SADC Zim strategy cartoon

SADC Zim strategy

Thabo Mbeki and SADC Zimbabwe Strategy

Thabo Mbeki and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) have been pretty useless at attempting to manage Zimbabwe’s Mugabe crisis, cholera crisis, financial crisis and associated spillage into neighbouring countries.

We can only expect they will manage the latest anthrax crisis and looting by Robert Mugabe’s soldiers across Zimbabwe with equally elegant ineffectiveness. President Mbeki, has been far from effective in managing South African foreign policy and interventions in Africa. Many South Africans have begun to believe that the amount of time he spends outside South Africa is more to satiate his apparent obsession to accumulate South African airways air miles, rather than producing any results of consequence.

God help Zimbabwe is all we can say.

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executive coaching South Africa image
Perhaps hiring an executive coach is exactly what Mr Mbeki needs in order to be more successful in his role. By the looks of it, his current approach to African strategy has less chance of succeeding than the odds on even the best slots casino online. UPDATE: Mr MBEKI is surprisingly now teaching a course in African strategy following his sudden forced exit from South African politics. Even more surprisingly, people are attending!


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  1. I think the SADC should take a hard line approach with Zimbabwe now – enough is enough. The neighbouring countries are at serious risk if they don’t do something to pin down Mugabe now and force a change.. or does Mugabe have such dirt on them that they will choose to save their own skins over the lives of their countrymen as Mugabe himself is doing??

    I cannot believe that SADC is still tinkering with diplomacy when the numerous Zim crises is past their own doorsteps and into their own gardens now!

  2. I think force is the only way to resolve this and save many Zimbabwean lives now – leaving things as they are will result in even more chaos, spread of disease and unnecessary deaths… all so Mugabe and his cronies can hang on a for little longer …. why doesn’t someone just kill the guy already???

  3. South African youth says

    I think Galima must step back. He is also causing more damage then good. Actualy why is he there? You give someone like Mugabe ultimatums you causing them to be more difficult. Rember the Zimbabuan have been given so much of those, when you start they just shut down.

  4. Mugabe used to be a good leader until the last decade. I think he has become mentally ill – like dementia (sirius). But he should be forced from office and exiled to a remote island where he can’t harm anybody. This is urgent now in order to save the country from total collapse. I feel for the people of Zim because they are living a nightmare on a day to day basis.


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