Wonkie update – February 2009

Apologies to our regular readers for the intermittent breaks in the cartoons – these are likely to continue over the next 3 weeks or so as Wonkie upgrades a few of our more popular cartoon characters with some smarter looking ones. We’re also planning on sending out a few Wonkie t-shirts to our top commenters on the site so please do take a moment or two to let your opinion be known on whatever the issue is… we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Coming up over the next couple of weeks is a series of cartoons on BBBEE (affirmative action) – from a variety of different racial perspectives. Look forward to reading your thoughts on the subject since you all had a fat lot to say in emails to us last month!

Thanks again for your support and please forward these cartoons on to anyone you think may enjoy them.

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  1. hey wonkie folk
    I am suffering withdrawal symptoms…I am protesting at the intermittent laughs …i can’t handle the highs and lows ok!
    Why are your postings so irregular..are you guys sunning yourselves on the caribbean???..is that what you call an “upgrade”?…
    Come on don’t lose the tempo now!!..just as Mandela has come off the fence in support of Jay-Zee! 🙂

  2. No guys actually it not a comment it is just a consern about one and the same wonkie cartoon but different stories. what i mean is the title of the stories are different but the cartoon stories are the same

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