting to watch South African president Jacob Zuma stand by solemnly a short while back as Julius was blurting out his deepest thoughts about Western Cape premier and leader of the opposition DA, Helen Zille with his usual derogatory eloquence. A cockroach was the term that stuck this time. Strangely enough, seeing Mr Zuma and Mr Malema together in this context behaving as differently as they each did brought an interesting analogy to mind.

The human mind works in a strange way. Depending on the environment it finds itself in, it expresses itself differently based on social conditioning. For example, most people behave differently at work to how they behave with their friends or with their loved ones at home. This makes most human personalities multi-faceted. When one or more of these personality facets becomes uncontrollable or takes on a life of its own, or if the mind is unable to control all the facets and regulate them appropriately then the human belonging to the mind is deemed to have a serious mental disorder – usually termed MPD, or multiple personality disorder.

Wonkie finds it fascinating that despite numerous public reprimands by the ANC, Julius Malema still exists and is thriving – and Mr Malema is still doing so under the ANC banner. Clearly, he is serving a purpose for the ANC and he is not deemed uncontrollable. Is it possible that Julius is simply a personality of the political organisation that expresses a particular sentiment that the rest of the ANC leadership find inappropriate to express directly themselves? Exactly what purpose does Mr Malema serve? Is it to spook the whities and the sell-out black DA voters? That would not make sense – sure, it’s good fun to see the opposition cringe everytime Julius utters but honestly why bother with that politically?

Perhaps the purpose is to rile up the masses along racial lines against their previous and in many cases their perceived current oppressors. If you consider the fact that the conditions of the poor majority of South African blacks has not changed much since 1994, it is not hard to see why they may be angry now. That anger and bitterness simmering in the masses is there to be used politically and what better way to access it than to simply use a seemingly marginalised, rogue personality within the ANC. To some extent Mr Malema has also deflected some of the public pressure against the ANC for poor delivery by reinforcing the notion that everything going wrong now or that is not changing is exclusively a result of the evils of past. Do Wonkie readers ever wonder why Mr Malema is so popular and more importantly, with whom he is so popular? Therein lies the answer to his ultimate political usefulness to the ANC.

So Kgalema Motlanthe will slap Julius on the wrist and say he is a naughty boy with bad manners. President Zuma will make the odd disciplinary comment without real consequence when the business community gets a touch anxious. But until Mr Malema really does cross a true ANC boundary and he no longer serves their political strategy, he will not be dismissed by them. The ANC leadership team needs that aspect of their personality to survive – like it or not, Mr Malema completes them.


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  1. Andre Piek says:

    Excellent article Wonkie – really makes one think about the ANC strategy… hate to say it but I think it’s very effective!

  2. peter chauke says:

    i really like julius on the ANC cabinet, he does not have time to pretend about something not right on him, his is always open about his situation and he always speak his mind.

  3. The ANC is a filthy nest of crackwhore racists!!!! Fuck anyone who disagrees just so that I’m clear.

  4. Interesting perspective. What it holds for RSA’s future (if your observation is correct) remains to be seen. This might just turn around later and bite the ANC in the b’side …… not that they give a damn?

  5. You’ve hit the nail right on the head, Wonkie. Several people I’ve spoken to or read suspect something like this, but until a large enough number of people realize this is going on, Malema will continue to “complete” the ANC. What scares me is that Malema is only recognized for what he is by a numerical minority, so we could find ourselves scalded. Typical case of not identifying real danger until it’s too late.

  6. It may sound respectful to address noted people in a flattering way.
    For instance, President Obama, Sir Cliff Richard, Doctor Kumalo, etc…
    We just do not do that with some real men, whom we plainly refer to as:
    Albert Einstein, Madam Curie, Isaac Newton, Abraham Lincoln, etc…

    Other famous men would even be happier if they were mentioned only by their
    unique surnames, such as Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Strauss, Mandela, etc.
    Being in a class of their own, they would surely object to be given titles.

    I’m pretty sure that many in this forum are extremely disappointed in Wonkie for making
    fun of, Our Most Honourable, ANC Youth League President for Life Julius Malema.

  7. The way i see it now it very clear that Julius Malema is a court jester for the ANC…this so called youth leader since he took over this office,he never once engaged to the youth matters but issues beyond his grey matter could muster.

  8. It is we South Africans that are to blame when Julius Malema becomes a state president in a few years as surely he will under the present undemocratic system of elections. At Polokwane in 2007, only 23000 ANC delegates elected Zuma to be the ANC president and automatically the next state president in 2009. Even though there were as many as 783 allegations of fraud and corruption that the wily rotund polygamous sugar daddy Mkhulu, was facing at that time.
    23 million voters had no say in electing the state president or indeed any of the thoroughly corrupt politicians entering parliment. Even Zimbabwe, under normal circumstances, has a more democratic system of electioneering. We really are dumb and will be even more dumber when Malema runs the country. As he surely will.

  9. _Another Noble Critic says:

    Seeing the two Presidents together makes one think what the hell holds or the future of this beautiful country Look to the north and hope like mad that they will not follow their path to destruction?

  10. Ann McDonnell says:

    I wonder if Julius realises that cockroaches survived the atom bomb – Helen will survive Julius! Let us just ignore him – no press, no politician!!

  11. Every Clown needs a Circus.

  12. peter chauke says:


  13. Wonks editor – I’ve posted similar notions several times in response to juju wonkie posts. What the majority of people do not seem to realise is that the anc (and most African politicians/parties) are consummate political animals. They play the power retention game so well on all levels – except that of delivering on electoral promises – this is a strategy which is unfortunately absent from the African political landscape and often derided by those in power. Power and retention thereof is linked to patronage (acceptable and entrenched in traditional Bantu cultures), total control over the levers of state (preferably an effective (sic) one party state), maintenance of the status quo while paying lip service to the maligned masses (who will remain so due to ineffective policies and their penchant for voting for the “revolutionary” party responsible for them) and constant reinvention of the “struggle” and the next revolution… More evidence can be found in the make-up of the (unholy) tripartite alliance – anc, cosatu, sacp – talk about MPD! One centre leftist with struggle credentials trying to embrace free market principals (tenders for pals) but with a fondness for dabbling in nationalisation and mismanagement of public/private enterprises (eskom et al); One on the labour ticket purporting to champion the poor and employed/unemployed underclass while continually fighting its alliance partner in the streets and media (while only promoting/protecting the narrow interests of a moderate sector of often unproductive employed government “workers”); and One espousing a failed ideology (how many more examples do these complete imbeciles need!) and trying to sell it to a largely illiterate underclass (who would remain so under their tenure, and if they complained would only then be sent to “re-education” camps for their own good)…. Something like having all your eggs in one basket… I wonder when it will drop to the floor..?

  14. Yes WONKIE really makes one’s day easy…but what about also having Wonkie doing the same thing with the other political organisations as well? I’m sure we can have good cartoons on: DA’s open toilets, Muller’s expensive Q7, journalist who was paid money to write about that black bussiness person, COPE’s fighting, IFP vs Magwaza, etc. unless if Wonkie is only about attacking the ANC!

  15. It will be indeed very interesting to see if Malema can outsmart GOD like his predecessor Peter Mokaba. He is a political puppet but puppet strings do sometimes break and become the end of the story

  16. Malema is a young politician learning his rops from those around him. With his humble education, he can takle any subject including taking on the oposition, whith their ill gotten favoured education, who now have found a voice to criticize black people at every opportunity and forget the ill gotten loot they are sleeping on and the ill gotten land they insist must be bought from them at “market” value! These are the issues of SA and years are ticking!

  17. ephraim mokobodi says:

    its sad that the writer is blind to see who has the economy by its balls now.i may not agree with julious atterences but i understand his fustration.i as a bussiness man im still seeing racism in the field im at.and why does hellen zille acts asif she cares by canvassing at the squatter camps.obviuos they listen to everyone because they are varnelable.untill the economy of the country gets back to the majority.will have more of angry julious malemas.

  18. Peace, can you imagine a mouse chalenging an elephant. Worse, how about a man
    challenging God. It’s beggars more belief than the man Atlas holding up the earth.
    This is exactly how Tutu, or ‘The Arch’ as he call(ouse)s himself, tried to outsmart God.

    Look, this is not a debate on whether Lesbians, Homosexuals or Swingers are going to Hell
    or Heaven. I’m at peace knowing I have my own beliefs on the matter.

    In a defense of these people, The Arch said, “If I know that the god I serve is homophobic,
    I will not serve that God.” I got off my recliner and hurried to the door in case some lightning
    worked it’s way through the ether into my TV. set, but he remained standing, as defiant as ever.

    King Herod died immediatly after acting lke a God, whereas Moses died a few years after
    trying to outsmart God at Kadesh. Meantime, keep well away from him.

  19. I think the ANC is digging its own grave by bringing people like Malema to leadership positions.An organisation that is serious about building future leaders cannot allow rascals like Malema to lead the youth.The nice thing that i like about Malema now is that he has become the enemy of Jacob Zuma who has been defending him when people kept telling him that he must stop him.

  20. Booooooring ……..

  21. Could it be that julius Malema is endured so that the rest of the ANC can point at him thinking “He is so stupid, we just cannot be more stupid than him”

  22. the rest of the ANC can point at Julius Malema and for themselves think “we just cannot be as stupid as that”

  23. I THINK HE IS A BIG ASHOLE//////////////////////////////


  25. JULIUS, please LEARN and UNDERSTAND English (beautiful language)and you will actually laugh at what is said about you, if it was not about IMBECILIC YOU

  26. Ever wondered who Julius’s father might be?

  27. Malema is a pupet,he behave like an uneducated kid,he just speak like a nature taking its coarse on a human body,he may be used by ANC big guys,we will be drinking with him sooner not later on our normal bars and clubs.He disguss me this guy he acts big.

  28. empty vessels make the most noise
    Malema is a joke that will cost the ANC votes
    and are a bad advert

  29. pietpompies says:

    birds of a feather flock together. Malema is useful to the ANC. In so far as the nationalisation of the mines is concerned I believe it is ANC policy and it has been decided in principle by the ANC to nationalise the mines. We will be told in 2012. It was mooted by Julius to test the water. Watch this space!!!

  30. enough of this baffoon – J.Malema,surely he will die stupid together with his handlers & cheerleaders,aboKampanga.My education is not illgotten,i’m Black n Proud more than 55years.

  31. We should be grateful for the service people like Julius Malema and Robert Mogabe do for the African continent with their transcendental minds, I mean really, where did all that gold go to? When you look at the sheer size of the slime dumps and diamond holes and open trenches, gravel heaps and sour water problems and desperate poverty and dirty legacies and ..and! Are they not just saying, give me a cut or I’ll tell the world? mmm make you wonder who’s the biggest dogs? The old regimes or the new ones in the making. They could all be exactly the same with the latter having less finesse and table manners.

  32. yaa neh.i think this is very interesting.but guys would you all agree with me that if Julius intention is to anger all the lot of you,he has achieved it? i careless about some of you who say i belong to his 39yrs old and i have grown to see that apartheid has been removed out of the parly only.i mean if its dead where are the 50yrs old guys who enjoyed all in the name of it.i am an ANC card caring member and i believe somehow even after 60yrs our kids will enjoy the results of the stone throwing i did in the 80s.anyway its the same anc that decided to abandon the armed struggle and shake hands that killed our mothers,sisters and brothers for decades.being angry is like drinking poison and expect MALEMA to die.

  33. Noo,he`s not important but connected and so contributing to it immensely.The ANC is about power and nothing else and this means he`s contributing to its power base.

    I got umbrage by the criticism of the cost of his protection as if this was unlawful whereas the process of the law was followed to the letter in granting him protection whereas these millions that we are ploughing to aliens who contribute nothing to this country receive a complete deaf ear!

    To see people saying we are working being given free permits they don`t even qualify for costing one thousand and fifty at our expense its sickening!

  34. Tim, Cowboy sidekicks died out during the last of the Westerns, circa 1950.
    Most cowboys had strikingly coloured horses from ranging from pure white
    to pitch black, some dappled, piebald or coloured like a Jersey cow.

    The sidekicks were usually scruffy, ugly, dumb and always rode smaller plainer horses.
    Probably the most famous sidekick was Gabby Hayes with his oily crumpled Stetson hat,
    the front flattened upwards. He accompanied Roy Rogers and a few other noted cowboys.

    Tex Ritter, also a singing cowboy had Cannonball Hayes.
    Your namesake, Tim Holt had Pappy Lynn and Jimmy Stewart had Cannonball Taylor.

    One things all the sidekicks had in common was to utter the most humorous things at
    the proper time, which invariably diverted the attention of whoever was about to attack
    their hero. Considering the above, Julius Malema undoubtedly fills that roll in the ANC.

  35. Malema is better educated than our President. There must be hope. Perhaps they will even be able to invent the wheel or some equal technological achievement. Mugabe had his means of testing the water with inflamatory proposals. When the dust had settled he implemented them.

  36. Madoba, the wheels are already here. We only need axles for these:

    AXLE alles doen wat ek belowe het
    (I’ll do all I promised)
    AXLE gereeld die egte misdaad situasie verkondig
    (I’ll regularly report the true crime situation)
    AXLE alle dooie hout in die kabinet laat aftree
    (I’ll retire all dead wood from the cabinet)
    AXLE aftree binne drie jaar as daar geen verbetering is nie
    (I’ll retire within three years if their is no improvement)



    and you?do you haver brains at all,cretin?

  39. I really love Julius Malema…….. He doesnt take shit at all
    He really needs to work them out. Who cares about the apartheid era? Who cares if its over, I mean there some of those junkies who still have apartheid. So, why should we care about what Malema says to them?

  40. I think that we must leave this poor man to his own sad life because all we do is bad mouth him ,I think it is time to say something nice about him

  41. for a great change you didn’t take the pessimistic i must give it to you this time, great change wonkie.

  42. Speakout your mind Juju, thats what stimela sings i am not sure if you were born during that time but you catch up quickly even at the political school

  43. Juluis is. A cake. He is a nut that gets attention because of his stupidity
    This man is a Moron.


  45. When or at what age doe`s a youth become an adult.Malema has been an adult for ages now,How come the Fool is still in charge of the ANCYL,or is he leading a bunch of Fools.Dont these fools realise that it is the ANC that they vote for that give them no service and keep them all in extreme POVERTY.
    How much intelligence do you need before the masses realise that they have a bunch criminals and fraudsters leading and destroying the country…A.P “Cry the Beloved Country”

  46. leave juju alone

  47. Ol' Pliny says:

    Correct me if wrong. As far as I am aware, youth leagues across the globe are
    generally associated with community affairs, sports or other social activities.
    Seems political youth leagues are a typical African thing.

    No man is an island, so everyone has that longing to be associated with something or other.
    Political youth leagues therefore appeal to youngsters who lack the intelligence or finances
    to join philately, chess, bridge, golf and other clubs.

    The ANC’s and other political youth clubs provide an outlet for over active hormones, which in
    turn is a handy way to preserve their membership and also utilise them in activism.
    Few people under the age of 20 have any real understanding of political affairs.

  48. you have never opened your mouth against that criminal government of the past that legalised the killing of blacks and which has caused millions of blacks death and you want me to believe you that you`re no racist but a concerned citize n in criticising this government!

  49. Ol' Pliny says:

    Why does the Black keep calling the Kettle Pot?


  51. People like Tim,they think when insulting white folks they represent the rest of us black people…how wrong!Julius Malema & most of our leaders are
    brainless morons finish n klaar.Take your “3rd.Force n Revolutionary tendencies”& shove it already…

  52. Ol' Pliny says:

    Ol’kid, you are welcomed by those who dream of a country free of racism.
    Even though it will surely turn out to be a nightmare. Don’t bank on it.

    My gardener is like a friend to me, and I often crack jokes with him.
    Yesterday, I showed him a picture of Julius, and said, “The ANC needs a man like this who is not
    afraid to say what he believes.” He said, “But, that’s Julius the loud mouth – I don’t like him
    because he makes too much trouble.”

    I laughed and told him I was only joking, and said, It’s people like him that cause Whites to believe
    that he represents the frame of mind of all Blacks.”

  53. People like Tim,they think when insulting white folks they represent the rest of us black people…, I don`t speak for anyone but my principles, conscience and philosophy and values-end of story!

    I don`t insult anyone but am combative and revolutionaristic to counter-act counter-revolutionary forces which comprises whites,coloureds,foreigners from the former West sponsored terrorists like the Renamos and UNITAS AND LATELY mdc and gangsters who have put their lot together to prevent me fRom attainiNg my opportunities,benefiTs,constituTional rights.YOU BLACK PEOPLE OF SOUTH AFRICA INCLUDING THESE RULERS KNOWS NOTHING BUT BEAUTY,BEAUTY AND BEAUTY.THAT`S OU MAIN ONCERN AND I`M GREASY LIKE TH TRUE COMBATIVE PERSON HA I`M AND PREPAIRING FOR A AR THA ILL TURN HIS COUNTY INTO ASHES O THAT F I CANNOT NJOY MY COUNRY,CONSITTIONAL AND HUMAN RIGHTS,OPPORTUNITIES ND BNEFITS-THN NO-ONE ELS WILL!

  54. Deena Naidoo says:

    R I P ANC, R I P.

  55. LOL!MAA`M,LOL!

  56. Just wondering what dalema is going to reap from his killing song this year, what you sow you reap!!! Hope he turns before he burns.


  58. Peanuts says:

    Should juju become president it will result in endles gorilla wars in this country. Gorilla’s are actually more peacefull then juju. He thrives on hate and self exhaltation. How sad that humans can turn into monsters, but he must know many many have no fear of monsterous oppurtunists but have all the know and skills to handle them. In fact we should all pray for him as he is heading one way where nobody really wants to be forever

  59. Juju is just like everyone, no one is perfect remember

  60. Obama yes we all are imperfect but we do not all incite violence, revolution and hate. There is no excuse for hate it is an evil substance in the hearts of many.
    By wanting to do others harm you can never prosper. Therefor I can clearly state that he is not like everyone not all people are racists or warmongers.

  61. malema is a uneducated misguided you know what.


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