pope against condom use hiv cartoon

pope against condom use hiv

Pope AIDS virus by discouraging condom use

The Pope recently claimed that condom use exacerbates the spread of the AIDS virus. While medical professionals are making a large hoo-haa about his statement, it appears to be consistent with the Pope’s other beliefs. After all, if you use a condom, you’re not abstaining and therefore are by default at increased risk of contracting HIV.

Rumour has it that President Kgalema ‘seat-warmer’ Motlanthe will be naturalising the Pope as an honourary South African and including him as a member of the prestigious International Dumb Things to Say about HIV/AIDS Hall of Shame. Current members of this Hall of Shame include ex-South African president Thabo Mbeki, Mr Jacob ‘I took a shower’ Zuma and ex-South African health minister Manto ‘rub my nice herbs on your genitals’ Tshabalala-Msimang.

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  1. Bakenshark says

    If men did not stray, if women had rights, if AIDS did not kill, perhaps the church’s strict ban on condom use would be morally defensible. But none of these conditions applies in Africa today. As a consequence, the cost of the church’s inflexibility may mean not only untold human suffering, but the loss of millions of innocent lives.

  2. Bakenshark says
  3. HIV and AIDS it’s a very serious issue and up until people stop being sinical about it a point can be made. I guess to all these people who have a problem in terms of taking it seriously and dealing with the fact that our parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents and community members are dead some are dying as I write this wake up and smell the coffee. To some they will say where is God unfortunately God has decided to take a break and allow us to sin as we sin everyday.

    I feel sorry for married people as it will be so wrong and uncomfortable to ask your wife or husband to use a condom. The disease is a result of a sin committed and until we turn back to God nothing is going to change. While we do the turn lets stop using God a painkiller and forget about Him as soon as everything is well.

    “When people who are called by my name humble themselves, seek my face and ask for forgiveness I will hear them and heal their land”

  4. This satirical article makes the point of how we allow attacks against the pope but not against Allah:

    Catholics riot over Pope cartoon, burn cars, demand death of cartoonist

  5. I personally have no business with Benedict XVI: absolutely no business with him at all. The two comments that I am going to make I will make against that backdrop.

    1. Condoms are a contraceptive device. They were developed many years before the incidence and rise of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. On that note, I still fail to appreciate how world governments, including RSA, could advise drivers of motor vehicles to don condoms to minimise the incidents of death from the carnage on our roads. I think I have made my point. While the Catholic pontiff is also anti-condom for contraceptive purposes, I think that the promotion of condoms should stick to the original purpose for which condoms were invented and developed: contraception. Period. The “Holy” See has actually missed the point on condoms on BOTH fronts: contraception and HIV/AIDS.

    2(a). I have yet to see convincing statistics that show that the tide of the HIV/AIDS pandemic is stemmed by the active use of a contraceptive device called the condom in ANY world populace. From what I get, the so-called experts tell us, the lay people, to use condoms to minimise the rate of HIV contraction. However, they have not conclusively proven, from factual extrapolations on systematically collected data on the general populace that is reeling from the effects of HIV/AIDS, that the use of condoms, a contraceptive device, significantly lowers the rate of HIV contraction.

    2(b). Condoms are porous. While the pores of condoms are very, VERY small, viruses are even smaller than that by a factor of over a thousand. Several thousands of HIViruses, by virtue of their comparatively miniscule size, can literally walk through ONE pore of a condom. Who are we kidding?

    On these points, it has also been interesting to note the South African government’s change of tone on the condom issue and being safe from HIV/AIDS. At first, the “Love Life” posters used to declare: “Condoms = SAFE Sex” (my paraphrase), a categorical statement that one could NOT contract the HIVirus by using a condom correctly, and if the condom didn’t break during coitus. The categorical language has now gone out of the window. We now talk of “SAFER Sex,” using the COMPARATIVE rather than the SUPERLATIVE (the categorical)…

    What happened? Why the change of tune?? Continued studies showed, consistently, that communities that began using condoms BUT getting more and more steeped in the irresponsible misuse of the marital gift of sexual intimacy, thinking that condoms protected them, actually INCREASED their risk of contracting the HIV/AIDS even while using condoms.

    It is about time, and that time might NEVER come, that reverting to the norm established by God when He created people should be made standard for this country, and the whole world, to come to terms with HIV/AIDS: Abstain, Be faithful, and (NOT Condom, but…) CONDUCT! The message? Keep your moral campus SAFELY about you, and your wits–guided by the same campus–safely about you.

    The pope, if he cannot speak to these pertinent religious issues, had best keep silent. So should the promoters of the contraceptive: the condom.

    The church shall say: “Amen!” 🙂

  6. Amen!!!!!!!! Nda, well said how I so wish our communities will use people like you. The world need knowledge if our political, churches and community can take a break and dwell on the issue and stop treating as a sickness that it is but something that is affecting the world something can be achieved.

    Instead it’s all about how much is made and how many members I have in my congregation. What happened to love, one of the things that Jesus requested us to do “Love one another”. Our selfishness and classicsm has left us human less and we think we are there.

    The truth of the matter is we need one another, lets pray and ask God to give us love so that we can seat down and deal with these serious issues HIV and AIDS being on the top 5 of the list.

    May God speak to those who are willing to listen.

  7. Riaz Mohammed says

    Mark – the Pope is a human, Allah is God.. a better comparison if you feel the need to make one is if people make satirical attacks against Jesus Christ. Rest assured there will certainly be an uproar within the Christian community then.. just look at the number of comments screaming blasphemy on those posts involving Jacob Zuma and God just on Wonkie alone!

  8. Riaz, I think Mark MEANT to say “…not against Mohammed [the prophet].” Anyway, Mark can speak for himself.

    At the end of the day, there is an unusual expectation from the Muslim world that all other people who are not Muslim should think that Mohammed, a human, was above reproach and that he continues to be above reproach beyond the grave.

    As for Jesus Christ, if you look at His claims in the Bible, He is not even comparable to Mohammed. Jesus claimed to be Allah Himself; Mohammed claimed to be the prophet of Allah (I am using the term “Allah” in the same sense as a Christian would use the term “God”). Now, either Jesus was who He said He was (God/Allah) or He wasn’t. To call Jesus a prophet, seeing He claimed to be God, would be tantamount to insulting Him.

    As for the pope and Roman Catholicism, nothing is as far from Christianity as the pope and Roman Catholicism. In fact, looking at the history of Catholicism, from its inception to date, Roman Catholicism is nothing else but disguised Roman paganism. As much as a wolf in sheep’s clothing still remains a wolf, the same is true of the paganism of Roman Catholicism.

    I state this, truly cognisant of the fact that there are millions of Roman Catholics who truly believe that their religion is Christian. I respect their belief, but how often have beliefs and facts been at odds with each other throughout human history?

    So, I stand by what I say with respect to the INSTITUTION of Catholicism: it is NOT Christian. The Bible and Catholicism are at 180-degree odds.

    Thus, there is a fair reason to compare the pope to Mohammed. BOTH of these are humans through and through.


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