Bob and Mbeki pt2 cartoon

Bob and Mbeki pt2

Cholera crisis: Donate to help Zimbabwe details below!

This is part two of yesterday’s Thabo Mbeki cartoon. So things have gone a little wrong for Mugabe in Zimbabwe.. it could happen to anyone.

There is sewage flowing in the streets, endless mounds of rubbish, a broken water supply – and a cholera epidemic that has Zimbabwe’s Health Minister admitting that he is scared.

…says an article in The Times yesterday. Could this have been prevented by Thabo Mbeki? No way, I say.

Dont leave me this way...

Dont leave me this way…

On a more positive note, Gift of the Givers (GOG) have been given approval by the SA government to act as an official partner to help manage the cholera crisis in Zimbabwe. Quoting from The Witness:

The action includes:

• Delivery of intravenous fluids and latex gloves to a hospital in Zimbabwe at the centre of the crisis.

• Provision of bottled water.

• Provision of water purification tablets and 20-litre buckets.

• Provision of 25 tanks and the steel structures on which to erect them inside Zimbabwe. Musina Municipality will then deliver clean drinking water to the tanks daily.

• Sending in an expert team to unblock the sewerage system.

• Sending in an expert team to sort out the water reticulation plant.

• Provision of a generator to power the water plant.

The first aid shipment leaves today.

If you would like to participate, please contribute to: Gift of the Givers, Standard Bank, Pietermaritzburg, account 052 137 228, branch code 052 7525.

Donors should please fax the deposit slip to GOG at 0027 (0) 33 394 3780 or 0027 (0) 33 342 7489. For further details call Dr Imtiaz Sooliman of Gift of the Givers at 0027 (83) 236 4029. You can find details of the Pietermaritzburg based organisation at Gift of the givers if you require more information.

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  1. This is really a sad state of affairs.. it’s too late for neighbouring countries to do anything constructive diplomatically and what can they really do otherwise.. Mugabe is certainly not going to yield to any verbal pressure at this point.. why would he?!

    Does anyone know if Gift of the Givers is actually going in to Zim to give aid or are they caring for the Zimbabweans that have come into South Africa seeking treatment?


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