Anni Dewani Gugulethu cartoon

Anni Dewani Gugulethu cartoon

Value of Life in South Africa – Anni Dewani’s Murder

The local media has certainly been having a field day with the recent murder of a foreign tourist, Anni Dewani in South Africa. Wonkie would like to sincerely pay respect to Anni Dewani and her family – may she rest in peace. This article however is not about the murder, the countless conspiracy theories around it, the arrests, the impending identity parade, or how very sad Bheki Cele is about it. It is about the sickening attention this single instance of crime is being given in South Africa.

Wonkie can certainly understand the European media blowing this incident out of proportion – it is relevant to them. A Swedish citizen was killed in a known crime hotspot. That’s newsworthy. But to read headlines day after day in South Africa about one murder is rather irritating and disrespectful. Please do not get Wonkie wrong – the murder of Anni Dewani is sad. But so were the murders of the other 690+ individuals that were killed in Gugulethu alone since 2005. Besides the immediate friends and family of those others murdered there, how many South Africans know their names? How many of those murders made headline news? Did Bheki Cele or any other government official go around publically pining about how sad, miserable and distressed they were about those other murders? Or are the lives of the poor and the black in this country really that worthless?

What disturbs Wonkie about this is the callous disregard for the value of life in South Africa – not only by its criminals but also by its media and worse yet, so many of its citizens. The South African public appears to be happy to gobble up news about a pretty foreigner killed in a local township. Journalists are happy to investigate the matter thoroughly and take pains to outline the intricacies of a murder that quite frankly could have been avoided by using an inkling of common-sense – yes, do not step out of your vehicle in the Kruger Park to take photos of the pretty kitty cats and yes, do not decide to explore Gugs,a known high-risk area, in the middle of the night.

It’s all the more interesting because Anni’s millionaire husband Shrien Dewani survived the ordeal and has now allegedly hired a publicist to help quash conspiracy theories around the incident. So what’s the deeper message here – that if you’re a rich and/ or beautiful tourist your death is significantly more worthy of attention than the hundreds of South Africans whose murders simply aren’t interesting enough? Hmmm… yes, Wonkie thinks that is exactly the message.

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  1. I agree – it’s sad about Anni’s death in South Africa but the amount of attention it’s getting is a little crazy. Hundreds of people are murdered in South Africa each month and they certainly don’t get this kind of attention.. just goes to show money talks!!!!

  2. I completely agree…the attention around this has been too much. we also need to look at the number of murders that are occuring on a daily basis… must stop. focus must also be put on citizens.

  3. The so-called media frenzy around the murder of Anni Dewani is really the government scrambling to manage bad publicity. Hence all the “conspiracy” theories.

  4. i fully understand the authors concern but it is a selling point for the newspapers who these days can sell or destroy a country by blowing things out of proportion or report about little that a country can offer.we didn’t know that there’s a s.a guy working in a Swedish mine till now recently.

  5. Yes it is very sad, but what do we do, this our country, the couple was on honeymoon, should we just give it less attention and recieve less people visiting SA, at least the world can see that not all are bad, people are trying their best to help.

  6. I share your sentiments. From my recent blogs I do admit to have been caught up in the hype a bit. But I think that was for more personal reasons than any. You’re absolutely right though. Have you read the Mail and Guardian piece ‘The forgotten South African township where only one murder counts’? I’ll post the link later.

  7. we all know that good news do not sell and bad news in other countries take the attention away from their own country’s internal problems- much like the apartheid issue….when our current government slips up they revert to the apartheid excuse and so divert anger away from the issues they’re suppose to address….sort of blame game…yes, life is a stage and we’re all playing games……so is the media

  8. As sad as it is, reality is that it is bigger news than when jan alleman is killed, (here and abroad). Furthermore, when a tourist is killed the tourism industry suffers and the people making a living from it – also amplifying the news worthyness

  9. One rotten potato………………….Just of one cruel brat the image of the country is jeopardised.Fighting crime is teamwork.People should stop protecting criminals nor complaining of crime but contribute to fighting crime.Mzansi/Southern for real.

  10. Wonkie has it exactly right. Its the way in all 3rd world countries. One learns to live with injustice, again and again.

  11. I would like to know what the husband did for him to get separated from his wife. We all know what lenghts spouses can go to to get rid of their partners, especially if there is a lot of money involved. Why would he have insured his wife so soon after marriage?

  12. What I said on FB:

    If you’re going to get yourself murdered in South Africa, you’re better off being a foreigner; even a foreign crook. Your murder will receive the attention of all our political VIPs, your murderer will be found, tried and sentenced before you can say C.S.I. Not so if you’re South African. Then you can join the long, long queue.

  13. Stop the rubbish.
    A friend of mine decided to take a holiday trip from Polokwane to Cape Town in 2008, He was robbed , beaten and made to stay in hospital for three weeks in Cape Town. I bet no one knows about it. why ? he was a local tourist, he wouldn’t make a blockbuster story.
    Let’s say Dewani’s story is a blockbuster, nothing to worry about, it is for the newspapers, so many people have died violent deaths in this country, they never got any international coverage. so many people die violent crimes in their countries, we never got to know about that, because their countries never make them blockbuster stories.

  14. I agree life is scarce in South Africa.
    why find a cure for AIDS it’s a good thing!

  15. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    Wonkie, may you continue your insightful (and funny!) cartoons for many years to come! Truly a voice of reality in this very strange country of ours! As you say, the death of Anni is, indeed, tragic, but even more tragic are the deaths of our own.
    Hmm………. Wonder if the Kiwis will give poor Koos Jonker the same amount of media attention!

  16. I can’t agree more with you Wonkie. Without being insesitive to the matter but we have other things that we need to focus in as the country. We’ve got countless murder cases every day but you don’t hear this kind of noise made. I bet you, if every other murder case was given this kind of attention, crime will be so low in this country.

    Another thing that I feel bad about is the effect that this is having on the local businesses in Gugulethu. For instance, they always mention Mzoli’s whenever they talk about this thing, potraying Mzoli’s as a none-safe area. You were quite right wonkie, people need to use their common sense. I mean who decide to go to Mzoli’s in the middle of the night? No-one is there that time of the night. This whole thing is crazy man.

  17. Murder is murder, a human is a human and nobody has the right to take anybody’s life and no life is here without purpose. The sad part is it seems to be getting worse in stead of better. It is so true that good news is not excepted why?? We have to look up and wait as redemption and revival in our country is close at hand.

  18. Exactly the thoughts we have about this. Well written and very sad indeed.

  19. I’m sure these Charra’s would add a lot more value to the world than all those 700 Guguletians the figure should be higher!
    If they need lessons in killing properly they should watch more Etv @ 17:30.

  20. You have lost it completely Wonke. The murder in question cannot go without the publicity it has received so far. I urge YOU to cover murders that happen in your locality as much as you can, and I tell you the world will read about it just like we read and read about this murder with disbelief. Do you value life of your fellow South Africans?
    I have been to RSA, and one morning there was a corpse lying at a bus stop by the road side and people were around it. The face was covered with a newspaper, I thought it was normal to have people gather around the corpse and wonder what who and why about the incident. However, to my surprise the bus arrived and all, I say ALL people went into the bus continued with their errands as if they were just seeing the carcas of a dead animal! Thats how valueless life is in RSA. If we were to move the whole incident to my home country I bet a good number of people mainly who used that bus stop were going arrive very late at their respective places of work(whether they knew or not) the murdered person.
    Murder to us is an absolute shocker whether its on black , white, citizen noncitizen, the poor, the rich you name it.
    I am afraid that the “valuelessness” of life is creeping into you. Are you boasting that many other people have been murdered and were given no media coverage hence this tourist murder incident deserves no coverage as well? TAKE A BREAK!!!!!
    When reading the newspapers that had the article about this murder, one gets a picture of how valueless life is in RSA.

    • @Once Again – you’ve missed the point of the article entirely. Wonkie is not saying that the tourist murder should not receive coverage because the other murders did not receive coverage – that would just be dumb. Wonkie is is commenting on why the other murders were NOT given any coverage by the South African media when they should have been. The question that this poses is that are the poor people that were killed in Gugulethu not worthy of the same attention that the rich tourist received?

      It’s not the one murder that is reported that tells us how valueless life is in South Africa – it’s the hundreds that ARE NOT reported by the media that does.

  21. The reason the Brits are going crazy is because ‘One of Theirs’ has been killed by a ‘Not One of Theirs.’ The Brits think of them selves a one level better than most other people in the world and should there-fore be untouchable. After all, they brought civilization and freedom and democracy and everything else to the rest of the world and we should consider them as a holy nation.

  22. Its not only that she is the wife rich or foreign national, its because of who are you. A politician’s family if attacked or murdered, that may turn to be daily news even if no one was hurt. Only those who are rich, every news will be national or international. Lets wait and see.

  23. That is the picture of our country to the world
    Lawless ; corruption and our goverment are in denial
    IF the head is corrupt the whole body is corrupt
    If we want to turn it around start at the head; and work down

  24. Hastheworldgonecrazy... says

    I don’t think it has anything to do with rich, pretty, influential or anything else that personally has to do with the Dewanis. I suspect that it may be “trying to look good” as a people who are so outraged by this “once-off” murder, that we will still attract many, many tourists, who will spend mega-bucks here, which does not in any way benefit those unemployed, homeless masses, but does make life more comfortable for those in power!
    My heart goes out to Anni’s family, whom we almost know by now. But, as Wonkie rightly said, what about the hundreds of faceless, nameless South Africans whose deaths have never been acknowledged or even been given a by-line in a local newspaper? Why are they less worthy than Anni Dewani? Because their deaths do not in any way impact on the perception the rest of the world has of South Africa!

  25. Phelane Phelane says

    Once Again- Your approach to this whole matter is exactly that of a non SA, and that suprises me not. How in the world would you think we enjoy seeing dead bodies? I think/guess you also went into the bus with those peole and wondered why did you leave. We the SA understand exectly what Wonkie is applying here, so a little silence from your side wouldn’t do any harm.

  26. It’s bad !!!!

  27. Why should you be surprised wonkie? 1. The standard of journalism in this country (generally speaking) is at an all time low. 2. Rupert Murdoch et al are here to sell papers; if the truth suffers or the bad news sells myth is perpetuated, so be it… 3. South African’s have developed a head in the sand attitude when it comes to bad news – the most blatant evidence for this is to look at the horrendous stats for HIV infection in SA and the levels of denial and ignorance and dancing around the fact that essentially there is 1 vector of transmission and it is without doubt the single most easily avoided deadly disease on this planet! We are collectively to blame for this situation. Government can’t change this, only the people of this nation can do that – they have to change their hearts and minds and set the bar higher in every aspect of their lives – rich and poor, mansion dweller and slum dweller…

  28. Wow ”well well well done wonkie.

    At homes its all about what you have .In the community its all about what you have .At work its all about what you have”
    It has now come to the churches as well that if you do not have money .No one will visit even your house & careless.That is what is happening at the moment in sa .They worry much about tourists attractionas it means business to them .
    Ja right of SA if you dont have money you can die like a dog & people & cars step on you it means nothing to our Politician brothers.

  29. Daniel Kramer says

    Z.I.M.B.A.B. W.E stands for zero intelligence mainly because all the whites went ewewh! This country seems to be in the same state. Hau.

  30. Ann McDonnell says

    Well said phred! A local public testing (HIV) produced 2 out of 40 councillors and the media were present! According to the counsellor (very good) for every 50 females tested, they are lucky to get one male prepared to test – and they are sayng that women and children are the main carriers of this dreadful disease – do me a favour!! Days of activism – no matter how many against abuse are a total waste of money and time because the people have no respect for life!

  31. Joey Oberholzer says

    Yes, it is troublesome to think that people get killed for a cellphone, JUST BECAUSE someone felt like killing somebody. The government officials get paid enough and get gaurded by tax payers money. It is the tax payers who get killed by exactly those who receive grant and handouts from the ones they murder. Shocking isn’t it?

  32. i most certainly agree with you vg, its our job to protect and entertain our tourists not murder them, let alone on their honey moon, who else is gonna want to spend her honey moon in south africa??? this deserves as much attention as it can get. we not savages, that we should prove as we all know that s.a is known to be the worst uncivilised country and therefore we should take responsibility on whatever happens to our visitors. atleast we are being sympathetic, am sure most britains didnt expect that.

  33. Yes Wonkie, you are right, to our ruling party, south african lives mean nothing, note the fudged crime figures, our police are corrupt and investigation is a word they cannot spell or understand. Why the importance attached to a tourist,s life and nothing to ours. Please lets not let this matter rest

    The driver picked the Dewani’s up at the airport. He wanted the wife. HE suggested going to the township at 10:00pm. He then called the other two, who jumped the car within 3 MINUTES (a setup…). Then the driver at 10:15pm gets dropped off, BUT DOES NOT CALL THE POLICE – but gets into anothert car to join the kidnappers to rape the wife. The husband gets DRAGGED out of a the SLOW MOVING vehicle thru the window at 11.45pm – he called the police (WHO ARE INVOLVED) and they take 25 MINIUTES to arrive and then cruise around for an hour SLOWLY – like they don’t care (no helicopters, no search party just one corrupt cop car). Meanwhile the Taxi driver and the other two are raping the wife (eye witness’s reported when the body was discovered the wife panties were below her knees, dress pushed up over her stomach, her head pushed backwards and blood everywhere). Here”s the key – she was SHOT 3 TIMES – once by the driver, and one each for the two kidnappers – they made a blood pact of silence. She died because she would have ID’d the driver as the rapist and that would have led to the other two. Bastards – burn them.

  35. The is nothing new about what is happening in SA.The life of a black person has always been insignificant,if you look you should always compare when a white person dies it becomes the news for almost a month and when a black person is murdered its ok it happens everyday in the townships.So the media is doing what its always doing nothing new.

  36. It really is sickening thats how biased the media is. A whole family was butchered in Ngqeleni up till now theres nothing you here about it Bheki Cele was too busy to come and sympathise with the(poor) family now a single rich Briton he jumps to their sympathy pity!!

  37. Yah, the rich and famous – always get the attention and the protection. What about me whose friend was killed?

  38. @Daniel Kramer: where is there conncection here between the tourist and Zimbabwe – was the tourist a farmer?

  39. So true and well -expressed thoughts. ” But so were the murders of the other 690+ individuals that were killed in Gugulethu alone since 2005!”Wow!

    It’s still bleed the “beloved country”, as the value of every single life in SA is far too cheap

  40. The value of life is unfortunatley a complete contradiction to the most beautiful country we have ever visited. We have been 7 times in last 6 years and were there when the young woman from england was murdered. We have made many friends with a number of families from different cultural backgrounds and have only had very positive experiencie. Somewhat worried about some of the previously posted comments.

  41. Fyi, in your article you say she is a British citizen which I think isn’t accurate, although her husband is British.

  42. I feel pretty sure that, among all those who went to report a serious offence at
    a police station in recent years, there was an attempt to discourage them from doing so,
    perhaps even to the extent of trying to minimise the offence, or by encouraging them to
    seek some other course of action to settle the matter.

    There are two reasons I can think of: As a result of affirmative action, their officers are too
    inexperienced or ill-equiped to solve matters. The Government is trying to play down the
    fact that crime is now completely out of control, and almost irreversible.
    Hardly any worthwhile leads have been found in the Dewani case.

  43. I agree with you 200%!!! People are being murdered every single day and nothing gets published anymore because it is not newsworthy. I think the government should start publishing the REAL statics every month about the crime rate in South Africa, but it should be broadcasted around the world so that every country in the world can see what is really going on here.

  44. The minister of police and his General are so afraid of walking alone in South Africa that they are forever surrounded by heavily armed men and yet they tell you the streets are safe… nonsense man. Even Juju Malema was crying when they took his bodyguards away. And you still think you’re safe. I am so afraid of going to the location… and for a tourist to go there at night… its more like having a pick nick in the middle of the Kruger

  45. OLD FASION says

    Yes Cynthia you are absolutely right, our country is in a civil crime war and it needs more then urgent attention. We have been praying for a long time that the LORD must take a Heavenly broom and sweep our country clean. Only GOD can do that, we must just keep praying that it will happen soon.
    It hurts to know that life in our country means nothing to so many.

  46. In Afrikaans it is said:
    “Geld wat stom is,
    maak alles reg wat krom is…”

  47. This is a drama murder case,its so unbelievable of what transpired on the day of the murder,the more is to come stay tunned…

  48. OLD FASION says

    This was no surprise to me, my wife who often gets a word of knowledge from the LORD word were when she looked at the first newspaper report about the murder, “That man (Anni’s husband) has a dark evil look about him it IS him, he organised it” and maybe he took out a large travel insurance policy knowing that he may get away with in our country. She has never been wrong, 3 month before Princess Diana died she saw it in a vision and wrote it down for everbody it was on the 3rd June and 31 August it happened. She was shattered and spent that period praying for Diana.Wrote her a letter but never posted it as she thought that Diana will just ignore a letter thinking it is a hoax.

  49. Dear Wonkie,
    My dad was murdered in Brown’s Farm, Gugulethu in May 2009. There were NEVER any witnesses, even though it was still day time, there were never any leads, never any attention. The police got agitated when we contacted them to get some feedback.
    My father was a pastor and worked in the Gugulethu area, often helping people in need there.
    His gun and cell phone were taken after the incident, but since then, no trace has been found thereof. How is this possible? Or, like you say, are we not beautiful or rich enough to get the necessary attention this matter deserves?
    In the interim, we need to deal with not only the loss of a loved one, but also the mystery of what actually happened to him in brought daylight, whilst our system does not give a stitch.

    Honestly concerned South African

  50. Ncumspider says

    Dear Wonkie, I would like to read your follow up opinion in light of the arrest of the killers including the husband. I would also like to hear your answer to the following question how many of the 690+ murders you refer to were committed under the same circumstances as the Anni killing. I will not answer for the media but I have a number of questions myself however I do resent the implication that as South Africans we do not value life because we do.

  51. Lawyer abroad says

    What amazes me is the speed at which the case was bulldozed through the courts! In my experience of RSA courts (albeit almost 10 years ago, now) usually a docket hasn’t even seen the inside of a court building – not even once – in the time it took to investigate and bring this murder case before a judge. Are we sure that justice was done?

  52. OLD FASION says

    Lawyer a… You obiously are not aware of what has been happening in the past few years.. If a docket was allowed to float in any form of sense it would have dissappeared like the 1000’s of cases that never appeared in court as no dockets or some proof of evidence could be found. Makes one think……..

  53. The most important thing for most in S.A. is the following: A car, a cellphone and money. Life has no meaning as it has to end sometime , Hearts and faith here has taken a new vending: A car: could turn into a heavenly charriot and take you to heaven like Elisha. a cellphone is needed to make a call to LORD , He can not hear prayers without it. Money can buy you a castle in heaven. Satan really worked this one out. Big illussions awaiting many.

  54. We dwell in a system based on money created by men alienated from God.
    It’s useless pointing fingers at the court when practically every business in
    this world is involved in iniquity ranging from pinching office pens to evading
    taxes. Few people have not heard ‘Lawyer jokes’. Take for instance the RAF.

    This is why the apostle Paul advised true Christians to settle the matters out of court.
    (1 Cor 6:1-6) No matter which case comes up, one can expect cover-ups, bribery,
    partiality or some other form of corruption. It’s really hard to judge any case.
    As one person put it, “They ask you to swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but
    the truth. After that, all one hears is just lies, lies and more lies.”

    Few these days will plead guilty to any charge. They know what awaits them.
    But then, it’s the opposite with God. Pleading guilty often brings forgiveness.

  55. OLD FASHION says

    Yes Peace, welcome back. Hels paymaster is indeed dishing out free tickets to hell in South Africa by the millions. Our hope remains in the LORD that HE will open the hearts and eyes of our people that Heaven and hell is a reality as JESUS will soon return to confirm that is why satan is so busy here he knows his time is up very very soon. It may just be much sooner then we think, lets see what is going to happen in the next few months.

  56. Unfortunately, another township life lost is just one morepiece of voting fodder lost as far as the ANC is concerned

  57. OLD FASHION says

    When JESUS said pay taxes to the ruler which is due to him HE meant it. Taxes those days where paid for the peoples protection under the ruler. In the city they where assured of protection by paying their dues, the money was not pocketed by the ruler but used for the needy peoples needs and protection, the ruler received his dues for ruling. If it was found that he was not ruling according to the constitution (as per the laws of GOD) something terrible always happened to him. When the ruler obeyed the commandments the country and its people prosperred.

    Ciao as we off to Oz tonight but will keep watching these blogs.
    Note had a wonderful reply of one of the opposition party leaders that was extremely heart warming, genuine and pure from the heart. No self exhaltment, no greed but full of compassion and concern for the whole country.,

  58. OLD FASHION says

    PSALM 37 an answer from the LORD for South Africa today. READ IT and write it on your heart and soul for this is about to take event. GOD honours HIS WORD and completes HIS plans. HE is never late, never too early always on time.

  59. Hi old fashion ; you are not old fashion ; ONLY GOD CAN DO IT ; IN SOUTH AFRICA; WHAT THEY SOW THEY WILL REAP ;and they are reaping it ; But there is also HOPE , God is our hope ; redeemer and saviour ; Call upon His NAME He will answer ; you are not alone

  60. Noah was sent to SA to build an ark. local goverment said no , traffic department will not allow him to transport it to sea . although he said the sea will come to him ; one week later a passer by saw him sweeping the pavement , ask him what about the ark ; he said he got a message , stop building the ark ; the ANC will destroy SA

  61. It appears to be fashionable to speak out against bringing religion into these forums.
    Yet, in practically every argument, I vouch the fact that the Bible’s way of handling
    matters – especially justice is a first which overshadows all human standards.

    These days, criminals have the advantage of human rights on their side, and very often to the
    disadvantage of the plaintiff. The cause being the granting of bail, followed by drawn out
    hearings, which is often nothing less than playing for time. In bible times only the priests had
    rights on account of their not owning property. The only right of others was to worship God.

    An accused appears in court, is charged and usually granted bail. He is then free to do whatever
    is needed to ensure his survival, despite likely guilt.

    The Bible says, “Because the sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the
    heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.” (Eccl 8:11)

  62. EbonyWilliams says

    A different way of looking at it and so true

  63. Yes Peace, welcome back. Hels paymaster is indeed dishing out free tickets to hell in South Africa by the millions. Our hope remains in the LORD that HE will open the hearts and eyes of our people that Heaven and hell is a reality as JESUS will soon return to confirm that is why satan is so busy here he knows his time is up very very soon. It may just be much sooner then we think, lets see what is going to happen in the next few months.

  64. WHAT REALLY HAPPENED: Anni Dewani Murder
    The driver picked the Dewani’s up at the airport. He wanted the wife. Tongo also new they were only staying 3 nights and that’s why the hasty operation to rape the prize wife. HE suggested going to the township at 10:00pm. He then called the other two, who jumped the car within 3 MINUTES (a set-up…). Then the driver at 10:15pm gets dropped off, BUT DOES NOT CALL THE POLICE – but gets into another car to join the kidnappers to rape the wife. The husband gets DRAGGED/TAKEN out of a SLOW MOVING vehicle thru the window at 11.45pm – he called the police immediately (WHO ARE INVOLVED) and they take 25 MINIUTES to arrive and then cruise around for an hour SLOWLY – like they don’t care (no helicopters, no search party just one corrupt cop car). Meanwhile the Taxi driver and the other two are raping the wife (eye witness’s reported when the body was discovered the wife panties were below her knees, dress pushed up over her stomach, her head pushed backwards and blood everywhere). Here’s the key – she was SHOT 3 TIMES – once by the driver, and one each for the two kidnappers – they made a blood pact of silence. She died because she would have ID’d the driver as the LEAD rapist and that would have led to the other two. Bastards – burn them.

    A student from Khayelitsha said: “When the policeman opened the door, I saw blood. Her panties were pulled below her knees and her dress pushed up to her stomach. She was exposed and her face was turned towards the door. The policemen quickly closed the door and pushed us away.”

    One in three South African men admit to rape
    six year old girl raped and murdered in south africa

    [P.S. Are you wondering why the story keeps changing? The FIRST report that came out about incident is the TRUTH (Original FIRST report: The rest are lies. Why – well the SA officials or government did not realise the story would become a worldwide storm of criticism – as soon as it did – damage control kicked in (3 bullet became 1, rape – became robbery and murder, and by lying and removing the fact she was raped they have created a suspicion about the husband. There is no need for the husband to return to bloody lying SA – the corrupt bastards can do a video link. They will NEVER try to extradite the husband because they then would have to produce evidence before a British court judge and the lying SA gangster police and gangster politicians pimps including that prostitute Nelson Mandela – have no evidence just lies for the sake of damage control)
    Journalist are NEVER to be trusted of any private media – from their beginning great men have called them prostitutes who will write anything for money. Media is corrupt. The FIRST story is always the true one – the rest of the follow-ups have a political or social stain and pervert the facts to suit private agendas. No private media will ever give you the truth – go to blogs or independent media (which mostly is not independent) and link facts together from individual sources to get the real story.

    Tongo, a convicted murderer and gangster rapist accused the husband of paying the hit men £1,400 to have his bride kidnapped, robbed and murdered on their honeymoon in South Africa. But this is no more than the daily rate of the room in the hotel the couple were staying in (clearly a dumb SA murderer would know this and charge at least £10,000-£20,000 – even an idiot would!). This is the cost of the room and the hotel they stayed in:

    Cost of room per day: 9,900.00 ZAR = 906.980 GBP
    Hotel they stayed in:

    In a confession read to the hearing, Tongo claimed that after the Dewanis arrived in Cape Town on November 12 he drove them from the airport to the city’s five-star Cape Grace hotel. He said: ‘After we arrived at the hotel, Shrien Dewani approached me alone and asked me if I knew anyone that could “have a client of his taken off the scene”. After some discussion with him, I understood that he wanted someone, a woman, killed.
    [author comment = “If dewani had done this before as SA police claim – why not use the last bunch of people – would you arrive at an unknown country and start asking complete strangers to kill someone – you love…!!!”]

    ‘We would make it appear as if we were the victims of a random armed hijacking of my motor vehicle, committed with a firearm. The hijacking would be simulated. [author comment = “This is like fairytale lie of claiming Osama Bin Laden (who has never existed!) a billionaire – works with hit men in some jungle instead of giving orders of his yacht…no billionaire needs to get his hands dirty…think common sense…don’t fall for their lies….journalists are paid prostitutes – never trust newspapers, TV, or any non independent media of any type – they will write anything – for anyone who pays them!!!”

    Note in the picture the body language – couple in love ‘lean towards each other or tilt the head towards the partner, without even being aware of it’.
    The wife and husband dancing on their wedding video:

    The SA police allowed Dewani to leave SA with his wife’s body AFTER 4 DAYS AND AFTER GETTING A FULL CONFESSION FROM TONGO (who at this time had not implicated the husband because the SA police and bent Judge Hlophe ( a close friend of the corrupt president Zuma and who in turn is close friend of SA chief of police – London-zoo escapee Cele – as they say, “birds of the same feather fly together!”).

    The SA police had told a ‘in shock’ and heartbroken husband his wife ‘had NOT been raped’ in a country where 1000 girls are raped A WEEK! (SA where 18,de 000 murders are committed a year in a country of 25 million people compared that to the UK with a population of 50 million and only 500 murders a year – why pay to die at Dignitas Switzerland when you can just pay the price of a 3 day holiday in South Africa and get raped and murdered for FREE!!!)
    Dewani brought SA police lie because no man wants to hear his beloved wife was raped (it must have been a relief to him to hear this at first report). He had no idea the SA police were setting him up. The husband was in SA after the attack for 4 days. Tongo the driver was in prison and confessed to the murder – WHY WAS THE HUSBAND NOT ARRESTED AT THAT TIME– because it was not known yet the impact this rape/murder would have on SA (tourism) and reputation world-wide – so carefully improved by the World Cup. Once this became know the corrupt SA police and politicians moved to plan ‘b’ – TO SETUP THE HUSBAND FOR THE RAPE AND MURDER OF HIS WIFE. The well-known corrupt Judge Hlophe was brought in to set the dirty plan in motion to incriminate and conspire against an innocent man. Anni’s body was cremated Anni in London. This was the key mistake the trusting family made– IF THEY HAD GOT A SECOND AUTOPSY IN LONDON – IT WOULD HAVE SHOWN SHE HAD BEEN BRUTALLY RAPED BEFORE HER MURDER.

    ONCE THE CREMATION WAS COMPLETE – plan ‘b’ was put into operation. NOW – The SA dog Cele brought the charges against THE HUSBAND (based on murdering liars ‘confession’ – who in return received the candy of a reduced sentence and kiss from Cele and Zuma and all the other corrupt dogs who run gangster country – THIS WAS DONE ONCE IT WAS CONFIRMED THE BODY HAD BEEN CREMATED – NOTICE THEY WERE SAYING THE HUSBAND WAS IN THE CLEAR BEFORE THIS– they made sure the husband cremated the body and bid their time to prevent a second autopsy – what a wicked people these SA monsters are! As soon as the body was cremated, they THEN CHARGED Dewani of having his wife kidnapped, knowing full well she had been raped but it could not NOW be proven now since their false autopsy would not not be challengable.

    Corrupt Judge Hlophe-

    Police chief Cele – a proven liar – “Four days after Anni Dewani was killed he insisted that Mr Dewani was ‘not a suspect’ in the case. He later admitted that he had been lying.”

    One corrupt dog steps down and another corrupt dog (Cele) steps up!
    A court in South Africa has found the country’s former chief of police Jackie Selebi guilty of corruption.

    South African President Jacob Zuma, is facing numerous counts of bribery and corruption and yet he has the majority ANC support. He has also been accused of RAPE

    In South Africa today, only 9 percent of murderers end up in jail. Court dockets are regularly purchased and simply disappear. Magistrates can be bribed as can the prison authorities, making escapes commonplace. Vehicle and airplane licenses are regularly purchased, and forged school and university certificates are routine.

    Oh and…The German queer who claimed to have had sexual relations with Dewani – his real name is Cele Zuma faggot queen saving up for his sex change to look like Tony queer B-liar.

    Oh and…The Porter did not see them holding hands and was also found lying in-between the couple when they were in bed and recorded their every intimacy – but these details have yet to be made public!

    Every couple argue and it takes time to settle into a marriage – but PICTURES speak louder than words and DON’T LIE. She is smiling in ALL of them and so is the husband. Indian couples are more reserved than white or black or Brazilian couples – it’s culture and intimacy is private not for public show (which is frowned upon) in Indian culture. Hence they did not make a show of themselves in public like some whoring nations men and women do!

    The SA court system DO NOT HAVE JURY TRIALS (Jury trails are the only TRUE justice model of in the world – where ordinary members of the public judge a person guilty or not by unanimous vote and are used in murder/rape cases in the UK and USA). Not in corrupt gangster SA – they have paid and corrupt judges who judge according to how much money they can make or what kickbacks a decision may provide.

    “In South Africa 30% of crime is committed by registered police officers “ ––shootings-started.html

    If the faggot SA police manage to extradite the husband – he will be imprisoned for life – without exception. No fair trail, a corrupt judge who will jail him based on the testimony of the only witness: Tongo the liar who raped and murdered his wife with his local gangsters (probably with SA police and politicians joining in – no wonder they did not want to find her quickly) – after all they all one big gangster state called SA – Sodomite Animals.


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