rodent prayer photo caption cartoon

rodent prayer photo caption

Rodent Prayer – Photo Caption Challenge!

As Wonkie joins many of you in recovering from the January Blues, Wonkie thought it best to ease into the year with a relaxing Photo Caption Contest. In this week’s Friday Fun, Wonkie challenges readers to submit their funniest caption for the little rodent’s prayer.

Given the exciting start to the year following Moonbeam’s 2012 star sign predictions, our rodent certainly has no shortage of content to be praying about. Whether it is world peace, the recovery of the European economy, the return of Julius Malema to South African politics, that the ridiculous Gauteng toll fees remain permanently delayed, or quite simply nuts, the intensity of the prayer and the apparent alignment of several rodent chakras makes Wonkie believe that there is a good chance that the prayer will be answered… so please choose carefully!

What is the rodent praying for in 2012?
The funniest entry in this week’s challenge will be awarded a glorious, newly designed, 2012 Wonkie CartOOns T-Shirt. Wonkie looks forward to receiving lots of whacky comments. As always, Wonkie kindly requests that if you’re going to submit multiple entries, please submit them all as a single comment instead of lots of individual ones – thanks.

Have fun and enjoy the weekend! This caption contest closes on 6 February 2012 when the best entry will be published and the t-shirt awarded.

CLICK HERE to leave YOUR Rodent Prayer PHOTO CAPTION entry!

ps: If you are wondering how come this little creature appears so calm and focused in the midst of such global hardships, read all about the benefits of lifecoaching here! 😉

* * *

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Please click HERE to leave YOUR Rodent Prayer Photo Caption CONTEST ENTRY!

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  1. Lord not another century of ANC please!

  2. Dear Ancestors i am Tabo Mbeki, Please give me another shot at running the country. I promise to do a better job this time

  3. Allan Clacher says


  4. One Tuna, only one small Tuna …. and I will never ask again. Pleeease

  5. Ag pleeeeze Ju Ju, tell me I am black like you.

  6. themba nzima says

    The return of julius malema to south african politics.

  7. Ann McDonnell says

    Pleeeease Lord let them not find the other R2billion I have salted away from Tenders in Limpopo!

  8. Michael-Anne says

    please please please please please please….. bring back the special task force…


  10. Legalize it? Amen…


  12. Despite global warming oh Lord, don’t let mielies run out.

  13. Lord i hope that woman leaves my nuts alone.

  14. “Oh, No! not Malema”

  15. Jaco vd Merwe says

    Please let daddy come home safely with the cheese!!

  16. PLEASE, PLEASE let me be a senior ANC cadre

  17. BRIAN DEMPSEY says


  18. Please let me win the R27 m lotto jackpot?!

  19. Please, Please may Wonkie come up with something that will ensure sparkling debate and bring Mzu back.

  20. 2$ shy off buying Condoms!

  21. Please save Limpopo and help us to forgive Zuma, with your guidance. Amen

  22. “Dear Lord, please inform these cretins that I am a Clawless Otter… not a rodent!”

  23. Please forgive the RAT that called me a RODENT, I’m a clawless (not clueless) otter !

  24. eric silingile says

    the small creature is praying to God that the rapping and the killings of young kids must end. the woman abuse must come to an end. the killing of the rhinos must come to an end.corruption of the leaders must come an end. they musn’t say they want to help the poor and they help themself with the poor’s money.

  25. Please send us some rain!!!

  26. sujoy sarkar says

    dear god, could i get my life partner this year. i am dying to get married

  27. Julius tender tender tender ,and I dont mean Lovemaking!!!

  28. sujoy sarkar says

    please spear me today, feed on me 2morrow if u dont get anything, SIR LION

  29. Sorry Lord, I should say things clearer: When I prayed for nuts last year, I meant nuts to eat, not to govern. My prayer for this year is for nuts again please!

  30. please God lord let me survive

  31. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Dear God, I can’t get my claws into ANYTHING ‘cos I haven’t got any and its otter as ell here so please turn me into a CLUELESS RODENT just like ju-ju.

  32. Aquatic Ape says

    Please let her eat my nuts!

  33. “OMG”, Please let there some Cheese o the Table.

  34. Thank god it’s friday!

  35. D. Coetzee says


  36. Please let her still love me!! It’s the flippin razor that slipped!

  37. Even rodents are starting to pray for a better life here on this earth.

  38. Dear Lord, I dont wish to complain, but next time send me an otter with dam sense too.

  39. Please Lord, when I open my eyes, let me be an otter. Otters are cute and cuddly and … protected!

  40. Please father – It was TOKKELOSH, not me !

  41. Oh Lord, I ask of thee: Please guide Zuma and his two shadow planes to land safely in the USA. Or at least the two shadow planes.

  42. God ! please offer me a new girlfriend with some nuts.

  43. Please send a recharge on my mobile and post on facebook when recharge succeed

  44. Hey god! Please make me a handsome rodent.

  45. Please God say no to toll road and convention centre on Chapmans Peak.

  46. Lord, may wonkie continue for many years, may the anc stay just Another Nonsensible Cartoon

  47. God will save us, thy will be done

  48. Ah yes, yes, now I can see it. Jacob’s shadow plane carrying his shower.

  49. Oh Lord, I beseech thee. Tell me there is inteligent life up there, ’cause there’s buggerall down here.

  50. Oh Lord, my cage was made in China, my excercise wheel in India, my water bowl in Taiwan and my food bowl in Pakistan. Is it realy true that the president of the United States was made in Kenya?

  51. Oh Dear! Please not yet another organically grown nut.

  52. Please let the humans eat the crumbs this time!

  53. Please no more mad-cow deseases for the rest of my life!

  54. Hey Zeus! Enough already! Go and practice throwing your new EXTREME thunderbolts somewhere else like the Sahara. Us Vaalies are getting pretty sick of it.

  55. Dear God. Please speak to your wife and ask her to stop moving furniture around up there. It has cost me three phones and a fax machine this week alone.

  56. And now a contribution from Perth, Australia: “…the vet gave me an anaesthetic on this baldspot on my neck yesterday THANK YOU GOD FOR NOT LETTING HIM TAKE MY NUTS!!!!!!…….”

  57. Oh Lord, The Almighty, help the overburdened taxpayer is being screwed again-54 traffic lights are not working in Jhb alone. Our rates and taxes make their way into the very deep pockets of government officials.

  58. And municipalities are run about as efficiently as an ANC Youth League election.

  59. Please do everything to get me into the casting for ICE AGE 4!

  60. O God! Please offer me an angel.

  61. If only I could Fly?

  62. May 2012 be blessed, and may all have their hearts desires, amen.

  63. you have it all wrong; I’m not a rodent, I,m a raw dentist looking out for Malema whose teeth need repairs because acidity from the vocal cords are worse than Coke on enamel (see Spiritwolf’s teeth and you shall know what I mean). I phoned Ju Ju and requested him to be my first patient, after which I shall be no longer a RAW dentist

  64. I have a few entries:

    1. Aummmmmmmmmmm….

    2. Where is the otter font on this keyboard

    3. Oh Lord… I hope it’s a boy!

  65. Please let me be born again as a tenderpreneur!

  66. Just 6 numbers lord…. is it too much to ask?

  67. God bless Alexander adn keeps the cats away….

  68. a-maize-ingly-corny says

    Dear God, when you do get round to turning me into a clueless rodent (like Juju), please make sure that my claws are extra big so that I can grasp all kinds of lovely things (just like Juju).

  69. Hey God! Please accept my friend request on FaceBook.

  70. Let’s go over this again God 1. The lottery…

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