ANCYL March for Economic Freedom cartoon

ANCYL March for Economic Freedom

Julius Malema and the Great March of Stupidity

When pondering on the potty about African role models, it is hard to ignore the ANC Youth League president Julius Malema. While there are one or two Wonkie readers that may not look up to him as an amazing font of inspiration, even they would have to admit that an odd many in South Africa actually do.

This week, Julius Malema led an ANCYL march for economic freedom from the Johannesburg CBD to Sandton, and then to the Union Buildings in Pretoria. This comes on the back of a delayed ANC disciplinary hearing, after Malema was rushed to hospital because he exhibited flu-like symptoms. Clearly the pressures of leading the country’s youth is taking its toll.

The 90km march by thousands of ANCYL supporters, dubbed the Gauteng Comrades Marathon, kicked off after a long delay yesterday. Actually, the planned route was only about 60km, but reading, let alone map reading apparently has a much lower priority for many ANCYL members than the deeper understanding of global macroeconomic theory and the nationalisation of mines. Adopting the ‘sharing is caring’ maxim of many of the world’s great role models, Julius stressed the importance of sharing cold drinks and water as the march started off with God showing her vehement ANCYL support with a massive heat wave.

So why the Great March of Stupidity?

Contrary to popular belief, the stupidity has no allusion to Malema whatsoever. It is rather targeted at his followers who clearly have been unable to join the dots in this instance, and in no doubt many others. These dots, to mention a few, would be the dot describing Julius Malema’s anything but frugal lifestyle and the dot of his championing of poor as though he is an underprivileged blimp. Or the dot of milking the system for personal gain and then pushing for nationalisation of the mines in the interest of the masses. Or, how about the dot that he is more than gainfully employed and in essence doing nothing of substance to help the unemployed.

Where the ANCYL should be taking a leadership stance in finding ways to create gainful employment for South African youth, they have instead opted for the easy path of simply whingeing about it and creating general irritation with disruptive mass action. Had Julius had the correct priority for himself, the biggest contribution he could have made for the youth in South Africa is helping them join the dots between education, hard work and economic freedom. Instead, he has become a role model for thousands also wanting a lazy way to easy money.

So what happens after the march for economic freedom?

As things stand, nothing. Julius Malema and the ANCYL will have made their voices heard on an issue that is actually an obvious plight. They will have provided no solutions or constructive, implementable ideas to really help the youth.

If stupidity were not the order of the day, these are some of the alternatives that may have been more constructive:

  1. Engaging big business to provide training programmes to help make the youth more employable
  2. Starting sponsored trade apprenticeship programmes with professional organisations
  3. Developing course material for secondary schools that will give students practical, economically useful skills
  4. Encouraging entrepreneurship and working with banks and other financial institutions to fund such social development programmes
  5. Finding ways to boost and promote cottage industries, and getting the funds back to that community

Ultimately, the choice still lies with Julius Malema as to whether he wants to make a positive impact on South African youth, or simply be a puppet to help get the next wannabe-president into office. At this point, it looks like his choice is sadly made.

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  1. Michelle Brown says

    LOL… loved the cartoon – literally hilarious and caught me quite off-guard 🙂 Thanks for a lighter take on what’s going on in the world Wonkie!!

  2. what a work out for the juju i bet his legs are sore and that soggy bag of stomach has detoxed a bit…ha..ha,

  3. you guys always try to present everything Juju say or do as idiotic. As a young black South African, I fully support this march and the contents of the memorandum presented yesterday. A lot of white South Africans dislike Malema because they know he’s telling the truth and his truth implicates them in a sense that they are the minority but they still get 90% of economic benefits compared to the 10% being received by the original Africans.

  4. I think you have missed the point, for the points you suggest as alternatives to the stupid march came about as a result of it. Over the past 17 years (more than 30 years since apartheid legislation in employment in SA was ALL removed), the inertia of apartheid remained in the hearts and minds of the majority of white male South Africans who have always been captains of industry. We did not have to wait for 1994 to do what you suggest as smart solutions, but could have started in 1982. It is high time for the privileged South Africans (including those with new post 1994 money) to get off their butts, and do just what you suggest, and we will review in 2016.

  5. Hear! Hear! Well said, Wonkie!

    If only Malema would do something useful with his power, instead of trying to destroy this beautiful country and its beautiful people by driving us down the path to economic ruin

  6. Michelle Brown says

    @Goodies… I agree with you. What is needed is action that is orientated towards solutions though, not just a good mass action whinge, as Wonkie puts it. We know the youth are disgruntled, and the ANCYL needs to take on some real leadership in terms of fixing the problem, not complaining about it. Nationalising the mines, for example, is not going to help young black South Africans as any economist worth his salt will tell you.

  7. Juju for President… Stupid or not He is keeing ANC on its toes if those useless Minister continue to ignore the new something is coming for them they might be our of government next time.

  8. Wonkie, how long have this government been engaging business(16 years) so you are sayimng the youth should continue engaging big companies(like mines)for another 16 years?by then they probably be adults. whoever came with this stupid suggestion is pathetic to say the least. ag man, le a bora!

  9. Every clown needs a circus

  10. Why are you always negative about ANCYL ,it is evident that this blog is only for racist white south africans who really dont want to let go,who are greedy and wants everything for themselves ,this country south africa is for africans ,the reason for that march is clear,what is needed if possible is white genocide i really think that will be the solution to our problems,its pointless to blame the ruling party,hence the economic power still lies in the hands of the racist whites ,i think its about time.

  11. As an Azanian that has not embraced the explanation provided by the ANC on the silver platter kind of dispensation that fell short of complete emancipation of the people of Azania (SA), I am a bit encouraged that we are now witnessing the truth from within the ANC that many within the said party have condemned as an anti Whites sentiment which they have preferred for as long as it still benefitted them. The truth is that the illusion of the current ANC politics and hopes have been shattered and what had been dubbed impossible to achieve is now becoming a reality. People of Azania (SA) will now open up and explore other ideoligies that have been suppressed because they did not auger well to the Whites in SA. The fight for economic freedom is inevitable and we can only save the worst scenario if progressive forces could be identified to drive the process of true liberation not the Kempton Park ceremony of betrayal and deceit.

  12. well, am not involved in politics and nor like it as it is mostly made up of true lies most of the time..if you look at thing which were promised to poor people in this country, you can see that since 94, nothing much has change…i fully support the idea of Malema and people dont understand him because he got what you call -speak out system of doing things.. he dont mind criticising ,doesnt who`s that person. what he`s talking about is real truth and only stipid people cannot understand. we as owners of this country, are the poorest people the foreigners..why…it is because our leaders are still involved in corruption ,some are still gaining from the governmet prioritization system. which to us is totally a disguisting thing cos we got thousands of poor people but they cannot even get a R200 grant to at least try to get puthu pap for their family…Malema you are absolutely rite young man…though i can tell you now,that if these people can get a chance,they will pull the triger against you,cos they dont like someone to speak the truth…phambili ngombono wakho

  13. @Michelle, I do not agree with old economic theory that seeks to negate the plight of the locals (black in particular); there are many versions of nationalisation that are economically sound, but that is a debate for another day. What current debate is about is that the current captains of industry have pushed the majority of South Africans into a position where they have nothing to lose. Believe me, I have 20 years at least of oganisation leadership- most of the poor productivity in the mining and manufacturing sectors are fuelled by short-term thinking in the crop of leadership we have. Just look at the productivity of the mines elsewhere (ref. MTBPS), and you will see where we stand on mining. Look at the failure of the multinationals for not creating a vibrant beneficiation, or what is referred to as downstream manufacturing out of our mother earth resources. As a nation we have not graduated from the primary sector, to tertiary sector industries: Italy, Japan, and others are benefiting more from our resources than we will ever do… IT DOES NOT NEED THE ANC GOVERNMENT TO MAKE THAT SHIFT. We have a forked tongue approach to acceptable economic theory, and we do not apply it when our companies continue to declare false profits at the expense of sustainable investment in capital, technology, and shifting the delimiting structural dynamics that feed groth in other economies as indicated above. The poor workers, and the well-organised labour movement are never in the Boardroom when the bosses decide to run their companies on a wing & a prayer, so they can declare hollow profits & dividents. We need to look very closely at the role of the stewards of foreign interests in SA (largely white males), and how patriotic are they in driving sustainable development of those, for the benefit of MANY. We do not have 15-20 years for traditional education & development programs to take the masses through (ref. Harvard Group Report prepared for Treasury, 2006-7)

    We are talking past each other, and we take inexperienced people to represent the arguments for both preservation of the status quo (disguised in calls for education & training), and for accelerated development (jumping on the band-wagon of flawed economic thought, without examining what is not working with the current bosses)

  14. Let me tell you stupid wonkie, like it or not we are going to win this fight for economic freedom, they were laughing and shooting at us when we marched to fight apartheid , . I have come to the conclusion that you Woonkie, you just an intrument used by the oppressors to delay us to get our economic freedom. Whther you like it or we are going to win…enjoy your stupidity while it last …kcuf you…

  15. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Yes! Moolius has already made his choice – and that choice is to get as much personal publicity as he can by chanting populist slogans. How much more sensible it would be to actually consult and engage rather than confront. However he IS providing some part-time employment for the youth. They are employed (at no salary and at the cost of their own shoes [if they have any left after all the marches]) to mass together and walk (march) in support of a personality (concerning which we all have our own honest opinions and which a number of ANC ‘leaders’ are not prepared to confess openly) who is doing absolutely nothing for the people who support him but show them that, in his own case, at least, vast riches can be made without making any significant social contribution of any kind.
    On the other hand, those who start up community projects with their own money or money raised from (dare I say it?) CAPITALIST businesses, and provide an opportunity for employment – whether paid or volunteer – are paid only lip-service by the ‘mother body’ and are totally side-lined or ignored by the Moolius herd.
    So what is Moolius’ aim? definitely NOT increased opportunity for youth employment for such would lead them away from ANCYL towards COSATU – definitely NOT social improvement for that would take away one of his weapons of rhetoric. His aim is to go to Mangaung next year and with the backing of his herd push himself towards a position of REAL power (and its associated self-aggrandising economic benefits). He wants to be PRES before he is 40 !!! And this march (and the april which will follow) are designed purely for the promotion of the Moolius agenda.
    His ‘long march’ cannot be compared with that of Mao zhe Dong. The latter marched for revolution against the old imperial system in China. Moolius’ march is against his OWN PARTY’S system – but, of course, the herd does not understand that – because to them he is a charismatic leader in their strife for free wealth.

  16. Wonkie – excellent cartoon once again
    @ Malome you are trapped under his spell, the only truth he speaks is as he see’s it. And the only person he helps is himself, he creates racial issues – them & us, which is not needed into today’s society.
    @Goodies… I agree with you – where are the old apprentice schools?

    One question why is Malema still in the youth league? (He’s in hiss mid 30’s) What has happened to his hearing? Too sick to attend a week later he can march!

  17. Unfortunately the cheapest thing in the world is opinion, here we have somebody who admits that there’s a problem in the country with unemployment and Julius decided to deal with it his on way, why don’t you approach big business yourself since you seem to know what to do. i work and i was part of the march to help raise the plight of suffering south african’s. Focus on the issue mr journalist, maybe interview big business and find out what are they going to do to help instead of being obsessed with Malema. More than one person was at the march are you saying everybody that was there was stupid?

  18. Funny thing is when he pitched up to complain about “white” mine owners pushing poor people off their land only to find that the mines concerned are actually owned by Black BEE ANC sponsored fatcats.LoL
    @Goodies- most of the big business and mines are owned by Patric , Tokio, Syril , the Mandela (Arora etc) and Zuma families.
    At some point you have to stop blaming the whitees that invested in these barren lands and used their capital etc to actually build the mines.
    All the ANC numnuts need to do is milk the cow(dig the stuff out the ground).
    Even that as it would seem (arora etc) is stuffed up to epic proportions.
    Then when black (educated)people like yourself continue to blame the white guy it just allows these incompetent idiots to continue plundering everything they get handed on a platter.
    It also make you look pretty damn stupid when you vote the same palookas into power every year.

  19. @Fred: if you go back into my first post, you will find that I refer to new, Post-1994 money; also use words like most, and the rest of it. Just to get you back on track, READ the ownership statistics, readily available online, and read the CEE 11th Annual Report, you will find that my ‘most White males’ comment is statistically relevant

  20. @Fred: let us keep our debate to economics, and politics in so far as it serves the same purpose, betterment of our industrial output and economic powershifts… Natinalists Parties have always been arrogant, look at the NATS, you voted for them in droves since 1948, even in the face of economic sanctions, the beginning of this downward spiral

  21. @ All of you. Whatever!!! Who cares what you think of Julius Malema’s march to Union Buildings. At least he is trying something unlike Mr. Editor who only comes up with suggestions now. What have he done for the youth of South Africa? Why din’t he come up with all those “clever” suggestions of his before Malema proposed or came up with his idea of this march? I hate people who only come with suggestions when someone has done something whereas they were sitting on them all along.

  22. I note that following the MARCH “Che Mampara” is limping.
    First a limp Brain now a limp leg! Roll on APRIL, FOOL

  23. @ Rio: I feel you… my sentiments exactly

  24. Goodies – we are all mightily scared of what is going to happen if we don’t all work together to find a solution. I would most probably have been marching with Malema if I was in the position of 50% of uneducated and frustrated unemployed youth.
    You are quite right – we do not have another 15 to 20 years to fix this. What we do need is for ANCYL to actually work for the youth. Not through hollow promises and rhetoric but to use their mass clout to make a difference which beneifts all is a win-win situation rather than confrontational. People then tend to dig their heels in and become emotional rather than rational. For that you need intelligent and educated leaders. Where are they?
    A good start would be to encourage a habit of hard work and application. There are many areas in communities where the youth can make a contribution and learn how to work for their riches. It is an unfortunate situation where unemployed and unsophisticated youth see how easy it is to become rich if you behave dishonestly and greedily. A change of mindset is needed at grassroots level.
    If you tell people that stealing, lying and defrauding the public is acceptable then we will need another 100 years before we get out of the mess we are in.
    Another big problem are employer/employee relations. Many small to medium business’ would employ more people and train them if they had the security of divesting themselves of employees who do not want to work, who steal, and generally take advantage for a quick return via the CCMA. I know of all too many who have had their fingers burnt and now are on the path of mechanisation rather than training or even thinking of employing the unemployed.

  25. I knew this would shake whites. Juju is doing something right if they always turn pale when he gets up to speak. AMANDLA to the Economic Freedom March and whites will return the wealth one day, patience….patience.

  26. I dont care about those interlectuals who have the solution to the unemployment of youth and knows nationalisation better but doing nothing waiting for the so called stupid JuJu to act and critisice him for being a mouth of the disadvantaged.Most of the things that are happening in the party that we dont know about,Juju brings them to the light.All those who say whatever they’re saying about him,they can’t face him.One thing about him,his a psych case,no side mirrors, period.Viva JUJU.

  27. @whatagain I agree with you 100%, AND I still stand by my view, the bosses must change (both black & white with privilege), and start reading widely, and thinking deeply about the new economy, and move away from archaic economic theory… point taken again, lest you forget I said so… 🙂

  28. Still Goodies on that point you’re making, whites brought nothing to SA so there is no need to try and find solutions with them. They must return what they got illegaly to its rightful owners and the rightful owners will decide what to do. I also condemn those who are black and rich by using the political power that was bestowed on them by the poor.

  29. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Mzu
    One would have hoped that your “near death experience” that you implied earlier would have caused you to re-think your life and attitudes and, perhaps, mellowed you a little. Obviously it didn’t.
    As to {the “whites”] “…must return what they got illegaly to its rightful owners…” – do you seriously expect that your fellow “blacks” will agree to hand over the country to the smallest minority in the nation – the Khoi-San ? After all, the “blacks” migrated south from the tropics and waged war on the indigenous people and stole their land – land which was ‘managed’ extremely well for the level of sophistication at that time – land which was revered (as were all of the creatures that ‘the gods’ placed on the earth to co-habit with mankind and to whom the indigenous people offered apologies and thanks to their prey when killing for food.
    Choose your words more carefully and mean what you WANT to say rather than what you ACTUALLY say.

  30. @a-maize-ingly-corny. Who told you that Blacks migrated south? From where? Do not come up your stupid theories here that you cannot even prove. Who told you that Khoi-San were first people to come to South Africa? If so, where did they come from?. Whites came up with stupid history and theories to try and justify themselves from stealing the land from black people. We as black people came from nowhere other than here in South Africa.

  31. Hello Julius,

  32. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Rio
    Your comment proves that you slept through all of your history lessons at school – OR – perhaps Mzu was your teacher.
    In either case you are offering “Moo”-sh*t in place of proven fact.

  33. Deena Naidoo says

    I believe it’s called the ‘march for stupidity’. To you Malome, it’s morons like you who are holding on to the much hatred apartheid. The time is coming for all us sane thinking, god fearing and law abiding ratepayers and taxpayers to take back exactly what we worked for all these years. We also fought the autrocities of apartheid, but, we understand that we are living in a new SA, and, if we don’t take accountability for our actions, SA is just going to be another Zimbabawe, as well as another black african state in Africa.

  34. Is there anyone with at least half a brain left in South Africa. Reading all rhis drivel that Wonkie correspondents have poured out leads me to believe that the brainless are coming if they have not already arrived.
    1. Nobody not even Fatboy has adequately defined economic freedom.
    2. Does this economic freedom require Fatboy and his fellow travellers have to get off their fat arses and try doing some work.
    3. How could the Fat pig march to Pretoria. I would think the furthest he could march is between KFC and Wimpy in Hillbrow It is of course mostly downhill from Johannesburg to Pretoria so maybe he could roll.
    4. When is Mzu going to S.T.F.U

  35. @a-maize-ingly-corny. Are you FAILING to give me straight answers? They tried at school to feed my brain RUBBISH but I refused to be brain-washed to believing we came from the Tropics. Prove it now, since you are Mr. or Mrs. Know-it-all!!

  36. @ Rio it’s all these aliens say over here bro or sis. Whites are pale by now I can just sense that. They will be driven to the sea where they come from in the near future, behold.

  37. @ fu***ng Deena Isaacs, What are you implying about Black African States? That is what we want and not a white African state like SA. If we die of hunger it is our problem not yours, the only favour you can do for yourselves is to start emigrating rather than waiting to be chased away.

  38. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Garth
    “4. When is Mzu going to S.T.F.U”
    Probably never

  39. @ Corny why don’t you S.T.F.U and emigrate.

  40. @Mzu: You know what my BROTHER. I call them Poopies. Their skin colour reminds me of the inside of my poophole. It is pinkish in colour. I have seen it it is all like they are. Who cares if they are pale by nowe or not. Theae people are the most greediest mankind. They colonised the whole world and killed millions of people. For what? Their land and their possessions. I think God is beating himself for Creating these people. They have destroyed the world. Look at GLOBAL WARMING for instance. The more they come up with ideas, the more they destroy the world. What is it that they have invented that has not yielded negative impact on nature?

  41. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Deena Naidoo
    I see that Mzu has exercised his personal power as the new “godfather” by marrying you off to someone called Isaacs. Hope he gave you a hefty dowry so that when he exercises his “godfather powers” again and boots us all out of “his” Afrika you will at least have the finance to make a good start in a civilised place (defined as a place without Mzu, Moo, and their running dogs).

  42. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Rio – you need to join a carnival – if your spine is so flexible that you can see the INSIDE of YOUR OWN POOPHOLE you will make a fortune as a freak.
    Then perhaps you don’t have a spine at all !!?? which would explain why you lap up all of the racist vomit spewed by others.

  43. @corny: Are you trying to tell me that you do not know the inside of yours? What are mirrors for? Please check yours in a mirror and you will confirm it is like your skin: PINK.

  44. I am out of this one as it has degenerated to less thinking, abuse, and more denigrating of the other, and self by the way; I wonder how many of you feel safe simply because you hide behind you Avatars, and may not be able to stand for what you believe in, in a public forum… Goodbye

  45. Neutralizer says

    @ rio

    While you are trying to “stick it to the man” for the sake of sticking it to the man… you will blind to the realities that can be extracted from neutral information embedded in historical/scientific/experiential rhetoric.

    Just off the top of my head… It’s fine to reject migration theories/postulations, but please give a VERY reasonable explanation for all the San rockart (not bantu rockart) that decorates almost every distance of this country’s landscape. And yet the only San left are in the north-west of the country.

    These people inhabited areas for hundreds of years and are now do not inhabit the rest of the country, yet the bantus now do/did. What’s the most obvious thing humans used to do, regardless of ethnicity — conquer and ennex land.

    And you think people don’t migrate — what about the “ex-Zulus”… the Matabile, who now occupy south-west Zimbabwe.

  46. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    With sincere apologies to Goodies:

    Rio – Nothing – not a proctologist’s finger nor even the light of day – has ENTERED my p**ph**e so I can neither confirm nor deny that it is the same colour as what could be seen through a mirror (if I were so inclined). However one thing I CAN confirm is that my skin is not PINK – it is brown – and there are so many shades of brown from lightest to darkest and you won’t ever know which one.

  47. @Corny: Why do we then have black & white people if our skins are all brown? You are white when it suits you? Ne?

  48. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Rio
    Your comment/query is not worthy of an answer

  49. @Malome. The reason that whites get >50% of economic benefits compared to the <50% being received by the original Africans is that they study hard at school and when they enter the job market they are eager to learn and work hard. The same attitude exists in thousands of your black compatriots, both male and female, who do their race proud and give the lie to the perception that all blacks are lazy, unlike you, who obviously want everything handed to you on a platter. You are the master of your own destiny. Supporting a tenderpreneur like Julius will never allow you to succeed in attaining that.

  50. Maybe he is thinking of writing a new constitution for the youth of south africa,
    which we stupid westerners are not aware of…… anybody’s guess……

  51. Seeing Juju dragging his stumps at the end of the march was really hilarious. I wonder what he feels like today? Maybe he should march more often – it may make him fit for work. He certainly does not give the impression of being a poverty stuck disadvantaged youth. More like a middle aged fat cat, I’d say. Has he ever given his definition of ‘economic freedom’? No work, lots of pay!

  52. ANCYL must champion youth issues, not politics. The leagues leadership should study political science or economics-in India. They must live as Indian students and do a thesis on the political life of Mohandas Gandhi, a true champion of the poor. I would love to see them return wearing loincloths, with fat boy Juju leading the hunger strike to end corruption and tenderpreneuring.

    A majority of young people in the country are facing serious problems. Among these problems are unemployment, drug and alcohol abuse, HIV/Aids, teenage pregnancies, low matric pass rates and so on. These are the issues you would expect the youth league to be very vocal about and fight to eradicate. We as parents expect the league to champion the campaigns against these things.

  53. Good on you JUJU keep on Trucking

  54. Fiona horrocks says

    Utter stupidity worthless waste of time
    It is time he stood down as it is clear he ( julius)
    Is as much use as an ashtray on a moving
    Motorbike !
    Thanks for the laugh ! Great stuff !

  55. We are told that there is a lack of certain skills in the country, especially in engineering and science. And the latest problem is the shortage of teachers. Why is the league not taking these matters to schools and our youth inspiring them to go for it? There is widespread poverty in our country. We need a voice that will speak loudly about this, and i don’t think nationalisation of mines is the solution because we all know who is going to benefit from that.

    Instead, we hear stories in the media about tenders being manipulated and people getting rich out of these procedures. We hear about parties, expensive clothes, expensive alcohol, big houses and cars. The fight for the poor and the “revolution” just end up being rhetoric in the backdrop of these things. And what revolution are we talking about? Are we not past the revolution phase because my understanding of a revolution is to rebel against power? That power was dethroned in 1994. Now we need to empower our people through education and skills, and this will automatically translate to economic empowerment. But i do not see the ANCYL fighting to the teeth for these.

    Instead, it is getting caught up in battles for struggle songs. Are struggle songs going to put bread on poor peoples tables? Is this going to solve our education crisis? The money that should be spend on the poor or the country’s social programmes is being spend on lawyers to ensure that people continue singing their songs.

    I think the youth league have got their priorities wrong, or they are simply failing and trying to make up for their failures with egotistical publicity stunts that will not add value to anyone’s life.

    It is time for the youth league to reconsider it’s position in the politics of the country and refocus on serving and giving good leadership to the young people of this country. There is a lot of work to be done for young people to reverse the damage caused by the previous regime, and this is where the league is needed-at grassroots level piloting young people to the right direction. Perhaps what the league need is to stop operating like a struggle movement and operate like a service delivery machine that is helping the government to achieve it’s goals.

  56. In the beginning the Khoi-San people owned South Africa and they did nothing with the mineral wealth. Then the blacks stole it from them and they did nothing with the mineral wealth. Then the whites stole it from them and developed the mines and the cities and infrastructure. Now the blacks want to steal everything from the whites because they are incapable of developing anything themselves. Surely that is what the march is about.

  57. Malema’s most serious problem is his dirty hands, a man so discredited will only win a few minds from the gullible section of our poor society riding on their lack of understanding the dynamics that makes up the economy train. As long as his ideas are not popular even within the ANC itself then whose policies is he championing? it is a wasted efford that he is only trying to gather supporty for the troubles he is facing and will probably need to use this group to fight in someway should the axe fall on his neck, he needs to go back to school so he can learn to manage his loot for the better.

  58. why is that the person who wrote this article is so biased

  59. Malema want to be Fidel Castro or Mugabe…he’s nothing but an actor if he thinks that want happened in zimbabwe will also happened in south Africa he must forget because that won’t happened.I wud suggest for him to go and live in cuba for 6 yrs at least . Or in Zim .so that he can learn .

  60. Fiona horrocks says

    I really don’t understand the terminology Whites …
    Surley it is Caucasians ?
    Please explain brown people and black people
    Yellow and pink people.
    Why is boy a bad word. None of this makes sense.. My
    English dictionary refers to colours as cours not peoples ethnic
    Background race !
    I have not heard of a country called Black or White so
    What’s this all about ? Life is too short !
    Be intelligent and smile.
    Thank you.

  61. Yes Fiona. You are so right. There are the Caucasians, Negroids and Mongoloids and the infinite kaleidoscope of cross pollination. But what is most interesting is the achievements of these groups. Where are the Einstein’s, Newton’s, Tesla’s, da Vinci’s, Euclid’s, von Brauns, Beethovens etc etc etc etc………….. in the Negroid peoples??????? And just look at the Chinese achievements.

  62. Fiona horrocks says

    What then is Obama ? Lindford Christies, Mohamed Ali
    Shaka Zulu, Martin Luther King, Eddy Murphy,Jackson Five
    Luther Vandross Diana Ross, Miriam Makaba, off the top of my head
    Oh sammy Davis Jnr … There are loads ! You think of a few…
    These people should be an inspiration not someone
    Wasting time walking to Pretoria and then what ? What has changed ?
    How did that enhance lives ?
    I don’t get it.
    Over to you ! Convince me !

  63. Juju should take advice from Forrest Gump.
    Stupid is, as stupid does.
    Juju is a doos of note, like a vuvuzela, only one stupid sound at b flat.

  64. Fiona horrocks says

    Brilliant Robot ! You get it !

  65. Is there just no end to this mans stupidity, is there no one who can stand up and just enlighten him a teeny weeny bit ? Gosh how much more of this do we have to endure.

  66. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Daffy – you cannot enlighten when the bulb has blown !!!

    So – to your first question, the relatively short answer is “NO”
    To your last question, the only answer is “TOO MUCH”

  67. To tackle poverty and unemployment requires long term plans and these can’t just disappear the next morning after blockading the M1 highway. S.A is faced with a massive unemployment rate among the youth and if mass action for jobs is viewed as the last resort, then one wonders what the youth league has been doing all these years.

    Choosing to march on the highway is a way of seeking media attention. It’s also about showing people that someone other than the elected government is running this country. Just imagine the arrogance of blockading the highway.

    By allowing this nonsense to go on, it will mean we no longer have authority. Disrupting the free flow of traffic in the economic hub of the country will do more harm to the economy than good.

    This mass action hatched within days after Juju was slapped with disciplinary charges by the ANC, is nothing but a desparate last kick of a dying horse. Instead of conducting himself with honour and discipline, Malema became even more defiant-behaving like someone who has resigned himself to expulsion from the party. Malema’s attitude also shows how close he is to his political demise.

  68. This man thinks he is untouchable, maybe he is, we don’t know what dirt he has on the Government hence the arrogance.

  69. There is nothing wrong with the march considering the economy, what is sad is that the ANCYL uses people to further its hidden agenda, I think Malema is trying to make people( the youth) see him as an innocent victim of the ANC DC. He is diverting attention from himself, and also trying to divide the party. The ANC would be foolish not to expell him, he is a rotten potato.He is also inciting racial division among Blacks and White.

  70. Wealth distribution,land restitution,economic power should be brought back to its originality but in a good manner.I support nationalisation of mines 100% .Julius is right most of the time but his problem is that he lacks timing and can’t control his temper”o betha leshilo month sefahlegong ka mpama mola a swanetse go le betha mo maragong”

  71. @Fiona. None of the people you mentioned are pure bred negroids. In other words they have Caucasian and and/or Mongoloid genes. The pure bred Negroid has yet to invent, through original thought something as technichally complex as a bicycle. (Quote by a Negroid). I am talking about the intellectual capacity that allowed us to wear clothes rather than skins.

  72. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ madoba – are you serious ???
    Miriam Makheba and Shaka Zulu had Caucasian and/or Mongoloid genes ???

    GET REAL and START THINKING before you spout nonsense

  73. Fiona horrocks says

    Madoba…Do something constructive. Use
    Lateral thinking. Learn another language. Travel.
    Mentor someone. Inspire a child. Read a novel. Plant a tree.
    Make a meal for an elderly person. Fill up a shopping
    Bag with rubbish from the street. Chat to someone
    With aids.give your shoes to a poor person.
    Are you getting it ? Walking / marching to Pretoria
    Enriched no ones life. That time with all those people
    Could have been better used constructively . End of .

  74. Fiona. I have done all those things. Please suggest some more.

    Corny. Thanks for confirming my point. Miriam and Shaka couln’t invent a bicycle. It took a Caucasian to do that.

  75. Dear All,
    Scientific and genetic investigation has proved that all mankind(womenkind) came out of Africa. That is why we have a tourist attraction called the Cradle of Humankind.
    This being said – we are all Africans. The Caucasions/Browns/Pinks etc who have returned to the continent to re-colonise their birthplace are the descendents of the original homo sapiens of long ago who had the courage and intrepid spirit to go our and populate the world.
    Julius et al are right to fear those descendent s because subconsciously they recognise that the brave gene is still there and these homecoming Africans will not leave again without a fight. This is their home and they have the right to remain.
    Perhaps we should recommend ‘Born in Africa’ by Martin Meredith to those inhabitants who would like to drive paler versions out of the country. Fascinating book.

  76. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Just had to share this one with you – it bears no actual relevance to the march – BUT …
    Malema’s wife asked him to please stop at the supermarket on his way home and buy a bottle of fresh juice and sugar, He paid for the juice and walked out with the bag of sugar too. He was arrested and taken to court. In court, the judge asked him “Why did you steal the bag of sugar? ” so he replied “Me steal??? Judge i no steal; at the back of the juice bottle they say SUGAR FREE!!!!”

  77. How true !! ANT AND THE GRASSHOPPER This one is a little different …….Two Different Versions …..

    There are Different Morals


    The ant works hard in the withering heat all summer long, building his house and
    laying up supplies for the winter.
    The grasshopper thinks the ant is a fool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away.Come winter, the ant is warm and well fed. The grasshopper has no food or shelter, so he dies out in the cold.

    MORAL OF THE OLD STORY: Be responsible for yourself!

    The ant works hard in the withering heat and the rain all summer long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter.
    The grasshopper thinks the ant is a fool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away.

    Come winter, the shivering grasshopper calls a press conference and demands to know why the ant should be allowed to be warm and well fed while he is cold and starving.

    CCN, TV1,2 & 3, M-Net and Carte Blanche
    show up to provide pictures of the shivering grasshopper next to a video of the ant in his comfortable home with a table filled with food. The country is stunned by the sharp contrast.
    How can this be, that in a country of such wealth, this poor grasshopper is
    allowed to suffer so?

    Kermit the Frog appears with the grasshopper and everybody cries when they sing, ‘It’s Not Easy Being Black..’ The ANCYL stages a demonstration in front of the ant’s house where the news stations film the group singing, We shall overcome.

    Then Rev. Desmond Tutu has the group kneel down to pray for the grasshopper’s sake.

    President Zooooma condemns the ant and blames President de Klerk, President PW Botha, HF Verwoerd and Apartheid for the grasshopper’s plight. Julius Malema exclaim in an interview with TV News that the ant has
    gotten rich off the back of the grasshopper, and both call for an immediate tax hike on the ant to make him pay his fair share.
    Finally, the Government drafts the Economic Equity & Anti-Grasshopper Act
    retroactive to the beginning of the summer.

    The ant is fined for failing to hire a proportionate number of black bugs (BBE) and, having nothing left to pay his retroactive taxes, his home is confiscated under the Government Land Repo Act and given to the grasshopper.

    The story ends as we see the grasshopper and his free-loading friends finishing up the last bits of the ant’s food while the government house he is in, which, as you recall, just happens to be the ant’s old house, crumbles around them because the grasshopper doesn’t maintain it.

    The ant has disappeared to Australia, never to be seen again.

    The grasshopper is found dead in a Drugs related incident, and the house, now abandoned, is taken over by a gang of Nigerian spiders who terrorize and ramshackle, the once prosperous and peaceful, neighborhood.

    The entire Nation collapses bringing the rest of Africa with it.

    MORAL OF THE STORY: Be careful how you vote in 2012

    You may wish to pass this on to other ants, but don’t bother sending it on to any grasshoppers because they wouldn’t understand it, anyway.

  78. @Jen, well said, could not have said it any better myself. Kudos to you.

  79. Hi Fiona. You are silent on the challenge to produce one Negroid that can compare with Newton or Liebnitz. I presume that you know that without the calculus people would all walk to work. (Forget about go to the moon) Or are you a 30% RSA school graduate?

  80. What hypocrisy and opportunism. The march represents anti-white, anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist sentiments as embrased by Malema. His friend, Fikile Mbalula, embraces western imperialism, excess and capitalism by importing US R&B artists for his lavish birthday bash.

    The poor youth, who participated in this march of stupidity, are back where they came from, with sore feet and less money than they had before the march. The economy no doubt benefited from this march, as the bus companies and mini bus taxi’s took advatage of this opportunity created by the greatest Bollinger Bolshevik ever to walk this planet.

  81. i think what malema did is 100% good and i do not think malema is a stupid person but now white people they are trying to make us think bad about malema thnks.

  82. @ Siyanda – your statement says it all, you must be as foolish as he is, do you what the news / read papers? Are you eyes closed?

  83. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ siyanda – CORRECTION “…they are trying to make us think bad about malema…” drop the word ‘bad’ – they are trying to make you THINK about malema.

  84. Think about Malema, people we are thinking about you Malema is the least of our problems.

  85. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    @ Mzu – if Moolius is the LEAST of your problems you must have some very serious problems indeed – but the rest of us knew that already !!!

  86. My main problem is you the strange human beings.

  87. Fiona horrocks says

    Phew !! Here endith that lengthy session.

    Stand by for phase two.

    I’m off to a little piece of heaven by the sea…
    I invite you all to do the same.

  88. The real problem with Julius is he resonates the hate we all know exists in all of us.If he was irrelevant we’d all ignore him…So if we want to be rid of him lets build a South Africa that ensures equitable distribution of Wealth.This is how Hitler,Stalin,Mussolini were born from disgruntlement….So if South Africans act to counter the hate then Julius will lose all this steam….but if there is a reactionary reaction it will brew the Hate…and it will be against the rich..nouveau rich etc black and white…but especially against the whites coz perception is they still have the wealth.

  89. Bigtshaka you hit the nail on the spot here. If Julius was irrelevant then none of this would happen.

  90. OK so how do we get everybody to ignore him ??

  91. By making sure that we are not reluctant to return the land that our forefathers stole from the natives.

  92. I will say everything Julius malema is doing is fine because he fight back for us,and he do everything he does about for youth of south africa to get a better life and democracy, to get our own work as youth

  93. @Abigail, so oblivious of what is really going on, he is enriching himself wakey wakey.

  94. @Abigail. Have you ever seen ANY ANC politician fulfill his/her promises.
    In 10 years time you will realise that Julius or the ANCYL never benefited you or your friends. By then it will be too late to help yourselves

  95. To all who were in support of the fact that Malema should be punnished, congratulations for it has shown that you are reasonable and level headed and to the opposite side led by Mzu, look arround and realise that the truth shall set you free, do not put your trust on all the little jimmies.

  96. Let’s hope your little celebration will last. Rememer Juju is a member of an organisation and did not say things as an individual. He might be suspended but the resolutions of the conference still remain.

  97. People, the Afrikaaner after the Boer war 1902, found themseves in the same position as the majorityof South Africans today. Poorly educated , comming off the farms to the cities looking for work and with a feeling of despair. NOW SOUTH AFRICA LOOK AT HISTORY AND HOW THEY BECAME MASTERS WITH work not wordsl

  98. charles runsu says

    hpe this wil last 4 ever

  99. Did not know this site censors comment

  100. Sorry but the South African population is scared of hard work….. they just want to collect…… U want money you get smart and work and there is plenty of things you can do. iTS AMAZING that i find people not South Africans doing all sort of work maybe not large amounts of money but they work

  101. Just heard Minister? head of Commerce on Radio in Dubai , Eunice something or other, part of delegation with Prime MinisterCurrently in United Arab Emirates SOOOOORRRY but if this is the guy
    going to get the country back to work and is the engine to get it started , thyen put out the lights pull up the blanket and go to sleep.

    You need Business men who know what is happening, UAE does US2 billion yearly and the guy could not name what products…. what the goals were etc
    What is he and the otherv MAMPARAS getting paid for . No research He made fools of every one on the radio. Even the KIxi and Aussie interviewers were embarrased.

  102. Top-c Shaka Barloi says

    Thats a lesson to the ANC Leaders

  103. so juju is that stupid anyways hilarious cartoon

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