Bob and Mbeki pt1 cartoon

Bob and Mbeki pt1

Mbeki Mugabe and Cholera cartoon

Washington Post published an article on 15 April 2008 on Rogue Democracies. This was not the first time Mbeki’s dodgy alliances were announced on the world stage but it certainly makes for interesting reading – here is a quote from the article:

FOR THOSE who argue that democracies are natural allies in international affairs, South Africa poses a vexing challenge. Since that country began serving a term on the U.N. Security Council last year, the government of President Thabo Mbeki has consistently allied itself with the world’s rogue states and against the Western democracies. It has defended Iran’s nuclear program and resisted sanctions against it; shielded Sudan and Burma from the sort of pressure the United Nations once directed at the apartheid regime; and enthusiastically supported one-sided condemnations of Israel by the U.N. Human Rights Council.

Mbeki’s alliance with Mugabe’s regime and his superficial wrist slapping during regional development community meetings have finally borne their fruit. Sadly Mbeki’s successors have not been able to deliver any relief to the suffering Zimbabweans either.

Who knows why Mbeki did it – conspiracy theories floating around include that Grace Mugabe and his wife Zanele Mbeki are cousins (see here) – no nookie for bad behaviour is generally a credible threat for most males.

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  1. This really makes me so angry – South Africa had all the time in the world to do something in Zimbabwe to avoid this whole situation.. Mr Mbeki was too busy jet setting around the world to worry about pressing matters on his own doorstep. And when Mbeki did get involved… he did nothing in terms of making a stand against Mugabe.. he allies with him. Unbelievable!


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