Malema hate speech trial cartoon

Malema hate speech trial

Malema Hate Speech Trial

The Malema hate speech trial blasted into the news spotlight most of this week in South Africa. The middle-aged ANC Youth League president Julius Malema maintained his firm stance in favour of the controversial Shoot the Boer struggle song and the result of the trial is yet to be heard.

Last year in March, Julius Malema was banned from singing the ANC Shoot the Boer liberation song. The high court had then ruled that the lyrics of the song were likely to incite violence against South Africa’s white minority. Timely enough, the murder of the right-wing AWB stalwart Eugene Terreblanche, occured just a few days after the ban was imposed. The ruling ANC condemned the linking of singing the struggle song by Malema to the killing of that boer.

Malema was escorted to the trial this week by a small army of rifle-armed bodyguards and his partner in crime Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. Malema emphasised the reconciliatory nature of the new South Africa by innovating on the song – the chant outside the court house morphed into “Shoot to kill, kiss the boer, kiss the farmer”. Clearly Mr Malema has taken to heart his lesson about cultural sensitivity from the Easter Bunny last year.

In other news, Samwu, the South African Municipality Workers’ Union, threatened to bolster their current garbage collection strike action. In this month of many holidays it looks like, for Johannesburg at least, the refuse workers will be continuing to refuse to work for a while longer.

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  1. music is a method of communication, that has the ability to plant a seed in the mind, it will have its effects, ask the rooster and he will tell you that he brings the dawn, this is the juluis malema mentallity need i say more, do you think when jacob zuma sang his trademark song and the ancyl stated categoricaly that they would take up arms for jacob zuma, that it was a mere coincedence

  2. Eish, there are many terms, songs and symbols, leave alone practices, that are part of Boer/Afrikaner history…. and we’d be happy to have ALL those declassified from “hate speech” to “free speech”…. And sure as hell we can also write many songs to reconfirm old terms…. like “dit reen ou meide met knopkieries”. We’ll also be able to brandish automatic rifles singing “shoot the knopkieries shoot the snotkoppe” and claiming that shoot and kill don’t mean to REALLY shoot and kill… but to kiss and make up??!!

  3. This is of course great for old Winnie. Remember, not long ago the police “did not know” who she was, now she has the opportunity to reacquaint herself with the public. She and Julius are equally media mad, and absolutely brain dead. What a waste of oxygen.

  4. Nice one Wonkie.. hit the nail on the head as always!

    I don’t feel there is any place for such songs in the new South Africa. I understand about preservation of history etc but Julius and others must also be culturally sensitive lest they become exactly the kind of people they so despise.

  5. Anthony Caenazzo says

    If it does not incite violence, how is it possible that South Africa has 7x the world average for murders of farmers and their families?
    South African youths support Julius Malema due to their ignorance as a result of the ANC’s inferior education system where less than 50% of South African teachers can even calculate percentages.

  6. How come Malema’s bodyguards had guns and not vuvuzela’s, because he thought he could scare the judge to rule in his favour.

  7. Terrible to imagine what ‘walking creatures’ like this, who filled with nothing but hate, can turn this beautiful South Africa into.

  8. How about we make up a song called “Shoot Malema, Shoot Malema”. If he dares to complain, we will simply point out that the fact that he is still alive proves that it is not at all literal, but we are merely trying to make ourselves feel better about his insensitivity with his song. I am sure we would all be branded racists instantly because we all know that black people are never racist. Not!

  9. If there was a white activist out there that sang the songs Malema is singing towards the black people, he would be labeled a racisist and would probably have far severe allegations against him, go figure.

  10. KILL THE BOER, KILL THE FARMER. This is one song that helped liberate this country, i remember when the late Peter Mokaba ( peace be with him ) sung this song, we would lift our legs ninety degrees high, chanting, dancing and ululating, this song became part of the struggle against apartheid, it became part of us as the young africans, particularly we south Africans.
    How does this song become a hate song when we were singing this song with some white students at most student gatherings.
    this song is, and will always be, our song,
    remember we still fighting the boer even now, go to the farming communities, then you will know what I am talking about. You may be offended by me singing this song, but I want to let you know, this song reminds me in the 80’s, it reminds people like Chris Hani, Ngoako Ramalepe, Solomon Mahlangu. Steve Biko, the list goes on, so now tell me, do you want me to forget this people because of a stupid organisation like afriforum, which was made possible to exist by Nelson Mandela’s release from prison. Little monkeys like the afriforum knows nothing about this song, they must go and ask, Pw Botha, Fw De Klerk, not forgeting Piet Potgieter about it, they will get a good lesson.

  11. And you wonkie, I want you to tell me what happened to my Avatar, before I take you to court for making me green while I do not eat vegetables, i only it meat, at least me and the boer we have something in common.

  12. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Zis iss Julius Malema’s ‘Horst Wessel Song’ und yust like all der chews you tink it is racist – Ha! Vee haf vays off making you undestand zat vee know ze best tings for uns Vaderland und you better lissen or vee vill shoot you too !! Kom mein kameraden – let us zing togezzer.

  13. South Africa has a serious problem. To my knowledge farm murders have been recorded since the 1820’s. During the Anglo Boer war there were marauding gangs on horseback in the Free State attacking and killing women and children left behind on their farms after the men had gone off to fight the British.
    So not only is the song part of their tradition/culture, but so is the actual killing of farmers. Banning the cretins in the ANCYL from chanting the song is not going to stop the culture. It is still part of their ‘struggle’ in coming to terms with the fact that they are now supposed to be part of a civilised society that has norms and values that are completely alien to them and they do not have the ‘capacity’ yet to adapt to civilised behaviour.
    As for old Winnie, she always manages to pop up everywhere where there is an opportunity for her to catch some shine from the press.

  14. It’s very surprising that people who belong to the most succesful,and respected party like ANC will be going in and out of jail for just a song.ANC has failed to adress race issue and there are many social challenges to attend to.It’s no wonder that people like Julius Malema will be causing rift inside the ANC..This time the country need more than a revolution song…At least if it trigger race debate,that’s will be something.

  15. Malema is a high value clown. Pity his cost is at the expense of South Africa’s credibility.

  16. What I dont understand is the number of people who agreed to be bussed to support such a senseless case. It really shows that there a lot of people who are brainless like speeches Juju make after exiting the courth house. And that kiss with Winnie has tongues wagging.

  17. There is a song sung every year when Jews recall the Holocaust. It is a struggle song, in that we sing it so show we will never let that happen again. But here’s the HUGE diff. between “The Partisan Song” and the “shoot the Boer” struggle song.. “The Partisan Song” sings about how we will never go like lambs to the slaughter again, how we will be strong and brave and never give up our struggle for survival. It does NOT sing about killing anybody, or harming anybody. Therein lies a lesson for Julius. I personally feel very threatened when I see a mob of ANC youth with their hands formed into a ‘gun’ shape pointing at me singing “KILL THE BOER” and nobody can tell me it is NOT suggesting that if you don’t like white people – aka ‘boer’ it’s perfectly ok to kill them

  18. He should be jailed and the key to his cell thrown away. Wonder what would happen if the Boers started singing “Kill the Blacks” songs??

  19. Why people are so fuss about that song. I am sick and tired to hear every day about Malema and his stupitidy. As a loyal supporter of the ANC, i hope He (Malema) must focus on the developmental of the Youth League and youth of South Africa in general. Uemployment, HIV, corruption and pregancy amongst the youth must be Malema top priorities as he is the leader of the youth(ANCYL)..

  20. Which chant has led to more deaths – Kill the Boer OR Shoot to kill? Take a look at this Zapiro cartoon showing the two baffoons Juju and Bheki Cele singing – – Does AfriForum have a chance in winning their case in Court? Is the “Shoot to Kill” doctrine the real cause of 860 people being killed by the police.

  21. Collitjies says

    Both Winnie and Juju are birds of a feather, Winnie a murderess and Juju laying down guide lines to his supporters to exterminate as many farmers and their families as possible. They know full well that nothing will happen to farm killers as they are above the law just like the ANC.

  22. In simple terms,racism is a big problem in SA.We have to be reminded what Democracy is.To keep Democracy healthy,we have to address race issue,because the issue is not the song here,there is underlying factor.

  23. Thank You Jesus as You Are My Only Hero, I always wondered about people who always looking for some fool somewhere to lead them. Grownups who should no better are the ones are misleading our children. Really, can you compare Chris Hani to you cannot. We are supposed to be addressing serious issues like unemployment and poverty now but instead there are more than 15 lawyers there defending nonsense. And who is Paying? I bet you it is the government, bloody idiots.

  24. Some are still living in the past and have not noticed that the struggle ended in 1994. If you are a moaner and suffer from negativity you will stay that way and nothing will change you. If you are a mean person you will stay mean and unhappy. Must be awfull waking up in the mornings with a bitter twisted taste in your mouth so bad that you have to spit it out all day long.
    Some just do not seem to realise that hate makes you unhappy and is a slow form of suicide. Ask any medical scientist and they will tell you that the body has a cell called Laminin that keeps the body together all muscles, tissues, nerves etc, hate destroys these cells. (Incidently the shape of the cell laminin is a cross)

  25. Tanni – to Winnie – the Afrikaaner = the very worst of apartheid bully. She suffered terrible things at their hands. But she needs to move on. Albertina Sisulu and the widow of Oliver Tambo had just as gruesome a time, but they never came out of it in 1994 by wanting to kill!

  26. where oh where did they get that so called music expert who was called to testify ….she looked and sounded like somebodys dithering eldery maiden aunt who had wet broeks and she blathered and blah’ed her way through a thoroughly nonsensical meander of nothing with little gawps and gasps of horror …. i had absolutley no idea of which side she was representing and what her actual point was supposed to be ……..Duh!

  27. Please someone tell me how this can be in the same genre “as kill the boer???”

    Op ‘n berg in die nag
    lê ons in die donker en wag
    in die modder en bloed lê ek koud,
    streepsak en reën kleef teen my

    en my huis en my plaas tot kole verbrand sodat hulle ons kan vang,
    maar daai vlamme en vuur brand nou diep, diep binne my.

    De La Rey, De La Rey sal jy die Boere kom lei?
    De La Rey, De La Rey
    Generaal, generaal soos een man, sal ons om jou val.
    Generaal De La Rey.

    Oor die Kakies wat lag,
    ‘n handjie van ons teen ‘n hele groot mag
    en die kranse lê hier teen ons rug,
    hulle dink dis verby.

    Maar die hart van ‘n Boer lê dieper en wyer, hulle gaan dit nog sien.
    Op ‘n perd kom hy aan, die Leeu van die Wes Transvaal.

    De La Rey, De La Rey sal jy die Boere kom lei?
    De La Rey, De La Rey
    Generaal, generaal soos een man, sal ons om jou val.
    Generaal De La Rey.

    Want my vrou en my kind lê in ‘n kamp en vergaan,
    en die Kakies se murg loop oor ‘n nasie wat weer op sal staan.

    De La Rey, De La Rey sal jy die Boere kom lei?
    De La Rey, De La Rey
    Generaal, generaal soos een man, sal ons om jou val.
    Generaal De La Rey.

  28. managed to translate it into english:

    On a mountain in the night
    we lie in the dark, waiting
    in mud and blood I lie cold,
    grain bag and rain cling to me

    And my house and my farm burned to ashes so she could catch
    But those flames and fire burn deep, deep inside me.

    De La Rey, De la Rey, will you Khakis
    De La Rey, De La Rey
    General, General, as a man, we will fall around you.
    General De La Rey.

    Over the Khakis that laugh
    A handful of us against their whole great might
    and the cliffs to our backs,
    they think it over.

    But the heart of a farmer is deeper and wider, they’re going to see it.
    On a horse he comes, the Lion of the Western Transvaal.

    De La Rey, De la Rey, will you Khakis
    De La Rey, De La Rey
    General, General, as a man, we will fall around you.
    General De La Rey.

    For my wife and my child are in a prison to die,
    Khakis and overruns on a nation that will rise again.

    De La Rey, De la Rey, will you Khakis
    De La Rey, De La Rey
    General, General, as a man, we will fall around you.
    General De La Rey.

  29. I am not born South African, but I cannot understand how anyone can compare these 2 songs to each other or have I missed something???

  30. Malemas court case ; and the arms parade with him ; is a pointer if the ANC loose the election that is what they will do , Like there friends MUGABE , GADAFFI . and other African leaders ; Democracy Africa Style is Dictatorship that is what the ANC IS CREATING; But there is one thing they must not be blind to ; All over Africa it is the minority that are standing up , that are saying we shall arise

  31. SpiritWolf says

    Struggle songs? What struggle? We all got what we fought for..a democracy..
    So not sure how chanting struggle songs and calling everyone comrade in arms is still applicable, unless some still are confused as to the white corrupt politicians in the past to the (ANC) corrupt politicians of the present…

    Democracy go google the meaning, it does not mean your still struggling an apartheid regime, unless your specifically talking about Zulu’s hating Xhosa’s etc..but we have invented a new name for that…and that’s an altogether other racist subject.

  32. Ma’khulu Winnie Madikizela is a very confused old hag who have no right priorities.What are her duties as an MP,does she fullfill those duties? or is she just riding the gravy Gautrain & being a big Julius Malema cheerleader,i think she should get a life…the less said ’bout Malema & kill the boer chant the better.I still love my igwijo/ingoma.

  33. A black man has been suffering for decades is RSA. Less noise was heard from our good rich and privileged white brothers. Today is good that SA is democratic, but somebody still has to feel the pinch. Good work Malema

  34. Questions 1 & 2 should be linked, as they mean the same thing.

    How happy would they be I wonder if the Whites danced in the streets singing “Shoot the K@##*#, Shoot the B&^%$#”

  35. If I sing ‘shoot the kaffirs, kill the kaffirs’, I’ll be branded a racist. Mani doesn’t want Indians and Coloureds in Cape, is this because we have more brains than you, eh? And to you Mantata, if God wanted you to be dangerous, he would have given you brains. Please do everyone including yourself a favour, just take a quick glance in the mirror and you will see the monkey.

  36. absolutely nothing wrong with liberation song it is just like a slogan. yes if it was singing kill the kaffer or coolie it would be an offence because constitutional those calling names are an insult to the other nation as per constitution. Boers are the Boers yes it is a different story if any organasation even ancyl attack the boers the they can be charged for a criminal offence criminal offence

  37. Ashley A.Eaton says

    If us more conservative whites must tolerate his rubbish why can’t they tolerate the word kaffir (appologies to decent black fellow South Africans)

  38. Deena, take note write it down because it will surely happen. Malema’s biggest enemy is Malema and Malema will kill Malema shortly because he hates competition.

  39. julias malema we acknowledge his truth about the boers and so on,Bt what he need to work on it his ANC mandite and think what he can du for youth:instead of shaking other issue that doesnt concern him,or else he should be demoted from youth presidential chair and deal with these issues.nw it not da right tym to go back at tym killing each other

  40. pollatjie says

    Juju and winnie is only the tip of the iceberg of this sick and corrupt system.

    Yes, the “new” government is stealing openly from the population. If you are “found guilty” of fraud and corruption, you stay employed, but can make an offer to pay the stolen money back. …..Democracy….

    There is no death penalty. You can rape a six month baby girl, rip her apart, and throw the body away like a piece of waste. That is the end of your AIDS. If you get caught (the police man don’t take a bribe) and there is a judge with enough guts to find you guilty, you are released after three years for good manners. ….Democracy….

    The government supports fornication by giving away free condoms and licencing sex workers. They support murder by allowing abortion and legalizing it…You see we create jobs by opening up special abortion clinics…be wise, condomize….Democracy…

    There is no death penalty, so you can loot, steal, rob, shoot, kill and do what ever you like, being the criminal, gives you more rights than the victim…Democracy…

    You see, while in jail you can be trained, brought up to speed with the latest methods, or just get a freebee for a couple of years at the expence of the taxpayer.

    A policeman, underpaid, under-trained, and incompetent to maintain peace and order, cannot protect himself, he has to be shot first, before he can draw his gun.. not shot at. In the event of being a white man? ….DEMOCRACY…

    The owner of a house or property, has to attacked first, before you can defend yourself. If you are a man, you may not use a weapon to protect your house, property and family. If you are a woman, you have to be very sensitive in making a statement of self protection, to prevent you from losing your case…if there is a case… In the event of being white? …democracy…

    The question is.. how do you address these issues? Who are we gonna call? The ghostbusters will not be able to solve this!!!

    Democracy doesn’t address it, the white regime created it, the black regime is managing it, maybe, if the nation will humble themselves and pray, and turn from there wicked ways, God can heal there land.

    Are you willing to do it?

  41. We obviously under estimate malema’s shrewdness and being a big coward>
    His strategy in the song is so others can go and kill, take the punch and jail and he just carries on singing saying he had nothing to do with it.

  42. The middle-aged leader was not even around when the fighting songs were
    originally sung, why would he want to sing military songs in peace time, seems
    Malema just wants to ruffle feathers.

  43. Wow! Wow! What is this about ‘I’m white, i’ m fine with it, as long as the blacp people can take it as they dish it” What more can be done that hasn’e been done to Blacks….. Did anyone see the National Party Flag up in the Courts during the ‘said’ Terblanches killing… besides the bible said”’ Those who leave by the sword will die by the sword’!

  44. i totally see nthng wrong with the sngng of ths song, it’s js tht the whites are used controling now thy thnk thy cn control Malema 2! why do thy bother? i mean ths song z sang in an African languages…thy cnt be threatened by somthng dat thy cant hear! Malema dozn sing in Afrikaans o English, so plz don be cowards whities!

  45. The pinch so many are still feeling is their own bondage. No matter what we do to try and help they will never feel free. Bondage ties your mind and soul in a knot and without Supernatural help from above you can not be set free. Judging from what you claim in your writing, (those seeking such freedom) I am telling you that you are in bondage and will remain there and totally unhappy until a miracle of deliverence by the Only power sets you free.

  46. pietpompies says

    Manthata, You and your “little monkeys” – go look in a mirror and what do YOU see?

  47. kekana lesiba says

    i,m afraid we will be without music because there are so many songs,chants etc with negative connotations without realy igniting war.blacks sing when happy,angry,etc. cry wolf

  48. Manthata, we are very sorry your avatar is green, at least that is better than Mr Tomose whose avatar is yellow, that should be reserved for Malema. Mine is pink which is too light a shade. Red is more my political home

  49. Binkie wa Dipheola says

    If the current ANC think such songs of their so called struggle are still relevant now, I think they have a lot in common with their grand father Mugabe. As for me and many other South Africans we belief in the national unity preached by Nelson Mandela and would never want to see any situation of domination of one by another in this beautiful land.

  50. Sorry, Sorry, sorry for my last cpmment, but it is in keeping with most of the wierd and crappy comments we have got used to. At least so far there has been no mention of Jesus

  51. History has a habit of repeating itself on account of mans negativity, they always follow the same route. war, corruption, idolatory, etc. it is not new what is happening now, there are just much more people in the world. In the modern times we are living in, the media is instantly available worldwide to publish and spread the news. The same way things happened and was stopped in the pass will happen again. My dad was a musician and music teacher and we know that music stirs your emotions and physical response.
    My next composition for the following lyrics will be: There was a man who was looking for fame, but the poor guys plans turned into shame. Hate and murder was his song, but suddenly everything for him went wrong. Love and mercy he did not know so on the road to self destruction he did go. He only had himself to blame , it was his greed for power that brought him to shame.
    No longer around to spread the song of hate, and for those who sang with him met the same fate.

  52. Dukie 743 says

    During this last week we have seen sheer gangsterism in the country of ours with seven or eight thugs with machine guns surrounding the entrance to a South African court without any interference from the South African Police. Outside the court the crowd sang the very song that is being challenged in court and the disgusting Madikizela Mandela and the increasing podgy Malema made their speeches. The former is ofcourse remembered for her ‘shaking matches’ speeches of the 80s when hundreds of so called collabourators were burnt alive in the townships with burning tyres around their necks.This is all intimmidation ofcourse against white judges. Remember the daily intimmidation outside the court of Zuma;s rape trial held by Judge VanderMerwe. And, when Cameron through out a section of his corruption trial, later re instated. Now, i suspect that Lamont is being intimmidated.
    However, if this song that depicts that an identified section of this country be shot, then South Africa will be known as a gangster country thoughout the civilised world. There is no doubt about that. Today, a government cabinet minister actually supported the song. in court. We therefore have the government of South Africa supporting the singing of a song that depicts violence against a defenceless innocent, section of its own people. And, so far, there is a deafening silence from the political opposition parties including the DA. Obviously afraid of losing or not gaining black votes. The politicians in South Africa will one day ignite a revolution that will make Libya look like a Sunday school outing. All my humble opinion ofcourse.

  53. Dukie you are so right, we saw this in the 70’s in the Tugela Ferry faction fights, Tribes killed tribes and a huge area of KZN was in faction wars, their own people against their own. Wonder what that was all about? Power obviously.

  54. Dukie ;743. About 9 years ago a member of our congregation was in a bank when 5 armed robbers walked in, commanded them all to lie on the floor, put their cellphones, wallets in front of them. They kicked the cellphones away so no one could make a call. Our member felt a peace coming over him as he prayed feverantly. The robbers suddenly looked disturbed and rushed out , as they got outside, police and armed guards was awaiting them. Two robbers were shot dead and the other three arrested. No harm to any of the bank employees or customers. The news article was: Police foils bank robbing attempt. We know Who actually was in control. Dukie that is why we have no fear and plenty of peace, Don’t let the negative over rule your peace because that is their objective to put fear into your heart and we must reject that. Forgive them for they know not what they are doing, if they did know the true consequences they will not be doing it.

  55. equality court was set-up under a new act -equality act and ever cou hasit herefore there`s no need or people to travel long distances to reach them!

    they are a forum not a court where parties sit down face-to-face and resolve their issues,then inform the presiding officers when the sitting start.he then must rule according to their deliberations or where they can`t reach an agreement he must then make his decision based on the information infront of him and the way this case is handled it showed that they{presiding officers} have no idea how thes courts of cross-examination or defences don`t belong here because its mostly illiterate poor people who use them because they can`t afford high courts.there must not be any postponements borne by inconclusive proceedings but short of manpower

  56. All I can say is that I have no respect for racists who think that violence can solve problems in the country.

  57. he will walk away from it with a pat on the back, after all if the anc doesn’t let him off he might call the youth out against them and jacob will be lost. We all know that they control most of the law decisions in this country.

  58. To repaet the cartoon: “GET RID OF THE RUBBISH!!”

  59. mickey, dont worry, even if he walks away with a pat on the back it is not to say that he won, just be patient you will see he wont last very long, remember his predecessor P Makabo? where is he now!!

  60. THat the song is part of our history and part of the struggle culture is not the point or our right to sing it. THE POINT IS that Juju chooses to sing it at occasions that incite racism- THE CONTEXT of his singing this MUST be taken into account. After all we are not in aprtheid south africa anymore! What happened to tolerance and integration. Who is now inciting conflict?

  61. Juju is indeed trying to cause conflict, he likes it it is like food to him, he certainly has a taste for poison and does not want the country to live in peace. If he wanted peace he would promote peace, but he is still small fry and we should really not take much notice, he is looking for recognition and popularity so therefor just ignore it.

  62. Sr. Susan says

    I am a midwife. I do not allow the children I know to have a toy gun around me. First I give them as long a lecture as I possibly can about gunshot wounds, perforated bowels, catastrophic hemorrhages, and months of pain and nursing care to recover from this type of injury. I confiscate the toy the 2nd time, the 3rd I break it!! finished and klaar! no negotiation, ever.

    The sole purpose of guns is to maim and destroy (some one.) There are no ‘good ‘uses for guns. Some kill instantly, some will amputate limbs: some explode your head into a million pieces, some explode you in the middle of your chest and scatter your parts meters around you…In 2011 saying “SHOOT the boer ‘means some thing else ?
    Why did Malema need that many gunmen to protect him the other day? Does he realize then that so many would like to see him shot?
    What type of guns were they actually?
    I’d also like to see who issued the ‘right sort of licence’ to which particular person carrying automatic rifles in Public places??

    You are so right, Peace. Causing conflict is his purpose. I know this but it makes me so damn mad, I feel I should do something more than nothing!!
    We all know how saying nothing, means that, uh well… nothing. (Deep sigh)

  63. unfortunately its not publicity or popularity or riches that he“ll get but hatred that will lead to his suffering and destruction!

    the white media is increasing the hatred of him by whites which will lead to whites destroying him.he could end-up like oj or wesley,lamba or chauke or mbuli!when the white media reported that he has lost his vip protection they were saying to whites he`s bare and all yours if you have decided to eliminate him but as a small fry white people will hit him with a small cane.the white financial advisor he has can withhold his taxes then push receiver to charge him for tax evasion or money laundering like wesley`s white bookkkeeper did for telling whites that he`ll destroy vampires in real life too forgetting that he was indeed talking to vampires since vampires are white and they didn`t tolerated a black man destroying whites

  64. Maybe Juju’s song is a love song, he loves violence, killings, crime and corruption

  65. Tim wow you sure seem to be having nightmares. Read Wonkies comedy it may help you laugh a bit and lighten your burden.

  66. Idont see any thing we should fight about because the afrikaaner are the one who still have racism against us black,i am working with them and they still show the apartheid, look at the people like Steve Hofmeyer (sorry for wrong spelling)

  67. This song has no place in the South Africa. There is nothing ‘new’ about South Africa too. Apartheid ended what 17 years ago? Malema is just media mad as someone said. He is just trying to cause uprival by showing off his ‘struggle song’. What struggle does he have now? Stuggling to get into the bath/shower maybe. Wish these ppl would just get over themselves so we can move on and start making money and look after our people. They are soo self absorbed. Any idea how much money this is costing (us)? Anyway I think the whites are fine. Old JZ has been quite good at repremanding Juju for his actions.

  68. ANC wants to legalize White Genicide.

    The Genocide Watch has already placed white south africans on level 5 of their Genocide Risk listing. There is 8 Levels.

  69. Chris, let not your heart be troubled He that is with us has the Ultimate Power to destroy all evil. We have to do what is expected of us, self control, love our enemies and treat them well and show them the only way to prosperity and peace without any form of violence or oppression. Should they wish to rather follow their own wicked ways they have lost the plot already, We are 4 in this small enterprise 1 black male 1 whote male, 1 black lady and one white. We all participate in blogs ,2 of us use the same computer and do not know each others avatar on Wonkie. We have had some good laughs but also pity many that displays their wicked hearts so openly. Any way Wonkie has a wonderful sense of humor and a genious humerous way of expressions.

  70. yes…of course…courts act on evidence in front of them but in some cases they do pronounce that would it have gone their way they could have given different verdict now in this case they should have said that the complain fell squarely within the equality act but if they had their way they could have disqualified the complin because the complainant are peddling and promoting racial hatred in their orgnisational policies because as a non-afrikaner you can`t be a member of afriforum and its mother body-solidarity

  71. If you feel intimidated by Juju’s song then you must just go to Holland because we will sing it forever until we act on that song. I’m not supporting Malema or something but that is part of our history you cannot just wish away. We are still fighting against you because you have not returned our land and we will shoot you boers if that is what it takes.

  72. Whether or not the song is regarded by the court as hate speech, there is no doubt the purpose Malema sings the song. Not to commemorate or celebrate the struggle veterans and not to associate himself with the struggle. Malema sings the song to incite the rabble who follow him to hate whites in general and the Afrikaans in particular. This is hate whether anybody likes it or not. Harm follows harm and those who preach evil and harm will feel the fire before the grave. : – Koran (the Romans) (30.12] And at the time when the hour shall come the guilty shall be in despair.

  73. Mzu you are right one should not feel intimidated by a song. He must just swop the gun for a guitar and everyone will dance.

  74. O I forgot my brilliant idea, if Juju cant play guitar he must go to Steve Hofmeyer he can teach him to play, sing and how to get on the top 20 hit parade, not a physical hit but a musical hit.

  75. Dukie 743 says

    Just allow the song to be legtimately sung and the rest of the world will look upon South Africa as being just another uncivilised African banana republic. Your government under this uneducated man Zuma already patheitically supports a song that encourages the killing of its own people. Thats possibly why the rotund ‘still to plead innocence’ Zuma grovels around Gaddafi whenever they meet. They are two of a kind. No wonder Dewani is afraid to return to your country. Even your police are too frightened to tell armed thugs with semi automatic machine guns, under your eventually to be state president Malema, not to surround the entrance to your courts. All your police under the idiots Cele, Mthetwa and Zuma know what to do is to beat an innocent man whilst he is on his knees and then shoot him to death. You South Africans should perhaps catchawake up as to where this corrupt ANC government under the wily Zuma is leading you. Another Zimbabwe thats for sure.

  76. Just stock up on plenty of promises it is a cheap way to bribe and costs you nothing. The gullable is easily misled with promises

  77. Peanuts u are right the country has been run with promises, but my question is what happened to all the money?

  78. Juju was not a soldier in the struggle and the struggle is over. Yes we do have poverty, unemployment, corruption, an ineffective police force and justice system. Protest against all of these is legitimate, it is also legitimate to sing the old songs. But to sing them to arouse a rabble is politicking at its worst. What Malema is doing is appealing to the youth who are poor and unemployed because if he did not he would have nothing to offer them and would soon be out on his ear. He keeps up the heat by violating the most fundamental principles of the Freedom Charter by directing a maybe legitimate struggle song at Afrikaners with the purpose of insulting them and causing harm. It will not win any struggle but it will win him the votes of the uneducated, the unemployed and the poor and might even one day propel him into the Presidency. The ANC cannot censure him because his methods based on arousing the ignorant is what keeps them in power. In the current election protests we see people killed, tear gas riots and destruction by the mob, who come election day will elect the same people they are objecting to.

  79. This is mass hipnotism that has been going on for years. It smuggles with your brain and then you can not think logically for yourself, you need the hipnotist to tell you what to do. That way GOD is shut off from you as HE requires us to follow and obey HIM and not humans. Show me one of them that has joy in their hearts, they only have hate as they are controlled by a hatefull hipnotist.

  80. I hope dilema watched sabc2 50/50 last night and saw what some tribes do with baboons, they make muti out of them, he better take care or he might land up in some peoples medicine.

  81. I am so sad that julle, Dukie and Peace and Garth do not write to the daily papers. (daily)
    Not enough people know about Wonkie, and all the read, well thought out provoking, stimulating notes that are here. I always read the ‘Letters to the Editor ‘ as this is the “voice of the people. (and Travato, cos he tries) Everyone needs to read this content to become more informed of the cold hard realities that are happening right before our very eyes. Saying it all here is not enough. sad. all of it. (sigh)
    Please, more!!!

  82. Peanuts, we know you mean it as a joke but take care some of them have no sense of humor and fail to see the funny in some comments. We also saw that program and could not believe that people still practice witchcraft and use animals to promote their evil practices and think it is civil to do so and actually believes that it works. They will wake up with a rude awakening soon.

  83. Thanks peace but surely they must have some sense of humor. If you can not laugh it must be a very dull life.

  84. Hi Sr. Susan.
    I do infact often write letters to the newspapers under my real name Frank Hartry.

  85. Hi Sr Susan, we do our uttermost to try and help people to live positive lives and to abstain from negativity. But mass hipnoses is a fact and we see this on a continues basis. One of the obvious actions of those are their major sense of negativity. They have an one track mind only and that is what has been projected on them. They never laugh and can not have good clean fun. They actually live a life of misery and even when circumstances are in their favour they still fail to see it. It is one of the most difficult issues to address in anybody suffering from hate, bitterness , violent tempers. The fact that this emotional disturbance is totally self destructing seems to bypass them and is over ruled by this hipnotism. Hitler did exactly the same. as mentioned before , note it is not a falicy, closed fists are closed hearts and means destruction ( it normally boomerangs as it is the law of nature). People with open hands are compasionate, gives freely and are joyfull.

  86. i don’t think its fair for some people in south africa to have freedom to do as they please&others have to be told what to say&how they should live their this new south africa we still have towns called ORANIA&the afrikaner organisation has a nerve to tell Julius what to sing.Leave us to sing&say what we want and we will leave you to ORANIA.

  87. Mathabo, we dont have a problem with you singing it,carry on it is your choice but know when it boomerangs on you, you asked for it. That song does not threaten us as we know what happens to those wanting to kill. Just look at the newspapers of the last two years, and you can see what happens to the unjust without us having to do anything. that does not get to us except the fact that we feel sorry for those participating and being braindrained and the consequences they are going to have to face. IT IS THE LAW OF NATURE. Live by the sword you will die by the sword. Sorry about the fact that you not allowed to think for yourself.

  88. I have been reading the Wonkie page and what I see in the newspaper, I see in the street and I see it here.

    Whites don’t have a right. Indians don’t have a right, When is it the coloureds turn?

    The same hatred that juju is accused of is rampant even on this page…

    I wonder?

    If My people, who are called by My Name, shall humble themselves and pray, and turn from their wicked ways, I will heal their land…

    Are YOU willing to let this land be healed?

  89. Dont worry pollatjie we have been praying for many years and we know that has been heard, and WILL be answered shortly. Listen to MW 65.7 and you will hear how many of the black population is already changing their hearts. This is overwelming and fills us even with more joy. Pastor Ray Logotsi is on at night from 8 – 9 and we love him. This is part of the prayer that has been answered already and their is much more goodness to come shortly.

  90. @Lungani I agree with u 100% boss, also guyz we need to remember that our leaders were in the strugle so they will always sing these songs, lets just begg the SAPS to stop those who use songs to commit crime, because they are violating other peoples rights, so lets not forgot that. Delarey is onother story, also the reactions of AWBs general secretary when the in the etv studios, no noise was made to that, nd when the camera men of Debbra was punched in face, no noise was made out of that, now JUJU is singing a song Huge huge noise is made plz get some life.

  91. this is to you peace who thinks you can tell me how i should think,doing the same thing that the aparteid regiem was doing telling people of when to even go to the loo.just because i don’t see anything wrong with singing the song doesn’t make me braindrained as you say,but it shows that you still think your way of thinking is above everyone elses thinking

  92. No Mathabo I am not telling you how to think someone has done that already. What I am saying is everyone should be positive and not negative. Actions speak louder then words, and what the heart is full of comes from the mouth. I have and never will promote hate in any form as it destroys, I stand and will always stand for peace and joy. I am not a seeker of race but look at the hearts of people. Our 2 black partners are highly regarded, they too are peacemakers and we have been working together now for 21 years even before 1994. If there was no peace among us this would not have lasted and we are still partners.

  93. To Peanuts, can you answer this question for me please. Who had a debate with his professor and told him that darkness is the absence of light?

  94. There are many blacks on this forum and others like it stating how they will eventually do what the song tells them to do… They say it with full confidence, as if it is guaranteed that they will succeed. The largest percentage of licensed firearm owners are white. I for one am armed to the teeth. I will not sit back and watch my family get slaughtered, niether will I allow myself to be harmed without a fight. I will line them up on my front lawn in thier hundreds until my ammunition is depleated. I have medals & trophies for marksmenship & combat shooting, so I will not miss. And thier are many in the country like me. Not all “victims” of crime are wimpering cowards, many do bravely fight back. I am not trying to sound racist, just merely pointing out that I will not easily be taken by a racially motivated attack! My kids know how to handle firearms as I am a regular hunter and take them with on trips. They are more than capable of defending themselves aswell! Come shoot this boer, I dare you!!

  95. Peace I do know the answer, shall we wait and see if some of the others know it. I promise you I do know who it is.

  96. Peanuts I believe you, I gather that you are still young and still deciding what profession to follow. Am I right???

  97. Wow how did you know, you are spot on. Its kind a freaky.

  98. peace i am also not racist i went to a multiracial school&i see people for who they are not for the colour of their skin but its so frustrating when so many things are overlooked in this country,but every little small thing that a black person does is either taken to human rights or is made into a big deal. i can count so many things that white people have done in public which don’t agree with human rights but because black people don’t know who to turn to they get away with them&everyone knows including human rights organisations

  99. Peanuts it is not freaky, I just happen to know who you are. Next time log out when you have been on a blog on my computer. (Peanuts is the son of our black lady partner)

  100. Mathabo it is good to hear that you are not a racist. Racisim is evil, and has no respect for GOD’s creation. Everybody was created for a purpose, firstly to worship and praise GOD, even though HE has given us freedom of choice. HE says: “Choose whom you want to serve:, Honestly it is very difficult to understand that some humans can disrespect God’s creation. I trust that God will reveal HIS plan in your life to you. It really is wonderful to have peace, joy and prosperity, by prosperity I do not mean living in luxury but everything we do is Blessed and everything we need gets provided. Bless you

  101. peace i also believe in god very much so but he also gave us eyes to see and brains to think&when you look at the injustices that are happening in this country and nothing being done about it because of the colour of your skin&the people who have done the injustices not seeing anything wrong, instead continuing where they left off then forgiveness is a long learn to forgive when the person who has wronged you shows some remorse

  102. Mathabo, we forgive unconditionally wether those who fether against us show remorse or not. You must always remember that if people are unjust they know not what they are doing, if they did know the consequences they would not be doing it. Any form of violence, be it physical or verbal abuse will never go unpunished it is sure to come back and bite you. We have had curses uttered against us, and because we do not hold any grudge or revenge these curses are turned into a blessing for us and the curses returned to the curser. If you spiritual eyes are also open you see the unseen, recognise warning signs as well as all the goodness we receive from above.

  103. We shoot to kill, Dubul’ ibunhu

  104. Sporo: Aura et Labora, how is killing going to help you or save you from eternal condemnation?

  105. it a great think that julius malema had sang this song,it really important for black south african to remember where we coming from especially us as youth we must our history background that way we know who we really are! this must be passed on from generations to generation

  106. Delarey was a great man in the context of the South African War. He was the one who told Kruger that he did not want a war, but he supported him anyway and was the only one (with his men) standing up to the British at the end. The song commemorates his tand and the bravery of his troops. Nowhere does it say or imply that he was going to kill other ethnic groups. The song therefore cannot be compared with Malema’s rhetoric that threatens to kill (shoot) other South Africans. What really is Malema saying kill Boers now, kill English next, Jews next, then Muslims how about Coloureds and Indians and then maybe start on the Sotho, Venda, Khoisan a never ending bloodbath of ethnic cleansing. If the ANC cannot stop his hateful, divisive and racist rhetoric (and they cannot) then maybe a jail term will. If he is not silenced Zimbabwe, Libya and Rwanda are just around the corner.

  107. this case drained our coffers and resources unneccessarily by being heard outside of the equality act.

    it must have permanent staff because one needs time to study documents and make decision and now have courts presiding officers rushing during courts adjournments to go hear cases of this court and they have very little time to tud documents and make their informed decisions

  108. Dukie 743 says

    The greatest South African leader of all time was Jan Smuts. A World statesman, he led South Africa through two world wars. Mandela is insignificant in comparison.
    Smuts was a Boer general and guerrilla commander. He was one of the founders of the old League of Nations installed as a world body after WW1 and the present United Nations formed at the end of WW2. Unlike these present day ANC fat cats who laugh and treat the people with contempt with displays of their ill gotten wealth, Smuts was a humble modest man who had one small dwelling at Irene. Now a museum. Throughout his life as a leader of South Africa, Smuts had one solitary bodyguard who was a police inspector and also acted as chauffuer.
    Zuma has 24 bodyguards surrounding his heavenly body, Malema six, Matashe 4, Motlanthe 12 and Madikizela Mandela 8. All mayors are allocated six each of the beefy fellows. All at the cost to taxpayers ofcourse.
    Smuts was not afraid of anybody. These ANC people are scared of their own people. this is because of the rampant ANC corruption. Every one knows that the ANC is looting the state coffers of money meant for the poor. However the party will always win elections because of the fact that it tells 18 million illeterate voters in the rural areas they they will lose their social grants if the ANC is voted out of power.

  109. Tim, This case should not be in court and it should not be heard in the equality court. If the ANC was at all interested in Unity and harmony they would have shut up Malema long before he started singing his hateful racism.
    The ANC cannot shut up Malema because of the uneducated ignorant votes he pulls. (courtesy of a failed education policy).

  110. Dukie, we can almost predict what is going to happen in the next 5 years while the anc is ruling. This prediction is easy as it is based on the current situation. In 5 years we wil have major breakouts of the following deseases. Bobonnic plague due to filth, typhoid and cholera due to contaminated water.
    Malaria as the mosquetos are far more now then ever before. Anti virals against age will by far not be enough to sustain the epidemic which are going to reach a much higher level as even the school children are practising immoral sex. Many will die young of drug abuse due to drugs reaching even the very young at primary school levels. Peanuts has just completed grade 12 and is still comtemplating on what profession to follow, he has told us a lot of what is happening at school, he attended a semi pvt mixed school and that which is happening among these kids are a very very big concern. We are pleased that he has the courage to remain pure and not to participate in any of these immoral orgies and are very proud of him. He has been victimised on a few occassions but kept his cool and dignity by just ignoring the issues.

  111. Garth, . yes, now what?
    There are so any issues involved in all of this. Yes,they LET him in. Now the slogan becomes more entrenched in the mind. A Movie like quality in the poses on the faces of the red tie men, holding guns made (where ?) Who by and where were they trained, licences in whose name?
    This is so. Therefore we are then morally bound to try to reach every one we can to plead for votes. for the opposition.. any one…silly to waste a vote that is too small to truly effect a change.

    The education problem is what I foretold in1992. I worked at the Midwife Obstetric Unit at Khaylitsha, Site B. Some months we would deliver
    300 babies.= in 6 years . a school is needed for 300 students =desks, teaches, classrooms books, playing fields. A School full, almost every month.200-300.pupils. I used to some times ponder the logistics of the reality of trying to complete a whole school, and all and all, EVERY MONTH.
    Worked there almost a year. the only White Nursing Sister around. ja. I know it was coming,and here are those children, who have little or no real education. At the time a lived with a teacher who taught the teachers to teach at the Khaylitsha College of Education, and the Soccer World Cup was to be Italy. Who can forget that Boot, kicking that black and white ball where Sicily should be. eish…too lovely…that time. I marked some question papers, (I also taught a little) few, as 3rd year student teachers said Italy to a map of the Med. I got about 7 different answers. Japan, Australia. Seychelles, Madagascar. these folks about to be sent out there to teach junior school to to the 7-9yrs olds knowing almost nothing.The Syllabus that the teachers were given were ridiculous. ….. now hwat
    and yes Peace, the very Medical problems are scary. and real, and they can kill quickly and be very ugly, and painful.
    Where the nurses? The some of the good ones have gone overseas, 4 years slog and you can buy a house when you come home. and then go back to working like a dog just to survive, as South Africa does not honour the core of any society, The Nurses, The Teachers, The Police. The Priest. i.e. the keeper of your particular code. I’m glad Peanut has you to make him think a little more than his peers. lucky kid.

  112. Sr Susan thank you for what you have done and is still doing, I sometimes wish I could do more. Peanut and our x neighbor’s daughter Zozo are like fresh breezes around one, they have wonderful sens of humors, extremely dedicated in all they do and have achieved good academic results. Why can’t all youngsters be like that, that are not indoctrined by any one and no the difference between right and wrong, negative and positive. Their parents are both positive and contribute a lot to society. This is the times we are living in and we have been told how people will be in these last days you look around observing and you see how true it really is. We at least know where our help comes from and nobody can stop it no matter how hard they try. Those who trust and serve GOD is always in the majority and that keeps us joyful knowing that no one can take us out of HIS hands.

  113. I’m so blessed to have a work that I really love. I’m not paid what I’m worth, but I’ve turned that into the phrase that says, ja, but my friends are priceless. My Dad said that if you have to work all your life, (and an honest man has to, he doesn’t just take it) you have to find something that you love, (you gotta do it all day)and if you have a piece of paper you earned, over years of study, then had to paid a certain amount. The day he diedin 1975, I found that those letters addressed to Dr…. was not just a typing error.He had a Phd .in Economics and Political Science. He had said if you were a man of worth did did not have print it every where, to prove anything. You are the sum total of all your history… . that is you, the all, and all and you will reveal your Knowledge by how you act and what comes out of your pen ,or mouth or your very physical actions…(just had a flash of having my mouth washed out with a cake of green Sunlight soap for calling my brother a ‘bloody snot’ . ja. nee…. …
    I sure could use up a cake of soap!!!

  114. Sr Susan you are blessed indeed, Your dad was also a wise man, same as mine who passed over in 1985. He was a wonderfull musician and composer and had many offers to go overseas. The first thing he would ask them was: Is my whole family allowed as well if not I do not except the offer. He hated the fact that so many workers were working far away from their families and fought a lot against it. We lived on a farm and 2 of the workers that started their had their families in Newcastle. He built cottages for them and instructed them to go fetch their families before they even start working for him. Our farm labourers had the same convienances as we had. We had no electricity and no water from outside suppliers. We had generators, water boreholes and combustions for hot water. They all were kept by the new owner after the farm was sold when my dad passed away. Some of them still have contact with us but most of them have also since passed over due to old age. It was a very unjust move by having families being apart, some of them still live that way and we would certainly like to see that change as well.

  115. i support you andie what malema is doing is trying to hill our wounds of of the boer era what else can we do than to sing songs left in our heart to remember our dead comrate

  116. pollatjie says

    Sr.Su, you said it!! You repeated what your dad told you… Every person is the sum of his own history. Every family is the sum of his history and in the same way, every nation is the result of his history.

    That leaves 2 choices. 1. Maintain your existing mindset and leave a bad history for your kids 2. Call a halt to the madness, change your mindset, and give your kids a good history.

    Will South Africa make the change? Are you, reading this, man enough?

    If I change my mindset, I can start to make a change. Then, I believe, there will be no future “malema situations” than can only cause more antagonism!

    Who is with me??

  117. Iron Fist says

    After all the rubbish Julius Malema has done, I have come to one conclusion. He is a madman hellbent on dividing the country.

  118. Iron fist unfortunately I am sad to say that you are so right. He is a sadist and a facist. We heard him talk on the radio this afternoon giving evidence in his court case, what a nutcase. You must bear in mind that he is certainly still in a struggle mode, struggling with his own inhibitions that will be tp his detriment. Those are the kind of people that never get a change of heart no matter how well things are going for them. The negative that does not want to be positive. They have a power hunger that never gets fulfilled according to their aims. I mean this in a way that maybe if everybody prays for him, he might change nothing is impossible.

  119. Pollatjie, We are concerned about the people that are stressing about the political situation. we counsel people that have been traumatised by various criminal and victimisation and the majority are blacks. Please!!!!! believe me we have nothing to worry about. I pray that you will be able to see the plan God has for our country, shut yourselves off and seek HIS FACE and HE will reveal HIS plan to you as well. Dont be worried on account of the wicked, dont be jealous of those who do wrong. They will soon disappear like grass that dries up, they will die like plants that wither. Don’t give in to worry or anger, it only leads to trouble. Those who trust in the LORD will possess the land, but the wicked will be driven out. Soon the wicked will disappear, you may look for them, but you wont find them, the humble will possess the land and enjoy prosperity and peace. The wicked plot against good people and glare at them with hate. But the LORD laughs at wicked people, because HE knows they will soon be destroyed. The wicked draw their amunition to kill the poor and needy, to slaughter those who do what is right but they will be killed by their own amunition and their weapons will be smashed. But please bear in mind that we are still living in a period of grace and there is still time to repent and turn from wicked ways if you are full of hate and have thoughts of destruction. Let your prayers be from a contrite heart as the period of grace will soon depart. For those who do not believe that this is true are in for a very very rude awakening. God is real and if you have negative thoughts about HIM it DOES NOT MAKE HIM ANY LESS REAL. I sincerely hope that those with hatred in their hearts will change and not take a deadly chance. HELL has no fire escape!!

  120. Farmers can be black or white! What SHOULD be the objection, is calling upon the youth to KILL anything at all!

  121. Sr. Susan says

    You can call yourself Peace, then to go into a kind of killing mode talk . I dont want any of that. ever. Remember those exploding limbs and Lethal Guns. and Nurses like me have to put them back together again.. (sigh)

    We need to BE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE in the world.
    You, with your fine mind should teach more youngsters.. we should all teach them….
    Teach norms, values, ethics, truths,10 commandments, The 9 Truths of Buddhism. The Celestine Prophesy. Nostradamus, Goethe. Einstein. Mother Therese. The Bible, Indaba My Children… and give a good paddy whack as needed as well!!
    I choose to be more Positive and mentally obliterate all that destruction. In my space, now.

  122. Sr S please read that again, this is what the LORD says about the wicked. All I am doing is to tell those who do have wicked hearts talking about killing others etc what GOD intends to do to them if they do not turn from their wicked ways. God fearing people do not even have thoughts of wanting to kill we want people to have life and have it abundantly. This was revealed to me in 1973 already, and I pray everyday of my life for this country and all its people , that we all will serve the LORD together as one nation. It is GOD’s plan anyway for this country. Evil knows it and is trying his damnest to make it look like a hopeless situation as he wants people to have fear and hate.
    So many of our citizens have and is still repenting which his heartwarming and great excitement. A few weeks ago the UJ stadium in Soweto was full and many hearts were changed. We can not change the laws of nature that was implemented by GOD. Yet HE is Forgiving, full of love, mercy and compassion and is awaiting us with open arms to come to HIM , HE wants to give us all that is good but if we choose to do our own thing we must suffer the consequences. We have no option but to warn and tell those that do not know GOD to get to know him so that they will not perish but have life and have it in abundance. Hope this clears your misunderstanding that I want to kill anybody , that is most definitely not so. I love all people wether they believe or not and do my utter most to bring them to the place of salvation.

  123. Ja. I see now I am really tired and did not read it all properly..(long nights worked) sorry! an old Chinaman once said ‘may we live in interesting times’
    I do believe it’s here, now…..

  124. Sr Susan, Pity I do not have your email adres I would love to correspond with you. If you have skype it would even be better. How can we contact each other besides these blogs. I am sure we have a lot in common , I would love to meet you as well. Hope you had a wonderful rest and feel refreshed and blessed this morning. It would be nice if you do have skype then you could speak to Peanuts but he is going back to varsity nest week after a 2 week break but he has an email address. He started his BA in communications this year.

  125. objections…your worship!!!!continuation of this matter amounts to travesty of justice and a waste of taxpayers money therefore stop it right now and award costs to both parties!

    only where words of the defendant could have resulted in violence against a farmer of cacausean appearance then that farmer should have been the one who bring a suit against the defendant or their legal representative.the song refer to boers and boer is afrikaans translation of farmer.there`s also no evidence to justify complainant case since it is very generalised and not particularised,frivolous and vexatious!!!!!!

  126. Tim, Wonkie said the hate speeches have been closed now and we now have turned to love and marriage.

  127. you knw i thnk we shld be agung abt dis as we all knw tht ths who hv money thy wont be found guilty bt if not u will rot in jail. and we shld nt sing such sngs bcs dis is demoratic south Africa.

  128. I watched Juju speak after the court was adjourned today. What a great vision he has. Nationalise mines, banks and transport. Take over all white farms without compensation. Dish out free homes to the former oppressed and so on. He and the ANCYL have a deep faith that this will make SA prosperous and eliminate poverty. Zambia nationalised mines in the 70’s and over the years they all went bust an many stopped production. They have now sol some back to the original owners at fire sale prices. Take wawy the farms even the current land redistribution is a failure, a failure to produce very much and now we have become a food importer. Soon we will get free food from World Food Aid as we enter a period of mass famine. He will scare away more whites and many Indians and Coloureds and even some blacks who do not want to live in a banana republic. SA will then have to pay premium salaries to expats just like most African countries whose incomprehensible socialist and communist policies have lead to ruin. Where will we be in 5 years time, poor and homeless

  129. Garth we heard him telling the cross examiner that stopping him from singing his song causes severe emotional pain to him. He would not suffer from emotional pain if he had emotional intelligence. Many of the blacks regards him the same way as we regarded ol ET. The few that pass pro juju comments on this blog is by far in the monority. Many blacks have barred their children from attending any of juju’s meetings. One I know of was told if he ever goes to one he will be disowned and have no more privilages. You will see what I said will surely happen if they remain in power for the next 5 years. We will have such pest illness famines that they will have no control over it. First of all the gov hospitals has degenerated so badly that it is not suitable to accommodate contagous deseases anymore. We will have a major outbreak of babonic plaque, cholera, typhoid and malaria. Already the rats are multiplying by the thousands in Jhb and squater camps. We heard today on the news that [ I did not get the name of the place} there is a major outbreak of diarhee and not enough medication to treat all. We can only hope and pray that there will be intervention before an entire nation is wiped out.

  130. hi know for someone who is religiouse and working with 2 black partners you are so judgemental&so quick to put out all the flaws the blacks have&how you put it out as if whites are perfect,they are these great thinkers who are not brain washed and can think for them selves unlike all the blacks who are stupid(braindrained)as you put it&can’t think for themselves

  131. I am not condemning anybody but is also a realist to what is happening. Any one can see where things are moving to. First of all you can not support people when all they care about is self enrichment and leave the unprivilaged in destitute. If the gv was fair and treated all citizens the same I would vote for them. These deseases that I mentioned is a fact that is going to happen if things do not change drastically now. Just imagine many suffering on account of it, small children , old people normally do not survive these epidemics Take a medical book and read about the consequences and causes of those epidemics, shall we just keep quiet and let it happen. !!!! Already our group of prayer warriors are praying around the clock that GOD will spare us such a disaster. Also to go around and arouse and instigate people to use violence is surely not an honourable deed and it can not come from someone who has a sound mind. Dont blame my relationship with GOD for speaking out truth and warn people against famine , if HE tells me these things it is to warn people not to condemn them. You should not take exception to realistic matters but rather do a self research and see if you are a constructive contributor to our country, promoting peace and justice or if you promote warfare and hate. I don’t know but do yourself a favour and examine your heart. I bet you know deep down inside that what I am telling you is 100 % correct.

  132. peace if you remember i did speak to you about the fact that god gave us eyes to see&brains to think&i am still saying until the white people apologies sincerely then people like Malema will stop singing these songs&maybe find a common ground.for your information not everything you say is 100%,because in my eyes what i am saying is 100% correct

  133. Sr. Susan says

    Mathabo….if this is true, then I hope the people will see that the ANC is offering false promises, that they cannot possibly full fill.
    No county houses, waters, or tends to to waste of all it’s people. Poverty is a reality. You are born to those parents at that time. Educated according to the area you lived in and what your parents could afford to pay.
    Then they brought you up according what ever knowingness they had or not. Taught you codes, morals, ethics according to their philosophy.. YOU then get to choose the way you live, how you treat others hard you willing to work for what you have…
    What I have noticed in the past 10 years, is that there is little consequence for any criminal act. Rape. Murder. Robbery. Drunkeness. Corruption. Etc
    I read daily of MILLIONS of wasted ZAR’s by the Members of Parliament.. their grand travelling, the cars, the Hotels… billions of Rands in tender fraud. Billions. A friend a while ago took the papers and added up lists of either fraud corruption, tickets, planes, travels …
    That money could have, ja, could have been spent where it was really needed, built houses, Schools, Hospitals….but. ja taken from the many, (and MY tax money) to enrich the few!
    And now a wasteful law suit. Songs of every nation are important. To use my tax money on something that can not be legally resolved is a problem for me.
    I’d like people to ‘use’ their talents for the good of others. NOt to create drama and cause reaction for our own sense importance..

  134. Buthelezi says

    Song is part of our heritage, if the song is not good enough for someone, so as the robben island meusium from the W.C, so as the V0ERTREKKER meausium from KZN, so as NELSON MANDELA HOUSE!!!

  135. Sr Susan, I would like to send you a dvd of our prayer for S.A. It has been distributed to many who ask for it. How can I get hold of you or your postal address. Do you have skype facility, or facebook? If you on facebook you can send me a friend request and I will accept. Let me know .

  136. Mathabo here is something extremely wonderful. I walk down our block on my own praying for GOD”s favour and protection. In our block lives, Blacks, whites and Indians. We have never had a burglary, or any other evil happenings and all live in peace in our block. Here is the amazing part and we find it simbolic. When a dog or cat is out on the street they mostly get killed by a vehicle. That prooves if you stray out of your true protection and GOD’s favour your bound to loose your life.

  137. Thank goodness we do not live in the past anymore.I love music and is a great admirer of the Soweto Gospel Choir. Singing a meaningless song without any formal instrumental backing can never be a hit and the decibels is damaging to the ears.

  138. peace i also walk at 23:00 at the beach front where i leave&have been doing that for the past 11 years&still feel safe and peace you amaze me when you say these things you say&most of the time i think you just say without thinking because all those people killed in house robberies&hijackings in their streets&driveways,in your words they were straying&out of gods favour.i think your thinking is very miss matched.

  139. No Mathabo, I am talking about our own block, Others obviously have not prayed for GOD’s favour in their blocks, There are a few who knows about it that has done the same and they say they have not had crimes in their blocks either. So there is your answer if you truly trust, obey and believe GOD do the same in your block. Pray for GOD’s protection and favour upon all living in your block and HE sure will do that.

  140. Hi I guess most are away for the weekend, I have to go back next week to the pen and book salt mine. I had to change my email address due to unwanted serious junk mail. Will try and keep up with Wonkie and the other blogs while at the salt mine.

  141. Juju you made your point many darkies in south Africa have a big chip on their shoulders but to go around singing these kak songs is totally in bad spirits. My mama is a German and my daddy is a ex Veteran – do you waan shoot me too because I can speak Afrikaans and my ma has a farm and I look less coloured than I do white . Jou ma se PoXes man ! FfuckXoff now or get a dam decent job and build some proper bridges ,not only in Limpopo but with all the nations of southernAfrica,( and stop learning kak form Mugabe he also made a big mess of his country to whose favour ), before you get the references as the biggest crook and PXoes and FuxenDooSX South Africa has seen in long time – did a Sangoma creep up your arse and plants some serious bads shit herbs in your hol or are you smoking some terrribly high TCB Cannabis with Winnie or what is wrong with you is it you or Winnie up to this shabby idea who is anal with who here ,you with her or her with you ? Leave the Boers and Farmers and Whites alone either they or the Zulus ,all act with sneakiy ways and willmess you and your Marxist crooks and cronies up one time,are going to mess you up very very well I can guarantee you this is the Corporate Sangoma speaking WATCH YOUR STEP Bhutie ,…….. ANC will definately not rule this country very much longer it has had it chance and messed up too badly ! Tannie Helen is coming to get you ! Ich Speilen nicht mit Kleine Aarschloggen.

  142. Lets stop this verbal war that actually leads to nothing more then anger and frustrations. I am convinced that you all know where the real answer to peace is. It is JESUS who is the LORD of times 2011 years ago HE opened Heaven for us so we may accept and serve HIM. By having HIS life is eternal and we can see the unseen, be filled with great love and joy and no fear. Only in HIM we can find the peace and joy above human understanding. Why is it that most are against HIM , is it because HE condemns hatred and wars? Time is running out fast so make the right choice if you really want LIFE that is good, soul warming and fair to all.

  143. Peanuts, get off the religious nonsense, it will not do anything to resolve the bullshit that we see people like Mathabo spout. Jesus existed ,but he was not the son of a twelve year old virgin. He was illegitimate and had to live with that his whole life which isolated him from the cultural thinking of his people who were slaves to fundamental religionist known as the Pharisees; he was also a wise man who called himself a God. There have been many of those before and after him who also thought they were Gods. Some were bad (Nero) some were good, and some were even better, but none could prove it. The belief in these fakes has caused more wars, massacres and oppression than anything else. Open your eyes.

  144. Garth (again) says

    Jannie Vannie Kaap. We could be brothers, My groot, groot etc granpa arrived on at the Cape two ships behind van Riebeeck, My groot ,groot even grooter Ouma was already waiting on the dock. WE are all South Africans most of whom want to get on with the business of improving our lives, living in peace with our fellow citizens and eliminating those things that hold us back such as poor education, poverty, unemployment, nepotism,crime, Juju. His singing of divisive songs does not help any cause except those of murderous thugs and the morons who believe his evil words.

  145. Garth, it is really kind a wierd that the ONE who condems violence and conflicts is accused of the cause. It is mainly religous movements that condemns HIM. Would it not be wonderful if people like Mathabo actually has an encounter with HIM and change from the negative (darkness) to the positive (light) and promote peace and harmony?

  146. Hi Peanuts, have you ever noticed that people who want to talk to you about their religious faith never want to hear you talk about yours. During the Easter weekend I answered the doorbell and heard a young man say that there were two of them and they were going around saying that they wanted to read us a passage from the Bible, I answered them by saying they were very welcome to read me a passage from the Bible as long as they did not mind if I read them a passage from the Koran. Now if Juju knocks on my door and offers to sing Shoot the Boer I will accomodate him as long as he agrees to hear my renditio of Bobejaan clim de Burg

  147. Garth I get your point and agree that the little I know about the Koran agrees much to ours as how we are to live in peace with everybody. I will find out if I may give you my beneficiary’s fax number , you can fax me your email address and I will correspond with you directly, maybe we can join forces to change our country to the goodwill of all. Will get authority first wether I will be allowed to publish the fax number.

  148. Gods really knows how sick and tired we are of the ANC and soon the DA too.

    Juju uyasela , intloko ujikile netoyitoyi !

    You sow CHAOS where ever you go is it because now you seem to be screwing Winnie Mandela too,you got so bold WTF man ??!!??!

    Have you produced a single pumpkin , spinach plant , cabbage or bean ?

    Southern Africa has serious challenges youths maybe a bit more too but do you come up with sensible and usefull stuff not a sock, broer you are a tosser of the highest order.

    I used to respect my history and the ANC partial bit of it too but you make a mockery of democracy and of evolved politics.

    I would rather associate with someone honest and fair than be seen anywhere near you and your hangers on – show me more than a handful of honest ANC mayors or councillors who actually earn their keep – I challenge you nearly none exist.

    When you and your fellows in Luthuli House , tried to steal every last thing you hope to from people including ” whities” what will you eat when you finished filling and consuming it to your fat fuckstomach.

    People cant eat songs, guns,or silly handsigns or history(it serve no use to live in thepast where your were not either ) we need houses to live in and keep families in, normal jobs and need good bosses who are willing and happy to employ us every day at a decent fair wage.

    In many countries in the World you would have already been shot not due to your ideas but due to your arrogance – if it was up to me to do not only to discipline you but to banish you for good simply because you make any black person look like a fool I would rather use skin whitener and be as white as possible and believe me if you try storm(like you proposed to do to Mangosuthu Buthulezis Home) my house as humble as it is and very every one of my hard earned pennies have been spent I will also mess you up some much your mother wont recognise your ashes because I will burn you as a snake or a witch that believe you to be and that I want to destroy for good.

  149. For centuries if not millenniums, blacks have been treated worse than anyone. This has caused an inferiority complex that is almost genetic in its scope. Apartheid heightened the inferiority of blacks that is until Mandela came along and walked a route to freedom, non-racialism, tolerance and reconciliation, creating a path to emulate and a dream to follow. He gave them a pride that had not expressed itself before. This more than anything is what makes Mandela a living hero and places him in the front row of History. Then along comes the meretricious punk Juju who is doing his best to undo all of the good that Mandela blessed us with.

  150. With due respect to the ANC leaders, I really don’t understand how this hurtful song had to be debated by the couts when it’s so simple when it hurts part of our society……and then the same people are talking about uniting the country!


  152. Elliott, you are so right but it is all on account of their double mindedness.
    You need not to worry as there are many of our young ones that finds certain culture groups amongst our own most unpleasant. I do not want to sound like a betrayer as some call me but I stick to my moral, social responsibility obligations and my faith.

  153. Good call Elliott. Why if the ANC is preaching reconciliation and harmony do they put up with Malema’s racist bile

  154. Malema and Mugabe are birds of the same feather, they rive on violence.
    They should have been born in the dark ages as they both live in spiritual darkness. That’s why juju visited muga and told him what he did in zim they are starting to do now in S.A. But his song does not upset us it is just his wishful thinking that surfaces again and again. He also wants to be president one day. Imagine that!!

  155. I dont know if I should mention it but I spent this whole weekend laughing so much. Peace is doing a comedy dvd on s.a. and she has everyone’s character matching perfectly, cant wait for it to be finished. It will only be for close friends and relatives and will not be available in the market.

  156. Sr. Susan says

    I really would love a copy of your CD. I’m sure it will be very interesting.(funny too)
    Garth when I lived in America,(3yrs) there is very definitely a sort of ‘apartheid ‘ there, but not as overtly as here. That inborn inferiority is evident in the way the people act.
    I am sure that Mandela but be heart broken at how quickly his incredible legacy is melting away at the
    hands of malema and his cronies. Truly sad.

  157. Malema’s breed is the kind that saw us come this far in our struggle for democracy. I see nothing wrong with the song and the claimed reasons why it is sung and celebrated. Julius is mentally unstable (opinion) and had an error in judgement as the level of discretion the singing of such a promiscuous number, should come with. I sing this number in psych up prior to football matches. I will continue my search for this song and add it to my driving playlist.

  158. Hi Sr Susan, I saw Peanuts mention the dvd I have started. He is lucky he left yesterday back to varsity. I could not help feeling that everything really is quite funny and decided to do a video on it. My hobby is to make private dvd’s for people that want them for special gifts . This one I am making is for my own friends and family. You are most welcome to have one, I also have a dvd of a concert I composed , produced, and trained for an early learning centre years ago with Peanuts as the lead singer he had just turned 6. I would love you to have one. Here is my fax no 0866410259 and I will post you both dvd.’s. The one I am busy doing now has still a lot of work on it and will only be finish in a few weeks time. Fax me your landline no and email address please.

  159. I am tempted to answer the critics and the believers in Malema’s idiocy and those who want a revolution when the first one has not run its course. But we could go on forever with this debate which is becoming futile. May I suggest that Wonkie close this debate and give us a new cartoon

  160. What i have noticed is when we as blacks say anything remotely revolutionary its racist.Damn these guys made us suffer and they still look at us as “less” beings than them.I think lets let the blacks express themselves and whites too… but don’t stop us after all we went thru.Its good to express.If you stop expression what may happen maybe bad….They still call us kaffirs what are you doing about that…i don’t see any trials going on

  161. @ Bigshaka, do not classify all people the same, comments on Wonkie does not even present 0.01% of the population. The tongue is a mighty weapon it can either be a great blessing or a curse.Very soon we will all have to account for our works and words. If you want a blessing be a blessing, The only way our country will become a good place for all to live is when we can totally forgive and forget the past and build on the future

  162. Binky wa-Rosina says

    The biggest error we can all do as South Afrcans is to imagine a life by blacks without whites. I am a black person who beliefs in national unity and I know for sure that our economy needs all of us. I represent blacks who do not belief in neither black nor white supremacy. I wouldn’t want to see our country becoming another african digtatorship doomed to failure like Uganda, Zimbabwe, Angola, Egypt, Yemen, Lybia etc. I personally don’t even like the kind of democracy we are moving through in South Africa where the majority of black electorate (preliterately) tend to associate democracy with one party and by so doing, stifle the real fruits of democracy. When people are not satisfaied with service delivery, the only power they must use is the cross (x) on the ballot paper in the following election. Not toy-toying that leads to loss of life.
    Our democracy can work very well without this big, arrogant, self-righteous political party that depends on the support of preliteracy of blacks.
    The most wonderful democracy in the world is where two or more political parties can win a general election like in Britain and the USA.
    We are yet to see what the big party will do one afternoon or morning when their so called IEC announces another party as the winner. Are they going to stomach it or go back to the bush? Is our denocracy real? or just “called” because somebody is in power.

  163. Bigtshaka i totally agree with you these people are so stupid they are addressing minor issues when we have places like orania where only whites stay with their own currency in South Africa how about we address that&Binky wa-Rosina you should be ashamed of calling yourself black you still have the bass mentality but i don’t blame you you were programed like that

  164. Unfortunately most the masses are programmed. Fortunately their are some with wisdom that decided to change their lives to be productive and constructive to change our country for the better and for peace. I know of one who’s dad left his mother when he was only 3 months old, and claims that all he ever got from his dad is his surname. He has been a model student and earns respect where ever he goes. Pity that we may be loosing him to the usa. So everyone can make his own choice of who he/she wants to be and how they can contribute to a peacefull and prosperous society in our country for everybody.

  165. Sr. Susan says

    I’m going to help with the masses who come to vote on Wednesday……
    I look forward to seeing the results. ..
    We need a strong opposition!..
    Peace, I’ll fax you, and we plan to get that CD….

  166. wisani justice says

    i think the song kill the boer is totally wrong in our country just because south africa is a country of democrtacy.we dont fight we have to forgive those who have done something wrong to us

  167. Bigtshaka the revolution is over to shout about it and pretend that we still have apartheid is self defeating. What we need now is evolution towards a prosperous unity state which will not happen while the loud mouths such as Malema propagate hate, communism, and racism when they were not part of the struggle. I agree with Binky wa-Rosina, those blacks who imagine a perfect state without Whites, Coloureds and Indians are living in a different world. They are always going to be here and will do what they have to, to protect their interests from idiots who sing about killing them.

  168. Me again, Culture and tradition are part of our lives and define who we are. But culture change is an ongoing human activity as the nature of our lives change and we encounter different cultures. There also comes a time when our traditions clash with others and sometimes that can lead to ethnic and racial conflict. Also many of our traditions are anachronistic. To achieve unity we need to seriously consider dumping those traditions that cause division, in particular thaose invented for that purpose such as Malema’s evil song.

  169. Garth you are right. Culture and traditions that causes negativity should be discarded by all citizens. It is unfortunately some cultures worshipping ancestoral spirits that bonds them to negativity, hate and violence. People who have passed over can NEVER communicate with the living. These are demonic impersonators that promotes evil and prevents prosperity. We did a three year intensive study on these practices and the findings are mind boggling evil. Fortunately a few were delivered from these practices and are now prospering.

  170. Sr. Susan says

    We all need to be a part of the ‘moving forward’ that is the only possible solution. Peanut, Peace, the other wonkie page ‘the toilet cartoon’ has a link to the Speech made by John Kane-Burman. please share it with all your friends. I believe it makes real sense. Sadly few of the people who need it, will read it .

  171. Another good laugh on campus today. We pronounced juju’s name in afrikaans and it actually suits him to the T. Mal ema

  172. Teach children, wives and feloows not to be quick to use words like monkey, baboon etc in the wrong context. It is difficult to take sides with anyone who sometimes feels justified to use such. Shoot aint a cool word, but a lot of so called Boers call themselves with the same name. REFER TO OTHERS AS BABOONS?MONKEYS, NO MATTER WHAT COLOUR THEY ARE, MALEMA HATE EXISTS SOLELY BY VIRTUE OF YOUR OWN HATE SPEECH!!. I AM SURE WHOEVER USES THOSE WORDS NOW HAs USED THEM BEFORE, Malema ain’t know more guilty about anything than u are.

  173. Too much editing was needed for my previous comment that I have had to post a re-worded comment. What right does a serial murderer have to go about complaining about the high prevalence of murder cases, or a serial rapists to go about complaining about the abuse of women/victims of rape. One who feels justified to refer to another as baboon/monkey, no matter what color whoever he is referring to that way is, should have their name replace Boer in Malema’s song. Those with that tendency/mentality are in the exact same class with Malema, he is no guilty than they are. I do not support that song, but if it was being sung one was chanting baboon/monkey etc, they are as inciting as those singing it and they probably the reason why the song ever existed. We cannot practice double standards, use this forum to talk against hate speech by using hate speech. So many people feel you are referring to them with such terminology than will ever know about the said song!!

  174. Maybe we need to form an association of Wonkie contributors whose agenda is “Moving Forward”

  175. @ Garth, you have a good idea there many must still learn to go forward and stop living as if it is still 50 years ago. Plus the hour glass is running out.

  176. Sr. Susan says

    Garth, yes, we should. We need to capture this energy and use it in a constructive way, not using it just to pontificate with no end in sight. If we do nothing, then we are like them , all talk and no action. Garth did you read John Kane Burman’s speech? (on the next Wonkie page linked by joesoap May16)
    There is a very clear and comprehensive possible plan that can be used to ‘move forward’ we should use our ‘collective brains’ for the greater good of the poorly educated masses. There are some fine minds that come here to read and comment.
    Do not waste our grey matter on nothing !

  177. Sr Susan you are so right, the few that do give constructive input seems only to be a few. Our congregation has only 578 working adult members and each one of us have a duty to do for the underpriviliged, I am sure there are more congregations doing that but the amount of poverty stricken people are so many and finances are limited to really reach out to get to all the needy. I sometimes even feel tempted to take a lotto ticket for finances needed for projects and maybe I should just take R3.50 and do it. In Zandspruit alone there are 1000’s that desperately need help, Alexander, Diepsloot, Orange Farms etc etc.

  178. Google: Nelson Mandela Singing to kill white people.

    Nelson Mandela = Julius Malema

  179. Gerrie Jordaan says

    Every person singing this song since the democratic voting is a murderer at heart (looking at the words of the song), and i include the so called mother of south Africa and every president and every member of parliament, and i have seen some of them singing on camera at their own free choice.

  180. @ Gerrie, do not feel troubled by that song they are going to change that tune shortly when their real struggle starts. It will not be against us but against the empty coffers as the majority of their voters do not pay tax but constantly asking for assistance. Had they fullfilled their promises this coming struggle could have been avoided.

  181. i hope nobody minds what malema is doing.what goes around comes around.

  182. @peace i hope u not asking 4 trouble baby

  183. Extremism consumes its own perpetrators, maybe current events are testimony to this. History has too many examples of extremists eventually falling to their own extremism: Gadaffi, Hitler, Musssolini, ‘Napoleon’, Osama…….
    Malema can choose if he wants to join the list.

  184. Umuntu that is so true they hang by their own ropes. Sad but true.

  185. The disciplinary hearing for Fatboy and his cronies will be a farce, a show to demonstrate how uncommitted the ANC is to stomping out dissent in its ranks. Fatboy will then go on enjoying his mid-life crisis.

  186. I think is a high time now where malema must be disciplined and be offered a political classis so that he can understand that politics is not about the disrespect of other parties is about building nation in a proper debates with respect.

  187. Tictac – Julius is a clown and the fools following him are as ignorant. The ANC should get their house in order but to do this they would need a real leader. Currently the blind is leading the blind and for this reason Julius could get away with all his crap. Im a black South African but the past is the past and all our country needs now, is a proper leader but to many of our people still vote with their emotions. It time for the people to consider their future and their children’s futures.

  188. I have found it difficult to underswtand why would ANC surrender Malema to White judges who would naturally feel offended by the “freedom” song. Malema has been sacrificed by those within the ANC who are part of the lot that have not seen anything wrong with the previous apartheid government. The song is no diffeerent from sentiments that whites in SA still continue to express to an extent of even insulting the president of the country openly without any reaction from the ANC leadership. Whites continue to call Africans “kaffirs” which not long ago that insult was directed to president Zuma. For as long as issues of our heritage will continue to be given to former oppressors and white South Africans to adjucate on, Azanians are far from their true freedom.

  189. [Removed by moderators – hate speech]

  190. Malema is a fat black baboon. I’m going to give that stupid baboon the sjambok.

  191. Malema is a mindless FREAK that shouldn’t be allowed to roam ANY millimeter of the entire universe! I can’t think of a lower piece of life form in existance than that fat blob calling itself Julius Malema..I hope his mothewr is proud of him cause then there will at least be ONE living entity that is!!! Fuck. you KAFFIR!!!

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