India Valentines day cartoon

India Valentines day

Valentine’s Day goes beserk in India

Valentine’s Day promises to be an interesting one this year in India again. Large right wing groups such as Ram Sena have recently been in the news for beating up some young women who were drinking at a pub in Mangalore a couple of weeks back. Ram Sena and similar groups state that such loose behaviour and traditions such as Valentine’s Day have no place in Indian culture. They further go on to make multiple threats including destruction of property where such behaviour is encouraged, or Valentine’s Day promoted. Leaders of Shiv Sena were also reported in Mumbai newspapers as having stated that they would be grabbing unmarried couples walking in the street on Valentine’s night and forcing them to marry on the spot. All this in the land that invented the Kama Sutra – pretty incredible.

In response to the absurd right wing rhetoric, the Consortium of Pubgoing, Loose and Forward Women was started, by Wonkie suspects some pubgoing, loose and forward women. The group has grown in the last 10 days to over 30,000 supporters through a variety of blogs and social networking groups including facebook. In protest to the violent behaviour of the right wing groups, the so-called Pink Chaddi (i.e. underwear) campaign was launched:

Pink Chaddi Campaign Logo

Pink Chaddi Campaign Logo

Supporters of the group are being encouraged to send some dirt-cheap pink panties directly to the leader of the Ram Sena group, Mr Pramod Muthalik in protest. Mr Muthalik – a rather unfortunate choice of name for the leader of a right wing group taking a hard line stance against lovers on Valentine’s Day.

Hopefully all will pass peacefully tomorrow – Wonkie wishes you a Very Merry Valentine’s Day!

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  1. what I wouldn’t give to be in India tommorow…this is the funniest damn thing i have read in a long time… 🙂

  2. I think that my belief that Indians as a whole are the most intelligent race in the world-but it seems that you have some looneys too.

  3. sshheapihkahn says

    The campaign rocks, and these guyz deserves it.

  4. Oops!!! I might not believe in Valentine but stopping those who do will be the weirdest stunt I’d perform.

    Which part of “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”. They should just close the doors and blinds and forget what is going on in the street. Anyway what are they doing on the street at pub going times, HUH!!!

  5. Lol!

  6. You indians! from where do you get all these shits in mind.


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