Monkey do Monkey see photo cartoon

Monkey do, Monkey see - a Wonkie Photo Caption Contest!

Monkey Do, Monkey See – Photo Caption Challenge

Time for some long overdue Friday Fun on Wonkie and time for you to get your brain cells in funny mode and ready for the weekend. Given the somewhat turbulent state of the world at the moment – what with the recent death of Muammar Gaddafi, the popular though rather meaningless ANCYL march for economic freedom, collapsing European economies and the shortage of bananas for certain monkey communities in South East Asia, something out of the ordinary would certainly be welcome.

In keeping with our role model theme over the last couple of weeks Wonkie found this rather interesting photo for November’s photo caption challenge. Whilst role models are typically known for the monkey see, monkey do type philosophy, Wonkie found that often what happens in reality is more akin to monkey do, monkey see (and do nothing). This alternative philosophy would explain a lot – like why idiots get re-elected, or why people complain about service delivery but still do nothing when it comes time to make decisions about who can change their lot.

Next week’s article sees the last in the African role models series and since we’ve looked at some bad and some ugly, we’ve saved the best for last. Please let us know your thoughts on who the best African role models are and we’ll try to incorporate your views into our posts in the form of quotes.

So now, Wonkie will leave it up to you to be as creative as possible with your photo captions… have fun and be funny – our only request is that if you are going to submit more than one caption, then please, please post them ALL in ONE comment! The funniest of the lot gets its creator a funky new Wonkie T-Shirt!

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The best challenge entry will be announced on 14th November 2011… enjoy the weekend!

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  1. Oh no Julius didnt just say that???

  2. What am I doing here marching with Julius?

  3. What shall we National next?

  4. The prince is here, hopefully he will pick me this time.

  5. So,here we are in Pretoria and Now What?

  6. What shall we nationalize next?

  7. WOOOOOH!!! Is dat de Dalai Lama?
    Yerrr he looks so small.
    I wonder wat will Tutu say*thinking*

  8. Wonder what my brothers in parliament is doing today?

  9. What the hell is Julius up to now?

  10. WTF. #%&*. Barney’s Long Walk to Mauritius!

  11. I take it the whole mouth agape, dumb look comes standard with the hairdo.

  12. Julius must stop his sprouting crap, he is giving the family a bad name!

  13. How can this idiot believe he has the intelligence to one day join us in Parliament?

  14. OMG! Justin Bieber has a Baby? I thought she looked a bit fat recently…

  15. Boniface Kata says

    oh my God why why!!

  16. i kant belieeve Malema is our presidente!!

  17. Is…is that…? yes it is! A beret! Oooh, I MUST get one of those!

  18. These bloody agents with their western hairstyles. WTF!! This is Afrika!!!

  19. Malema said THAT?

  20. Graham Flax says

    Comrade-leader, can’t we rather go on a picnic to Fountains?

  21. I wish Julius would just shut his mouth for once!!!

  22. WOT! They aren’t marching for our bananas!!

  23. malema and friends

  24. Shaun Folkard says

    Yoohoo JuJu! we want to join You Hoo

  25. Shaun Folkard says

    Do you think we colonialists will be spotted in our new disguise?

  26. Who are you calling a Congress of baboons us or the ANCYL?

  27. Deena Naidoo says

    Ello, ello, ello. So, what ‘ave we ‘ere? The dead leading the blind! Aw Ju Ju, don’t look so shocked. Close your mouth before something flies in.(See Pic).

  28. JuJu……you want to do what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!your own comrades marathon……you must be joking mannnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!

  29. Hold it guys -that looks like a cricket sponsor!

  30. Jacob and Julius have just landed on the sun! Unbelievable!!

  31. What? What? I have to resign from the ANCYL?

  32. I need more taxes for my extended family

  33. I wish Julius would cake his shuthole.

  34. Stupid fool, what does he expect to accomplish marching with hungry people wearing T-shirts of a dead dictator whose people didn’t even like him? No wonder the fool supports Robert Mugabe who’s almost left alone in the country while his subjects have fled to all corners of the world!

  35. COLLITJIES says

    OH JUJU the great leader, we will always keep up our (and your) wonderful family name as we will be behind you for better or for worse.

  36. Oh no! It can’t be Michael Hulley, surely not….

  37. Malema did whaat ??

  38. Malema, my brother comrade. Where are we walking to????

  39. Can’t believe that it is said that he’s one of us – we are far more intelligent

  40. n/a

  41. OMW! Who is wearing AXE? Was that an Angel falling out of the sky??

  42. I am so ashamed of being seen with this asshole! Where can I hide?

  43. now let me think which way did he tell us to march.

  44. xolani moyo says

    who’s the monkey now Julius!!!??

  45. What freedom are we marching for?

  46. Look, Julius, there are also whites marching!!


    Bitches be awesome

  48. New zealand monkeys watching RWC cup final—Oh my God are we choking again ? These french guys CAN play rugby !!!

  49. mike angell says

    WHAT! After that walk you are leaving us here & going To a wedding WHERE??

  50. No!! it cant be, Is this Malema??

  51. Oh boy, garbage removal training day and Siswe,
    my hero, with his mouth hanging
    open just like the back of that truck.

  52. I told you in court that you cannot demoralize me. You are dealing with a different kind of animal! Ons gaan Pretoria toe….

  53. With all this support …. maybe he is right ……Naaaaaah – even his woodwork stinks

  54. It’s February – our ‘Julie Baby’ is getting ready for March

  55. Juliarse – beware the Ides of March

  56. And Jules thought it would help!!

  57. Eischi! Juju and Winnie are wearing the same dress at their wedding!!!!

  58. german-tank says

    wow julius u can walk!!!

  59. Should I? or shouldn’t I? must I? or musn’t I?
    Oh, let someone else make the decision, why should I get involved?
    But then if I do get involved I will have to do all the work!
    Will they pay me? or must I do it for nanties? Back to square one!

  60. rochelle day smith says

    I’ll ‘pop’ your ‘weasel!’

  61. rochelle day smith says

    Stop ‘monkeying’ around Julius…..Justin Beiber you are NOT!

  62. I’ll be rich soon. Thanks ANC! God Bless.

  63. Andre Pieterse says

    OMG!! Is it realy Juluis Malema in a bikini or is it Julia Malema?

  64. Monkey delegation to SA.
    ” We’ve got it made .”Another banana republic

  65. Woohoohoo, I wanna be like youhoohoo, wanna walk like you, talk like you is truehoohoo

  66. Wow, now let’s see what happens at Mangaung !

  67. John Motshidi says

    Wow! I wonder whats next after this Juju nonsense….

  68. What a F&(*&)&&^&ck!!!!

  69. Another one of the intelligencia joins the troop of 144 (gross ignorants)

  70. Mosetlhe Tlhase says

    Can we get over with the photo shoot! im kind of hungry its been a while without food look at uncle next to me, who is this guy by the way?

  71. What Malema only got a tap on his wrist???

  72. Have you met my brother Julius yet

  73. Look at them and you will see
    There’s room for us in the ANC!!

  74. To see Juju in his snazzy new purple island style suit, says only two things.
    1. He used a real crappy cheep taylor from Fordsberg.
    2. Came blazzing out of the closet like a screaming queen in support of gay rights. Way to go Juju.

  75. RONNIE GENGAN says


  76. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Close your mouth Mzu – it’s summer! The flies will go in.

  77. How about doing a banana march? We might end up in the papers like bro Jul!!

  78. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Isn’t life great !!! All of us, spike hair and flat hair, big ears and no ears, all monkeying around together in this banana republic.

  79. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Five years without bananas ? Wow Jules is going to get THIN !!!

  80. Tony Richard says

    Out of nothing only nothing can come. Leave it blank

  81. I hear that Julius was very Brave, Marched and Walked all the…hey! That spells BMW.

  82. vijay kapnadak says

    Is the beautiful woman coming is from Transperancy International !! Dum dum.

  83. Holly shit Floyd …did you see that they just cut JuJu’s nuts off…..your next dude…Im outa here!!

  84. Wow, 5 years suspension, does that come with full pay?

    Guess the ANC will have to pay up if they want to keep their dirty washing off the public washline, should the appeal fail.


  86. At last the government has given the right job to the best qualified Dame.
    Winnie Mandela must sort out the sh..t house shortage.

  87. Woooooow, is that Mal-Ema getting screwed?

  88. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Don’t look so surprised – it’s only Derek offering his Honeycomb so that Cyril can Ram his Phosa.

  89. Oh Lord….! What is we gon dooooo?!!

  90. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Don’t worry it’s only Sizwe having a Wonkie

  91. Apologies to Wonkie readers for the short delay in getting the results for this contest published – It was a tight call, especially between the top results. Thank you all for some very entertaining entries!

    Please visit for the results!

    (In case it doesn’t appear immediately, please refresh the page to see the updated photo caption with the winning entry and runners up)

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