Political ducks photo contest

Political ducks photo contest

Political Ducks – Photo Caption Challenge

Ah, it’s that time of the month again, when Wonkie puts out an interesting Photo Caption Challenge that is. Given all the recent excitement around the local election results in South Africa over the last week, Wonkie thought this particular photo would generate some very creative entries from readers.

We have some great topics coming up for discussion over the next few weeks including a couple of follow up posts on the Consumer Protection Act, your rights and how to protect them. Other topics include corruption in Africa, tenderpreneurship, and how to make a quick buck a la Kenny Kunene – all this and more.

For now, stay focused and get funny with your photo captions – no t-shirt allocated for this week’s challenge but be sure that your name will go up in lights on Wonkie if yours is the wittiest! Those of you who are not already email suscribers can sign up today for free – our current Win an iPad promotion for email subscribers ends on 31 October 2011 and ALL verified email subscribers will be included in the draw – so sign up today for free!


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The best challenge entry will be announced on 6th June 2011… enjoy the weekend!


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  1. I think this takes Rates Assessment to far

  2. Now listen very carefully, I will say this only once!

    ANC voters ducking the issue!

  3. “Quack!” (speak the language of the people)

  4. You can only get the ducks in your sight in a row….well almost.

  5. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Helen sent me to find out why you didn’t vote. Now I see you’re all chicken!

  6. Aarrgghh! This is not time to find out I have Anatidaephobia….

  7. Nkosi MS says

    C’mon Comrades we all know that the Ducks Association (DA) has increased their votes on a national scale. I want you to go out there and spy at allthe ducks that didn’t vote, so they can be dealt a serious blow on the next tenders we are about to redistribute to the previously imaginalised population of our country. VIVA!!!

  8. Ashley A.Eaton says

    I could’ve understood it if you were all ANC voters.

  9. try to political ducks in a row ,no no, maybe 3 rows, they can never make there minds up.

  10. Deena Naidoo says

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Nkosi, are you for real or what? Pleeeeeaaaaaassssseeeeee go back home. You don’t belong in a civil society, what with cars, 3 piece-suits, hotels, houses and all.

  11. I did not say “Ducks for politions”!!!!! Iused the 6th letter of the alfabet and not the 4th.

  12. Did you vote for me?
    Did you vote for me?
    Did you vote for me?
    Did YOU vote for me? Why not !!!

  13. The Pied Piper at least had a flute.

  14. EEEENie MEEEnie Mynie Mo, next to which duck should my cross go!?

  15. Devlyn Fraser says

    That’s right, all of you skirting the real issues again !

  16. All those who don’t mind open toilets, keep right.


  18. Thats right, the elections over, now you can go back to your original ares.

  19. Ooooh my God!!!These ducks have delivered more than the ANC!!Look at their numbers!!As white as the DA!!!

  20. I promise. Free food for all.

  21. Viv Mostert says

    Like I said guys: We need to get you in a row!

  22. Are you sure you are ducks, not sheep?

  23. now now ladies, i didnt have eggs for breakfast……………

  24. You can lead a duck to water but you cannot make him swim.

  25. damn now i lost count………..

  26. Please pass around the DA’s Western Cape, we try to keep our part of the country clean!


  28. Ye..Ye..This will be your land and we will build the dam overthere…Now just draw your cross right here…

  29. What promises??? voting’s done go home.

    “skiet die boer”….who said that???

  30. Andries Botha says

    Is this what it means to be a dux student?

  31. The anc getting their ducks in a row. but still not sure which way to go.

  32. Bunzelac says

    Okay guys, you see that grass – use that, no open toilets here!

  33. The place is pretty quacked up

  34. HOPE Sej Mek says

    This would be a very good stress pack for JM in his in-and-out time in courts of Law, t’wld help ease his adrenalin. It has worked for me My friend Jullie, try it!

  35. b(l)ackinthemarket says

    If you don’t vote for the ANC the sky will fall on your head….

  36. p.edmunds says

    -*// a duck.

  37. The grass is greener on the other side, trust me. im see-ree-us!

  38. If you don’t vote ANC it’s the butchery for you

  39. why can’t we get our ducks in a row like the DA?!!

  40. Social grants anyone??
    Sitting ducks!!

  41. Ducks…? Just shows how confused everyone is! We’re geese and we’re on our way to see which goose has been cooked.

  42. purely i will rule this land

  43. we also going for the comrades marathon

  44. Marshall says

    Yes that’s right, I promised to deliver…. the buthcher should be here any minute..

  45. thokozane says

    Will give you chanse but you cant get vote for us if didnt do your promeses.

  46. I promise there will be water for everyone.

  47. oooo…how to get all my ducks in a row??

  48. all those Who voted for the opposition one side…

  49. Andries Botha says

    Shoosh, go to Julius Malema. He was the dux student.

  50. “… and there’s a broad road and a narrow road to follow…”

  51. Ducking the real issues again Huh?

  52. 120….121….122….WHAT THE HELL?????? 1…2….3…..4…

  53. You should have been dressed in the Madam’s favourite colour, BLUE

  54. carole Segal says

    It is rumoured that Julius has bought a Chinese Restaurant, he is preparing for his new career when he is kicked off the ANCL list for bad mouthing the opposition. He will be told to take a DUCK!

  55. carole Segal says

    All the ducks in a row, what is the implecation. We hope new thinking and ideas. There is so much below the breadline, instead of serving their fat bellies to give and share amongst the poor not only food but housing it is winter and people do not have anything to fight against the cold!!! Only fat comments JM do somthing to earn respect. The jester must make a move.

  56. hernani dos santos niz says

    you are going to peking and that’s that

  57. Jeremy Mills says

    They must be ANC; they all just follow each other blindly!

  58. Goosy, goosy… let’s see which one of you is the most juicy!

  59. Fly in a V formation and blow your vuvuzelas. You woint be going anywhere but people wont know….iuts typical South africa

  60. That South Africa… pure entertainment.

  61.,79, 80, 81, …i’d rather count sheep

  62. Mmm, just wondering who amongst you may betray malema during the conference!you all look the same!

  63. well, i know you want me to make good on my promises, but surely you’ve learnt by now…

  64. It quacks like a duck, it walks like a duck, it looks like a duck, they must all be ducks! Oh duck!!!

  65. #UCK! Zuma said we’d have to fight the birds off but this is not what I was expecting…

    Ask not what the ANC can do for you, but how you can fill our nice round bellies and soft duvets!

    What welfare grants?

    Sorry, budget cuts, no biriyani or sandwiches, only maize…

    Damn! I forgot the sun peaks… hope they still vote for me..

    and did I mention our new free range housing policy…?

    Now don’t forget, this is YOUR farm! Takeover the farmhouse and make the farmer sleep in the barn!

  66. If ghosts are able to vote in Zimbabwe then you will be able to vote for me in the local government elections! …but I need to know how many you are.

  67. This should be a lot easier, they are white,I don’t have to repeat myself?

  68. “with this nationalisation of mines talk, i dont know what the other guys say, i just feel that we could end up like sitting ducks….”

  69. thats how our politicians behave for we only know them when they want our votes

  70. “The nationalisation of Ducks is of utmost importance.I promise you closed toilets,better housing and free healthcare”

  71. terry~bear says

    ” which one of you ducks is on the “balut”, i mean balot “

  72. what!!!!! i am not a chinese…..

  73. wouldnt life be easier if it were just a game of duck… duck… duck… GOOSE!

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