Hillary SoS cartoon

Hillary SoS

Obama appoints Hillary Clinton cartoon

Barack Obama appointed his ‘dear friend’ Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State this week. Obama, the 47 year-old president-elect said of his former competitor for the US top job: “She possesses an extraordinary intelligence and toughness, and a remarkable work ethic… She is an American of tremendous stature who will have my complete confidence.” Radio shows all over the world are playing back the heated Obama vs Hillary election debate soundbites side by side with the nice-nice current exchanges between the two.

Mrs Clinton said “I am proud to join you in what will be a difficult and exciting adventure in this new century.” Former president Bill Clinton also made a supporting statement pushing his wife as ‘the right person for the job of helping restore America’s image abroad, end the war in Iraq, advance peace and increase our security.’

There are reports that Mr Obama could face a Cabinet backlash for picking his ‘dear friend’ Hillary for the Secretary of State post. Obama basically said he is up for the battle and is “going to be welcoming a vigorous debate in the White House.

In the words of the great Huey Lewis: THAT’S THE POWER OF LOVE!!!

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