Cliff and JM1 cartoon

Cliff and JM1

Gareth Cliff meets Julius Malema cartoon

Julius Malema has been spending some time apologising to anything that moves about his inflammatory remarks having been rapped on the knuckles by the ANC powers that be. The poor young man has been victimised by the media who wait to pounce on his every word… or not.

Malema sings Tracy Chapman tribute


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  1. Looks like “foot in mouth disease”…and possibly …cholera (ask Mbeki?)..are still at pandemic proportions on the continent!

  2. LOL…!!! I was lucky enough to have heard the Gareth Cliff breakfast show on radio when I was in SA some time back.. great reminder! Gareth’s girls are gorgeous.. who can blame Malema lol!!

  3. Guys… get a *real* font, please.

  4. Francois … we will only consider changing the font if Gareth Cliff is extremely unhappy with it… Lol, sorry dude. Do you have any suggestions for alternatives?

  5. i wii vote cope any time:finish….

  6. I don’t think the Jesus “joke” is funny at all. as for julius get a back bone please!! Idiot

  7. Using Jesus title is not good at all, son of God is not a joke .


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